So Much for Middle East Democracy

Family Security Matters 25 October 2011
By Gadi Adelman

This could certainly be the shortest article I have ever written. The title alone could be the whole article.

Now that Qaddafi is dead what will be next for Libya? No doubt Libya will follow the path of other countries that have been down this road.


The Tyrant is Dead, Long Live the Tyrant

Canada Free Press 25 October 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

The tyrant is dead, and the head of Libya’s Transitional National Council, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil,  (who was also Gaddafi’s former Justice Minister), has declared that Libya has been liberated.

What a glorious day it is when a country is liberated from its justice minister by its justice minister. If only Gaddafi had been quicker on the ball, he could have staged a revolution against himself and liberated the country from himself.


Britons Demand Immigration Restrictions

The New American 25 October 2011
By James Heiser

With public discontent growing over the burgeoning number of foreigners flooding into their country, many Britons are expecting their government to restrict immigration, and require immigrants to speak English before being allowed into their nation.


The North Dakota model: A recipe for getting off Saudi oil & putting Americans to work

Money Jihad 25 October 2011

Why buy sharia oil from the Arabian peninsula and help fund an oppressive Saudi system that also diverts profits toward terrorism? The only "good” answer for years has been "we have to.” Except


Mask of Peace: Brotherhood's Plot for Global Rule 25 October 2011
By Dale Hurd

OSLO, Norway - The so-called Arab Spring has brought the Muslim Brotherhood to the threshold of power and influence in the Middle East. But a Norwegian television documentary, called "Freedom,


No church buildings left standing in Afghanistan, says State Dept. report blog 25 October 2011
By Kate Shellnutt

There are no churches left in Afghanistan, where war, Taliban influence and weak government protections have wiped out nearly all non-Muslim religious communities, the U.S. State Department


Video: Australia: Muslim organization will proselytize for Islam on primetime TV

Bare Naked Islam 25 October 2011

THE Muslim organization behind the provocative ‘JESUS is a PROPHET of ISLAM’ billboards will begin screening a TV commercial espousing Islamic values during some of Australia’s most watched programs.


Sharia law declaration raises fears among women in new Libya

National Post 25 October 2011
By Simon Martelli

TRIPOLI — The announcement that Islamic sharia law will be the basis of legislation in newly liberated Libya has raised concerns, especially among women, despite Islamists insisting moderation will


Islamists claim lead in landmark Tunisia vote

The Jakarta Globe 25 October 2011
By Mariette le Roux

Tunisia's main Islamist party claimed Monday to have taken the biggest block of votes in historic free elections, as the cradle of the Arab Spring basked in praise for its democratic


Correcting The New Misinformation on Islamic Charities Funding Jihadist Terrorism

Shariah Finance Watch 25 October 2011

The Guardian in the UK has come out with an article ("Counterterrorism laws taking their toll on humanitarian action”) critical of US counterterrorism efforts that are designed to prevent the


Hezbollah and CAIR Attacks on U.S. Jihad Experts are Synchronized

Family Security Matters 25 October 2011

Al Manar – the official broadcasting arm of the terrorist group Hezbollah – is again attempting to discredit (and thus silence) respected American national security experts. And as a means of doing


Christians Under Threat as Radical Islam Spreads in 'New Middle East' 25 October 2011
By Henry J. Reske

Attacked by mobs and terrorists, repressed by the growing popularity of fundamentalist Islamic law and cut off from crucial business ties, Christians are fleeing the Middle East in an unprecedented


Sharia über Alles versus Western Justice

American Thinker 24 October 2011
By Andrew G. Bostom

How is it that intelligent people cannot see the lesson of history when sharia enters a non-Islamic society, step by step? Yale Assistant Professor of religious studies Eliyahu Stern's 9/2/11 NY Times op-ed ("Don't Fear Islamic Law in America") vilifies those who seek fair, rational legislative remedies to the encroachment of Islamic law (Sharia) in America as "stigmatizing Islamic life"1. Stern's vitriol is directed specifically at SB 1028, a bill which was recently passed by the Tennessee General Assembly, and includes this straightforward language regarding sharia2:


New Open Europe briefing: EU banks could need up to €370bn in event of painful, but necessary eurozone debt restructuring

Open Europe 24 October 2011

The window of opportunity for stabilising, or even saving, the eurozone is closing quickly. As EU leaders gear up for a series of key meetings this week, Open Europe has published a new briefing looking at the short-term options available to the eurozone for tackling the most immediate crisis.


No Victory But Defeat

Canada Free Press 24 October 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

The most common justification for the Shalit deal is to wear it as a perverse badge of moral nobility. "What other country would exchange a thousand terrorists for one man.” This is a close cousin of the argument that says the United States treating terrorists with kid gloves proves that it is nobler than them. Both of these insufferable arguments are symptoms of the moral decline of civilization.


The many faces of grand Jihad

RenewAmerica 24 October 2011
By Tabitha Korol

Fourteen centuries after Muhammad, Muslims still despise the West, and they are willing to die to kill those who think and believe differently.

Muslims believe that only Jihad can reestablish a true Muslim state to abolish injustice and bring people into their God's service — by eradicating other political systems by the sword — to preach, restore the Caliphate and destroy their enemies, infidels and Jews. Raised by devout, doting families, many are taught 7th century masculine virtues, trained to feel isolated from their host society, develop a group mentality, and though not predisposed to do harm individually, they can perform monstrous acts collectively.


Obama Administration Bans the Truth About Islam and Jihad

FrontPage Magazine 24 October 2011
By Robert Spencer

It has been a long time coming, but the Obama Administration has now officially banned the truth. Deputy U.S. Attorney General James Cole declared Wednesday at a conference in Washington that he had


Libya: Sharia will be basis of legislation, all laws contradicting Islamic teaching will be nullified

Jihad Watch 24 October 2011

I tried to tell you. "Libya's transitional leader declares liberation," from AP, October 23 (thanks to all who sent this in): BENGHAZI, Libya (AP) — Libya's transitional leader declared his


Turkey's About-Face Toward Islamist East

Townhall Conservative 24 October 2011
By Suzanne Fields

ISTANBUL -- A young American man with black hair and dark brown eyes checked into a small hotel in Cappadocia, where visitors to Turkey flock to see the famous lava formations carved into the

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