Second interview with California based human rights worker on the facts of slavery of Hindus and Sikhs by Muslims in Pakistan

Vlad Tepes 10 June 2014

For my first interview with Zemira on attacks and destruction of entire villages by Muslims in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and other South East Asian nations please click here.


Spain to Deport Pakistani Refugee for Criticizing Islam

Gatestone Institute 9 June 2014
By Soeren Kern

The Spanish Supreme Court has ruled that a political refugee should be deported because his criticism of Islam poses "a danger to the security of Spain." The May 30 ruling,


Gang-Rape Victim Raped Again for Filing Complaint

Halal Porkshop 29 May 2014

A 19-year old girl is in critical condition in Jinnah Hospital Lahore with multiple vaginal injuries where she was reportedly admitted by Rescue 1122 staff that recovered her


American Doctor Gunned Down in Pakistan

Detroit News 29 May 2014
By Zaheer Babar

Gunmen in Pakistan shot dead a visiting American cardiologist from the minority Ahmadi sect in front of his wife and toddler son on Monday as they left a cemetery after visiting


Pakistan: Farzana Iqbal Stoned to Death by Her Own Family for Marrying Man She Loved

Answering Muslims 28 May 2014
By David Wood

Politicians, the media, and Muslim organizations have spent years silencing critics of Islam. Meanwhile, women are still being brutally murdered by their own families for the


Canadian doctor Mehdi Ali Qamar gunned down as he visited gravesite in Pakistan with wife and son

National Post 27 May 2014
By Jennifer Hough

A Canadian citizen who travelled to Pakistan’s Punjab region to train local doctors at a heart clinic was gunned down in front of his wife and child after morning prayers on Monday.


Pakistani writers: "There is a mini Boko Haram thriving in every Muslim society”

jihadwatch 19 May 2014

"Despite the glaring discrimination, Muslim apologists argue that this has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims. They hastily blame the ‘enemies of Islam’ for propagating lies


Teenager shoots dead man accused of blasphemy in Pakistan police station

Thomson Reuters Foundation 19 May 2014
By Katharine Houreld

A teenager walked into a Pakistani police station on Friday and shot dead a 65-year-old man from a minority sect accused of blasphemy, their spokesman said, the second murder


Sharia bank board joined at Jamaat’s hip

Money Jihad 15 May 2014

The extensive ties between the sharia bank Islami Bank Bangladesh, Limited (IBBL), and militant movements, extremist political parties, and terrorist financing, have come into


Streets of Shame 14 May 2014

Pakistan is a strategically important Muslim nation. It's a democracy and a nuclear power, that's allied to the West in the war against terror. But Pakistan is also a country


Hindus, other minorities in Pakistan face surge of violence

The Express Tribune 8 May 2014

The mob arrived at around midnight, brandishing clubs. They smashed statues, looted gold artefacts and then set the Hindu temple ablaze. An accusation of blasphemy sparked


PM Cameron honours first-ever British Pakistani head teacher

The News International 7 May 2014
By Murtaza Ali Shah

LONDON: An educational foundation set up in honour of the first-ever Pakistani headteacher in Britain Nawazish Bokhari has won Prime Minister David Cameron’s Big Society


Over ‘honour’: Prayer leader kills daughter

Villagers said Maulana Taoos of Balyani village in Kandar tehsil suspected his daughter, 17-year-old Zubaida, of having an affair with a relative in Karachi. On Saturday


Educationally Bankrupt Muslim World – Some Disturbing Facts

Rising Kashmir 2 May 2014
By Hamid Naseem Rafiabadi

Education plays a crucial role in the all-round development of a nation or community. It facilitates the foundation of industrial and economic development. But the educational conditions


PAKISTAN: Two convicted Muslim cannibals have been re-arrested for digging up corpses and eating them

Bare Naked Islam 28 April 2014

After neighbors complained to police of a putrid stench, a young boy’s head was found in the home of two Pakistani cannibals who had dug up more than 100 corpses from the local


Punjab: clan gang rapes seven year old Christian and kidnaps father to stop him reporting them

Asia News 25 April 2014
By Jibran Khan

Islamabad - A "clan" of four Muslim men raped a Christian girl of only seven years old, named Sara yesterday in the village of Mally ki, Daska, Sialkot district


Connecticut: Pakistani immigrant robs taxpayers in another food stamp bust

Creeping Sharia 24 April 2014

Robbing taxpayers seems to be an area Muslim immigrants excel and have no fear of being deported. via Food stamps used to buy Red Bull – Connecticut Post. h/t Diversity’s Dark Side


Christian Man in Pakistan Reportedly Killed After Refusing to Convert to Islam

The Blaze 23 April 2014
By Sharona Schwartz

A Christian man in his twenties was reportedly shot and killed by a Muslim co-worker in Pakistan after refusing to convert to Islam, Pakistani and Christian news sites are reporting.


Pakistan Passes Bill to Combat Extremism in Madrassas

Clarion Project 23 April 2014

The National Assembly has passed a resolution demanding reform of the nation's madrassa system, the religious seminaries that teach Islamic studies. The resolution, tabled by


Pakistan: More Than 200 Women Honor-Killed in Sindh Province in 2013

Answering Muslims 23 April 2014

Women are being brutally murdered by their own families in the Sindh province of Pakistan. In a sane world, men and women from around the globe would unite in drawing attention

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