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Islamic fundamentalism is widely spread

WZB 12 December 2013

WZB study shows significantly high numbers amongst Europe’s Muslims. Religious fundamentalism is not a marginal phenomenon in Western Europe.


Greece Responds to Erdogan’s Provocative Statements

Greece.GreekReporter.com 12 December 2013
By Ioanna Zikakou

The statement made by Turkish Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdogan, that Turkey’s borders reach Thessaloniki, provoked an angry reaction from the Greek government. Responding to a


Strange Bedfellows: Hungarian Far-Right Jobbik Party Embraces Muslim Nations, Seeks 'Eurasian' Ideal Of Statehood

International Business Times 9 December 2013
By Palash Ghosh

The seemingly strange link between the European far right and Islam emerged again recently over reports that Gábor Vona, the chairman of Hungary's ultra-nationalist Jobbik


Tighten female genital mutilation bill, says human rights lawyer

maltatoday.com.mt 6 December 2013
By Tim Attard Montalto

A forthcoming bill to criminalise the barbaric act of female genital mutilation must be tightened to prevent defendants from invoking religious or cultural arguments in their


‘Message of Islam from Oman’ expo in Slovenia

Oman Observer 6 December 2013

LJUBLJANA — A three-week exhibition under the title ‘Message of Islam from Oman’ will be launched today evening in the Republic of Slovenia, particularly in its capital city,


No Mosque in Athens Means No Greek Schools in Turkey

Greek Reporter 4 December 2013
By Ioanna Zikakou

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced its refusal to continue the operation of the Greek Orthodox School, Halki Seminary, until the Fethiye Mosque opens once more


A nightmare for all

The Economist 29 November 2013

"THIS is a nightmare, I want to go back to Syria,” says Youssef (not his real name), who has fled from his war-torn country and is now in a squalid refugee camp in


The threat of foreign jihadis

pravda.ru 28 November 2013
By Giovanni Giacalone

The threat of foreign jihadis. Hundreds of European jihadis have travelled to Syria to join Syrian rebels in their fight against the rule of Bashar Assad. It


New 'Pomak' Party to Be Founded in Bulgaria

Novinite.com 25 November 2013

A new party related to a minority of Muslim ethnic Bulgarians will be founded under the 'Pomak' monicker. This was announced by European Institute Pomak chair Efrem Mollov


Prague nursing school issues hijab ban

Radio Praha 25 November 2013
By Daniela Lazarová

The Czech Republic has just experienced its first controversy over Muslim headwear. Two young women studying to become nurses at a Prague school left the institution after the


Turkey and Greece feud over Hagia Sophia

The Daily Star 25 November 2013

Turkey and Greece feud over Hagia Sophia November 20, 2013 06:12 PM (Last updated: November 20, 2013 06:28 PM) Agence France Presse This Sept. 30, 2011 file photo shows


Geert Wilders: The Resurgence of European Patriotism

Wall Street Journal 22 November 2013
By Geert Wilders

Here is a tip if you want to ruin the day of the bureaucrats and politicians in Brussels. Just mention next year's European elections and they will become extremely nervous and agitated. They will fume with anger and warn you about rising populism, a threat to democracy.


Greece: Taxpayer-Funded Mosque Planned in Athens

Gatestone Institute 21 November 2013
By Soeren Kern

Opponents of the mosque argue that Greek taxpayers should not be footing the bill for this project at a time when their massively indebted country is dependent upon foreign


Greece Angry over Turkish Deputy PM’s Hagia Sophia Remarks

Greek Reporter 21 November 2013
By Sotiria Nikolouli

The Greek Foreign Ministry reacted over an eventual converting of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia Museum into a mosque, following statements from Turkish officials. The Deputy Prime


Bulgaria Sees Increased Influx of Afghan Migrants

Novinite.com 21 November 2013

Most of the migrants entering Bulgaria are Syrian asylum-seekers, according to the Balkan country’s State Agency for National Security (DANS). The Agency’s report on the


Bulgaria court to sit on trial over beaten man mistaken for illegal immigrant

Focus News 21 November 2013

Sofia. Sofia Court of Appeals is to sit on the trial against defendants Dzhono Mladenov, Momchil Milchov and Ivo Tilkov, who are accused of murder attempt against 28-year-old


Repekt: Prague school's hijab ban request unfortunate

Prague Monitor 20 November 2013

Prague - It is unfortunate that a Prague secondary nursing school rejected the request of its two students, Muslim girls, who asked for a permission to wear a


Book essay: Down the Rabbit Hole, Again

EuropeNews • 15 November 2013
By Henrik Ræder Clausen

Every once in a while, something happens that turns a whole structure of preconceived ideas upside down, shattering tales and narratives long taken for granted, destroying prejudice, clearing space for new understanding to grow. Diana West's latest book, American Betrayal, is such an event.


Video: Terms and Conditions May Apply Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Documentary Movie HD

youtube. 17 November 2013

A documentary that exposes what corporations and governments learn about people through Internet and cell phone usage, and what can be done about it ... if anything.

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