When El Al flew to Tehran — and 9 other things you may not know about Israel’s past

Jewish Telegraphic Agency 23 April 2015
By Uriel Heilman

Iran and Israel enjoyed mostly good relations up until the Islamic revolution that overthrew the shah in 1979. Iran recognized Israel in 1950, becoming the second Muslim-


Why Arabs Loathe Hezbollah

Gatestone Institute 23 April 2015
By Khaled Abu Toameh

As Iran's chief puppet in the Middle East (along with Syria's Bashar Assad), Nasrallah wants to see Iran take over most of the Arab countries."[W]hat is the difference between Iran and


Executions Surge in Iran after Nuclear Talks, Iran off U.S. Terror List

Gatestone Institute 21 April 2015
By Shadi Paveh

After Iran's "nuclear talks," and after it was comfortably removed as a terrorism threat from the "Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Communities," the International Committee


Islamic Terrorism Hits 23 Countries in 30 Days - Nothing speaks the truth like statistics.

Cherson and Molschky 21 April 2015
By Rachel Molschky

They are but a few mentally ill extremists who know far less about their own religion than liberal Westerners, but somehow Muslim terrorists have managed to spread violence to


Turkey and Iran: Theater of Make Believe

Gatestone Institute 17 April 2015
By Burak Bekdil

The (neo-) Ottoman-Persian theater looks exceptional at deception, self-deception, counter-deception, attempted deception and failed deception. Lovely! In half a decade, the


Turkey and Iran: Theater of Make Believe

Gatestone Institute 14 April 2015
By Burak Bekdil

The (neo-) Ottoman-Persian theater looks exceptional at deception, self-deception, counter-deception, attempted deception and failed deception. Lovely! In half a


Hezbollah expects payday from Iran deal

Money Jihad 14 April 2015

Excerpts follow from an IPT report regarding the effect of a nuclear deal with Iran that would lift sanctions against them. Iranian catspaw terror groups stand to benefit from the money


Nuclear Iran's "Spillover Effects"

Gatestone Institute 13 April 2015
By Vijeta Uniyal

As President Obama tries to sell the world his mysterious nuclear "framework agreement," India's defense establishment is just not buying it. The U.S. and Western commentators might


Hillary once said to lift sanctions only after Iran stops sponsoring terror

Elder of Ziyon 13 April 2015

It wasn't only Obama who has flip-flopped on his red lines on lifting sanctions on Iran. Here's Hillary Clinton writing in 2007:
As a result, we have lost precious time. Iran must conform to


Interview with Netanyahu: Iran nuclear deal is “very bad” 9 April 2015
by Nicolai Sennels

March 3rd Israels PM Benjamin Netanyahu gave this speech in the US Congress about Islamic terror and the negotiations with Iran. If you have not seen his speech, I advise you do – here.


Iran militia chief: Destroying Israel is ‘nonnegotiable’

The Times of Israel 7 April 2015
By Lazar Berman

The commander of the Basij militia of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said that “erasing Israel off the map” is “nonnegotiable,” according to an Israel Radio report Tuesday.


Turkey's Erdogan plans to visit Iran but watching Yemen developments

Ynetnews 30 March 2015

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said Monday that he still planned to visit Iran next week but was watching developments in Yemen, having last week accused Tehran of


The Rise of the Houthis

BBC News 30 March 2015

A rebel group from the North of Yemen has taken over the capital and drastically changed Yemen's political landscape. Engaged in a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the


Iran: The Only "Good Deal" - And How to Work for It

Gatestone Institute 27 March 2015
By Malcolm Lowe

Even if, as the US Administration ceaselessly assures us, Iran's drive to acquire nuclear weapons can be frustrated for a while, any relaxation of the current economic sanctions will be used


How America Bamboozled Itself About Iran

Commentary Magazine 26 March 2015
By Jordan Chandler Hirsch

Here, then, is where we are. When the world’s most powerful nations began their effort to negotiate away Iran’s nuclear program in 2003, the Islamic Republic had 130 centrifuges.


Iranian Propagandists in Kosovo

The Weekly Standard 20 March 2015

Kosovo Albanians, overwhelmingly Muslim, love America—which rescued them from Serbian aggression in 1999—and desire diplomatic relations with Israel. Kosovo does not recognize


Iran: Prominent musician banned from traveling abroad

Artsfreedom 19 March 2015

The Iranian musician and composer Majid Derakhshani says authorities are preventing him from traveling abroad.
Majid Derakhshani told the Iranian daily Etemad on 5 January


What France Really Thinks of U.S. Iran Policy

Gatestone Institute 18 March 2015
By Anne-Elisabeth Moutet

French leaders think the U.S. president is dangerously naïve on Iran's ambitions, and that his notion of making Iran an "objective ally" in the war against ISIS, or even a


Even Democrats won’t back Obama’s Iran nuclear deal

Jihad Watch 18 March 2015

Everyone knows he is handing the Iranians a license to nuke Tel Aviv. Even some Democrats know. "Democrats won’t back Iran nuclear deal in blow to White House as enough break


Obama’s Deal With Iran

American Center for Democracy 18 March 2015
By Rachel Ehrenfeld

The rapidly advancing deal with Iran resembles final rehearsals before the raising of the curtain on the ultimate theater of the absurd. Americans will be forced to pay with

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