British, French, German leaders urge Syria's President Assad to resign amid crackdown

Newser 19 August 2011

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said in a statement Thursday that "the EU notes the complete loss of Bashar al-Assad's legitimacy in the eyes of the Syrian people and the necessity for him


Liberal intellectuals are frightened of confronting Islam's honour-shame culture 18 August 2011
By Richard Landes

A recent series of polls indicate that European public opinion is substantially concerned by the increasingly aggressive Islam that their substantial immigrant populations have taken to expressing. To quote Soeren Kern, Senior Fellow for Transatlantic Relations at the Madrid-based Strategic Studies Group:


Liberals Aren't Funny, They're a Riot!

Human Events 18 August 2011
By Ann Coulter

Like you, I've been horrified by the eruptions of mob violence around the globe this summer. But having spent the last two years researching and writing a book about mobs, I'm also grateful to the ruffians for taking to the streets so soon after my book was released.


Whitewash in the White House

Gates of Vienna 18 August 2011

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation is six years into a ten-year crusade struggle against what it calls "Islamophobia”. It has set up an Islamophobia Observatory to keep an eye on those who oppose Islam, and issues both quarterly and annual reports on the progress of its work.

Back in June the foreign ministers of OIC member states met for a three-day session in Kazakhstan and hammered out a series of resolutions which were published as "Resolutions on Legal Affairs Adopted by the 38th Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers (Session of Peace, Cooperation and Development) Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan) 28-30 June 2011” [pdf]. As you can imagine, this document is a dreadful load of deadly-dull bureaucratic boilerplate, and very handy bedtime reading for insomniacs.


More Islamist Mischief Aimed at Albanian Muslims

The Weekly Standard 18 August 2011

Arid Uka, 21, a German-Albanian Muslim who killed two U.S. servicemen and wounded two more at Frankfurt Airport on March 2 of this year, will go on trial in a German court beginning August 31, on two


Video: Firemen in Sweden are attacked by Muslim immigrant youth making 'no go zones'

MRCTV 18 August 2011

This is an older clip, but one of the more important ones I lost with my youtube channel. A lot of work went into the translation and subtitling of this clip and its quite an important look at how modern cities are taken over by Muslims.


Turkey: Christian Monastery Fights for Muslim Tenants

EurasiaNet  18 August 2011
By Jonathan Lewis and Constanze Letsch

In 1972, Yorgo Güller, a Greek Christian from Istanbul, visited leafy Burgazada, one of the Princes’ Islands just off the city’s coast, looking for love. Almost forty years later, he is still there


Rep. West’s Message to CAIR: NUTS!

Dakota Voice 18 August 2011
By Bob Ellis

If we had 200 more like him in Congress, we could set the great nation of America quickly right once again and have this nation performing like the dynamo she was for 200 years. I’m talking about


Israel will not apologize to Turkey for taking out the jihad flotilla

Jihad Watch 18 August 2011

Of course Israel should not apologize. Remember that the peaceful, humanitarian folks on the flotilla were actually armed -- and they were also chanting the genocidal jihadist chant, "Khaybar,


Muslim World More Anti-American Than Ever

Human Events 18 August 2011
By Robert Maginnis

Candidate Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign slogan boasted, "Yes we can.” Then the new President promised a 2009 Egyptian audience "a new beginning between the United States and Muslims,” and in November


More Christians butchered in Nigeria

Christian Concern 18 August 2011

After a recent lull, there has been a fresh outbreak of violence in Nigeria which has resulted in the deaths of at least 15 Christians. Last week Plateau State, of which Jos is the capital, was


Egypt Air hostesses fight for hijab right; Over 1,000 women applicants for Air Saudia

Al-Bawaba  18 August 2011
By Manal Abdul Aziz

Two stories on Arab airlines and women: Egypt Air brought to you by Egyptian Gazette and Air Saudi from Arab News. Egypt Air hostesses fight for hijab right Some have justified such a


Bat Ye'or: 'The universal caliphate stands before us'

American Thinker 17 August 2011
By Andrew G. Bostom

Bat Ye'or's 2005 Eurabia: the Euro-Arab Axis portrayed Western Europe's recrudescent dhimmitude, chronicled in real time, by our most informed contemporary scholar of the dhimmi condition. Living as an eyewitness in Geneva -- a major European center, with its United Nations, NGOs and other international fora -- Bat Ye'or described in painstaking detail, the ongoing transformation of Europe into "Eurabia," a cultural and political appendage of the Arab/Muslim world.


When Marxist Anti-Semitic "Anti-Jihadists” Attack

FrontPage Magazine  17 August 2011
By Robert Spencer

The One Law For All Campaign has published a new monograph, "Enemies not Allies: The Far-Right” (pdf here), which is essentially a hit piece on me, Pamela Geller, our organization Stop Islamization of America (SIOA), which is actually a program of our American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), our sister group Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE), and several groups that we have never had anything to do with, such as the British National Party?, which we have consistently denounced


Camp of the Saints: Whose Numbers?

Gates of Vienna 17 August 2011

Another boatload of culture-enrichers arrived on Lampedusa today. The latest reports also give a higher figure for the number of arrivals over the weekend, forcing an upward revision in the year-to-date total. But before we get down to the actual numbers, let’s take a look at a pair of similar paragraphs included in two of today’s news stories about the recent arrivals in Lampedusa (with my emphases added).
First, from ANSA:

Around 40,000 migrants have landed on Lampedusa from North Africa, first in a large wave from Tunisia and then in a smaller one from Libya, since the beginning of the year.


Norwegian Terrorist Anders Breivik Trained in Belarus Militant Camps

Russia Blog 17 August 2011
By Yuri Mamchur

While U.S. news feature information that Breivik purchased ammo from a U.S. supplier, Eastern European feeds are full of details of Breivik's multiple trips to Belarus, changes in his behavior and


"He Loves You, He Beats You”

Human Rights Watch 17 August 2011

This report documents brutal and long-lasting violence against women and girls by husbands, partners, and family members and the survivors’ struggle to seek protection. Turkey has strong protection


Yes, Rick Perry is the 5th column candidate 17 August 2011
By Pamela Geller

When I published my commentary "Perry's Problematic Pals" in the American Thinker Monday, the reaction was swift. I had pointed out that Texas Gov. Rick Perry "is a friend of the Aga Khan, the


Two Iranian women risk death for apostasy from Islam 17 August 2011

Tehran – Two Iranian women jailed in Iran's notorious Evin prison for converting from Islam to Christianity may be executed for apostasy, Radio Farda reported. Amir Javadzadeh, a

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