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Many signs critical of Islam recorded in Czech Republic

Ceske Noviny 4 November 2014

"The criticism targeted everything that is generally considered a sign of Islamism in the Czech environment, including the widely media covered wearing of Muslim scarves in


Czech Intelligence: Al-Qaeda using social networking in EU

Prague Post 4 November 2014

Al-Qaeda tends to focus on spreading its ideology among young Muslims in Europe and the Czech Republic via the Internet, for which it mainly used its website and social


Don't weep for these so-called British jihadis

The Daily Mail 4 November 2014
By Richard Littlejohn

Two brothers from Sussex are killed fighting in Syria. A third is still out there and his parents are desperate for him to come home. It’s a harrowing story with echoes of the


Conference held in Essex to tackle violence against women, female genital mutilation and ‘honour’ abuse

eadt.co.uk 4 November 2014
By Andrew Hirst

Around 40 professionals attended the conference in Chelmsford to discus issues around these kinds of harm and discuss how to raise awareness to save children and young people


Manchester: Muslim 'Spiritual' Leader Ordered Blackmail Gang to Terrorise Families

International Business Times 4 November 2014
By Lewis Dean

Seven Manchester men have been jailed for a "terrifying" hold-up that saw the gang threaten two male hostages with weapons and demanded they phone their wives to beg for


Islamic State may use Ebola as bio weapon against West, Spain says

Pan Armenian 4 November 2014

The Spanish government said it is concerned that terrorists could use the Ebola virus as a biological weapon against the West. A close eye is being kept on online chat rooms,


Poppy seller burned in aerosol attack in Manchester

BBC News Online 4 November 2014

A 15-year-old Army cadet who was selling poppies for Remembrance Day suffered burns to his face in an attack with a lit aerosol can. The boy, who was wearing his uniform,


Sharia law or gay marriage critics would be branded ‘extremists’ under Tory plans, atheists and Christians warn

The Telegraph 3 November 2014
By John Bingham

Anyone who criticises Sharia law or gay marriage could be branded an "extremist” under sweeping new powers planned by the Conservatives to combat terrorism, an alliance of


UN Report On 15,000 Foreigners Joining ISIS Fighters In Syria And Iraq Will Shock You

IBTimes 3 November 2014
By Revathi Siva Kumar

The United Nations warns that foreign converts are joining the Iraq and Syria war in droves on "an unprecedented scale" from countries that had not previously contributed to


Will the UN Security Council Impose a Palestinian State?

Frontpage Mag 3 November 2014
By Joseph Puder

January, 2015 does not bode well for Israel at the United Nations (UN). The UN Security Council (UNSC) will officially induct five newly elected non-permanent member-states


Police probe rugby league website hack

Yahoo News 3 November 2014
By Aine Fox and Hayden Smith

British counter-terrorism police are investigating the hacking of the website of second-tier rugby league team the Keighley Cougars by someone leaving pro-Islamic State


Lawyer: Iranian-British woman gets year in prison for trying to attend volleyball game

ABC 7 Chicago 3 November 2014

An Iranian-British woman detained while trying to attend a men's volleyball game in Iran has been found guilty of spreading propaganda against the ruling system and sentenced


Why Islam Attracts the Violent

Israel National News 2 November 2014
By Hugh Fitzgerald

Isn't that the question that ought to be asked all over the Western world? Not to try to say that the mentally ill, who just happen to be converts to Islam, kill people, but that those who are psychically off, if they convert to anything, nowadays will almost certainly to convert to Islam. So what is it about Islam


Video: Marked for Death: One Man's 10-Year War with Islam

CBN News 2 November 2014
By Dale Hurd

Hated by millions and marked for death, Dutch parliament member Geert Wilders is one of the most controversial politicians in the world. Wilders believes the religion of Islam is


The Netherlands: The Fallen Mask of Moderate Muslims

Israel National News 2 November 2014
By Manfred Gerstenfeld

The Netherlands is an effective looking glass to bring out many poorly publicized attitudes of parts of the European Muslim community. Events of this past summer have brought


UK: Child Sex Exploitation Now the ‘Norm’

Frontpage Mag 2 November 2014
By Robert Spencer

The UK’s Guardian reported Wednesday that "sexual exploitation of vulnerable children has become the social norm in some parts of Greater Manchester,” and the denial and


UK: 13,000 Reports of Sex Abuse in Manchester

The Daily Mail 2 November 2014
By Jaya Narain

Child sexual exploitation has become the ‘social norm’ in some towns, a report warns today. Schoolgirls are routinely being approached by much older men who ply them with


Kaitlin's Story

savingkaitlin 2 November 2014

Jasmine is a 10 year old English girl. She is very gentle hearted, loves all the pretty things and adores her animals. little girls in danger from grooming gangs She is


Watch thousands of fed-up Europeans rise up against Islam to boot out terrorists

Bizpac Review 2 November 2014

Thousands of soccer fans across Europe have set aside their team loyalties to come together in the fight against the Islamization of their nations. Under the motto, "Comrades


Pippi Longburqa

Cherson And Molschky 2 November 2014
By Y.K. Cherson

After the Swedish Prime Minister officially declared on October 3, that Sweden would recognize the Palestinian State, social networks were full of calls to start boycotting Swedish products including the famous Vodka "Absolut,” or to punish Sweden in other ways. Although I understand and share the feeling of

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