'Last Jew in Pakistan' Beaten by Muslim Mob - Then Arrested

Arutz Sheva 9 March 2015
By Ari Soffer

A Jewish activist in Pakistan was savagely beaten by a Muslim mob Wednesday - and then arrested and roughed up again by police. Fishel Benkhald - who is leading a one-man campaign


Pakistani student found guilty by US court of heading Al Qaeda cell that plotted bomb attacks

blazingcatfur 5 March 2015

A Pakistani student at the helm of an British Al Qaeda cell has been found guilty of plotting to bomb a Manchester shopping centre and the New York subway. Abid Naseer, who


Perhaps Pakistan can learn from Austria’s madrassas

blogs.tribune 3 March 2015
By Badar Chaudhary

A year before a mosque in Kanpur (pre-partition India) was razed by our British overlords to pave way for a road, and while a Jinnah-less Muslim League was yet to overhaul its


Blasphemy iceberg bigger than political cartoons

Northwest Arkansas News 2 March 2015
By Terry Mattingly

The drama began when a Pakistani politician named Salman Taseer criticized the land's blasphemy laws that were being used to condemn Asia Bibby, a Christian convert. This


Darul Uloom Haqqania students involved in killing of Benazir

DAWN 1 March 2015
By Haseeb Bhatti

An Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) in Rawalpindi was informed on Thursday that students of Darul Uloom Haqqania, Akora Khattak, were involved in the murder of former prime minister


Term of the week: Tajheez al-Ghazi

Money Jihad 28 February 2015

There are some quotations about halfway down the right-hand margin of this webpage including a statement attributed to Muhammad that “The warrior gets his reward


Pakistani Taliban attack Shia mosque in Peshawar

BBC News 13 February 2015

Taliban militants have attacked worshippers at a Shia mosque in the Pakistani city of Peshawar with guns and grenades, killing at least 19. Police killed one of the


Christian homes bulldozed in Pakistan; human rights group suspects landgrabbing

Christian Today 13 February 2015
By Czarina Ong

Seven Christian families living in Kasur, Pakistan have been left homeless after several Muslims bulldozed their homes. The Muslim men, identified as Shahid Khan, Jaffar


• Historical Documentation: The Jihad That Led to the Crusades

Center for the Study of Political Islam 12 February 2015
By Dr. Bill Warner

Obama’s remarks about the evil of the Crusades, needs to be factually examined in detail. Here is such a list: 0355 After removing a Roman temple from the site (possibly the


Official funded terrorists from Pakistan’s embassy

Money Jihad 11 February 2015

A Pakistani visa official with a list of Hizb ut-Tahrir militants in his possession was detained by Bangladeshi authorities last month. The official, Mohammad Mazahar Khan,


Ministry figures: 933 killed ‘for honour’ in two years 11 February 2015
By Azam Khan

ISLAMABAD: Some 933 people were killed across the country in the name of honour during the past two years while 83 non-Muslims were also reported to be killed during the


“Low IQ” is the New Muslim Terrorist Defense

FrontPage Magazine 9 February 2015
By Daniel Greenfield

Forget airborne PTSD or poverty. Here’s a great new terrorist defense. Imran Khawaja was an ISIS Jihadist who liked guns and severed heads. Non-Muslim severed heads


Why the Crusades Began

Citizen Warrior 6 February 2015

About 450 years before the first crusade began, a new religion was born in the Middle East. At the time, the Middle East was mostly made up of Christians and Jews. Before


Islamic Violence in Pakistan: What’s America—or Anyone Else—Got to Do With It?

Frontpage Mag 6 February 2015
By Jack Kerwick

It seems like so long ago when Barack Hussein Obama and his ilk in Washington and the media labored tirelessly to convince us that if only Americans would elect him, their


Pakistan's Charlie Hebdo reward: No room for secular politics

Deutsche Welle 6 February 2015

A former Pakistani minister has announced a reward for the heirs of the Charlie Hebdo attackers. This has shocked the West but not the Islamic country's activists, who say that


Mourners Bury Their Dead After Pakistan Mosque Bombing

The Wall Street Journal 2 February 2015
By Syed Shoaib Hasan And

KARACHI, Pakistan—Thousands of mourners in southern Pakistan attended mass funerals this weekend as the official death toll rose in a gruesome mosque bombing that


Islamic Terrorism: The Taboo Topic

Gatestone Institue 28 January 2015
By Uzay Bulut

The political violence of the Koran is eternal and universal. The political violence of the Bible was for that particular historical time and place. This is the vast difference between Islam and


Blasphemous caricatures: 30,000 protesters turn up for largest rally yet against French magazine

The Express Tribune 27 January 2015

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of the city on Sunday in what was the country’s largest protest yet against the publication of blasphemous caricatures by French satirical


Pakistani Firm Slams Czech Rugby For 'Desecrating Allah'

Although it's a country with a small and dedicated playing community, rugby is not a sport that regularly makes the headlines in the Czech Republic. Now, however, the


'Death to France!' as Islamic Protests Go Global

CBN News 22 January 2015
By Mark Martin

Muslims in several countries are outraged over the newest cover image of Islam's Prophet Mohammed by the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The magazine's new cartoon,

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