Indian arrested in Saudi Arabia for posting blasphemous image

ZEE News 9 March 2015

Jeddah: An Indian has been arrested in Saudi Arabia for allegedly posting a blasphemous image of the Kaaba on his Facebook page, a media report here said on Thursday. The


Hamas in Turkey: "Humanitarian Activity"

The Gatestone Institute 9 March 2015
By Burak Bekdil

The scope of Hamas's activity in Turkish territory is an open secret. Hamas and Turkish officials claim the nature of that activity is humanitarian. Maybe. But in the real world, kidnapping Israeli teenagers and hitting Israeli cities with rockets might actually be considered a


The Islam Act — A Black Day for Austria

Gates of Vienna 9 March 2015
By Baron Bodissey

The long-anticipated revision of the 1912 Islam Law was passed by the Austrian parliament late last month. The new act was intended to subject Islam to the same scrutiny directed at other religious organizations, but it is unlikely to accomplish its ostensible purpose.
The following article by


Video: A False Hope of a Reformed Islam

Yout Tube 9 March 2015
By Political Islam

There is an ongoing fantasy that Islam can be reformed so that it is moderate. This ignores the fact that Islam is based upon the Koran and the Sunna of Mohammed, none of which can be changed. A recent effort of good will towards Jews by Muslims is a false hope.


Asian gangs were allowed to prey on vulnerable girls 9 March 2015
By Leo McKinstry

In this fictional narrative the authorities not only fail to take action against the abusers but even blame the victims. It would never come close to happening in modern


Newcastle victim of female genital mutilation fears Tyneside girls are at risk

Chronicle Live 9 March 2015
By Sophie Doughty

After being subjected to the horrors of female genital mutilation as a child, this mother is today on a mission to help stop Tyneside girls from suffering. Score of


We Are Part of the Generation That Says No to FGM

The Huffington Post 9 March 2015
By Lisa Zimmerman

As a teacher, it hadn't been easy convincing the 12 girls that a horse riding trip would be more fun than a trip to a theme park. But while doing the paperwork, I was told that


The ‘Islamophobia’ Scam Returns

Frontpage Mag 9 March 2015
By Robert Spencer

In recent weeks, the terror group calling itself the Islamic State (aka ISIS and ISIL) has beheaded journalists and social workers, burned a pilot alive, and forced hundreds of captive women into sex slavery – all while citing Islamic texts to justify their actions and appeal for new recruits. A Muslim in the latest Islamic State


Banning and Boycotting in the Age of ‘Tolerism’

Frontpage Mag 9 March 2015
By Howard Rotberg

In an age where so many of our elites assert that tolerance, pacifism and dialogue are the foundation of the moral life, we are certainly seeing a lot of intolerant banning,


Jihadi John was part of London terror network

4029tv 9 March 2015
By Paul Cruickshank and Nic Robertson

Mohammed Emwazi, the British-Kuwaiti ISIS fighter the world knows as "Jihadi John," was fuming with righteous indignation when he met with a representative of Cage Prisoners --


President Erdogan in Saudi Arabia in bid to boost bilateral ties

Daily Sabah 9 March 2015

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived in Saudi Arabia on Saturday night where he visited holy Muslim cities and plans to hold talks with newly ascended King Salman and other


Bank Records Reveal the Saudi Millions Behind the Boston Marathon Bombers’ Mosque

Atlas Shrugs 9 March 2015
By Pamela Geller

Foreign funding of mosques should and must be outlawed. It would dramatically curb the the spread of jihad and Islamic supremacism. The Saudis finance 80% of the mosques in


In Midst of War, Ukraine Becomes Gateway for Jihad

The Intercept 9 March 2015
By Marcin Mamon

“OUR BROTHERS ARE there,” Khalid said when he heard I was going to Ukraine. “Buy a local SIM card when you get there, send me the number and then wait for someone to call you.”


Sex Gangs May Have Abused Hundreds Of Girls

Sky News 5 March 2015
By Lisa Dowd

Nearly 400 girls may have been sexually exploited in Oxfordshire over a 16-year period, according to a report that has criticised authorities for failing to protect


UK Cops Turned Away Bleeding Girl Sexually Assaulted by Muslims

FrontPage Mag 5 March 2015
By Daniel Greenfield

If only she had burned a Koran or said something insulting about Islam on the train. Then she would have been arrested and public enemy number one by the evening. But all she


How Upset are U.K. Muslims by IS?

islam-watch 5 March 2015

In 2003 in the U.K. the "Stop the war coalition” (StWC) organised a march against the impending Iraq invasion by a military alliance which included the U.K. A major theme


Obama's response to Bibi has a subconscious message

Elder of Ziyon 4 March 2015

One issue that we will be discussing is Iran, and obviously that's been a topic of great interest today. So let me just make a couple comments on that. I did not have a chance to watch


Sharia Tribunal in Texas an Islamic Trojan Horse? 4 March 2015
By Caitlin Burke

Sharia is the law of the land in many Muslim dominated countries. Spreading Sharia around the world is also the stated goal of terror groups like ISIS, Boko Haram and the


BBC Poll: 49% of Muslims endorse hate preachers; 11% support Jihad; 27% support Charlie Hebdo execution

Muslim Statistics 3 March 2015

Islam in United Kingdom is the second largest religion with results from the United Kingdom Census 2011 giving the UK Muslim population in 2011 as 2,786,635, 4.4% of the total population. The vast majority of Muslims in the United Kingdom live in England: 2,660,116 (5.02% of the population). Figures from the 2011


The Media and 'Prophet' Mohammed 3 March 2015
By Mumin Salih

The Western main stream media is sleep walking towards a speedy Islamization of their societies. Many journalists voluntarily chose to do the Islamists’ dirty jobs for them. Many Western journalists increasingly refer to Mohammed as a "prophet’ even though they do not believe he was. They also describe the

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