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Reality is blond

Gates of Vienna 3 April 2014
By H. Numan

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends this report on a recent culturally enriched event in a Dutch village that highlighted the reality that Geert Wilders has so often been excoriated for describing.


The Mainstream Muslim Guide to Holy War

Gatestone Institute Mag 3 April 2014
By Bassam Tawil

"Allah will gather them [the Israelis] so that we can kill them." — Abbas Zaki, Fatah Central Committee member, March 12, 2014 The truth is, however, that...even Israeli Arabs have no desire to exchange Israeli citizenship for a Palestinian Authority passport.


War Over Wilders

Frontpage Mag 2 April 2014
By Bruce Bawer

On March 19, addressing supporters in The Hague after a local election, Geert Wilders, head of the Freedom Party (PVV), asked if they wanted more or less of the European Union. “Less!” they shouted. Did they want more or less of the Labor Party? “Less!” they repeated. Then he asked, “Do you want, in this city and in the Netherlands, more or fewer Moroccans?”


5 Things a Jihadist Wants You to Know About Islam

Strategy Page 2 April 2014

Europe is facing a growing problem with young Moslem men being recruited by Islamic clergy to go fight alongside (and often against) the Syrian rebels. European intelligence officials believe about 2,000 European Moslems have gone to Syria so far and about ten percent have been killed. More than ten percent have returned and these jihad veterans often seek out new recruits.


Muhammad and the Thighing of Aisha

Answering Muslims 2 April 2014
By David Wood

There's been an interesting debate in recent years between Christian apologists and Westernized Muslim apologists over the Islamic practice of "thighing," which involves a Muslim (more specifically, Muhammad) putting his penis between the thighs of a virgin (or a woman during her monthly period) and moving back and forth until he ejaculates.


Rapes in Sweden, Redux

Gates of Vienna 2 April 2014
By Baron Bodissey

In early 2014, journalist Simen Sætre in the weekly Morgenbladet in Norway published an essay about rapes in Sweden. Curiously, he seemed to be more concerned about the fact that “xenophobic” and “Islam-hating” people like me write about this subject than he was about the actual problem.


Are There ‘Moderate’ Muslims? How about ‘Moderate’ Jews and Christians?

PJ Media 2 April 2014
By Davis P. Goldman

The last heretic hanged by the Catholic Church was a Spanish schoolteacher accused of Deism in Valencia as recently as 1826.


Beating the Mohammed Meme

Gates of Vienna 2 April 2014
By Sonia Bailey

North American news outlets are unwittingly caving to Islam. They have fallen into the trap of referring to Islam’s founder Mohammed as The Prophet Mohammed, implying that his “prophethood” is universally accepted. These media outlets, like their European counterparts, are unknowingly extending the influence of Islam to their viewers, thereby doing the proselytistic work of Muslim propagandists who are relentlessly bullying their host society into sharia-compliance.


Video: How to be a racist

youtube 1 April 2014
By Pat Condell

As if you didn't know.


A Nation's Attempt to Survive Isn't Racism

Diana West 1 April 2014
By Diana West

It may surprise some Americans to learn that almost one-quarter of the people living in Switzerland are foreigners. Even so, just over 50 percent voted last month to cap immigration, which, unchecked, could leave indigenous Swiss a minority in 50 years. Newsweek’s headline over the story was typical: "Switzerland’s Sudden Fear of Immigrants.”


Video: David Yerushalmi and Robert Muise on Sharia and the Freedom of Speech

Atlas Shrugs 1 April 2014
By Pamela Geller

Here is a superb video of a conference on sharia that my ace lawyers, David Yerushalmi and Robert Muise of the American Freedom Law Center, did in Cincinnati last week. Our landmark American Freedom Defense Initiative freedom of speech cases were highlighted before a standing-room-only crowd. This is a must-see video.


Myth-busting Doug Saunders’ ‘10 Myths about Muslims in the West’

Jihad Watch 1 April 2014
By Nicolai Sennels

Doug Saunders summarizes his latest book The Myth of the Muslim Tide in a Huffington Post article, 10 Myths about Muslims in the West. It is a game that Saunders play with himself, throwing up the ball and smashing it to the ground. Saunders is the European chief of The Globe and Mail, Canada’s second biggest newspaper, and has received the National Newspaper Award — the Canadian counterpart to the Pulitzer Prize — four times.


Not just in Geert Wilders' Holland but also in Denmark: Morrocans are the most criminal

EuropeNews 28 March 2014
By Nicolai Sennels

Geert Wilders is under fire for wanting fewer Morrocans in Holland, despite the fact that 60 percent of Morrocans in Holland under 23 is know by the police, and Morrocans in general are 22 times more likely to commit violent crimes. They are 7 times more likely to be on welfare.


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UK: Child Sex Slavery, Multiculturalism and Islam

Gatestone Institute 25 March 2014
By Soeren Kern

British authorities enforcing political correctness have allowed Muslim paedophile gangs to sexually abuse children with impunity for more than two decades, according to a comprehensive new study that examines the harrowing epidemic of child grooming in towns and cities across Britain.


Silencing the Critics of Islam

American Thinker 25 March 2014
By Paul Austin Murphy

There is a British organization and website called "Tell Mama" which is run by a man named Fiyaz Mughal. This organization is a bit like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in America;


European Elections Turn Nasty

Gatestone Institute 25 March 2014
By Peter Martino

Smear campaigns are currently going on against Nigel Farage and Geert Wilders, Europe's two most outspoken defendants of national sovereignty. The reason is obvious: the upcoming elections for the European Parliament on May 22nd and May 25th.


History of Mohammedan Slave Raids on White Europeans

Sheikyer Mami 22 March 2014

Everything that came from the orient that time was called ‘Turks’. The Ottomans wanted slaves, and the Crimean Tatars provided them from the steppes of Ukraine and southern Russia—with the help of raiding Nogai Tatars and, until the 15th century, with the collaboration of Genoese merchants who shipped them off from the Crimean port town of Feodosia.


Rappin’ on Geert

Gates Of Vienna 22 March 2014
By Baron Bodissey

On March 18, 2014, the “Dutch” rapper Hozny released a new song called “Geertje”, along with a video. The video clip shows a man in a blond wig representing the Dutch politician Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom. The fake Geert is abducted by armed men and brought to Hozny, who makes him kneel in front of an Islamic flag. The clip ends with a shot of Wilders being executed.


Islamic democracy: Corrupt and undemocratic

Hurriyet Daily News 22 March 2014
By Burak Bekdil

When President Barack Obama portrayed prospering Turkey, ruled by sweet Islamists, as “a great Islamic democracy” in 2010, he was probably hoping that this strange democracy that comes with a religious prefix would serve a useful purpose: a glittering role model for the Arab countries that lagged behind even an Islamic democracy. Mr. Obama’s mission impossible has failed – probably – for good.

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