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Arresting Churchill

FrontPage Magazine 6 May 2014
By Robert Spencer

Paul Weston, the chairman of a new political party in the United Kingdom called Liberty GB, was making a speech Saturday outside the Winchester Guildhall in Hampshire when suddenly everything went wrong. Weston made the mistake of quoting a notorious Islamophobe, whereupon a woman in the audience, disgusted by this hate speech, contacted police, and Weston was duly arrested.


Call for entries - 6th edition of passion for freedom art compettion

Passion For Freedom 2 May 2014

The art competition is organised by Passion for Freedom, an independent group of friends standing up for freedom of speech and artistic expression.


Caucasus Grand Mufti complains that some "even try to identify Islam with terrorism”

Jihad Watch 2 May 2014
By Robert Spencer

Contrary to the assertions of Allahshukur Pashazadeh, the Sheikh ul-Islam and Grand Mufti of the Caucasus, it is not non-Muslims in the US or "different countries,” but Islamic jihadists who are responsible for the association of Islam with violence. Among the modern-day Muslims who have linked Islam with violence are these:


'Good Quran' vs. 'Radical Quran'

Frontpage Mag 29 April 2014
By Jamie Glazov

This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Dr. Mordechai Kedar, the director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Islam (under formation) at Bar-Ilan University, Israel.


Largest Islamic Event in France: All Evil in World Caused by Jews

The Clarion Project 29 April 2014

Anti-Semitic speeches were given 'places of honor' at the 31st congress of the Union of Islamic Organizations in France. A prominent conference on Islam in Paris gave a place of honor to virulently anti-Semitic speeches.


UK: Sharia-Compliant Student Loans?

Gatestone Institute 29 April 2014
By Soeren Kern

The documentary, filmed by the BBC, proved what had long been suspected: that Sharia courts... routinely issue rulings according to Sharia law that are at odds with British law. Paragraph 2.3 of the guidelines of the Law Society of Britain suggests that Sharia law could overrule British law in inheritance disputes.


The Myth of the Moderate Muslim Majority

Canada Free Press 29 April 2014
By Fred Dardick

How many times have we heard the same old tired line, that only an infinitesimally small, almost imperceptible number of Muslims are radicalized? You know the story: a couple of young men cut the head off of a soldier in middle of a busy street yelling “Allahu Akbar” is followed by a litany of Islamic apologists on the airwaves claiming that the majority of Muslims are quite moderate and would never, ever condone such actions. Sounds great, but is it true?


Obama Asks for Prayer to Help End 'Oppression of Muslims'

KUALA LUMPUR: National Mosque imam Tan Sri Syaikh Ismail Muhammad has pleaded to the United States (US) President Barack Obama to end oppression against Muslims worldwide.


CAIR, Allies Campaign to Cleanse Truth From 9/11 Museum

Clarion Project 29 April 2014
By Ryan Mauro

    Islamists and their misguided interfaith allies think Americans can’t handle the truth about the jihadist motivation behind 9/11.

The interfaith allies of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) think the American people can’t handle the truth about the jihadist motivation behind 9/11. They


UK: Quoting Churchill Gets British Politician Paul Weston Arrested

Atlas Shrugs 28 April 2014

It’s as if the UK is in the race to the death. Weak and feckless British authorities submit to extreme and totalitarian demands of Islamic supremacist thugs in turning over their most basic freedoms, and their very country, to hostile invaders.


Video: "A Racially Aggravated Crime Under Section 4 of the Public Order Act”

Gates of Vienna 28 April 2014

Update 3: Interest has been expressed in translating the video for subtitles, so I’ve prepared a timed transcript. A tabular version is now included at the bottom of this post, for those who are interested.


Winchester: Churchill Quotation Gets Liberty GB Leader Paul Weston Arrested

Liberty GB 28 April 2014
By Enza Ferreri

Today Paul Weston, chairman of the party Liberty GB and candidate in the 22 May European Elections in the South East, has been arrested in Winchester.


Who is in More Trouble: Wilders or The Netherlands?

Gatestone Institute 27 April 2014
By Timon Dias

Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders again made international headlines. Nazi comparisons are rampant, self-proclaimed victims are lining up to sue and now more than ever there is a chance that Wilders actually might be convicted of hate speech.


Video: Commemorating a Jihad Genocide: Ottoman Turkey’s Genocide of the Armenians Began 99 Years Ago, Today 27 April 2014

Two essays of mine:Congress Must Recognize the Armenian Genocide, "as documented in the United States record” (From 2007, & true forever)


Death threats issued as Sharia Watch launches in London

The Voice of Russia 27 April 2014
By Anne Marie Waters

A new group has been launched at the House of Lords to campaign for greater recognition of the threat posed by Islamic Sharia law. Sharia Watch UK says it wants to highlight the impact of Islamism in Britain and campaign against the prevalence of Sharia tribunals, particularly where it relates to women's rights.


99 Years of Turkish Genocide

AINA (press release) 27 April 2014

On April 24, 1915 the Turkish genocide of Assyrians, Greeks and Armenians began very simply, without pomp and circumstance. "We have made a clean sweep of the Armenians and Assyrians of Azerbaijan."


Video: Pat Condell: "It's Good to Be Anti-Islam, But Not Anti-Muslim"

Answering Muslims 24 April 2014
By David Wood

Here in the West, many people abhor the thought of saying, "I am anti-[insert some religion or ideology]," because such a statement sounds like bigotry. But what happens when the religion or ideology explicitly promotes spousal abuse, child marriage, and terrorism?


The Moroccans That Infuriate the Dutch

Gatestone Institute 24 April 2014
By Timon Dias

"If Lady Justice is truly blind, she will prosecute all of us or none of us. I hope none of us." — Geert Wilders, MP and Leader of the Party for Freedom, the Netherlands. A more recent development is the pending Dutch Moroccan takeover of the drugs and human trafficking businesses.


Who are the Victims and Who Are the Victimizers?

Gatestone Institute 24 April 2014
By Douglas Murray

One year after the bombs went off at the Boston marathon, Brandeis authorities were so intent on avoiding the issues those bombs had raised, that they would rather point the finger at a critic of the radical ideology than do anything to criticize the ideology.


Islam's Tenuous Connection to Jerusalem

Myths And Facts 24 April 2014
By Eli E. Hertz

Despite 1,300 years of Muslim Arab rule, Jerusalem was never the capital of an Arab entity, nor was it ever mentioned in the Palestine Liberation Organization’s covenant until Israel regained control of East Jerusalem in the Six-Day War of 1967. Overall, the role of Jerusalem in Islam is best understood as the outcome of political exigencies impacting religious belief.

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