Islam had better NEVER be part of Germany

Bare Naked Islam 18 June 2012

German President Joachim Gauck recently said in a newspaper interview that Muslims living in Germany are a part of the country, but that Islam is not. Not everyone agrees, unfortunately.


A ban on bangers: Hundreds of school pupils denied pork because of 'religious reasons'

Daily Mail 18 June 2012
By Pamela Owen

Roast pork and sausages have always been a staple of British diets. But now hundreds of school children will be denied them for school lunches because of 'religious reasons'. Pork,


Germany: "Patriotism, No Thanks!

Islam versus Europe 18 June 2012

Now that the European football championship is underway, some Germans are proudly flying their country's flag and expressing a healthy sense of national pride. But this is not to the


French Mainstream Politician Caught Out: "I Don't Want My Home to Turn into Lebanon"

Islam versus Europe 18 June 2012

A French comedian who specialises in imitating politicians has just caught out Nadine Morano, a former minister from Sarkozy's UMP party. Pretending to be Marine Le Pen's boyfriend, he


Terror suspect taken to Germany 18 June 2012

Emrah Erdogan, a German national of Turkish origin who was arrested from Tanzania this week, has been sent to Germany to face criminal charges. Isaya Mngulu, the acting Director of


Why try to take baby from EDL mother but not from 'terrorists' 18 June 2012
By Ted Jeory

SOCIAL workers want to seize a baby as soon as it is born because they are concerned about the mother’s violent links to the English Defence League. Durham County Council has told Toni


Taliban terrorist fighters studying in Turkey 18 June 2012

Afghan sources in Turkey say about one hundred members of the Taliban terrorist group are studying at Turkish universities. With privileges provided by the Turkish government, members of


Son of Hamas Leader: Learn Value of Life from Israel

Israel National News 18 June 2012

Former terrorist Mus'ab Hassan Yousef said, Sunday, "It is time that the neighbors will learn from Israel what the value and holiness of life is." Speaking to thousands of Druze soldiers in


Israel Blames Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood For Grad Attack

IMEMC 18 June 2012
By Saed Bannoura

The officials said that the missiles were fired by Bedouins living in Sinai, part of a cell that operates on behalf of Hamas, and that the attack was carried out to fulfill a request from


More Incriminating Info on Radical Imam Praised by Gov. Christie 18 June 2012
By Ryan Mauro

On May 28, we reported on how the New Jersey Attorney General met with three Muslim leaders to discuss his clearing of the NYPD of misconduct in its counter-terrorism efforts in N.J. These


Islamic Jew Hatred: Pamela Geller Speaks to ZOA, Western Region, in Los Angeles on June 24th

Atlas Shrugs 18 June 2012
By I will be speaking to ZOA Western region. Join me after Saturday night's historic event: AFDI/SIOA "Summer Night for Human Rights."

I will be speaking to ZOA Western region. Join me after Saturday night's historic event: AFDI/SIOA "Summer Night for Human Rights." Go here to register for ZOA event. WHEN Sunday,


Al-Qaeda leader urges Egypt to cancel peace treaty with Israel

The Times of Israel 18 June 2012

CAIRO — Al-Qaeda’s leader has urged Egypt to cancel its peace treaty with Israel and to establish Islamic rule, according to an audio message released Sunday. He said the goal was


Saudi Arabian 'Got Talent' bans women, singing, dancing

Digital Spy 18 June 2012
By Tom Eames

A new Saudi Arabian version of the Got Talent TV format has been launched, which bans women from taking part. Buraidah's Got Talent contestants are also not allowed to sing or dance,

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