Islamic state: the hand behind the terror

English 8 January 2014

After the terror unleashed in Syria and Iraq by Islamic State (IS) there lies a structured machinery for years with one goal: to implement its radical vision of Islam with blood and fire.


ISIS 'More Dangerous Than People Realize,' Says Author Who Traveled to Iraq, Syria

The Christian Post 6 January 2015
By Michael Gryboski

A German author who recently traveled to the Middle East has declared that the Islamic State terrorist organization is "more dangerous than people realize." Juergen


John Kerry won’t call the Islamic State by its name anymore. Why that’s not a good idea.

The Washington Post 5 January 2015
By Shadi Hamid and Will McCants

"Daesh claims to be fighting for Islam but its actions are an insult to Islam,” Secretary of State John F. Kerry said recently, using the Arabic acronym for the Islamic


2014 was worst year for the Arab world 5 January 2015
By Abdullah Al Shayji

Considering the exacting toll 2014 took on the Arab states and societies, there is no doubt that 2014, as I argued in my columns a year ago, will go down in the history of the


Polygamy Partly to Blame for Islamic State's Violence

Breitbart 24 December 2014

Science writer Matt Ridley argues in today’s Times that polygamy has a long-established link to violence, saying that much of the violence in Islamic society can be explained


Israel Boosting Golan Heights Forces in Response to Rising ISIS Threats

Blazing Cat Fur 22 December 2014

The Israeli Army is boosting and regrouping its forces in the Golan Heights in light of ISIS terrorists overtaking more and more border areas


US Ground Troops Fight ISIS in Western Iraq 22 December 2014
By Jason Ditz

US ground troops were confirmed to have been joined Iraqi forces in attempting to repel an ISIS attack on the strategic Anbar Province town of Baghdadi, northwest of Ramadi. The


ISIS Slaughters 150 Females in Iraq for Refusing to Marry, Have Sex with Them

Breitbart 19 December 2014

“At least 150 females, including pregnant women, were executed in Fallujah by a militant named Abu Anas Al-Libi after they refused to accept jihad marriage,” said the Ministry.


Islamic State selling church artefacts worth millions to western collectors

Christian Today 19 December 2014
By Carey Lodge

Western collectors are thought to be in direct contact with Islamic State looters, who have taken millions of pounds worth of artefacts from ancient churches across Iraq and Syria


Tracking a month of deadly attacks

BBC 15 December 2014

Jihadist attacks killed more than 5,000 people in just one month, an investigation by the BBC World Service and King's College London has found. Civilians bore the brunt of the violence, with more than 2,000 killed in reported jihadist incidents during November 2014. Islamic State carried out the most


When Jihadists Capture a Woman, They Have a Guide to Consult on What to Do With Her. Some of the Directives Are Truly Disturbing 15 December 2014

The Islamic State group has reportedly issued a guide on how to treat female slaves which allows jihadist militants to rape them, including girls who have not yet reached


ISIS beheads four men for blasphemy in Syria

Al Arabiya 15 December 2014

A self-declared police force loyal to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria decapitated four men in western Syria after accusing them of blasphemy, a rights group monitoring the


Mehdi Masoor Biswas, the Bengal Jihadi is a man of Trinity liking ISIS, SIMI abd TMCP.

Bengal Spotlight 15 December 2014
By Sambuddha Gupta

Now it is too much publicized that a Muslim young techie suspected of running an influential Twitter account promoting Islamic State (IS) has been arrested in Bangalore in Karnataka


Chicago: Three ‘American’ Muslim teen siblings arrested en route to join Islamic State

Creeping Sharia 11 December 2014

Mohammed Hamzah Khan, 19, rose before dawn on Oct. 4 to pray with his father and 16-year-old brother at their neighborhood mosque in Bolingbrook. When they returned


ISIS Releases Chilling Checklist of How to Treat Thousands of Kidnapped 'Yazidi' Sex Slaves

International Business Times, India Edition 10 December 2014
By Johnlee Varghese

The Islamic State (ISIS) has released a chilling list of dos and don'ts instructing its followers on how to treat the thousands of Yazidi sex slaves held in the terror group's prison-brothels.


Terrorist Wanted: How ISIS Recruits Western Women

Brown Political Review 10 December 2014
By Kanika Khanna

Recruitment within terrorist organizations was long considered a homegrown issue, where groups attracted new members within the countries that they operate, drawing from


CIA torture report: Isis supporters react on Twitter

International Business Times UK 10 December 2014
By Maria Khan

Following the release of the CIA torture report, several militant-affiliated social media accounts have been trying to shift attention towards Islamic State (Isis) news. While US


IS beheads 4 children in Iraq for refusing to convert to Islam

Firstpost 9 December 2014

Baghdad: Sunni radical group Islamic State (IS) beheaded four Christian children in Iraq for refusing to convert to Islam, a media report said Monday. The beheadings took


Britain Unveils World's "Toughest" Counter-Terrorism Law

The Gatestone Institute 9 December 2014
By Soeren Kern

The government argues that the new powers—intended to prevent British jihadists from fighting abroad and to stop them from returning if they do—are necessary to keep Britain


Pope Says Christians 'being Driven From Mideast'

Pope Francis said Christians are being "driven from the Middle East," in a message to Iraqi Christians forced to flee by Islamic State group jihadists. "It would seem that

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