Winds of Jihad 1 August 2011
By sheikyermami

Thanks to Vlad Australian Defence League and friends standing tall and strong against sharia. 30th July, 2011, Australian patriots gathered in Martin Place, Sydney, to stage a peaceful


Hatred, smears and the liberals hell-bent on bullying millions of us into silence

Daily Mail  1 August 2011
By Melanie Phillips

The baleful effects of the recent attacks in Norway, where Anders Breivik bombed Oslo’s government district and then gunned down teenagers at a Labour party camp, murdering at least 77 people, have


If Norway's Single Nutcase Makes a Trend, We’re All Terrorists Now

Human Events 1 August 2011
By Rachel Marsden

Lone Nordic nutbar, Anders Behring Breivik, kills 90 people in a terrorist attack linked to his frustration with growing multiculturalism. Suddenly media reports around the world are calling it an


Walking the street, the hate preacher banned by Britain . . . and now he's using human rights law to stay

Daily Mail  1 August 2011
By Jack Doyle

Strolling in the sunshine, seemingly without a care in the world, this is the Islamic extremist who has made a mockery of Britain’s border controls. In an extraordinary immigration farce, Sheikh


Syria Launches 'Horrifying' Raids

Wall Street Journal  1 August 2011

DAMASCUS—At least 80 people were killed across Syria on Sunday, according to activists and lawyers monitoring protests, as the regime unleashed a brutal attack on the opposition stronghold of Hama


Dubai Brits fall foul of Muslim law  1 August 2011
By Josh Layton

DOZENS of Brits were arrested in Dubai over the past year for a range of "trivial crimes”, a Mirror probe has revealed. Offences have included having sex outside of marriage, making rude hand


Video: Dr. Welner speaks on the motives of the Oslo murderer.

Vladtepesblog 1 August 2011

This is really good. Thanks to the New English Review for hipping me to this video:


Video: Taqiyya & Abrogation

youtube 1 August 2011
By CEMBadmins

Klingschor made an excellent video on Taqiyya here (and Philhellenes to his credit accepted he was wrong, apologised and removed his video - I already had enormous respect for Phill, and it only increased when I saw how he handled this - even though Klingschor was a bit rough with him lol):

Verses re-abrogation: (...)


Video: Libyan rebels admit to killing their leader

The Australian 1 August 2011

A SENIOR opposition figure has confirmed Islamist rebels were responsible for the killing of the head of the Libyan rebel army. General Abdel Fatah Younis died after being arrested on the front


Mauritania: Jihadist Websites Tempting Young Boys

Eurasia Review 1 August 2011
By Jemal Oumar

With internet cafes springing up all over the Nouakchott, extremist Salafist ideology is just a click away. Since the As-Sahab Foundation, al-Jahafel, al-Andalus Media and other websites linked to


Obama, Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood

FrontPage Magazine  1 August 2011
By David Meir-Levi

On July 15, without much fanfare, and barely a few lines in the New York Times, President Obama? formally recognized the rebel leadership in Libya, the Transitional National Council (TNC), as the


Cairo: Muslim Brotherhood call for Islamist state

GlobalPost 1 August 2011

Tens of thousands of people have gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square after demonstrators called for an Islamic state and Sharia law in the country. It is the first time Islamist leaders have called


Muslims march for Sharia law zones in the UK

Demotix 1 August 2011

Around 70 men from Muslims Against Crusades marched from Leyton to Walthamstow calling for the setting up of Sharia Controlled Zones in the UK which 'Islamic rules' would be enforced by Muslims.


The Norway Massacre and Europe's War on Free Speech

Hudson New York 28 July 2011
By Soeren Kern

Media outlets in Europe and the United States are accusing Western critics of Islam and multiculturalism of complicity in the mass killing of more than 70 people in Norway. The attempt to exploit this crime for political gain is not just a case of malicious opportunism. It also represents the latest and most unsavoury salvo in the long-running war on free speech in Europe.


Video: CNN Smears, Defames Human Rights Activists, Christians and Patriots for Norway Shooting

Atlas Shrugs 28 July 2011

Skip to minute 3:35 -- one reference in a 1,518 page rant (and a couple of links to news stories at Atlas), and Cooper prostrates himself to the very ideology that would hang him in the public square for his "alternative" lifestyle. And notice they only focus on Spencer and me -- but never have us on. So afraid are they that people might be swayed by the truth.


Norway's Terrorism in Context

AINA (press release) 28 July 2011
By Daniel Pipes

Scandinavia may look idyllic from a distance, what with royal families and prime ministers almost without security, but it has endured its fair share of violence, from the assassination of Swedish prime minister Olof Palme to two school massacres in one year in Finland, one killing eight, the other ten. Anders Behring Breivik's rampage, in other words, was hardly unprecedented.


Video: A Jihadist by Any Other Name

Gates of Vienna 28 July 2011
By Pat Condell

Pat Condell speaks out on last week’s atrocities in Norway:


A Clash of Histories

Right Side News 28 July 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

The clash of civilizations is also a clash of histories. The Western view of history is progressive. A march upward from barbarism to greater phases of enlightenment. This view is fairly modern and fairly liberal, yet closely associated with the success of Western civilization. In progressive history, human techniques from the technological to the social can be used to improve life and make the world a better place.


Libyan rebels fight for western town  28 July 2011
By Michael Georgy

NALUT, Libya - Rebels in Libya's Western Mountains launched an offensive on Thursday against Muammar Gaddafi's troops, as Portugal followed Britain in granting diplomatic recognition to the

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