A Hamas victory at the UN Human Rights Council

Jerusalem Post 26 June 2012

A Hamas-affiliated organization and its supporters held an "informal parallel meeting” promoting the destruction of the Jewish state. The Obama administration’s political and financial


Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood: Personal, to Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton

Gatestone Institute 26 June 2012
By Tarek Heggy

I cannot believe the "rumors" that the US wants to see members of the Muslim Brotherhood as Egypt's new rulers. If this "rumor" is correct, that policy decision will be the most gigantic,


Gaza border crossing shut down due to rocket fire

The Times of Israel 26 June 2012
By Asher Zeiger

Southern Command OC Maj.Gen. Tal Russo announced Monday morning that the Kerem Shalom border crossing to Gaza will be closed until further notice after more than 150 rockets and mortar


Pakistan: Buddha attacked by Taliban gets facelift

Huffington Post 26 June 2012

JAHANABAD, Pakistan — When the Taliban blew the face off a towering, 1,500-year-old rock carving of Buddha in northwest Pakistan almost five years ago, it fell to an intrepid Italian


Is Syria giving Scuds to Hezbollah

The Daily Star 26 June 2012
By Nicholas Blanford

BEIRUT: Is Hezbollah set to acquire Scud ballistic missiles as a consequence of the worsening security situation in Syria? According to recent Israeli media reports, Israel’s military


Tunisia court upholds cartoon blasphemy conviction

Huffington Post 26 June 2012

TUNIS, Tunisia — A Tunisian appeals court upheld Monday the 7-year sentence for a man convicted of blasphemy for posting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad on Facebook. Jaber Majeri was


Taliban soldier who killed in battle wins fight to stay in UK - to spare him from persecution by... the Taliban

Daily Mail 25 June 2012
By Andy Whelan

An Afghan Muslim who claims he killed people while fighting for the Taliban has used the Human Rights Act to remain in Britain – despite Government efforts to deport him. Zareen


‘My only crime was to be Muslim’

Rochdale Online 25 June 2012

Despite being warned by trial judge Mushtaq Khokhar not to reveal his previous convictions to the jury, Shabir Ahmed ignored the advice. Throughout the trial Ahmed ranted at jurors that


Vandals deface moshav synagogue with Muslim prayer

The Times of Israel 25 June 2012
By Yoel Goldman and Hillary Zaken

Muslim writings were graffitied Thursday in the entrance hall of a synagogue in moshav Maor in central Israel. Police have launched an investigation into the vandalism but do not have any


British Pakistani found guilty in 30 rape cases in new trial

Pakistan Daily Times 25 June 2012
By Asif Mehmood

LONDON: A British Pakistani ringleader of a sex-grooming gang was found guilty of 30 counts of rape in a new trial of the Rochdale sex-grooming case. Shabir Ahmed, 59, a father of four,


Manchester Muslim Couple Accused of Targeting Jews

Jewish Press 25 June 2012

A Muslim couple in Manchester, England, allegedly purchased items for homemade bombs to be used against Jewish targets, a court in that city was told. "It was jihad at home,” prosecutor


Ahmadinejad Calls for New World Order in Rio

haOlam.de 25 June 2012

"Arrogant and hegemonic powers should stop their hostility against the Iranian people and other justice-seeking and freedom-seeking nations,” Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said


Cabbie told to remove England flags

The Sun 25 June 2012

A PATRIOTIC taxi driver has been banned from flying the England flag from his cab during the Euros ... because killjoy council officials say it could cause "offence”. Cabbie Andrew


7 Hizb ut-Tahrir men held

The Daily Star 25 June 2012

Seven alleged members of banned outfit Hizb ut-Tahrir Bangladesh were arrested in separate drives by Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) in the capital's Mohammadpur, Hazaribagh and Dhanmondi


Egyptian beats pregnant wife to death for not voting for Mursi

FaithFreedom.org 25 June 2012
By Yasmin Helal

An Egyptian plumber in Alexandria beat his pregnant wife to death upon learning that she had not voted for Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Mohammed Mursi, reported the Egyptian


Texas Man Indicted on Bomb Threat at Mosque

Tickle The Wire 25 June 2012
By Steve Neavling

A Texas man was indicted by a federal grand jury late last week on charges he violated the civil rights of Muslims when he threatened to blow up the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro in


Pak kids taught 'A' for Allah, 'B' for bandook

oneindia.in 25 June 2012

London: Citing stark examples from school curriculum, a prominent Islamabad-based scholar has said that extremely religious and anti-India views fed into children in schools


Brotherhood leaders promise ‘mass rage’ if election result delayed or partial revote ordered

The Times of Israel 25 June 2012
By Elhanan Miller

Officials in Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood warned of a second popular revolution accompanied by "mass rage” if the country’s governing military authorities postpone the announcement of the


Mali: Students Flee Sharia In Northern Schools

Eurasia Review 25 June 2012

Strict Sharia, or Islamic religious laws, imposed by the Islamist rebels controlling vast swathes of northern Mali are driving thousands of students out of schools. Dress codes have been


Two French policewomen murdered by Muslim from the Maghreb...

Tundra Tabloids 20 June 2012

The report about the French cop-killer was all over the news this morning, but none of the English-language bulletins mentioned his ethnicity or gave his name. It was necessary to open the

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