Amnesty report says Hamas committed war crimes against Palestinians

CNN 28 May 2015
By Don Melvin

Abductions. Beatings. Torture. Summary executions of political opponents.
These are among the allegations made Wednesday against the Palestinian group Hamas in a damning new


Islamist fighters drawn from half the world's countries, says UN

The Guardian 28 May 2015
By Jason Burke

More than half the countries in the world are currently generating Islamist extremist fighters for groups such as al-Qaida and Islamic State, the UN has said.
A report by the


The Islamic prerequisite of Kuwaiti citizenship

Jihad Watch 28 May 2015

n May 11, the Kuwaiti Constitutional Court rejected an appeal by MP Nabil al-Fadl to adjust citizenship laws in order to allow Christians to become citizens.
The current law,


Defending Freedom of Speech… in America

Creeping Sharia 28 May 2015

Freedom of speech is under threat today. Not only in Europe, where I come from. But also here, in America. The last time I was in the United States was less than two weeks ago. I was in


41 Muslims from the US have tried to join the Islamic State in 2015

Jihad Watch 28 May 2015
By Robert Spencer

And it’s only May. But not to worry: all the learned analysts tell us that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam. “While D.C. Downplays Risk, U.S. Sees Shocking Rise in Terror


Filling the Vacuum in Syria

Gatestone Institue 28 May 2015
By Yaakov Lappin

As the regime of Bashar Assad continues steadily to lose ground in Syria; and as Assad's allies, Iran and Hezbollah, deploy in growing numbers to Syrian battlegrounds to try to stop the


The UK’s Rape Jihad: A Survivor’s Tale

Breitbart 26 May 2015
By Pamela Geller

For years now, Muslim rape gangs in Britain have operated with impunity, preying upon non-Muslim girls while terrified authorities stood by and did nothing, for fear of being


'Minority women' gang raped in Bangladesh in 2001-02

mid-day 26 May 2015

A judicial commission has concluded that over 200 Hindu women were raped following the 2001 parliamentary election, forcing many terrorized families to flee the country. The


The Greek Genocide - 100 Years of Silence (Ottoman Jihad)

Assyrian International News Agency 22 May 2015
By Thea Halo

In the struggle between denial and silence, silence wins hands down. That is, silence wins out over denial if the genocide of a people is to be complete. For almost 100 years,


US: 1.6 Million Green Cards issued to Muslims since 9/11

muslimstatistics 20 May 2015

How many people in this country are aware of the fact that immigration from Islamic countries has doubled since 9/11? According to data Conservative Review collated from the


Police: Yes, there ARE No-Go Zones in Sweden


The issue of whether there are No-Go Zones in Europe or not has been somewhat controversial, mainly because the term has not had a clear-cut definition when applied to civilian


Hypocritical Charlie Hebdo suspends journalist who criticized Islam

Jihad Watch 18 May 2015
By Robert Spencer

These are defining days. Many, many people whom I had thought to be clear-sighted, strong and courageous have proven to be cowardly, pusillanimous and self-serving, eager to betray the


Study: Muslims Responsible for ‘Disproportionate’ Number of Europe’s Anti-Semitic Attacks

Breitbart 13 May 2015

A new study published by the Institute for the Study of Global Anti-Semitism and Policy (ISGAP) confirms what many have long suspected: that the worst crimes against Jews in


Record number of Muslims enter UK parliament

World Bulletin 12 May 2015

Muslim representation in the U.K. parliament rose from eight to 13 lawmakers after last week’s general election, the highest number ever to sit in the House of Commons.


92% of Married Women in Egypt Have Undergone Female Genital Mutilation

Egyptian Streets 11 May 2015

Egypt's Minister of Health Adel Adawy announced on Sunday that 92 percent of married Egyptian women have experienced female genital mutilation. The latest results were


• Palestinians have the highest percentage support for Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda – PEW statistics

muslimstatistics 11 May 2015

It is perhaps of no surprise that the Palestinian authority, a terrorist state, has the highest percentage support of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Palestinians make up the


Video: Survey shows European Muslims are much more antisemitic than non-Muslims (update)

Elder of Ziyon 8 May 2015

A new paper was released by ISGAP, "Antisemitic Attitudes among Muslims in Europe: A Survey Review" by Günther Jikeli. It proves that European Muslims are more antisemitic


FBI chief: Potentially ‘thousands’ of Islamic State followers in US

Jihad Watch 8 May 2015

So don’t draw any Muhammad cartoons, people, and maybe they won’t hurt us. Anyway, why are there potentially thousands of followers of the Islamic State in the U.S.? The FBI


Phoenix Mosque Caught Lying About Ties to Texas Would-Be Jihadist Killer

PJMedia 8 May 2015
By Patrick Poole

After two attendees of the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix (ICCPA) were killed in a gunfight Sunday night in Garland, Texas, outside a facility where a "Draw Muhammad”


Turkey's Armenian Genocide: A 20th-century Islamic Holocaust

islam-watch 4 May 2015

April 24, 2015 will be the 100th anniversary of one of the worst human massacres in history: The genocide of the Armenian Christians by the Islamic Ottoman Empire. Much will

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