Video:Two Laws in the UK?

Winds of Jihad 11 July 2011
By Sheikyermami

At a demo yesterday in Middlesbrough, a member of the English Defence League was confronted by the police for wearing a face mask. He was told he was in violation of the law. As the video belowdemonstrates, he wouldn’t have been in violation of the law if he had worn a burqa — or even better, a face mask made from the Black Flag of Jihad (...)


Polygamous marriage valid in Lebanon but not under Irish law

Irish Times 11 July 2011

High Court Judgment was given on April 4th, 2011, by Ms Justice Elizabeth Dunne. Judgment The marriage of a Lebanese man and woman in Lebanon, which was potentially polygamous and later


Britain's soft justice for islamic terrorists 11 July 2011

MOST Islamic terrorists convicted in Britain spend less than three and a half years in prison, a shock report has revealed. A third go free after no more than 16 months. And Britain is now a "hub


Radicalizing Home-Grown Muslims

American Thinker 11 July 2011
By Khaled Nasir

The Islamic terror threat is trending toward radicalization of the young and new converts in the Diaspora, getting them to join in armed struggle. What motivates young men and women, born or living


Egypt Unveiled

FrontPage Magazine  11 July 2011
By Jamie Glazov

FrontPage Interview’s guest today is Cynthia Farahat, a political activist and dissident in Egypt. FP: Cynthia Farahat, welcome to Frontpage Interview. I would like to talk to you today about a


Great darkness in Egypt

Ynetnews 11 July 2011
By Eldad Beck

UPPER EGYPT - Maha, an Egyptian merchant in her 40s, doesn't sleep well at night. Ever since the January 25 revolution, she is experiencing a difficult period. "In the first days of the mass


Europe rights court rejects cases against Swiss minaret ban

Expatica 11 July 2011

Europe's rights court on Friday rejected two cases brought by Muslims against Switzerland's constitutional ban on the construction of new minarets. The Strasbourg-based European Court of Human


Proposed Australian Law Would Make Muslim Women Lift Veil

Fox News 11 July 2011

CANBERRA, Australia -- Muslim women would have to remove veils and show their faces to police on request or risk a prison sentence under proposed new laws in Australia's most populous state that have


Whittaker Chambers, Communism, and Islam

Right Side News 8 July 2011
By Andrew Bostom

Freedom is a need of the soul, and nothing else. It is in striving toward God that the soul strives continually after a condition of freedom. God alone is the inciter and guarantor of freedom. He is the only guarantor. External freedom is only an aspect of interior freedom. Political freedom, as the Western world has known it, is only a political reading of the Bible. Religion and freedom are indivisible. Without freedom the soul dies. Without the soul there is no justification for freedom.


Not So Long Ago...

Citizen Warrior 8 July 2011

The following is an excerpt from the excellent book, The New Concise History of the Crusades:

After Orkhan's death in 1360, the Ottomans began their European conquests in earnest. In 1361, they captured most of Thrace, including Adrianople, which became their capital in the West. By the end of the fourteenth century, they controlled all of Bulgaria and most of Greece. Constantinople itself was completely surrounded — a citizen could leave the empire simply by walking outside the city gates.


The Palestinian Muslim Money Hole

Front Page Magazine 8 July 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

The Palestinian Authority is facing a budget crisis. It has reached its borrowing limit and has a 585 million dollar deficit. So naturally its leaders are asking the West for another handout.

Back in 2007, 7.4 billion dollars was pledged to keep the terrorist edifice of the Authority running. The PA claimed that it needed 3.9 billion for budgetary shortfalls alone. And after pissing away far more than that, the men who give the suicide bombers their marching orders are back passing around the plate.


Beware of Dr. Jihad

Town Hall  8 July 2011
By Michelle Malkin

Splendid news: Our homeland security officials have sent fresh warnings to foreign governments that "human bombs" may try to board planes with surgically implanted explosives.


Multiculturalism's failure, terrorism's rise

TODAYonline 8 July 2011
By Kenan Malik

Six years ago yesterday, on July 7, 2005, Islamist suicide bombers attacked London's transit system. They blew up three subway trains and a bus, killing 52 people and leaving a nation groping for


Multicultural Discontent in Toronto

AINA (press release) 8 July 2011
By Stephen Brown

Forty years ago, Canadian Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau made multiculturalism Canada's official policy with the Canadian Multicultural Act. To many Canadians, no government


Norway: 54 percent want no more immigrants

Jihad Watch 8 July 2011

A majority of Norwegians wants to close the borders to immigrants: Of the respondents, 53.7 percent stated that the sentence "We should not let more immigrants into Norway" fits very or fairly


Madame Rage - Marine Le Pen’s Far Right Populism for Regional French Peasantry 8 July 2011
By Mathieu von Rohr

When Marine Le Pen walks into a room, she dominates it physically. She is slim, wears tight jeans and blazers and has dyed blonde hair, and yet she seems as if she were walking into a ring, tense and


Britain Debates Muslim Forced Marriage

Hudson New York  8 July 2011
By Soeren Kern

After years of kowtowing to multicultural sensitivities, Britain is now debating whether or not to make the act of forcing someone into a marriage a specific criminal offense. Supporters of the


Denmark: "the populist temptation to close borders against undesirables” irks lefties…

Winds of Jihad 8 July 2011
By sheikyermami

EUrabia needs more undesirables to pay the pension for aging Euro-dhimmis who have failed to produce children, but Denmark disagrees, or something:D enmark’s tightened border


Geller: Borderline Obama

Washington Times 8 July 2011
By Pamela Geller

As a federal judge gutted Arizona’s new immigration law on July 29, the Obama State Department announced that it was "encouraged” by signs that the Arab League would support, or at least not directly


Turkish comic shuts down after fine for being 'obscene'

Southeast European Times 8 July 2011
By Ozgur Ogret

Harakiri, a monthly comic, literature and caricature magazine in Turkey, shut itself down before releasing its third issue, stating that a government fine had made continued publication

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