Remembering a Racist, Black Muslim Murder Spree

FrontPage Mag 20 March 2015
By Lloyd Billingsley

On March 12, convict J.C.X. Simon passed away at 69 in his cell at San Quentin prison. News reports described him as a "Zebra Killer,” and that might have left some readers


Jindal: Reform Immigration Rules To Exclude Islamic Radicals

Islamist Watch 20 March 2015

U.S. citizenship rules should be updated to exclude Islamic radicals, such as the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, says potential 2016 candidate Louisiana Gov. Bobby


Obama Administration Insults Memory of Armenian Holocaust

FrontPage Mag 20 March 2015
By Stephen Brown

Next month, Armenians worldwide will mark the centennial of the Armenian Holocaust that saw 1.5 million of their people perish barbarically at the hands of the Ottoman Turks in


Obama Won’t Congratulate Netanyahu, Congratulated Putin and Iran Boss

FrontPage Mag 20 March 2015
By y Daniel Greenfield

Obama is nothing if not petty. Congratulating foreign leaders is a formality. The EU, which hates Netanyahu, congratulated him. UK Prime Minister Cameron congratulated


Recognizing the Armenian Genocide

Observer 19 March 2015

In 1944, as the Nazi slaughter of Europe’s Jews continued unabated, a Jewish refugee from Poland, Raphael Lemkin, coined a new word: genocide. He defined this new word as the


Burka Avenger stands against match fixing

Daily Times 19 March 2015

Since cricket fever has gripped not just the country, but the world, multi-award winning animated TV series 'Burka Avenger' has released a special music video for the cricket world cup for


Islam is Islam: ‘Peaceful’ Muslims are not real Muslims

blazingcatfur 18 March 2015

"…The truth is that Islam is Islam: there is no "Islam of ISIS,” "Islam of Al-Qaeda,” "Islam of Turkey,” "Islam of Hamas,” or "moderate Islam.” Islam is based on the Quran and


The Jihad Triangle (David Wood)

youtube 18 March 2015
By Acts17Apologetics

Many people are confused by jihad. If Islam is a religion of peace, why is there a persistent problem of radicalism in the Muslim world? If Islam is the problem, why are there


Financial Times Says UK Muslim Brotherhood Investigation Report Postponed; UK Media Gets In Wrong About The Brotherhood And Terr

The Financial Times in the UK is reporting that UK Prime Minister has intervened to postpone the publication of an investigation he ordered into the Muslim Brotherhood.


Islamophobia and Justifying Violence

The Algemeiner 18 March 2015
By Abraham H. Miller

Only in the rarified atmosphere of academia can the American flag be seen as a symbol of hate, and killing people for their opinions can be justified as the natural outgrowth


What France Really Thinks of U.S. Iran Policy

Gatestone Institute 18 March 2015
By Anne-Elisabeth Moutet

French leaders think the U.S. president is dangerously naïve on Iran's ambitions, and that his notion of making Iran an "objective ally" in the war against ISIS, or even a


ISIS HAS 'SNOWBALLED:' 20,000 fighters from 90 countries have joined in combat

Catholic Online 18 March 2015

The Islamic State, the terrorist organization that has overrun the nations of Syria and Iraq, has had a very worrisome uptick in membership. According to CIA Director John


Pamela Geller Wins Right to Run Ads in Philly

FrontPage Mag 18 March 2015
By Matthew Vadum

A federal court has struck a blow for the First Amendment by ordering Philadelphia’s public transit system to accept an eye-opening ad that spotlights Islamic Jew-hatred and


Even Democrats won’t back Obama’s Iran nuclear deal

Jihad Watch 18 March 2015

Everyone knows he is handing the Iranians a license to nuke Tel Aviv. Even some Democrats know. "Democrats won’t back Iran nuclear deal in blow to White House as enough break


Two California Men Were Sentenced In Plot To Kill Troops Of the US –newspaper

SMN Weekly 18 March 2015

As per the report of the newspaper Riverside Press-Enterprise on Monday, there were two men from California who were sentenced to federal prison. There were accused of plotting


Obama’s Deal With Iran

American Center for Democracy 18 March 2015
By Rachel Ehrenfeld

The rapidly advancing deal with Iran resembles final rehearsals before the raising of the curtain on the ultimate theater of the absurd. Americans will be forced to pay with


Obama refuses to renew 40-year-old emergency oil supply pact with Israel 18 March 2015

Anyone who still believes Obama is not an antisemite is either antisemitic himself or has eaten an overabundance of mushrooms. "US fails to renew emergency oil supply


"Brooklyn man” funds travel for ISIS

Money Jihad 18 March 2015

As if "Brooklyn” is the best adjective that could have been selected to help explain Abror Habibov’s motive and background. Habibov is actually an Uzbek with an expired visa


ISIS Terrorists: The US Creates them, Turkey Trains them, Qatar Finances them

Global Research 16 March 2015
By Dr. Mohamed Elmasry

We used to believe it is a crime to organize, support and give political cover to terrorist organizations. Things have changed. "If the (American) Joint Chiefs are liable to


Libertarians: "Terrorism Poses No Existential Threat to America”

The Objective Standard 16 March 2015
By Craig Biddle

In an article posted on the website of the Cato Institute, John Mueller (a senior fellow at Cato) and Mark G. Stewart (a professor at the University of Newcastle) claim that

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