The Caucasus Snake Pit

American Center for Democracy 23 January 2014
By J. Millard Burr

An Islamic militant plot target, the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, was reported in late May 2012. News reports indicated that Russia’s security agencies, working with Russia’s


UK military action in Muslim countries affecting future options - sources

The voice of Russia 23 January 2014

Sources close to the British Ministry of Defence have revealed that increasing war-weariness and a multicultural society are influencing the country's future defence


Two Women and a Mosque: A Convert Community Grows in Panama City

Religion Dispatches 23 January 2014
By Aliyya Swaby

A Panamanian convert to Islam, Anais Gobea hopes to raise her two children in the faith. But she and her husband, who converted to Islam four months ago, have struggled to do


The PLO still insists on the Jewish Quarter and the Kotel being in "Palestine"

Elder of Ziyon 23 January 2014

The PLO Negotiations Affairs Department put out a document last August detailing their specific demands on Jerusalem. The introduction is filled with inaccuracies:


Syria: Al Qaeda Training Western Citizens for Terror Abroad

Arutz Sheva 23 January 2014
By Tova Dvorin

Al-Qaeda has been using the influx of foreign nationals to Syria to train potential terrorists to begin cells abroad, specifically in the United Kingdom (UK) and European Union


Saving Islam from Its Victims

FrontPage Magazine 23 January 2014
By Bruce Bawer

Lila Abu-Lughod received her Ph.D. from Harvard, has taught at Williams, Princeton, and NYU, and now boasts the title of Joseph L. Buttenwieser Professor of Social Science at Columbia University, where she teaches anthropology and Women’s Studies and is considered an expert on the Arab world.


Bani Qurayza: Details of the Islamic Genocide of the Jews by Prophet Muhammad

Islam Watch 23 January 2014
By Ibn Kammuna


In this study, I will discuss the genocide of the Jewish tribe of Bani Qurayza by the prophet of Islam and the consequent moral implications. I will organize the flow of this study as follows:


Poll finds xenophobia on the rise in France

France 24 23 January 2014

The divide between the French and their elected leaders is growing, according to a new poll carried out by Ipsos, which also shows that the French are increasingly wary of


Kosovo Political Leaders Challenge Islamists

The Weekly Standard 23 January 2014

The young state of Kosovo—with an Albanian majority of more than 90 percent, of whom 80 percent are Muslim—declared its independence in 2008, but now faces a "risk from


British author Shereen el Feki talks about Sex in the Arab world

Daily News & Analysis 23 January 2014
By Ruchi Kumar

British author of Egyptian origin, Shereen el Feki, discusses sexuality in the Arab regions, India's historical struggle for sexual freedoms and her controversial book 'Sex and


Qatar’s Activism Sparks a Backlash

Voice of America 22 January 2014
By Mohamed Elshinnawi

WASHINGTON — Over the past few years, Qatar, the tiny gas-and-oil rich emirate has emerged as a major regional political player, and globally as a media powerhouse by founding


Erdogan travels to Brussels

Al-Monitor 21 January 2014
By Tulin Daloglu

After a five-year hiatus, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will start a visit to Brussels on Jan. 21 upon the invitation of European Council President Herman van


Turkish scandal highlights distance with EU as Erdogan visits

TrustLaw 21 January 2014
By Orhan Coskun and Adrian Croft

BRUSSELS - Rocked by a corruption scandal, Turkey looks further than ever from its goal of European Union membership as Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan visits


From His Refuge in the Poconos, Reclusive Imam Fethullah Gulen Roils Turkey

Wall Street Journal 21 January 2014
By Joe Parkinson and Ayla Albayrak

The reclusive imam whose crumbling political marriage of convenience with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened the stability of the West's biggest ally in


Unforeseen Consequences of the Syrian Civil War for Women: Sutra Marriages

womanstats 21 January 2014

The Syrian civil war has been a major topic of discussion in the news recently, with the chemical weapons situation being at the forefront. Thus most other issues that the war


Video: Are the Saudi's Fueling a Sunni-Shia War? - Toby Jones on Reality Asserts Itself

youtube 21 January 2014
By TheRealNews

Toby Jones, a Prof. at Rutgers University specializing in Middle East history, tells Paul Jay the Saudis are committed to victory in their rivalry with Iran and use money and sectarian ideology to achieve their geo-political interests.


The Elephant in the ‘Christian Persecution’ Room

FrontPage Magazine 21 January 2014
By Raymond Ibrahim

Open Doors USA recently released its widely cited 2014 World Watch List—a report that highlights and ranks the 50 worst nations around the globe persecuting Christians.


Video of My January 8th Briefing at the Senate Office Building, "What Are Iran’s True Intentions?” 21 January 2014
By Andrew Bostom

I was privileged to join Clare Lopez, Mark Langfan, and Dr. Walid Phares for this panel presentation jointly sponsored by The Endowment for Middle East Truth and the Center for Security Policy.


The Last Christian in the Middle East?

Gatestone Institute 21 January 2014
By Ali Salim

The increasing speed with which the Christians of the Middle East are fleeing would suggest that... it is entirely possible that the next time the Pope celebrates Mass in Bethlehem, he will be the last Christian in the Middle East.


Germany 2013: Treaties Signed With Muslim Communties

Clarion Project 20 January 2014
By Soeren Kern

What follows is a chronological review of some of the most important stories about the rise of Islam in Germany during 2013: In January, the Turkish-run Kuba Camii Mosque in

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