An American Muslim Defends Sex with Prepubescent Girls

Answering Muslims 19 February 2014

I just had an interesting encounter with a Muslimah, who promotes the website I'll post some of her comments tomorrow, to show what she really thinks


Bosnian Spring that might not be only Bosnian

RT 19 February 2014
By Hajrudin Somun

Civil unrest that started last week and turned to violent riots and setting fire to government buildings and police cars in the cities of Sarajevo, Tuzla and Mostar and some


Video: German news report on Salafists in Germany, Syria and jihad

Vlad Tepes 19 February 2014

Thank you Oz-Rita for doing this report. If I am reading it right, parts of it near the start appears to be the most honest reporting I have seen from the MSM in Europe on Islam to date


Bosnian Muslims in World War II

Bosnian Institute News 19 February 2014
By Edina Becirevic and Marko Attila Hoare

Speeches at the London Bosnian Embassy launch of 'The Bosnian Muslims in the Second World War: a History' by Marko Attila Hoare (December 2013) Two speeches made at a launch


500 women killed every year in name of honour

Pakistan Observer 19 February 2014
By Muzaffar Ali

Around 500 women and girls become victims of ‘honour killing’ in the country every year thus making Pakistan one of world’s most dangerous countries for women


Mexican Catholics: Leaving ‘Dios’ for ‘Allah’

Voxxi 19 February 2014

For almost five centuries Catholicism has been the dominant religion in Mexico. In 1970, Catholics comprised 96.7 percent of Mexico’s population. By 2010, that number had fallen


Palestinian Irredentism and the Anti-Israel Double Standard

American Thinker 18 February 2014
By Edward Bernard Glick

The international legal justification for the re-establishment of Jewish sovereignty in the Middle East lies in a 1922 document issued by the League of Nations, the precursor


India takes key step toward full-fledged Islamic banks

Arab News 18 February 2014

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: India is planning to set up a body to fine-tune and promote Islamic finance before issuing license to start full-fledged banking operations, according to


The 7 Ways Islam Kills Romance

PJ Media 18 February 2014
By Robert Spencer

As couples the world over celebrated Valentine’s Day last week, many no doubt recalled the great Muslim love stories: Romeo and Juliet and Fatima and Dalia and Naima; A


Video: Muhammad Commands His Followers to Kill Critics of Islam

Answering Muslims 18 February 2014
By David Wood

Everyone seems shocked when Muslims riot over a poorly made Youtube video or some silly cartoons. But violent responses to criticism are a tradition in Islam, and Muhammad himself started the tradition. Let's look at an example.


Islam's Second Crisis: The troubles to come

Middle East Quarterly 18 February 2014
By Mark Durie

In What Went Wrong, Bernard Lewis charted the decline of Islam in the modern era and the resulting theological crisis for the Muslim world.


Video: Muhammad and the Torture of Kinana ibn al-Rabi

Answering Muslims 18 February 2014
By David Wood

According to our earliest detailed biographical source on Muhammad's life, Islam's prophet once ordered his followers to torture a man for money. Here's the passage:


We must be free to criticise without being called racist 18 February 2014
By Polly Toynbee

What is the rationalist to do? Atheists, feminists and anti-racists are paralysed by Islam. Whichever way they turn, they find themselves at risk of alliances with undesirables


Checkmate: Iran and Assad's Support of Al Qaeda

Clarion Project 18 February 2014
By Ryan Mauro

Syrian dictator Bashar Assad is in a gory battle with Al-Qaeda and he’s waging it with help from his Iranian allies—but they are supporting Al-Qaeda at the same time. This


'Syria's death toll now exceeds 140,000'

Hindustan Times 18 February 2014

More than 140,000 people, over 7,000 of them children, have been killed in Syria's uprising-turned-civil war, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Saturday. The


Revisiting the Neighborhood

PJ Media 18 February 2014
By David Solway

On February 15, 2013, I posted an article at Front Page Magazine titled "Saving the Neighborhood” that dealt with an invitation the democratic advocacy organization Act! for Canada had extended to British lawyer Gavin Boby, a specialist in town planning law and director of the Law and Freedom Foundation.


Why Turkey is gone for good

carolineglick 18 February 2014

Last Thursday, two Turkish businessmen stopped for lunch in a fish restaurant during a business trip to Edirne in the Babaeski region.


Twenty five years under the fatwa

Index on Censorship 18 February 2014
By Padraig Reidy

On 14 February 1989, 25 years ago today, the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran handed down a death sentence not just on British author Salman Rushdie, but on


"As-salam alaykum, Wa alaykumu s-salam”: Latino Americans are Leaving Catholicism to Embrace Islam

Latin Post 18 February 2014
By Nicole Akoukou Thompson

By and large, Latino Americans are Catholic; a majority of the 52 million Hispanics living in the United States belong to the Catholic Church and many of their traditions are rooted


Islam in the US – A brief history

The Christian Science Monitor 18 February 2014
By Lee Lawrence

Although Islam first came to these shores 400 years ago through enslaved Africans, it didn't really register on America's radar in a significant way until the 1960s and '70s

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