The sad, sad lack of solidarity among Christians

Jihad Watch 18 July 2011
By Nicolai Sennels

A recent study shows that 105,000 Christians are killed every year because of their faith. In other words, every five minutes a Christian is killed because he or she is Christian. Those of us who do not just stick to politically castrated (non-PC for "politically correct") newspapers and news channels are fully aware of the bloody oppression of Christians in Muslim countries. Christians are also subject to religiously motivated threats in their own countries. One among countless examples is Holland, where Moroccans shout "One dog less!" at Christian funerals.


Post-Surge Iraq: 2010 'Worst Year' for Christian Minority

American Thinker 18 July 2011
By Andrew G. Bostom

General David Petraeus continues to receive plaudits for the "successful surge" in Iraq -- based upon his credo, "What have you done to win Iraqi hearts and minds today?" -- as he transitions to becoming the new head of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Asia Times, in this report, provides more evidence of how ephemeral, if not meaningless, the so-called "success" of that surge, contingent on winning Iraqi Muslim "hearts and minds," actually was.


Video: How Mathematical Miracles of the Quran work 18 July 2011
By zombieofgod


Stadtkewitz: "We are on the right path!”

pi-news 18 July 2011
By Frank Furter
Translation: Anders Denken

In Berlin, the FREEDOM "political festival” took place. During the event, the members present showed great elation over the acquittal of their Dutch ally Geert Wilders. "There couldn’t have been a better occasion for celebration,” so the consensus was. With this event, the party sounded the starting bell for their first election campaign. National party head René Stadtkewitz seemed especially optimistic: "We are on the right path.”


European Court says Swiss minaret ban did not violate human rights

National Secular Society 18 July 2011

The European Court of Human Rights has rejected two cases brought by Muslims against Switzerland's constitutional ban on building minarets.

A seven-judge panel at the Strasbourg-based court said on July 8 that it would not consider the cases as the plaintiffs failed to show how the ban harmed their human rights and they therefore "cannot claim to be ‘victims' of a violation" of the European Convention on Human Rights, which the court enforces.

One of the cases was brought by a former spokesman for the mosque of Geneva and the other by a number of Swiss Muslim associations. It is now widely expected that the court will throw out three other similar cases on the minaret ban that are still pending.


A kafir is a kafir

Jihad Watch 18 July 2011
By Joseph Zaalishvili

It is very interesting to read and listen to the critics who say "why worry about Islam?" and "jihadism is not a threat."

Well, Muslims are building mosques in non-Muslim countries, and they want Sharia courts as well, and Iran is building nuclear reactors and bombs. What's the problem?

These "critics" say that non-Muslim countries should simply try to start negotiations with Iran. They think that the Jihad is just a word. They think that Sharia is just some set of laws. And they think that Islamization is not a threat to them.


How to Stop Islam's Exploitation of Our Foolish Fellow Countrymen

Citizen Warrior 18 July 2011

I WAS LISTENING to Civilization and Its Enemies last night. I read the book years ago and thought it was so good, I bought the unabridged audio version, which I've listened to four times now. One of the insights from the book that has finally overridden the last residue of my youthful idealism is this: It is a fact of life — a hard, unchangeable fact, like Newton's law of universal gravitation — that if someone is willing to risk their lives to take something of yours, you will have to be willing to risk your life to keep it, or you will probably lose it.


Globally calm, despite some violence...

GalliaWatch 18 July 2011

Three hundred arrests took place the night of July 13 - 14. The author of this report from Le Parisien manages somehow to keep a straight face. A writer at Le Salon Beige says you have to read it to


The Betrayal of the Christians of Bradford UK

Citizen Warrior 18 July 2011

The following was written by Babs Barron, originally published in here and republished with permission: I have just read an account of wilful dhimmitude in an online article in


Tommy’s stag do and ‘sharia controlled areas’ in London

Tommy Robinson Faces More Police Harassment Despite being banned from EDL act ivities for daring to object to Labour MP Richard Howitt’s ridiculous and offensive claims that people should be more


Thailand: "We will kill, burn, and destroy all Buddhists: you will never be able to live in peace here”

Winds of Jihad 18 July 2011
By sheikyermami

"Kill, burn & destroy”-- no misunderstanding of Islam here. That’s what the soldiers of allah have done from the very beginning. Buddhists lived peacefully in Thailand ever since they became


Islam puts its Stamp on Australia Post

The news that Ahmed Fahour is to be the head of Australia Post came as a shock. To most Australians, the postal service is part of the fabric of our life, and despite the advent of emails, most


All in the Islamic Family

Family Security Matters 18 July 2011
By Edward Cline

Twenty years before 9/11, when Saudi nationals hijacked American passenger planes and used them as suicide bombs, the West was warned by one of our main enemies of things to come. The warning was


Afghan Women Fight Back Against Harassment

AlertNet 18 July 2011
By Noorjahan Akbar

KABUL - My mother entered the house and pushed the door closed with anger. After getting a cup of green tea, she sat in front of the television as her children watched her with concern


Islamists Kill 92 Iraqi Christians For Their Faith In 2010

Weasel Zippers 18 July 2011

The year 2010 was the worst year to date for the Christian community in Iraq, it has been revealed by the organization for human rights in Iraq, Hammurabi. Many Christians were forced to leave the


Video: Honour Killings

youtube 14 July 2011
By HonourKillings

The following stories are just a few of the 5000 lives lost every year in the name of family "honour".
Please join us in remembrance of the known and unknown victims of honour killings.


Terror again

The Economist 14 July 2011

ON A sodden evening in Dadar, a middle-class neighbourhood in central Mumbai, one end of a bus stop still displays an ad for pro-biotic yoghurt. The other end is blown to bits. A tarpaulin, gathering


Video: 17 killed, 131 injured as 3 blasts maim Mumbai

Times of India 14 July 2011

MUMBAI: No other city in the world has been the tragic target of as many serial terror attacks and bombings as Mumbai, which went through the agony in 1993, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2008 and now July 13,


Video: Mumbai Terror Redux

Gates of Vienna 14 July 2011

Another terror attack was launched in Mumbai today. Several coordinated IED blasts killed at least eighteen people and injured many more in two separate neighborhoods of Mumbai. The attacks occurred in the early evening when the streets were crowded, so the number of casualties is lighter than might otherwise have been expected. The Indian authorities believe that a group called the Indian Mujahideen is responsible for the bombings.


Wilders case gives boost to judiciary

Expatica 14 July 2011

The trial of Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders has given a boost to public confidence in the judiciary. On 23 June, briefly before the Amsterdam court handed down its ruling in the case against

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