Video: London riots: live 9 August 2011
By Raf Sanchez and Matthew Holehouse

Latest 7.54 We've got the detail of the copy cat riots in Bristol last night: More than 150 young rioters were causing disruption in the areas of St Paul's and Stokes Croft, the scene of rioting earlier this year amid anger over a new Tesco store.


Seven in 10 back burka ban

Austrian Independent 9 August 2011

A vast majority of Austrians want an anti-burka law, according to a new poll. Viennese public opinion agency Karmasin spoke with 500 Austrians to find that 71 per cent of them were in favour of


Islamism has taken strong roots in Norway

Pravda  9 August 2011
By Vadim Trukhachev

Recent terrorist attacks in Norway made many Norwegians talk about the problem of the relations between natives and immigrants from Muslim countries. The problem has manifested itself in one of the


Sharia: a law unto itself? 9 August 2011
By Jonathan Wynne-Jones

After being beaten repeatedly by her husband – who had also threatened to kill her – Jameela turned to her local Sharia council in a desperate bid for a way out of her marriage. Today she discovers


Blasts, gunfire as Syria intensifies crackdown  9 August 2011

BEIRUT — A besieged Syrian city came under fresh artillery fire early Monday as a deadly military assault left President Bashar Assad's regime increasingly isolated, with Arab nations forcefully


London riots leave city scarred, 160 jailed

CBS News 9 August 2011

LONDON - Police arrested 160 people during a weekend of riots and looting that erupted in a disadvantaged London neighborhood just five miles from the site of next year's Olympic Games. Groups of


Police admit Islamic terror threat concerns

Austrian Independent 9 August 2011

Terror experts consider Islamic extremism as the biggest threat to Austria in the medium term despite "vanishingly low" crime figures in this context. Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) Interior


Tampa Police crime scene tech now admits "fear of Muslim reprisal" in honor killing classified as accidental death

Jihad Watch 9 August 2011

We held a rally for justice for Fatimah Abdallah last June. Now at last the truth is coming out. This is justice in America in 2011: a police department cowers in fear of violence from Muslims if it


Video: "Democratic" Egypt Descends Further Into Islamist Chaos; Christians Resist

Christian Broadcasting Network 9 August 2011
By Erick Stakelbeck

The opening line from this new piece in The Australian says it all: The spokesman for Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, which portrays itself as a moderate Islamic movement, has called for execution and hand amputations if the Mubaraks are found guilty of murder and corruption.


The War Against Israel Goes On

Hudson New York 9 August 2011
By Guy Milliere

The « Gaza flotilla » failed. Only one boat reached the eastern coast of the Mediterranean. Most of them could not even leave their ports of departure. An attempt to replace the fleet with a «


Muslim Extremists Threaten to Burn Christian Women

Charisma News Online 9 August 2011

Four months after a recent convert to Christianity from Islam in eastern India’s West Bengal state was stripped and beaten, about 50 Muslim extremists yesterday disrupted a prayer meeting held in her


Is it Fair to Paint All Islamic Schools of Thought as Violent?

Citizen Warrior 8 August 2011

The following is a chapter of Islam 101:

Islamic apologists often point out that Islam is not a monolith and that there are differences of opinion among the different Islamic schools of thought. That is true, but, while there are differences, there are also common elements.


Down’s Syndrome Babies, Sarah Palin and the BBC

Gates of Vienna 8 August 2011

For a change of topic, Paul Weston weighs in on the remarkable relaxation of moral standards at the BBC for programming that concerns conservatives, Republicans, and especially Sarah Palin.

Down’s Syndrome Babies, Sarah Palin and the BBC
by Paul Weston

The liberal-left have been quite vociferous in the wake of the Norway atrocity. They appear to think that to write or speak about the threat of Islam is to tacitly encourage or support acts of terrorism, and have subsequently singled out several members of the "right” for persecution, notably of course our very own and very peaceful Fjordman.


Victory! Facebook relents, restores SIOA group -- join (or rejoin) now

Jihad Watch 8 August 2011

Facebook has reversed itself and done the right thing, restoring our SIOA Facebook group. Please join or rejoin now: there are many justifiable criticisms of Facebook, but it is the single most efficient way for us to communicate with members and interested parties, and the easiest way for you to keep up with SIOA news and activities.

Pamela Geller tells the story here: "Victory! Facebook Caves, SIOA Group Members not Eliminated," from Atlas Shrugs, August 3:


Different Rules for Different Fools

Gates of Vienna 8 August 2011

"The European Union is the principal motor behind the Islamization of Europe. It is formally surrendering an entire continent to Islam while destroying established national cultures, and is prepared to harass those who disagree with this policy.

"This is the greatest organized betrayal in Western history.”

— Fjordman

The above quote from Fjordman is dismayingly appropriate to his current situation. He has been demonized in the media and forced into the public spotlight. Now he does not know whom to fear more, his own government or the combined forces of the Islamic zealots and "anti-fascists”. It’s no wonder he decided to quit blogging and go into hiding.


The Persecution of Christians in the Middle East

American Thinker 8 August 2011
By Cheryl Halpern

The terrible violence in Oslo last month has brought the world's attention to the ravings of a madman and a murderer -- someone who was motivated to kill fellow Christians because he feels they had acquiesced to a takeover by Islam.

Our revulsion is appropriate -- this was the killing of innocent people in the name of religious and political hatred. However, when the roles are reversed, and Christians are in the minority and Muslims in the majority, are we equally upset by murder, intimidation and religious hatred?


Video: London riots

Tottenham Riot Sat 6th August 2011


France building more than 100 mosques

The National 8 August 2011
By Colin Randall

Marseille, France // Between 100 and 150 new mosques are being built in France as Europe's biggest Muslim community seeks to end the controversial practice of people praying in the street because of


Islamists Set Up 'Sharia Neighborhoods' in London

Arutz Sheva 8 August 2011
By Elad Benari

Islamists in Britain have set up zones where the Muslim Sharia law would be enforced, local media reported last week. The Daily Mail reported that some communities have been bombarded with bright


Video: On the Radicalization of Anders Behring Breivik

youtube 8 August 2011
By Acts17Apologetics

The media are blaming critics of Islam (such as Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller) for the radicalization of Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik. However, Breivik said that he turned to terrorism in response to media censorship. Who's to blame for his extremism?

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