"We Will Enslave Your Women by the Permission of Allah.”

Frontpage Mag 25 September 2014
By Daniel Greenfield

The Islamic State has another reminder that Muslim immigration is an instant fifth column. A video released today by the Islamic State (IS) urges Muslims to "slaughter”


Video: Battle against Islamic State: September 24 as it happened

The Telegraph 25 September 2014
By Georgia Graham

Updates from our reporting teams as Barack Obama addresses the UN and an Islamic State affiliated group in Algeria beheads a French hostage. 18.40 Wrap up. We're going to leave it there for


Jihad’s Secret Weapon Against America

Frontpage Mag 25 September 2014
By Leo Hohmann

Much has been reported about Latin Americans sneaking across the U.S. southern border, but there may be a greater danger looming in America’s heartland in the form of nearly 2


American University now teaching sharia finance course

Ccreeping Sharia 25 September 2014

Islamic Finance is growing at a rate of 50 percent higher than conventional finance with a $2 trillion industry that is has finance houses across the world capitulating and


Text of Obama's Address to the UN General Assembly

Remarks As Prepared for Delivery by President Barack Obama Address to the United Nations General Assembly September 24, 2014 New York City, NY Mr. President, Mr.


Connecticut: Council will pay $2M to mosque group to find new location

Creeping Sharia 25 September 2014

Common Council members will consider Tuesday evening a nearly $2 million plan to find Al Madany Islamic Center of Norwalk a location other than Fillow Street to build its


Video: Pro-ISIS Jordanian Lawyer: Obama Is a Slave, a Mule; We Will Rule the World

youtube 25 September 2014

In a recent TV interview, Jordanian Islamist lawyer Majed Al-Leftawi, a supporter of ISIS, called the U.S. air strikes in Syria "media firecrackers" and said that Obama was a "White House slave


Tony Blair: Obama Needs To Take On Islamic Schools That Teach Quran

The Daily Caller 24 September 2014

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Tuesday that one of the best way to combat terrorism in the future is to attack directly the education systems in countries and


Erdogan's meeting with WJC cancelled

Daily Sabah 24 September 2014

ISTANBUL — President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's meeting with a committee from the World Jewish Congress led by Ronald Steven Lauder as part of his trip to New York for the UN


Austria joins US-led coalition against Isis

The Local 24 September 2014

Austria’s Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz has announced that Austria is now part of the US-led coalition against Islamic State (Isis) militants. Kurz said that Austria’s


Want To Piss Off ISIS? Call Them "Daesh”

Valuewalk 24 September 2014

Let’s be honest, the so-called "Islamic State” is neither "Islamic”, nor is it a "state”. Their view of Islam has been corrupted beyond any reason. Further, the Islamic State


Bin Laden’s son-in-law gets life sentence for jihad terror activity, quotes Qur’an, says more jihad violence to come

Atlas Shrugs 24 September 2014
By Pamela Geller

Another misunderstander of Islam. How did this misunderstanding of Islam become so widespread? And while Muslims in the US condemn the Islamic State, or al Qaeda where are they


The Islamic State is Not a Paper Tiger

American Thinker 24 September 2014
By Michael Curtis

It is gratifying that five Arab Middle Eastern countries have seen the enemy and acknowledge its danger. They now know what is this thing called the Islamic State (IS),


Muslims demand food banks provide pork-free free food section

Bizpac Review 24 September 2014

Muslim activists in Minnesota – that’s the heartland state that’s sent at least two men to fight on the side of Islamic fascists in Iraq – are demanding their own section in


Junkyard Owner Finds ID’s, Cellphones, Islamic Books in Car; DHS Won’t Investigate

Creeping Sharia 24 September 2014

RUSH: Here’s Stephanie in Nebraska. Stephanie, thank you very much for waiting. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi. CALLER: Thanks, Rush. Hey, my birthday! This is


Ret. Marine General: Obama’s ISIS plan hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding

Family Security Matters 24 September 2014
By Allen West

About two weeks ago, President Obama laid out his ISIS strategy, and he is struggling to garner support - not only from an alliance or coalition (which is lacking, as no one is


Allah and Woman at Yale

Weekly Standard 23 September 2014
By Daniel Gelerntner

Ayaan Hirsi Ali spoke at Yale last week, and there was mild annoyance in the press section that no screaming protesters appeared to punch up the headlines. A small group distributed leaflets to people waiting outside; inside, all was quiet. The lack of disturbance was in part thanks to good planning


Turkey: What Ally?

The Gatestone Institute 23 September 2014
By Burak Bekdil

The Turkish government "frankly worked" with the al-Nusrah Front, the al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, along with other terrorist groups. The Financial Task Force, an international body setting the standards for combating terrorist financing, ruled that Turkey should remain in its "gray list." While NATO wishes to


Muslim Scholar: Obama ‘Wrong’ About ‘Not Islamic’ Islamic State

Creeping Sharia 23 September 2014

President Obama’s notion that the Islamic State is "not Islamic” and that "no religion condones killing” doesn’t square with the army of Muslims that the terror group is


U.S. begins bombing in Syria

Billings Gazette 23 September 2014
By Kathleen Hennessy

The United States, along with partner nations, began airstrikes over Syria using a mix of fighters, bombers and Tomahawk missiles, Rear Adm. John Kirby, Pentagon press

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