British Update Financial Sanctions List, Focus on Pakistani Jihadists

Shariah Finance Watch 8 March 2014

India’s most wanted man Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar and Pakistan-linked terrorists and terror groups figure prominently in an updated list of financial sanctions imposed by the


Five Men Convicted Of Killing Television Reporter In Historic Case

The Huffington Post 4 March 2014
By Katharine Houreld

A Pakistani court convicted five men on Saturday of murdering a young television reporter, his brother said, marking the first time anyone has been convicted for killing a Pakistani


Pakistan: Voiceless singers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa cry for security

Arts Freedom 4 March 2014
By Sher Alam Shinwari

Black curtains have fallen on Pashto cinema in KP as militants have speeded up their attacks. Musicians are receiving death threats, being kidnapped and forced to leave their homes


Norwegian Ambassador calls on Ishaq Dar

APP 28 February 2014

Ambassador of Norway Ms. Cecilie Landsverk called on Federal Minister for Finance, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar here and discusses matters of mutual interests. Ms. Landsverk


Pakistan Taliban says “Cricket is responsible for turning youth away from Jihad”

Most Intolerant Religion 27 February 2014

The Pakistani Taliban has reportedly rejected an offer by the government to play a match for peace, saying that cricket is responsible for ‘turning youth away from jihad’


Polio Vaccination is a Hindu Drug, Muslim will be in Hell if they take it

Most Intolerant Religion 26 February 2014

When health workers approached Zulfikar Quaid about inoculating his three children against polio, Quaid picked up an old cricket bat inside his home and waved it at them. “Get out of my


Pakistani village gives girls pioneering sex education class

Swiss Info 25 February 2014
By Amjad Ali

In neat rows, the Pakistani girls in white headscarves listened carefully as the teacher described the changes in their bodies. When the teacher asked what they should do if a stranger


Pakistan most terror-hit nation

Dawn 25 February 2014
By Ismail Khan

Pakistan is the country most affected by terrorism in the world after Iraq, but if the severity of the incidents is considered, it even surpasses the Middle Eastern nation


Taliban say govt must embrace Islamic law

The Peninsula Qatar 24 February 2014

The Pakistani Taliban told the government there was no chance of peace in the country unless Pakistan changed its political and legal system and officially embrace Islamic law


Blasphemy Charges Used to Steal Christian Land

Tribune 24 February 2014
By By Rana Yasif

Sawan Masih told a court hearing a blasphemy case against him on Friday that some businessmen at a steel market near Joseph Colony had hatched a plan to drive out Christian families


British Update Financial Sanctions List, Focus on Pakistani Jihadists

Shariah Finance Watch 21 February 2014

India’s most wanted man Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar and Pakistan-linked terrorists and terror groups figure prominently in an updated list of financial sanctions imposed by the


Fatwa declares Pakistan constitution a “perfect Islamic document,” fully Sharia-compliant

Jihad Watch 19 February 2014
By Robert Spencer

The federal government of Pakistan obtained this fatwa in order to try to stave off the Taliban, which is demanding that Sharia be implemented. The ominous aspect of the fatwa


500 women killed every year in name of honour

Pakistan Observer 19 February 2014
By Muzaffar Ali

Around 500 women and girls become victims of ‘honour killing’ in the country every year thus making Pakistan one of world’s most dangerous countries for women


Crisis in Arab civilization

The Jerusalem Post 18 February 2014

There has never been such a thing as the "Arab Spring”; a true Arab spring can only develop when the Arabs start developing civil societies. But until now the value systems of


Help Muhammad Asghar

Spectator Blogs 18 February 2014
By Rod Liddle

I don’t suppose these petitions do much good, but they may make us all feel a little better about ourselves. Muhammad Asghar is a lunatic living in Pakistan, thus scoring about


Sharia and the constitution

Pakistan Daily Times 18 February 2014
By Yasser Latif Hamdani

Muslim rulers through the 14 centuries have kept a tight control over the clergy, ceding them some space here and there but in the main disallowing them from imposing their


Hating Valentine’s

FRONTPAGE MAG 17 February 2014
By Jamie Glazov

Today, Friday, February 14, is Valentine’s Day, the sacred day that intimate companions mark to celebrate their love and affection for one another. If you’re thinking about making a study


Polygamy in Pakistan

Daily Times 17 February 2014

The interpretation of the sacred Quran varies quite significantly within the Muslim community. If you, for example, look at the surah regarding polygamy in Islam, you will find


U.S. "Chose to Stay Silent" on Muslim Persecution of Christians: November 2013

Gatestone Institute 15 February 2014
By Raymond Ibrahim

The rise of endemic Christian persecution in the Middle East was noted in November when Roman Catholic Pope Francis declared "We will not resign ourselves to imagining a Middle East without Christians" and stressed the importance of "the universal right to lead a dignified life and freely practice one's own faith" after meeting with patriarchs from Syria, Iran, and Iraq -- all countries where Christian minorities are under attack.


Embrace Islam or die! 14 February 2014

The Pakistani Taliban have announced an "armed struggle” against an indigenous tribe and Ismaili Muslims in the picturesque northern Chitral Valley, calling on Sunnis to

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