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A growing threat from extremist residents fighting in Syria

Luxemburger Wort 11 July 2014

Luxembourg's security services are closely monitoring three people thought to have returned to Luxembourg after fighting in Syria. According to security services, one of the


Muhammad: The First Islamic Radical

islam-watch 7 July 2014
By Jake Neuman

Self-radicalization is a commonly used term in the media today that applies to extremist Muslims, who turn to violence in the name of Jihad or Islam. It is as if those Muslims,


(Full Movie) 'Aisha and Muhammad: The Dramatic Life of a Little Child Married to the Prophet of Islam'

islam-watch 7 July 2014

Aisha and Muhammad - The Dramatic Life of a Little Child Married to the Prophet of Islam (Movie) from Imran Firasat on Vimeo.

As announced in an earlier press release, the movie, "Aisha and Muhammad”, has been released on schedule. The release has been coincided with the US Independence Day on July 4


Morocco sends 160 imams to lead prayers in France’s mosques

Morocco World News 7 July 2014
By Larbi Arbaoui

According to the French website Saphirnews, Mohammed Moussaoui, president of the Union of Mosques in France (UMF), said that 160 Moroccan imams were sent to fill in the gap in


Video: Three Quran Verses Every Christian Should Know

Answering Muslims 7 July 2014

Most Christians (myself included) don't have Sam Shamoun's computer-like brain to recall thousands of verses on command. Nevertheless, with a little effort, we can all learn


Municipal Council of Bulgaria’s Peshtera votes down report on noisy Muslim prayers

Focus News 7 July 2014

Municipal Council of the Bulgarian town of Peshtera voted down the report filed against the loudspeakers of the local mosque. Municipal councillor with Ataka party, Atanas


Bulgaria president hosts Muslims for iftar meal

World Bulletin 7 July 2014

The president of Bulgaria, Rosen Plevneliev, has made a landmark move in the former Communist country by being the first president to provide an iftar (fast-breaking) evening


‘Jihad cool’: an Islamist version of Occupy

spiked 6 July 2014
By Frank Furedi

Throughout the West, we are hearing stories about young Muslims who turn from party animals focused on having a good time into zealous holy warriors off on a mission to turn


The Terrorists Are Among Us

Gatestone Institute 4 July 2014
By Geert Wilders

In several Western countries, the authorities are concerned about the security risk posed by young Muslim immigrants who went to Syria and Iraq to wage jihad and are now


Portugal: Ambassador calls for genocidal terrorism against Israel

Atlas Shrugs 4 July 2014
By Pamela Geller

ikmat Ajjuri: Is he trying to look like Hitler? Ajjuri is the Ambassador to the fictional land of unending Je- hatred (‘Palestine”) calls for Islamic terror against the


Greek court rejects appeal to block Athens mosque construction

World Bulletin 4 July 2014

The general assembly of the state council in Greece has rejected an appeal to prevent the construction of a mosque in the capital Athens. Construction of Athens's only


Why is This Not Betrayal?

Gates of Vienna 1 July 2014
By Fjordman

It is dismissed as a "crazy conspiracy theory” if one suggests that Western political elites actively support the Islamization of Europe and the Western world. Yet one might argue that this is not a conspiracy theory — or even a theory — merely an observation.


Islamic Values vs. Judeo-Christian Values

FrontPage Magazine 1 July 2014
By Nonie Darwish

My dear friend Ali Sina mentioned in his most recent article that a Muslim professor, Hossein Askari, believes that Western nations lead the World in "Islamic values” and that most Muslim nations practice the least Islamic values.


Obama says European jihadists threaten US, but makes no mention of American jihadists

pamelageller 30 June 2014

Huh? What’d he say? Did Obama used the word jihad? Again? One of Obama’s first domestic policy initiatives was removing jihad and Islam from all counter terrorism


Wooden cross hung at mosque in Bulgaria

World Bulletin 25 June 2014

A two-meter tall wooden cross was hung in a mosque in a provocative act by unknown intruders on Friday. The incident took place at Karaca Pasha mosque in the southern town


District court in Bulgaria’s Kurdjali rejects Muslim property claim to Regional Historical Museum building

The Sofia Globe 20 June 2014

Kurdjali District Court has rejected a property claim lodged by the office of the Chief Mufti, spiritual leader of Bulgaria’s Muslims, to be awarded ownership of the building


Video: Is this helpful?

Pat Condell 17 June 2014
By Pat Condell

I do hope so. (continue reading...)


Citizens of Bulgaria’s Peshtera discontent with loud daily Muslim prayers

Every single day, the powerful loudspeakers of the local mosque in the Bulgarian town of Peshtera are sound-tracking the two daily prayers of the imam, which are loudly


Protest to be staged in Bulgaria’s capital against returning mosque in Kyustendl to Grand Mufti’s Office

A protest will be staged on Friday in front of Sofia Court House in the capital Sofia against a request for the returning of the mosque in the city of Kyustendil, Southwest


The European Jihad

Kashmir Watch 17 June 2014
By Monnet Matters

A few months ago, we wrote about the surprising fact that a significant number of Jihads fighting in the civil war in Syria are from Europe. What is surprising about this is

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