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Its EU dream thwarted, Turkey rejects 90 million-euro Cyprus fine

The Christian Science Monitor 15 May 2014
By Alexander Christie-Miller,

A record-breaking judgment against Turkey for its 1974 invasion of Cyprus is likely to damage further its frayed relationship with Europe. Turkish officials


Muslim Brotherhood welcomes the Brussels Declaration

The Muslim Brotherhood praised the Brussels Declaration which was announced last week by a number of leading Egyptian political figures. The initiative seeks to unite all the


IFSB eyes stronger implementation of Islamic finance standards

reuters.com 15 May 2014

The Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) will release an updated 10-year industry roadmap next week as it places greater emphasis on the implementation of its standards with


Dutch Eurosceptic on the rise

euronews.com 15 May 2014

‘This time it’s different’, says the official slogan of the European Parliament for the European elections – but that is maybe nowhere more true than with the


Germany: Islamists Infiltrating Schools in Hamburg

Gatestone Institute 15 May 2014
By Soeren Kern

    The document warns that increasing numbers of students in Hamburg are being influenced by Islamist propaganda and are embracing radical Islam and idolizing jihadist fighters in Syria.

The problems in Hamburg are drawing renewed attention to the alarming growth of Salafism in Germany. Salafists openly state that they want to replace democracy in Germany


UN condemns killing of French journalist in CAR

Expatica 15 May 2014

The UN Security Council has condemned the killing of a French journalist in the Central African Republic, and stated those responsible "shall be held accountable". The body


Taking the Islamic Challenge Seriously

Assyrian International News Agency 15 May 2014
By William Kilpatrick

When Muslims commit acts of terror, it is standard operating procedure for some authority or other to assure the populace that "this has nothing to do with Islam." This is said


Blackburn pervert jailed for abducting girls and sexually assaulting one of them

Lancashire Telegraph 15 May 2014
By Jessica Cree

A ‘PREDATORY’ man has been jailed for abducting two teenage girls and sexually assaulting one of them. There were dramatic scenes in court as the father of one of the


Taxi driver Gets 7 Years For Raping Student In Wales

kafircrusaders 15 May 2014

You can almost be certain that at least once a month up will pop a repulsive Muslim taxi driver who has been involved in some kind of rape jihad with a female passenger(or male


Bosnia Divided

ROADS & KINGDOMS 15 May 2014
By Luke Ginnell

There is a natural desire, on the part of everyone from pundits to fans to football bureaucrats, to exult in the power of the World Cup to unify. This is especially true in


Muslim father slapped and beat his 14-year-old daughter with a tennis racquet when she started dating white boy

Daily Mail 15 May 2014
By Sam Webb

A Muslim father slapped and beat his 14-year-old daughter for 'shaming' their community after he discovered she was having a secret affair with a white boy. The 43-year-old


The Islamisation of England, One Town at a Time

Cherson and Molschky 14 May 2014
By Paul Wilkinson

Islam has successfully elbowed its way into British society. As a resident of a multicultural area in Nottingham, I have witnessed firsthand the impact Muslims have in


European Court Says Turkey Must Pay Damages for Northern Cyprus Invasion

The Wall Street Journal 14 May 2014
By Gabriele Steinhauser

Turkey must pay €90 million ($124 million) in damages to victims of its 1974 invasion of Northern Cyprus, the European Court of Human Rights said Monday, in a ruling that could


Dutch populist targets EU ‘Brussels monster’

Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders is riding high ahead of this month’s European Parliament elections, hoping to destroy from within what he calls the "monster of


EU launches human rights dialogue with Myanmar

European Union foreign ministers agreed Monday to hold regular discussions on human rights issues with Myanmar and help bring the former pariah state into line with international standards.


Islam vs. Human Conscience — on The Glazov Gang

FrontPage Mag 14 May 2014

This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Dr. Mark Durie, a theologian, human rights activist, pastor of an Anglican church, and an Associate Fellow at the Middle East


Brussels Fights Against Anti-Semitism

American Thinker 14 May 2014
By Michael Curtis

The city of Brussels, Belgium, may be short of water, but on May 4, 2014 the police in the city used water cannons to disperse a crowd of about 400 who had gathered to attend a


Video: The Wild Way a British Islamist Suggests Forcing ‘Infidels’ to Dress in Order to Get Them to Convert

TheBlaze 14 May 2014
By Sharona Schwartz

A British Muslim preacher has suggested forcing Christians to wear conspicuous and unusual clothing and hair styles as a means to humiliate them and thus pressure them to


Turkey told to pay Cyprus damages

Independent.ie 14 May 2014

The ruling by the European Court of Human Rights orders Turkey to pay 30 million euro (£24 million) in damages to relatives of those missing in the operations and 60 million


'You have no faith in God. I'm going to kill you before the community find out': Muslim father slapped and beat his 14-year-old

Daily Mail 14 May 2014
By Sam Webb

A Muslim father slapped and beat his 14-year-old daughter for 'shaming' their community after he discovered she was having a secret affair with a white boy. The 43-year-old

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