Surviving Mumbai gunman pleads guilty

Sydney Morning Herald 20 July 2009
By Phil Hazlewood

The sole surviving gunman from the Mumbai attacks, a Pakistani national, pleaded guilty at his trial on Monday, admitting his part in the atrocity for the first time.


Islam "Honors" Women To Death

Taraneh Mousavi, 28, was among hundreds arrested on June 19th, 2009 in Iran's post-election aftermath. Like many of the detained, tortured, beaten and murdered citizens who took part in civil protests against the election results, there has been no news of her whereabouts.


Iran Watch: Decisive Friday Prayer

ISN  17 July 2009
By Kamal Nazer Yasin

Breaking a long silence, former Iranian president Hashemi Rafsanjani will lead Friday Prayers, and all eyes are on what side in the intensifying post-election political crisis he will take, Kamal Nazer Yasin


Iran: Few words for China but plenty for Germany

Forbes 15 July 2009

CAIRO. Iran has reacted with outrage over the stabbing death of an Egyptian woman in a German courthouse, calling it a sign of racism against Muslims, yet has said little about China's crackdown on


Iran hangs 'enemies of God'

Macau Daily Times 15 July 2009

Iran hanged 13 rebels yesterday from the shadowy Sunni insurgent group Jundallah who were accused of being "enemies of God" for a string of attacks, the official IRNA news agency reported.


Miami-Dade imam's life in limbo as he faces deportation to Iran  14 July 2009

A North Miami Beach imam facing deportation to Iran is seeking support from Rep. Kendrick Meek. As the political crisis in Iran turns toward a slow boil, a North Miami Beach imam is closely watching


St. Petersburg baby named Mahmoudahmadinejad

MOSNEWS  14 July 2009

A family in St. Petersburg has called its newest addition Mahmoudahmadinejad in honor of the Iranian president of the same name, reports, citing Mekka, a local Muslim organization.


Iran Interrupts Christian Satellite Channel 14 July 2009
By Michelle A. Vu

Satellite Channels have played important role in serving as tools for spread of the gospel among Iranians.


Iranian couple persecuted for their Christian faith wins asylum in Canada

Vancouver Sun 14 July 2009
By Darah Hansen

An Iranian couple who spent months in prison and nearly a decade on the run because of their Christian faith have won asylum in Canada.


Iran singer gets jail term for Koran disrespect - TV

Washington Post  14 July 2009

TEHRAN. An Iranian singer and composer who has been likened to Bob Dylan has received a five-year jail sentence in absentia for disrespecting religious sanctities, according to Iranian television.


Iranians pelt eggs at German embassy over murder

Channel News Asia 13 July 2009

Around 150 Islamist students pelted the German embassy in Tehran with eggs on Saturday to protest the murder of a pregnant Egyptian woman in a Dresden courtroom, an AFP photographer reported.


Ahmadinejad blames Germany for courtroom murder

AFP 13 July 2009

TEHRAN. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has blamed Germany for the murder of a pregnant Egyptian woman in a Dresden courtroom, state media reported.


Iranian Ayatollah Montazeri Issues Fatwa Against the Regime

On July 11, 2009, the liberal Iranian website published a fatwa by Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri, the most senior contemporary Shi'ite cleric. The fatwa was issued in response to


Indian Muslim: attacks against Christians in Iraq "brutal crimes" 13 July 2009
By Nirmala Carvalho

Asghar Ali Engineer condemns the attacks in Baghdad against Christian churches. He emphasizes that violence "has nothing to do with the precepts of Islam" and is the work of "fundamentalists."


Two Christian Converts are Still Imprisoned by Iran 10 July 2009

Maryam and Marzieh are Iranian Christian converts from Islam to Christianity have been kept in Iranian prison for the past four months.


Spencer: The Mullahs' Washington Mouthpiece?

Jihad Watch 08 July 2009
By Robert Spencer

No, I'm not their mouthpiece.

In the featured article at Human Events today, I discuss the curious stances of the National Iranian American Council.


Iranian Repression

the Dry Bones Blog 08 July 2009

Today's cartoon, and the current repression in Iran, are expressions of "the Jews as the Canaries in the Coal Mine" syndrome.

The concept is that we are the first group to suffer the lethal effects of the poison spread by by repressive mass movements, but not the last.

That, so the theory goes, makes us a convenient warning sign for others ...assuming that they're watching us being choked by the poison!


Amnesty International Organizes Iran Forum

The MIT Tech 08 July 2009
By Ziwei Hao

Reacting to recent violence against peaceful demonstrators in Iran, many MIT students have expressed their disapproval at the Iranian government — they have taken action in supporting the Iranians’ right to free


Senior Iranian clerics reject re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Guardian 06 July 2009
By Julian Borger

Qom assembly calls for release of political prisoners. Deepening splits among Iran's clergy came to the surface today , with a senior clerical group calling Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's re-election "illegitimate".


The Silent Holocaust: Why Humanity Must Achieve Victory over Islam

Institute for the Secularization of Islamic Society 03 July 2009
By Azam Kamguian

What I am going to talk about is Islam; contemporary Islam in Iran. I will describe some episodes of Islamic carnage and pass you briefly through what happened and still is happening in Iran. I will talk about those who have nurtured Islamic movements or have tried to justify Islam. I will conclude by emphasizing the urgency of achieving the victory of humanity over Islam and the practical steps that should be taken to achieve this.

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