Palestinian Arabs hate Americans more than any other people surveyed do

Elder of Ziyon 24 February 2014

This Pew survey of how people from around the world think about the US and Americans is enlightening. Notice that there is no correlation between the amount of money the US gives to


Amnesty seeks 'more detail' on Indian deaths in Qatar

BBC News 24 February 2014

Human rights group Amnesty International has urged India to give "more transparent information" about the deaths of Indian workers in Qatar, the host nation for the 2022 World Cup


The Ideology of Militant Islamism in Southeastern Europe

American Center for Democracy 22 February 2014
By Dr. Gordon N. Bardos*

Since the fall of communism two and a half decades ago, militant Islamism has been planting seeds and spreading roots in various parts of southeastern Europe, particularly the


Vasil the Lionlike

Gates of Vienna 22 February 2014

As reported here in several earlier articles (see the bottom of this post for the links), a demonstration against a mosque broke out last Friday in the Bulgarian city of


An oldie but a goodie from Andy: contemporary Jihadism and remembrance of Bulgaria's Islamic past

Tundra Tabloids 22 February 2014
By Andy Bostom

Bulgaria has been in the news lately, Andy Bostom reminds us that he was on top of the situation long before the news broke, providing the historical context to traditional Bulgarian animosity towards Islamic hegemony. Thanks pal, you’re the greatest.


Is Polygamy the Cause of Muslim Violence?

AINA (press release) 22 February 2014
By William Tucker

Syria is submerged in civil war. The Sunni and the Shi'ia of Iraq are renewing their 1300-year-old conflict. Libyan rebels have shut down the nation's oil industry. Egypt's


Al-Andalus Muslims demand Spain citizenship rights

The Commentator 22 February 2014

Muslims of Spanish descent are up in arms about a decision by the Spanish government to grant citizenship to Jews expelled hundreds of years ago without doing the same for


Is Prince Charles a Convert to Islam? 22 February 2014
By Daniel Pipes

In a 1997 Middle East Quarterly article titled "Prince Charles of Arabia," Ronni L. Gordon and David M. Stillman looked at evidence that Britain's Prince Charles might be a


155% rise in children groomed by sex gangs: Police identified 450 potential victims during 2013

Daily Mail 22 February 2014
By Rebecca Camber

The number of British children groomed and trafficked for sexual abuse by gangs has soared by 155 per cent, figures show. In 2013, police identified 450 potential child


Christians Fight for Middle East Religious Freedom Watchdog

FrontPage Magazine 22 February 2014
By Ryan Mauro

Global persecution of Christians, especially in the Muslim world, is one of the most overlooked human rights disasters of the 21st century. Christian activists are demanding


The Proliferation of Suicide Bombing in the Middle East and Beyond

American Center for Democracy 21 February 2014
By Rachel Ehrenfeld

’A nation that does not wage jihad cannot exist…God is with us and Satan with them. We will fight and fight until we regain our rights… God willing.’’ – Muslim Brother Sheik


The Folly of Open Borders

Islamist Watch 20 February 2014
By Fjordman

Excerpt: Ceuta is one of two small Spanish enclaves in North Africa, the second being Melilla. They provide the only possible entry to European territory without leaving


Channel 5 Big Immigration Debate Sparks Fury Over Anjem Choudary Appearance

Huffington Post 19 February 2014

Radical preacher Anjem Choudary, the leader of the now banned Islam4UK, said "there will be other Lee Rigbys" during a heated debate on immigration


Turkey Implicated in Paris Assassinations of Kurdish PKKs

The Clarion Project 19 February 2014

A crisis in European-Turkish relations may be about to erupt because of evidence that the Turkish government sponsored the assassination of three female Kurdish activists in Paris


Danish 'halal law' changes nothing says imam

Islamist Watch 19 February 2014

Religious leaders in Denmark say law changes to kosher and halal slaughter practices will not greatly affect their ways of life, despite international criticism about the change


The Development Of Home-Grown Jihadist Radicalisation In Italy

Eurasia Review 19 February 2014
By Lorenzo Vidino

The Muslim communities and jihadist networks in Italy and Spain present similar characteristics and it is therefore interesting to look at the recent development of home-grown jihadist


Gulf ties could aid Islamic finance in Italy

The Peninsula 19 February 2014

Bankers and academics in Italy are stepping up efforts to develop Islamic finance in the country, a campaign which could benefit from growing economic links between Gulf countries


Muslims expelled from Spain in 1609 deserve citizenship, group says

UPI 19 February 2014

Descendants of Muslims exiled from Spain in the 17th century have decried the granting of citizenship to descendants of exiled Jews as racist, a spokesman said


As Hate Crimes Rise, British Muslims Say They’re Becoming More Insular

New York Times 19 February 2014
By Steven Erlanger

Alum Rock, a neighborhood of Birmingham, looks the way Pakistan might, if Pakistan were under gray northern skies and British rule. The streets are lively but orderly, with shops


Britain’s Fate Is Sealed Following Muslim Baby Boom

Cherson And Molschky 19 February 2014
By Paul Wilkinson

In January 2014, it was announced that 320,000 children (aged under five) out of a total of 3.5 million are born into Muslim families in England and Wales. This is approximately 9.2%

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