The flotilla and the Third Intifada 30 June 2011
By Melanie Phillip

Is a bunch of young Israeli lawyers working round the clock sustained only by Diet Coke, falafel and cigarettes about to pull off the legal equivalent of the Six-Day War? Israel famously won that


Street Grooming Study - 2,000 victims of systematic abuse since 2008

Kitman TV 30 June 2011

The six-month assessment of the scale of "street grooming" was launched after a high profile case saw a number of Asian men convicted of sexually abusing girls in Derby. Ceop said it had evidence


UK: More than 2,000 children "victims of sex grooming" -- often by Muslim gangs

Jihad Watch 30 June 2011

"Asian" is British dhimmi media code for "Muslim." However, the racial breakdown of this study -- "white" and "Asian" -- obscures the possibility that white Muslims could have been involved in some


Forbidden Territories

Front Page Magazine 30 June 2011
By Jamie Glazov

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Pierre Rehov, a French journalist, novelist and filmmaker. Visit his new site at FP: Pierre Rehov, welcome back to Frontpage


UK: Mixed Messages on Radical Islam

Weekly Blitz 30 June 2011
By A. Millar

In 1993, the murder of Stephen Lawrence, a young Black man of 19, led to wide sweeping reforms within Britain's police authorities. Mr. Lawrence had been waiting for a bus, minding his own business,


Longest held Western hostages in Afghanistan

Expatica 30 June 2011

Multiple reasons conspired to make French journalists Herve Ghesquiere and Stephane Taponier the longest held Western hostages in Afghanistan until their release on Wednesday after 18


Germany extends anti-terror laws, ending long debate

Reuters 30 June 2011
By Sabine Siebold

BERLIN, - Germany extended its anti-terror laws for four years on Wednesday, ending a months-long row within the coalition government over what limits the state should set on


How Billionaire George Gund III Funds Jew-Hate

Front Page Magazine 30 June 2011

The phenomenon of leftist billionaires funding anti-capitalist activism seems on the surface to be a contradiction. How could those who should understand the way individual freedom and initiative


Waking up from dream Iraq

theworldlink 30 June 2011
By Diana West

We have watched as Barack Obama deliberated over how many troops to withdraw from Afghanistan. The White House mission, as I see it, was to present the illusion of winding down an unpopular war


Google Ideas's new 'think-do' tank takes on violent extremism

Christian Science Monitor 30 June 2011
By Jason Walsh

A ripple of laughter spreads across the floor. The joke? A personal anecdote from Frank Meeink, a former fascist skinhead and founder of the antiviolence group Harmony Through Hockey, who says his


Saudi Women Risk All for Small Rights

Front Page Magazine 30 June 2011

After centuries of methodical Islamic gender apartheid that holds Saudi women in virtual enforced slavery as possessions of men, slight signs of rebellion are being seen, as many women are defying


CAIR loses non-profit tax status

act for america 30 June 2011

Ben Smith’s column in Politico (below) reported late last week that CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) has been stripped of its non-profit tax status by the IRS. What’s more, note CAIR’s


Burka complaint case back in court

ABC Online  30 June 2011

A Sydney court has heard releasing a document that helped a woman overturn her conviction for a false police complaint would invade her privacy. Carnita Matthews is seeking legal costs after


Breaking: Judicial Watch sues DOJ over CAIR terror case dismissals

Pajamas Media  30 June 2011
By Bryan Preston

Pajamas Media’s Patrick Poole first broke the story of the Holder Department of Justice’s decision to quietly scuttle prosecutions against the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and its


Muslim Brotherhood Shadow Candidate Surges in Egypt

Front Page Magazine 30 June 2011
By Ryan Mauro

According to an unscientific online poll, a new Islamist candidate is gaining steam in Egypt’s presidential race named Mohammed Selim al-Awa. He presents himself as a democratic "reformist” with no


Democracy collapses in Europe: EU cancels SIOA/SIOE free speech rally -- Freedom From Jihad Flotilla to launch on 9/11

Jihad Watch 29 June 2011

STRASBOURG, FRANCE, June 28: In a capitulation to Islamic supremacists and violent radical Leftists, French and European Union authorities have canceled a free speech rally planned by a coalition of American and European human rights organizations in Strasbourg, the seat of the European Parliament.

The human rights organizations Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) and Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) were planning to hold their first-ever transatlantic summit in Strasbourg, France, on July 2.


The Show Trial of Geert Wilders – Part 2

Citizen Warrior 29 June 2011
By Babs Barron

The following was written by Babs Barron. If you missed Part 1, here it is. Both of these articles were originally published on and are reprinted with permission.

The verdict is in. Geert Wilders, after a three ring circus of a trial in Amsterdam in which he stood accused of anti-Islam hate speech because he called for the Koran to be banned because of the hate speech and incitement to violence in it, just as Mein Kampf is banned in Holland, he has finally been acquitted of the charges against him.


United We Stand: First Transatlantic Anti-Islamization Conference Coming to France July 2 [event cancelled by french authorities

English Defence League 29 June 2011

The following event has now been cancelled by French authorities who apparently no longer control France. They 'cannot guarentee safety'. Does this mean that any counterjihad event in France is now impossible, because safety will never be 'guaranteed'. Many European countries are starting to sound like Mafia gangsters selling fire insurance. More on this story over at Atlas Shrugs.[/B][/I]

From SIOA:


First Transatlantic Anti-Islamization Conference Coming to France July 2

The human rights organizations Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) and Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) will hold their first-ever transatlantic summit in Strasbourg, France, on July 2.


Fjordman: The Flaws of Edward Said's Orientalism

Jihad Watch 29 June 2011
By Fjordman

Note: This essay overlaps to some extent with my previous one, Edward Said and the Myth of Eurocentrism.

Orientalism by Edward W. Said (1935-2003), a Palestinian-American academic and political activist, was first published in 1978. It quickly became a very popular work among the left-wing intelligentsia in the Western world. It has been translated into many languages and republished in several editions. Over 30 years later it is still referred to with respect in many Multicultural and anti-European circles, which largely amounts to the same thing. In it, Said claims to examine Western scholarship of the “Orient,” specifically Arab and Islamic culture. There is very little about European attitudes towards China, Japan, Thailand or Vietnam there.


The Flotilla of Fools off to Gaza

Front Page Magazine 29 June 2011
By Phyllis Chesler

The flotilla is coming, the flotilla is coming. European and North American activists, journalists, and mercenaries have set sail—or are about to do so—on fifteen boats with passengers from

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