New Secret Iranian Nuclear Facility Revealed

The Clarion Project 28 February 2015
By Ryan Mauro

An Iranian opposition group has disclosed the existence of a secret uranium enrichment site in Iran that has been operating since 2008. The revelation comes as the U.S. and Iran come


Leaked details on Obama's deal with Iran prove Israeli PM right...

Tundra Tabloids 28 February 2015

Iran is an energy self sufficient country, that’s the starting point in defeating the logic of those who say Iran ”has a right” to nuclear power. The next step is to point out that Iran does


Muslim Immigration To U.S. Staggering — More Evidence Obama Is Attempting To Change America

Western Journalism 28 February 2015

It seems there is more evidence coming to light that President Obama and Valerie Jarrett are attempting to change the very fabric of America through a massive


Majority of White People Don’t Believe Obama Loves America

FrontPage Magazine 28 February 2015
By Daniel Greenfield

White people say by 42% to 41% that Obama does not love America. Now the results are within the margin of error, but if you believe the media, they should never have been this close.


US Supreme Court appears in favour of headscarf claim

BBC News 28 February 2015

A majority of US Supreme Court justices appear to be supportive of an argument that Abercrombie & Fitch discriminated against a Muslim teenager. Samantha Elauf


Watch VIDEO: Target Practice? Iran blows up “U.S. aircraft carrier” in explosive TV spectacle

Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs 28 February 2015

Iran has warned that US carriers will be targeted. Obama legitimized these savages and turned over billions of dollars. In addition to the carrier attack, the drill included the Guard


Ohio Man Arrested on Terrorism Charges After FBI Investigation

The Clarion Project 28 February 2015

A man from Columbus Ohio has been arrested on charges of providing support to terrorists and money laundering. Abdirahman S. Mohamud, 23, was arrested on Saturday after


Three Brooklyn Muslims Charged with Providing Material Support to ISIS

Answering Muslims 28 February 2015

The FBI has taken 3 Brooklyn men into custody for allegedly plotting to join ISIS and help the terror group in the U.S. if they could not get overseas. The suspects will appear in federal


Disgraced Marine filmed urinating on dead Taliban is buried with honors at Arlington National Cemetery

NY Daily News 28 February 2015
By Sasha Goldstein

He left the Marine Corps in disgrace, died of a drug overdose — and was buried a hero. Rob Richards, who left the military in 2013 under a cloud of controversy after video circulated


Palestinian groups face $218m Israel attacks fine in US

BBC News 25 February 2015

A US court in New York has found the Palestine Liberation Organisation and the Palestinian Authority liable for attacks in Israel over 10 years ago. Six attacks in and around Jerusalem


Philadelphia Councilwoman honors known Muslim terror supporter

Creeping Sharia 25 February 2015

A long-term supporter of Palestinian terror was awarded Philadelphia’s “Liberty Bell” and “Citation of Honor” by Philadelphia Councilwoman Maria Sanchez. The honors were


Al Shabaab Threatens 'Westgate' Attack in USA, UK Malls

The Clarion Project 25 February 2015
By Ryan Mauro

Al-Qaeda’s branch in Somalia, Al-Shabaab, has released a new video threatening U.S. shopping malls, especially those owned by Jews, specifically Mall of America in Minnesota, West


WaPo: Europe Proves Expanded Background Checks Useless

Breitbart 23 February 2015
By Awr Hawkins

While Democrats, Gabby Giffords, and groups like Moms Demand Action claim that expanding background checks would end mass shootings, The Washington Post looks across the pond


Paris’s mayor: ‘These are people who are lawless and faithless’

The Washington Post 23 February 2015
By Lally Weymouth

Taking time out from the White House summit on countering violent extremism last week, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo spoke with The Washington Post’s Lally Weymouth about the


Muslim Who Stabbed Americans for Not Being Muslim Won’t Be Charged w/Hate Crime

Frontpage Mag 23 February 2015
By Daniel Greenfield

Obviously not. That would ruin the narrative. If our friend here had been a non-Muslim who stabbed a Muslim, the hate crime charges would materialize out of thin air. But it


Al Shabaab calls for attack on Mall of America in new video

FOX News 23 February 2015

A new video from Al Shabaab purportedly shows the terror group calling for an attack on Mall of America, in Bloomington, Minn. According to Fox 9, the mall is one of three


Obama's Finger

American Thinker 23 February 2015
By Jeff Lipkes

The hand sign that the President appeared to be flashing at the African Leaders’ Conference in August, described by F. W. Burleigh on these pages last week, is not merely a Muslim


Video: Islamic Extremist Group Lists MOA as Possible Target 23 February 2015

A video purported to be by Somalia's al-Qaida-linked rebel group al-Shabab urged Muslims to attack shopping malls in the U.S., Canada, Britain and other Western countries. In the


Obama Appoints Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim to Head efforts to combat Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) propaganda

Creeping Sharia 23 February 2015

The Obama administration is revamping its efforts to combat Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) propaganda. ISIS and its supporters produce “as many as 90,000 tweets and other


Video: ISIS Leader Admits: We Are Being Funded By The Obama Administration 20 February 2015
By Theodore Shoebat

An ISIS leader named Yousef al-Salafi in Pakistan has admitted that ISIS is being funded by the USA, and thus, the Obama administration. This came from a statement done by the

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