The return of the caliphate: Between Islam and Politics

Daily News Egypt 8 December 2014
By Aya Nader

A prophecy in Islamic hadiths (messenger’s sayings) stipulates that oppression, tyranny, and darkness will prevail all over the globe. Eventually, the Caliph Mehdi Muntazar (the awaited


ISIS behead four children in Iraq after they refuse to convert to Islam 8 December 2014
By Russell Myers

Barbaric Islamic State militants have beheaded four Christian children in Iraq for refusing to convert to Islam, according to a British vicar based in Baghdad. Cannon Andrew White claims


Islamic State Claims It Shot Danish Citizen in Saudi Capital

Bloomberg 3 December 2014
By Glen Carey

Supporters of Islamic State released a video purporting to show the shooting of a Danish citizen who was wounded in Riyadh last month, according to SITE Intel, which monitors


Britain Confronts Turkey Over Trading Its Nationals In Hostage Swap with ISIS

International Business Times, India Edition 3 December 2014
By Johnlee Varghese

Turkey is in trouble after Britain confronted it for handing over two British nationals to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) reportedly in a hostage swap to to secure


A Sunni governor offers advice to defeat ISIS

The Daily Star 3 December 2014
By David Ignatius

The Obama administration’s slow campaign against ISIS takes a small step forward this week as a leading Sunni politician visits Washington to urge support for a 10,000-member


Kurdish sources deny Israeli woman captured by IS

The Times of Israel 2 December 2014
By Lazar Berman

Doubts surfaced Monday over reports that a Canadian-Israeli woman had been kidnapped by the Islamic State terrorist group near the Syrian-Turkish border. Kurdish sources


Muslim 'band of brothers' leaves Britain to join Islamic State terrorists fighting in Syria

The Daily Mail 1 December 2014
By Damien Gayle

Four members of the same family are suspected forming a real-life British Muslim 'band of brothers' by travelling to Syria together to join the so-called Islamic State


ISIS to Ferguson rioters: "We hear you and we will help you if you accept Islam”

1389blog 1 December 2014

Islam is catnip for ghetto thugs, both in and out of prison As we have pointed out many times, Islam is catnip for angry people in general, and for crazy angry people in


Islamic State has 'Special Plans' for India, Majeed Said: Sources to NDTV

ndtv 1 December 2014

Areeb Majeed, one of the four youths from Mumbai who allegedly went to fight for the Islamic State and returned last week, has told investigators the IS was looking east


ISIS: Portrait of a Jihadi Terrorist Organization

Right Side News 1 December 2014
By Rachel Ehrenfeld

1. This study examines the nature of the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS), an Islamic Salafist-jihadi terrorist organization founded a decade ago as a branch of


Islamic State slave trade highlights broader problem in Muslim world

JNS 1 December 2014
By Ksenia Svetlova

Every evening, silence reigns in the Khanke refugee camp near the Kurdish city of Dohuk in northern Iraq. Winter has already arrived, bringing with it rain, mud, and cold. A


IS suffers heavy losses in Kobane as at least 50 jihadists killed

i24 news 1 December 2014

16 Iraqi border guards killed in jihadist assault; 300 Islamic State supporters face trial in Germany Islamic State group jihadists battling for control of the Syrian town


Blood Money: How Isis makes up to €4.5m a day

Irish Examiner 1 December 2014

The Islamic State’s staggering successes come at a cost. After all, it’s not cheap to wage war and manage territorial conquests whose population is now roughly the size


Whose side is Turkey on?

London Review of Books 25 November 2014
By Patrick Cockburn

Over the summer Isis – the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – defeated the Iraqi army, the Syrian army, the Syrian rebels and the Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga; it established a state


Ex-FSA fighter: Islamic State "magnet that attracts large numbers of Muslims”

The Jihad Watch 25 November 2014
By Robert Spencer

"We have a Free Syrian Army and a moderate opposition that we have steadily been working with that we have vetted.” — Barack Obama, September 2014 What was he working with


Fighting for ISIS, Two British Nationals from London Killed in Kobane

International Business Times 25 November 2014
By Johnlee Varghese

Two British nationals reportedly have been killed fighting for the Islamic State in the Kurdish town of Kobane located near the Syria-Turkey border. Two British jihadis have


One Of Three Jihadis Seen Burning Their French Passports In Syria Was Raised In Tiny Village

Tundra Tabloids 25 November 2014

Yet another case of someone converting to Islam, reading the koran and going off to jihad as a result. The bearded blue-eyed man seen in the footage urging Muslims to stage


British MP Claims 2,000 British Muslims Fighting for IS

outlookindia 25 November 2014
By Aditi Khanna

As many as 2,000 Britons have travelled to Syria to fight alongside the Islamic State (IS), four times more than the official estimates, a Muslim British parliamentarian has


Ethnic Tensions Lead to VIolent Fight in Asylum-Seekers Center

In the township of Overloon, seven hundred asylum seekers live in a former jail. They mainly originate from Syria and Eritrea. The central body which deals with asylum


How Many Lies Have Democrats Told To Sabotage The War on Terror?

Frontpage Mag 25 November 2014
By David Horowitz

Start with Obama’s claim that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (or ISIS) is not Islamic. Say what? In fact, the so-called war on terror is clearly a war that Islamic

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