Video: Zakir Naik: 25 Errors in Less Than Five Minutes

Answering Muslims 2 August 2011

Ever notice that in Christianity, our top apologists are brilliant scholars with solid arguments, while in Islam, the top apologists are people who can sound good while spouting absolute nonsense?


Ramadan: 71% French muslims observe rules, number rising

ANSAmed 2 August 2011

PARIS - The number of Muslims in France who respect the Ramadan fast is growing, young people most of all. Ramadan started today at dawn. A survey carried out by Ifop and published by La


The End of the Kemalist Affair

Slate Magazine  2 August 2011
By Christopher Hitchens

To read of the stunning news, of the almost-overnight liquidation of the Ataturkist or secularist military caste, and to try to do so from the standpoint of a seriously secular Turk, is to have a


Video: Doubt & Dissent

youtube 2 August 2011
By CEMBadmins

This video was inspired in part by AntiCitizenX's truly excellent series on the Psychology of Faith.


Video: Christian Persecution: Muslim rapes Christian Toddler for Failure to Convert to Islam

Neeha and her family lived in Islamabad, Pakistan just a few years ago. When Neeha’s father, a Christian, refused to convert to Islam his 2 year old daughter was kidnapped and mercilessly raped in a field.


Developers of Islamic Center Try a New Strategy 2 August 2011

A year after controversy engulfed plans to build a Muslim community center and mosque in Lower Manhattan, the project’s developers are quietly moving ahead: In recent months they have hired a paid


Video: The Eradication of Christianity in Syria

KitmanTV 2 August 2011

Terrifying documentary about the persecution of Christians in Syria. Destroying the ancient religious community through violence, kidnapping, rape, burning of property and all the other instruments of cruelty so often applied by Muslims against their neighbors. We in the mighty west are once again betraying an innocent people, because of our cowardice and ignorance.


Some Things You Probably Do Not Know About Islam

Citizen Warrior 1 August 2011

The following is the content of the leaflet referred to in this article. You can download the PDF file for the leaflet here: Letter size or A4. This is what the leaflet says:

1. When Muhammad was in his fifties he married a girl (Aisha) who was just six years old. The marriage was consummated when she was nine. This is one of the reasons why child brides are still common in the Muslim world. On coming to power in Iran in 1979, the Ayatollah Khomeini reduced the age at which a girl could be married to 9 years, thus following the example of Muhammad.


Terrorists and Double Standards

FrontPage Magazine  1 August 2011
By Evan Sayet

All one need do to conclude without doubt that the mainstream media is working on behalf of Islamic terror and against the Judeo-Christian West is to compare and contrast the story The New York Times ran in the wake of Nidal Hassan?’s massacre at Ft. Hood with that of Anders Behring Breivik’s carnage in Oslo. In the forty-plus paragraph story on the Muslim Hassan’s murder of 13 American soldiers, the killer’s religion was not mentioned once. Not once. This despite the fact that Hassan had been well known for giving a Power Point? presentations on Islam’s holy requirement to commit mass murder of infidels. It was also widely reported that he shouted the cry of Islamic terrorists — "Allahu Akbar!!!” — as he opened fire. He even had a business card – a business card for goodness’ sake! – which identified him as a "Solider of Allah.”


Fanaticism, mass murder and the left

Melanie Phillips 1 August 2011
By Melanie Phillips

In the wake of the Norway atrocity and the reaction it has generated, I have been thinking some more about hatred, fanaticism and moral confusion.

This shouldn’t need saying, but it does: there can be no excuse, justification or rationale whatsoever for the atrocity perpetrated by Anders Behring Breivik. The reason it unfortunately needs saying is that I have been reading too many weaselly equivocations about this, along the lines of ‘Yes, it was indeed a most terrible atrocity and one’s heart bleeds for those poor victims; but Norway’s politics towards Israel do stink/Norway’s Labour Party stinks/Quisling’s country, say no more/the Islamisation of Europe stinks/it was only a matter of time before someone was provoked by the railroading of public opinion into doing something like this’.


Who Are the Libyan Rebels?

FrontPage Magazine  1 August 2011
By Frank Crimi

The assassination of the chief Libyan rebel commander underscores the murky nature of the rebel opposition group and casts fresh doubts over its ability to overthrow the Gaddafi regime.

General Abdul Fattah Younes, who been summoned to the Libyan opposition capital of Benghazi by the ruling Transitional National Council (TNC) for supposed questioning about military operations, was murdered there last week along with two other military officials.


The Media, Absurdity and Knee-Jerk Analysis:

Family Security Matters 1 August 2011
By John Bernard

The latest attempt by a self described, pious member of Islam has brought out the usual bevy of experts not only in psychology, but in religion as well. Typically, these "experts" have little to no actual experience in any religion and show a general distrust, if not disdain for those who do practice one form of religion or another.

I have been chided, on occasion for sharing my faith in these kinds of venues and have made attempts to keep this element of my life out of the conversation. But it is difficult at times to investigate what is clearly evil without the ability to contrast.


The BBC, Breivik, The EDL and Islam

English Defence League Blog 1 August 2011
By Paul Weston

Paul Weston is a writer and former UKIP parliamentary candidate. Here he shares his thoughts on the fallout from the Norwegian tragedy. Thank you to our friends at Gates of Vienna for allowing us


Video: Sharia poster boy

youtube 1 August 2011
By patcondell

Andy Choudary again.


Netherlands: 52% think Wilders shouldn't moderate tone on Islam

Islam in Europe 1 August 2011

According to a Maurice de Hond poll, 52% of the Dutch think Wilders doesn't need to moderate his tone, following the attacks in Norway.


As Islamic extremists declare Britain's first Sharia law zone, the worrying social and moral implications

Daily Mail  1 August 2011
By Sue Reid

As a throng of Muslim families crowd around him, Abu Izzadeen speaks in a quiet voice of his plans for the future of Britain. The tall, bearded 36-year-old — who was recently freed from prison after


Syrians mark bleak Ramadan after 80 killed in Hama

Reuters Africa 1 August 2011
By Khaled Yacoub Oweis

AMMAN (Reuters) - Syrians began the Muslim Ramadan fast in sombre mood on Monday after troops stormed into Hama, scene of a 1982 massacre, in one of the bloodiest days in a five-month-old uprising


Another Muslim soldier targets Ft. Hood

ACT! for America 1 August 2011

"Conscientious Objector” targeted soldiers On July 14th, we emailed you a column by retired Admiral James Lyons, in which Lyons criticized the Army’s decision to grant conscientious objector



Winds of Jihad 1 August 2011
By sheikyermami

Thanks to Vlad Australian Defence League and friends standing tall and strong against sharia. 30th July, 2011, Australian patriots gathered in Martin Place, Sydney, to stage a peaceful


Hatred, smears and the liberals hell-bent on bullying millions of us into silence

Daily Mail  1 August 2011
By Melanie Phillips

The baleful effects of the recent attacks in Norway, where Anders Breivik bombed Oslo’s government district and then gunned down teenagers at a Labour party camp, murdering at least 77 people, have

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