Three hidden worries in the US fight against the Islamic State

The Australian 16 September 2014

THERE are plenty of potential problems to worry about in President Barack Obama’s decision to go on the offensive against Islamic State fighters, and many have gotten ample


Critics say Yemen is not a good model for anti-Islamic State plans

Washington Examiner 16 September 2014
By Susan Crabtree

Unrest and instability in Yemen are continuing to thwart President Obama’s plans to empty the Guantanamo Bay prison and send terrorism suspects there but that hasn’t stopped


I am speechless

Bare Naked Islam 16 September 2014

Barack Hussein Obama ponders what he would do if he had been an advisor to the Islamic State (ISIS): From Obama interview with the New York Times


Award-Winning Film 'Honor Diaries' Now Available on Netflix

Clarion Project 16 September 2014

Clarion Project's award-winning film Honor Diaries is now available for viewing on Netflix. It is available globally, not just in the US.

Watch it here.


Sleepwalking Toward Armageddon

Sam Harris 16 September 2014

In his speech responding to the horrific murder of journalist James Foley by a British jihadist, President Obama delivered the following rebuke (using an alternate name for


As Aspiring Jihadists Heed Call of Islamic State, Home Nations Try to Stymie Them

Worcester Telegram 16 September 2014
By Somini Sengupta

UNITED NATIONS — France wants the power to block its citizens from leaving the country without a court order, while Britain is weighing whether to revoke citizenship


Bulgaria ready to join the fight against the Islamists and has good reasons to do so

Standart News 16 September 2014

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov made statements that have made it clear that Bulgaria shows solidarity with United States President Barack Obama's plans to lead an


More news from the ISIS Ladies' Auxiliary

Breitbart 16 September 2014
By John Hayward

19-year-old Shannon Conley pled guilty today on charges of conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization today. She's the suburban Colorado gal


Turkey fails to cut Islamic State oil revenue despite US pressure

Sydney Morning Herald 16 September 2014
By David E. Sanger and Julie Hirschfeld Davis

Washington: The Obama administration is struggling to cut off the millions of dollars in oil revenue that has made the Islamic State one of the wealthiest terror groups in


There's No Difference between ISIS and ISIL 16 September 2014
By Daniel Pipes

Some conservatives make an issue of the fact that President Barack Obama routinely refers to the organization that seized the Iraqi city of Mosul and declared a caliphate not


Somebody get these guys in the White House a map

American Thinker 16 September 2014
By Ed Lasky

So called "smart power” strikes again - and shows itself to be embarrassingly dumb. There is a great deal of focus on the Middle Easy and has been for years. One would hope


US Gen. John Allen named to lead coalition war on ISIS, but allies deterred by Obama’s ambiguities 16 September 2014

"We’re going to build the kind of coalition that allows us to lead, but also isn’t entirely dependent on what we do,” said US President Barack Obama at a fundraiser at the home


Qaradawi Doesn’t Accept US Fight Against ISIS; Says US Doesn’t Follow "Islamic Values”

Turkish news portal is reporting on Twitter comments by Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi in which is says that he does not accept the US effort to fight the


Jebril—Hamas fan, insurance fraudster, ISIS hero

Money Jihad 16 September 2014

While raiding the home of Ahmad Jebril and his father Musa Abdallah Jebril on suspicions of fraud, the FBI agents discovered a poster for Hamas, firearms, and blank passports.


Islamic State Attracts Female Jihadis From The U.S. Heartland

AINA (press release) 16 September 2014
By Alistair Bell

MINNEAPOLIS -- U.S. law enforcement is investigating a new phenomenon of women from the American heartland joining Islamic State as President Barack Obama vows to cut


Obama met with Hizbollah-supporting Christian Patriarchs from Lebanon

Creeping Sharia 16 September 2014

Breitbart News reported Thursday, five patriarchs, many who are known Hezbollah supporters, met with Obama and National Security Advisor Susan Rice hours after Cruz was booed


9/11 hijackers funding: names and numbers

Money Jihad 13 September 2014

If you follow the money, the men in the middle of the disbursing of funds to the 9/11 hijackers were United Airlines Flight 175 hijacker-pilot Marwan al-Shehhi and a UAE-based


9/11 and Jihad Terror: A Legacy of Over 13 Centuries—Not 13 Years

Family Security Matters 13 September 2014
By Andrew B. Bostom

I have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy) -Islam's prophet Muhammad, as recorded in the most important collection of Muhammad's "traditions"


Turkey Backtracks on Promise to Help NATO Fight ISIS

Breitbart 13 September 2014
By Abe Katsman

In spite of its promise to NATO to help fight the Islamic State, Turkey will not take part in combat operations against militants and will refuse to allow any US-led coalition


9/11 and the Fog of Denial

Frontpage Mag 13 September 2014
By Robert Spencer

Thirteen years after 9/11, there is one thing that virtually all our politicians, law enforcement officials, and mainstream media guardians of opinion know: that attack had nothing whatsoever

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