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Swedish feminist party FI didn't make it into parliament in the 2014 election, so the threat of mandatory feminism indoctrination camps for all men is postponed for the moment.


Menu Search After Mercedes, Erdogan Promises Top Turkish Imam a Jet, Too

Bloomberg 28 May 2015
By Onur Ant

Less than a week after Turkey's top cleric got an armored Mercedes, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says the imam should get a private jet, too.
Erdogan said in a TV interview


The Islamic prerequisite of Kuwaiti citizenship

Jihad Watch 28 May 2015

n May 11, the Kuwaiti Constitutional Court rejected an appeal by MP Nabil al-Fadl to adjust citizenship laws in order to allow Christians to become citizens.
The current law,


Face of the woman charged over scam where hundreds of Bangladeshis flew into Britain for ONE DAY to claim benefit... costing the

Daily Mail 26 May 2015
By Mark Duell

Italy-based migrants 'arrived at Stansted before interviews at Jobcentre'. Bangladeshis got National Insurance numbers for use on bogus pay slips. Fraud in east


How many slave deaths for the Qatar World Cup can Fifa put up with?

The Guardian 26 May 2015
By Marina Hyde

Clearly there must be a magic number of slave deaths in the world’s richest country that would render the Qatar World Cup a moral and political no-no. But what is that number?


Qatar refuses to let Nepalese workers return to attend funerals after quake

The Guardian 26 May 2015
By Vivek Chaudhary

Nepalese workers building stadiums for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar have been denied leave to attend funerals or visit relatives following the earthquakes in the Himalayan


Why Australia and Thailand refuse to take in any Rohingya Muslim illegal aliens from Myanmar (Burma)

barenakedislam 22 May 2015

Even the Rohingya Muslims’ own native country of Bangladesh won’t take them back and have turned their boats around when they have tried to land there in the past. (See links


Stockholm Syndrome: Sweden Offers Taxpayer-Funded Benefits To Lure ‘Alienated’ Jihadists Home

counterjihadreport 20 May 2015

Sweden knows how to save the world from Islamic State (IS) terrorists as they tire of beheadings, crucifixions, murders and random acts of extrajudicial killing. Just be very,


Helsinki Cancels 'Freedom of Expression' Event...

Tundra Tabloids 20 May 2015

This is also the same event that banned the Finnish branch of the Israeli JNF NGO from attending, after they have been present for two years running. According to private


Anti-Islam film ban lifted for Google

BBC News 20 May 2015

An appeals court in San Francisco has ruled that a US-produced film called Innocence of Muslims, which sparked global riots after its release in 2012, should not be banned from


US: 1.6 Million Green Cards issued to Muslims since 9/11

muslimstatistics 20 May 2015

How many people in this country are aware of the fact that immigration from Islamic countries has doubled since 9/11? According to data Conservative Review collated from the


EU Funds Palestinian Radicalism

FrontPage Magazine 19 May 2015
By Joseph Puder

The Guardian newspaper reported (May 13, 2015) that, "A high profile group of former European leaders and diplomats has called for the urgent reassessment of EU policy on the


Turkey guts cash screening at customs

Money Jihad 19 May 2015

Turkey has revised its customs regulations to the point where one Turkish headline described it as "Unlimited cash entry into Turkey now legalized.” Turkey said the regulations


Plans Emerge Of Gigantic Mosque To Be Built In Budapest

hungarytoday 19 May 2015

An entry dated 22 April on the Islamic website Iszlá includes a video of a gigantic building which is claimed to depict a mosque planned by the Turkish ministry of


Danish jihadists cashed in on welfare benefits

The Local 19 May 2015

According to an Employment Ministry document obtained by Radio24syv, the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) told the Danish Agency for Labour Market and


Charlie Hebdo: media,'Luz to leave the magazine' Mediapart,'cartoonist cannot stand it anymore',leaving Sept.

ANSAmed 19 May 2015

PARIS - Cartoonist Renard Luzier, known as Luz, is preparing to leave satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, according to local media. Luz, one of the leading figures of the


Aldi apologises after black pudding is incorrectly labelled as halal-certified 19 May 2015

A supermarket chain has apologised after a black pudding product was incorrectly labelled as halal-certified. Muslim customers at Aldi were left fuming by the blunder that


From Next Door to Harrods, Oldest U.K. Islamic Bank Plots Growth

Bloomberg 19 May 2015
By Daria Solovieva

Al Rayan Bank Plc will this year study the feasibility of expanding into France after the lender previously known as the Islamic Bank of Britain posted its first profit, said


Qatar Kidnaps Journalists…and Practices Sharia

Jihad Watch 19 May 2015
By Ronn Torossian

On Monday, the BBC reported a story which noted that several of their journalists spent two days in jail for the crime of reporting the truth about the poor conditions under


Hamas campus on Swedish dole

Money Jihad 13 May 2015

Nearly 60 million Swedish crowns flowed last year from Sweden’s taxpayers through the international charity Islamic Relief to programs in the Palestinian territories that blur

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