1,000 Christian, Hindu girls forced to convert to Islam every year in Pakistan: report

India Today 9 April 2014

Around 1,000 Christian and Hindu women in Pakistan are forcibly converted to Islam and married to Muslim men every year, says a report released by Movement for Solidarity and Peace


Muslims of the Americas' Anti-Semitic Interfaith Campaign

Clarion Project 7 April 2014
By Ryan Mauro

The Muslims of the Americas, an extremist group whose leader is in Pakistan, held another interfaith event in late March in Binghamton, NY. The group also says it has an


U.S. taxpayers to spend $400,000 for a camel sculpture in Pakistan

Jihad Watch 3 April 2014
By Robert Spencer

It isn’t enough that U.S. taxpayers have for years now been subsidizing the Pakistanis’ support for jihad terrorists. The New York Times reported on that at length back in 2008. No, that


Pakistani Lawmakers Condemn Islamic Body as Anti-Women

Clarion Project 2 April 2014

Members of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh have unanimously supported a resolution yesterday condemning the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) over a ruling that the body made


More lunacy by the left: ‘create child-marriage free areas in Pakistan’

Tundra Tabloids 1 April 2014

Gordon has a plan, more western money down the piss pot.
Yet another opportunity to waste the taxpayers hard earned money on throw-away projects that do not take


Pakistani man sentenced to death for blasphemy over 'Prophet Mohamed insult'

The Independent 31 March 2014
By Andrew Buncombe

Activists have condemned a decision by a Pakistani court to sentence to death a Christian man convicted of blasphemy. The case last year led to a mob ransacking a Lahore neighbourhood


Pakistani Christian Rebukes Yahya Snow for Minimizing Muslim Persecution of Christians

Answering Muslims 31 March 2014
By David Wood

Yahya Snow is quick to condemn us when we speak out on behalf of the Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Ahmadis, or members of other groups who are being horribly oppressed


Muslim-Christian tools of British Raj and Resolution of Pakistan

Pakistan Christian Post 25 March 2014
By Dr. Nazir S Bhatti

After 74 years of Pakistan Resolution or known as Lahore Resolution of March 23, 1940, adopted by All India Muslim League, we, the millions of Pakistani Christians are treated


Face the Truth: Pakistan Is Not An Ally

Frontpage Mag 21 March 2014
By Robert Spencer

Journalist Carlotta Gall, who reported from Afghanistan for the New York Times for twelve years, reported Wednesday that “soon after the Navy SEAL raid on Bin Laden’s house, a Pakistani


Gen. McInerney: Malaysia Airlines jet held by terrorists in Pakistan

Atlas Shrugs 19 March 2014
By Pamela Geller

A LIGNET analyst received information from a source at Boeing that the company believes the plane did land in Pakistan . . . Israel is taking the possibility of a terrorist attack


Key witness testimony in bin Laden son-in-law’s trial subject to block attempt by prosecution

RT 19 March 2014

Prosecutors tried to block the testimony of an alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attacks in the terror trial of Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law, after a 14-page statement providing, among


Pakistan: Five 'Crimes' That Can Get You Executed

International Business Times 19 March 2014
By Ludovica Iaccino

Capital punishment is legal in Pakistan, also one of the eight countries in the world where people under the age of 18 can face execution for committing certain crimes


Council of Islamic Ideology is against ban of underage marriage, calls it un-Islamic

ISLAMABAD: The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) on Tuesday ruled that Pakistani laws prohibiting marriage of underage children are un-Islamic. At the end of its two-day


Video: Pakistan: Girl Gang Raped at Gunpoint Self-Immolates

Clarion Project 18 March 2014

17 year old Amina Bibi set herself on fire outside a police station in Muzzaffargarh, in the Punjab region of Pakistan. She did so after being kidnapped at gunpoint and gang
raped by 5 men. The police initially investigated, but later released the suspects without charging them.


Hindu temple set on fire in Pakistan over blasphemy

swissinfo 17 March 2014
By Syed Raza Hassan

ISLAMABAD - Hundreds of angry Pakistanis attacked a Hindu temple and set it on fire in southern Pakistan overnight following a rumour that a member of the Hindu community had desecrated


British convict says he met bin Laden ´20 to 50 times´

The News 11 March 2014

A British terror convict has told a New York trial he met Osama bin Laden up to 50 times and was recruited by Al-Qaeda to blow up a passenger jet. Saajid Badat was


Pakistan: 1600 Women killed in name of Honor Killing

Most Intolerant religion 11 March 2014
By Propellerheads

KARACHI- At least 1601 women were killed in Pakistan in the name of honor or for other reasons in 2013. According to data provided by the Madadgar National Helpline Founder Zia


British Update Financial Sanctions List, Focus on Pakistani Jihadists

Shariah Finance Watch 8 March 2014

India’s most wanted man Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar and Pakistan-linked terrorists and terror groups figure prominently in an updated list of financial sanctions imposed by the


Five Men Convicted Of Killing Television Reporter In Historic Case

The Huffington Post 4 March 2014
By Katharine Houreld

A Pakistani court convicted five men on Saturday of murdering a young television reporter, his brother said, marking the first time anyone has been convicted for killing a Pakistani


Pakistan: Voiceless singers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa cry for security

Arts Freedom 4 March 2014
By Sher Alam Shinwari

Black curtains have fallen on Pashto cinema in KP as militants have speeded up their attacks. Musicians are receiving death threats, being kidnapped and forced to leave their homes

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