United Arab Emirates

Apostates Leaving Islam

Citizen Warrior 5 August 2014

    Apostasy means "renouncing the faith." If someone is a Jew or a Hindu or whatever and they decide they don't want to be one anymore, that is apostasy

The Koran says apostasy from Islam is a crime punishable by death. In many Islamic states, this is enforced by law. You cannot convert out of Islam. Once you're in, you're in


Their Name Game? Islamism

the Dry Bones Blog 5 August 2014

What's in a name?
Not much.


Ex-MI6 chief cites ISIS’s Saudi, Qatari donors

Money Jihad 5 August 2014

Richard Dearlove, the former head of the British spy agency MI6, made these comments last month about support for the Islamic State of Iraq by Saudi and Qatari donors:


Dark Wallet May be Used by Islamic Terrorists to Fund their Operations

Forexminute 9 July 2014

A blog associated closely with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), titled "Bitcoin and the Charity of Violent Physical Struggle” says that the use of cryptocurrency in


UAE accused of arresting and torturing Qataris

Middle East Eye 9 July 2014

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has come in for criticism for allegedly imprisoning and torturing Qatari nationals. A report by the local Arabic daily Al Arab has claimed


Islamic Banks Rebrand In An Attempt To Go Mainstream

Gulf Business 7 July 2014

It is interesting therefore to note that some banks are removing the word "Islam” from their names – and that this is, curiously, a sign of both the potential Islamic finance


Antiquities smuggling funds terrorism

Money Jihad 7 July 2014

Haqqani network leader describes $3,000 cut from smuggler Not only does the theft of artifacts from Middle Eastern tombs, museums, and archeological sites rob the world of


ISIS's political Islam the latest Arab tragedy

Al-Monitor 30 June 2014

It is as if history has reverted a hundred years. Some are calling for a caliphate to unite the Arabs under its shadow, others call to rely on a Western ally, British mainly


Australia to question Brunei over stoning laws before trade talks

The Sydney Morning Herald 30 June 2014
By Ben Doherty

The Australian government will question Brunei over its new criminal law regime – whose punishments include limb amputation for theft and stoning to death for adultery or


Emirates Cancels Major Order From Airbus

The New York Times 11 June 2014
By Nicola Clark

Airbus suffered a major blow on Wednesday to its latest commercial jet program after one of its largest customers, Emirates Airline, said it had decided to cancel a


Qatari paid millions for World Cup bid support - report

LONDON: A British newspaper alleged on Sunday that a former top Qatari football official paid $US5 million ($5.3 million) to get support for the emirate's campaign to host the


Dubai Islamic Bank to buy Indonesian bank stake

Peninsula On-line 20 May 2014

DUBAI: Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) will purchase a 25 percent stake in Indonesian Islamic lender Bank Panin Syariah, it said on Monday, as the United Arab Emirates-based bank


Video: Devout Muslim Thrill Killers

blazingcatfur 19 May 2014
Warning Graphic, Psychopathic Mohammedans ahead

"The psychopaths of Isis are killing without mercy in Iraqi roads. A Horrific video shows their latest murders in Iraq. In the end of the video, a poor fellow guy runned to


The Brunei Moment

FrontPage Mag 19 May 2014
By Daniel Greenfield

The Hollywood outrage over Sharia law in Brunei, accompanied by celebrity boycotts, doesn’t represent a real awakening, but it does represent an opportunity. Gay rights


The Islamist canaries in the Bruneian mineshaft

The Jerusalem Post 14 May 2014

Human rights and liberal values are under threat in a small, little-known country most people would be hard-pressed to find on a map. Human rights and liberal


Teen held for torturing maid to death in Kuwait

Emirates 24/7 14 May 2014

A 15-year-old Kuwaiti boy used a large stick to torture his Ethiopian housemaid to death before he was arrested by the police, a newspaper reported on Monday. The boy’s


Brunei's Sharia Law Will Be Rewarded by Obama's Fast-Track Trade Deal

The Huffington Post 14 May 2014
By Michelangelo Signorile

Boycotts and protests of the famed Beverly Hills Hotel have shined a bright light on the oil-rich nation of Brunei's recent imposition of Sharia law, a brutal criminal code


Dubai Jails Raped Women For 4 Months - And Rapist For 2 Months

English Time 6 May 2014

An Austrian woman who fled Dubai after she was raped and instead of getting counselling was told she was to be charged for having sex outside marriage has been jailed for four


Brotherhood leaders leave Qatar for Libya: report

gulfnews.com 29 April 2014

Dubai: Dozens of Muslim Brotherhood leaders reportedly deported by Qatar have arrived in Libya, a London-based daily said. The leaders have landed at Maeetiqiya


Woman in Saudi Arabia Sentenced to 150 Lashes for Driving

Clarion Project 29 April 2014

A woman in Saudi Arabia was reportedly sentenced to 150 lashes and eight months in jail this week for driving a car and fighting the policemen who arrested her. It appears

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