26 rockets fired from Gaza into Israel during July

Jihad Watch 4 August 2011

There have been busier months, to be sure, but that only underscores the same point as July's count of 26: which other country besides Israel would be expected to tolerate such behavior? And of what


Gallup: Two-Thirds Of U.S. Muslims Blame America For Islamic World’s Intense Hatred Of United States

Weasel Zippers 4 August 2011

The overwhelming majority of American Muslims say they are not sympathetic with terror groups like al Qaeda, but they identify less strongly with the United States than other religious groups in the


Qaddafi's Son Says Regime Is Forging Alliance With Radical Islamists

Fox News 4 August 2011

Tripoli – The most prominent son of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi claimed Wednesday that the regime is forging a secret alliance with radical Islamists among the Libyan rebels. Saif al Islam Qaddafi, a


Middle East Reigns in New Era with Mubarak Trial

Spiegel Online 4 August 2011
By Ulrike Putz

Egypt ushered in a new era on Wednesday by becoming the first Arab country to put its former ruler on trial without foreign intervention. The sight of Hosni Mubarak lying on a hospital bed inside a


The ideology of thought control in Pakistan 4 August 2011
By Maheen Usmani

Denial is not just a river in Egypt. It has become something of a personality cult in Pakistan. Nowhere is this cognitive dissonance more visible than amongst the educated who refuse to accept facts


Mad march of political correctness

The Australian 3 August 2011
By Janet Albrechtsen

MARK Twain knew a thing or two about political correctness when he said: "Sometimes I wonder whether the world is run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it."

It's tempting to think of the PC crowd as just a bunch of busybodies who are having us on. Early episodes of Sesame Street carry adults-only warnings. Enid Blyton has been cleared of all golliwogs. And last year a Seattle school renamed Easter eggs "spring spheres" so as not to offend children by alluding to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Political correctness seems to march to an imbecilic beat.


What About The Great Achievements Of Islamic Civilization Through History?

Citizen Warrior 3 August 2011

The following is a chapter of Islam 101:

Islamic achievements in the fields of art, literature, science, medicine, etc. in no way refute the fact that Islam is intrinsically violent. Roman and Greek civilizations produced many great achievements in these fields as well, but also cultivated powerful traditions of violence.


The OIC Calls the Shots

Gates of Vienna 3 August 2011

For the last ten days commentators all over the world have been preoccupied with Anders Behring Breivik. The psychology of the killer, his "Christian” beliefs, his "right-wing extremist” political opinions, and the resulting necessity for a crackdown on "Islamophobia” throughout Europe — these have been the major topics of discussion.

Shortly after the atrocity occurred, it became clear that the EU and European national governments were not about to let the crisis go to waste. Less than twenty-four hours after the shootings, Europol was ready to go with its blueprint for a task force for Norway. Its plans to deal with "homegrown, non-Islamic terror threats” had obviously been in place for a while, ready to be pulled off the shelf and utilized at the first opportune moment.


The witch-hunt against Thilo Sarazzin

Vladtepesblog 3 August 2011

The truth ‘provokes’,   Sarazzin’s facts are "divisive”, his positions are "intolerant and racist”,  that everybody knows,  although no one read the book. The  far left drecks-media and the political elite croak in unison, but Sarazzin is being heard around the world. Leftist apparatchiks like Merkel & Sarkozy will soon be gone, but Sarazzin’s book, ‘Deutschland schafft sich ab’, (Germany does away with itself) and the problem with Islam remains.


Jihad at Fort Hood, again – where are media? 3 August 2011
By Pamela Geller

Another Muslim soldier has been arrested for planning a jihad attack on troops at Fort Hood in Texas. Pfc. Naser Abdo, 21, shouted out "Nidal Hasan Fort Hood 2009" as he was leaving a federal


German Justice Slammed in Honor Killing Study

Spiegel Online 3 August 2011
By Johannes Korge

What drives families to commit 'honor killings?' Who are the killers and where do they come from? A new study commissioned by the German police has found that the killers are almost always


Girl of 17 plied white teenagers with vodka then forced them into sex with gangs of Asian men

Daily Mail  3 August 2011
By Chris Greenwood and Jaya Narain

A young woman lured two white teenage girls to be raped by three Asian men with the promise of a night out. Stephanie Knight, then 17, told the pair they were going clubbing but instead plied them


Muslims increasingly devout

Presseurop (English) 3 August 2011

"More practicing Muslims than 20 years ago," headlines La Croix on the occasion of the first day of the Ramadan fast. The daily cites the results of a survey which shows that 71% France’s Muslims


Terra Incognita: Humbling Turkey’s military

Jerusalem Post 3 August 2011

Countries that rely too much on institutions to ensure their values will be let down. On the July 20, 1974, a young platoon commander in the Turkish Commando Brigade named Isik Kosaner found


First Obamacare Petition Reaches Supreme Court

Right Side News 3 August 2011

Washington - The Center for Security Policy today announced that its General Counsel, David Yerushalmi filed a petition last Wednesday in the U. S. Supreme Court, in conjunction


‘Kosovo Serbs facing food shortages’

Hurriyet Daily News 3 August 2011

A trade embargo imposed by authorities in Pristina has led to severe shortages of food and medicine among ethnic Serbs living in northern Kosovo, media reports said on Sunday. Suppliers from


Kelly Brook and the jihad seekers' allowance

Daily Mail  3 August 2011
By Richard Littlejohn

They must be the first teenage boys in history to take offence at the sight of a scantily-clad Playboy model. Most young men would salivate over a poster of a voluptuous Kelly Brook pouting


Egypt's Salafis: "We want an Islamic state like the one that was in the Middle Ages"

Jihad Watch 3 August 2011

I tried to tell you. "Islamist factions jockey for power, vow religious rule," by Betsy Hiel for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, July 31: CAIRO -- If a new political force here has its way,


Can Islam Be Reformed?

Town Hall  2 August 2011
By Dennis Prager

The question is in no way meant to be provocative, let alone insulting. But the world, including vast numbers of Muslims, needs this question answered.

After having studied Arabic at college and lectured on comparative religion for decades, and having devoted years to writing my upcoming book comparing American values with leftist and Islamist values, I have become convinced of two things regarding Islam: It must be reformed, and it can be reformed.


How Low Can They Go?

Gates of Vienna 2 August 2011

The following article about Geert Wilders’ response to the recent attacks against him was published today in De Telegraaf. Many thanks to the PVV for sending this translation:

Wilders furious at ‘witch hunt’ after the Norwegian drama

"The ‘Left’ can get lost”
Geert Wilders is furious. The chairman of the Party for Freedom feels he is being demonized by left-wing politicians such as Dutch Labour party leader PvdA-leader Job Cohen. In no possible way has he contributed to a climate in which murderers such as Anders Breivik feel called upon to the urge to use violence, states Wilders. Right after the drama in Norway, Wilders disassociated himself of the murderer Breivik, who seems to nourish a fascination for right politicians such as Wilders.

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