Broken borders, broken promises and the anger of a public betrayed

Daily Mail 14 November 2011
By Max Hastings

The scene at Heathrow has become familiar to millions of British people returning from abroad. We sleep-walk through the Arrivals corridors until hitting the buffers in the Immigration hall, crowded


The Case for Banning Sharia Law in America

American Thinker 14 November 2011
By JanSuzanne Krasner

The incompatibility of Islamic sharia law with secular courts stems from the underpinning of Islamism -- the unyielding union of the laws and punishments of the Qu'ran and Hadiths with the country's


Is Turkey building a new Ottoman Empire? 14 November 2011
By Mitch Potter

ISTANBUL—It’s a broken world out there and today, more than ever, Turkey is offering itself as the glue to make everything right again. Need a new boss in the buckling Middle East? Been-there,


The greatest threat to women? Islamic law

WND 12 November 2011
By Diana West

We haven't had a good, old-fashioned "feeding frenzy," a la Herman Cain, for a long time – maybe not since the days of Dan Quayle. I'm talking about the kind of media wilding where someone is a whole person one day, and then the piranhas swim in and a gnawed carcass is all that remains. It's especially hard to look at when the victim joins in to shoot himself in the foot, but that's another story.


Germans Stunned by Report on Forced Marriages

Hudson New York 12 November 2011
By Soeren Kern

A new report shows that thousands of young women and girls in Germany are victims of forced marriages every year.

Most of the victims come from Muslim families; many have been threatened with violence and even death.


Video: ACT at the OSCE in Austria

MRCTV 12 November 2011


Spencer: The Muslim Letter to the Pope

Jihad Watch 11 November 2011

This week's Jihad Watch column at Human Events:

The Vatican responded Friday to the open letter sent at the end of Ramadan by 138 Muslim scholars to Pope Benedict XVI and a wide array of otherChristian leaders. The response was somewhat deflating, given the mainstream media’s enthusiasm over the Muslim letter -- an enthusiasm which the senders must have anticipated. Noting the Muslim scholars’ declaration that "the future of the world depends on peace between Muslims and Christians,” the Telegraph‘s headline was typical of the coverage: "Muslim scholars’ olive branch to Christians.” Reuters burbled about an "Unprecedented Muslim call for peace with Christians.” But was it really?


Muslim Prayers of Hate 11 November 2011
By Raymond Ibrahim

Someone recently sent me an Arabic video that juxtaposes snippets of sermons delivered by Christian and Muslim leaders in the Middle East. [Note: Two days after this article first appeard on PJ Media, YouTube removed the video.] The Christian preachers offer up universal supplications that include phrases like "O lord, lover of all mankind and savior of all the world"; they quote biblical passages such as "love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you" (Matt 5: 44); they pray that God may "heal all people around the world of their diseases."


Radical Islam in the heart of Europe

Washington Times 11 November 2011
By Jeffrey T. Kuhner

Is Bosnia-Herzegovina doomed? The small Balkan nation is being subverted by powerful internal forces that threaten its existence. The West must wake up before the former Yugoslav republic descends


Study finds thousands of forced marriages in Germany

Deutsche Welle 11 November 2011
By Sabine Ripperger

The German Family Ministry has for the first time published a study of forced marriage in Germany. The report is based on the findings of hundreds of consultation centers across the country.


Strong support for Shariah in Canada

Toronto Sun 11 November 2011
By Kris Sims

OTTAWA - A newly released survey suggests a large number of Muslims living in Canada will not disown Al-Qaida. The study, conducted by the MacDonald Laurier Institute, found 65% of Muslims


Afghanistan to Bosnia

Pakistan Christian Post 10 November 2011
By Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

The conflicts in Bosnia and Kosovo would have done Harry Houdini proud. After all, around 8,000 Islamic terrorists travelled all the way to Bosnia and some would either stay or move to Kosovo or go back home. These Islamic jihadists were given "a free-reign to commit terror” and to kill Orthodox Christians in the Balkans and all in the name of civilization.


It’s Time for British Freedom

Gates of Vienna 10 November 2011

Most Western European countries have at least one recognized political party that opposes mass immigration and Islamization. Such parties provide a viable alternative to all the Socialist and "Center-Right” parties that keep spooning up the same old multicultural pabulum, forcing it down the throats of the populace no matter how much it makes them choke.


The Concept of Brotherhood in Islam

Hudson New York 10 November 2011
By Harold Rhode

With the end of the Cold War, a new enemy emerged, Radical Islamic Fundamentalism, made up of Islamic extremists, terrorists and the states that support them. If we are to counter them at all, we must help to understand them as they understand themselves.

In their worldview, they see themselves first as Muslims; as such, they are not loyal to any geographic entity. The world, in their eyes, is roughly divided into two groups: the "Abode of Islam" [Dar al-Islam], and the "Abode of War" [Dar al-Harb] -- or the world which is not yet Muslim but eventually, they believe, should and will be. If they feel any sense of territorial loyalty, it is to the Abode of Islam, the places where Muslims live: "The "Nation of Islam" [Ummah]. In these two worlds, which do not have geographic borders, Islam is not only a religion, but the common political – almost familial -- bond that unites all Muslims.


Alleged Austrian Justice

Gates of Vienna 10 November 2011

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was convicted last February on a "hate speech” charge in a Vienna courtroom. She has appealed her conviction, and the verdict will be announced in court on December 20th.

In commenting on Elisabeth’s appeal, the prosecutor referred to Mohammed’s "alleged consummation of the marriage with the nine year-old wife.”



Islam, the Religion of Slavery

Sultan Knish 10 November 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

The slow collapse of Dubai, a desert mirage built on oil money, human misery and the greed of Western businesses, reminds us once again of the fate of all slave economies in the end. But for all the skyscrapers in Dubai, the glittering avenues built by slave labor and the abundance of luxury American and European automobiles-- the story of Dubai and Saudi Arabia is very much an old story in a Muslim Middle East, of fat prosperous sheiks clutching their ill gotten gains to themselves and ruling over harems and companies of slaves, until the end comes.


Nearly half of forced marriage brides German

The 10 November 2011

Nearly half of those in forced marriages or in danger of such in Germany are German citizens, while around a third are minors, according to the most detailed study of the practice to date. The study,


Al Qaeda and Radical Islam Threaten Progress in Africa

Right Side News 10 November 2011
By Roni Drukan

As NATO formally ended its military campaign in Libya, Al Qaeda flag was proudly flying on Libyan roof tops. It was not flying just on ordinary roof tops – it was seen flying on the roof of


Over One in Three Young Moroccans Police Suspects

Dutch News 10 November 2011

THE HAGUE - In municipalities with many Moroccan residents, an average of 38.7 percent of the Moroccan youngsters and men aged between 12 and 24 have landed up with the police one or more


Forced Marriages in Germany Becoming More Prevalent

Commentary Magazine 10 November 2011
By Michael Rubin

Immigration is good. When handled properly, it can rejuvenate societies; seize advantage from other nations’ brain drain to infuse expertise into key industries; and correct demographics to ensure

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