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Islamic Values vs. Judeo-Christian Values

FrontPage Magazine 1 July 2014
By Nonie Darwish

My dear friend Ali Sina mentioned in his most recent article that a Muslim professor, Hossein Askari, believes that Western nations lead the World in "Islamic values” and that most Muslim nations practice the least Islamic values.


Obama says European jihadists threaten US, but makes no mention of American jihadists

pamelageller 30 June 2014

Huh? What’d he say? Did Obama used the word jihad? Again? One of Obama’s first domestic policy initiatives was removing jihad and Islam from all counter terrorism


Wooden cross hung at mosque in Bulgaria

World Bulletin 25 June 2014

A two-meter tall wooden cross was hung in a mosque in a provocative act by unknown intruders on Friday. The incident took place at Karaca Pasha mosque in the southern town


District court in Bulgaria’s Kurdjali rejects Muslim property claim to Regional Historical Museum building

The Sofia Globe 20 June 2014

Kurdjali District Court has rejected a property claim lodged by the office of the Chief Mufti, spiritual leader of Bulgaria’s Muslims, to be awarded ownership of the building


Video: Is this helpful?

Pat Condell 17 June 2014
By Pat Condell

I do hope so. (continue reading...)


Citizens of Bulgaria’s Peshtera discontent with loud daily Muslim prayers

Every single day, the powerful loudspeakers of the local mosque in the Bulgarian town of Peshtera are sound-tracking the two daily prayers of the imam, which are loudly


Protest to be staged in Bulgaria’s capital against returning mosque in Kyustendl to Grand Mufti’s Office

A protest will be staged on Friday in front of Sofia Court House in the capital Sofia against a request for the returning of the mosque in the city of Kyustendil, Southwest


The European Jihad

Kashmir Watch 17 June 2014
By Monnet Matters

A few months ago, we wrote about the surprising fact that a significant number of Jihads fighting in the civil war in Syria are from Europe. What is surprising about this is


MPACUK and 'Western Imperialism'

American Thinker 17 June 2014
By Paul Austin Murphy

The latest Muslim rationalization for the 1,400-year-old war between Islam and all that is non-Islamic is the so-called "occupation” of Muslim countries; as well as the


Swedish firefighters have to wear bulletproof vests in Muslim areas, celebrate National Day in mosque

The Jihad Watch 16 June 2014
By Nicolai Sennels

Malmö’s firefighters are wearing stone-proof face masks and military grade bulletproof vests when entering Muslim areas. A prime example of the typical Swedish, suicidal


Ireland and Islamic banking

News Talk 16 June 2014
By Caroline Clarke

In a BBC interview this week, Hossein Askari, Professor of International Business and International Affairs at George Washington University said a study by himself and


Europe wary of Iraq action; Germans urged to leave

Charlotte Observer 16 June 2014
By John-Thor Dahlburg and Frank Jordans

Germany urged its citizens to leave Baghdad and troubled parts of Iraq on Thursday, as European officials calibrated their response to a military push by Sunni Muslim


Political Correctness Gone Too Far

Glasgow Courier 12 June 2014
By Virgil Vaupel

Has political correctness (and our own Constitution) given in to the Muslim radicals who would rid America of our cherished Christian beliefs? By my unofficial count, those


German minister Müller visits Muslim girls' school in Nigeria

DW 12 June 2014

"We have consciously chosen a school for Muslim girls," Gerd Müller said in the southern city of Ijebu-Ode on Wednesday. "These girls are the backbone of the country; they


Taqiyya, Vatican-Style

Gates of Vienna 12 June 2014
By Baron Bodissey

A Muslim imam invited to participate in last weekend’s "prayer for peace” event at the Vatican went off-script and asked Allah to help him gain victory over the unbelievers. To


Medina in Birmingham, Najaf in Brent: Inside British Islam by Innes Bowen, book review

The Independent 12 June 2014
By Burhan Wazir

Politics is not renowned for its subtlety. When British politicians speak of Muslims, they nod to their constituents in Little England. But Muslims living in the UK are as


OIC Condemns Derogatory Remarks against Islam by President of the Czech Republic

The OIC Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (IPHRC) expresses its deep concern and strong disappointment at the Islamophobic statement made by Mr. Milos Zeman,


We've no faith in Sepp Blatter, say FA chiefs

Belfast Telegraph 12 June 2014
By Ian Herbert

Two of the most powerful men in British football – Greg Dyke and David Gill – have told Fifa's president, Sepp Blatter, that he must quit next year and should abandon any plans


Czech President Zeman not to apologise for statements on Islam

Ceske Noviny 12 June 2014

The apology is claimed by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), indignant at the statements Zeman made at the May 27 celebration of the Israeli Independence Day in


Western Media and Islamic Persecution

Frontpage Mag 12 June 2014
By Raymond Ibrahim

Evidence has again emerged indicting that if Western mainstream media actually reported more on the sufferings of Christians throughout the Islamic world, their lot would likely improve.

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