Video: The Spread of the Caliphate: The Islamic State (Part 1)

youtube 26 August 2014
By VICE News

The Islamic State, a hardline Sunni jihadist group that formerly had ties to al Qaeda, has conquered large swathes of Iraq and Syria. Previously known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the group has announced their intention to reestablish the caliphate and declared their leader, the shadowy Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as the caliph.


Apologist: Islam 2nd-Worst Thing That's Happened to Humanity

Charisma News 26 August 2014
By Deborah Hamilton

The nation watched in horror last week as ISIS terrorists beheaded an American Christian journalist, videotaping the gruesome killing as an open threat to the world that ISIS


How Modernity 'Radicalizes' Western Muslims

The Islamist Watch 26 August 2014
By Raymond Ibrahim

A new Danish statistical study finds that "Muslims [are] 218 percent more criminal in second generation than first." While some of these crimes are clearly related to


The Not So Golden Age of Islam

youtube 26 August 2014
By Bill Warner

We are often told of the greatness of the Islamic Golden Age. But how much actual gold was there? And why does Islam do so poorly in intellectual work today?


570 Rockets Fired on Israel in 5 Days

Arutz Sheva 26 August 2014

No fewer than 570 rockets have been fired at Israel over a five day period, the Foreign Ministry revealed Sunday, tallying the total rocket count since Hamas broke an extended


U.N. accuses Islamic State of mass killings

Himalayan Times 26 August 2014

GENEVA/ BAGHDAD: The United Nations on Monday condemned "appalling, widespread" crimes by Islamic State forces in Iraq, including mass executions of prisoners that could amount


Report: After Executions, Hamas Arrests 150 More 'Collaborators'

Arutz Sheva 26 August 2014
By Ari Soffer

Hamas has been severely shaken by string of Israeli airstrikes targeting its most senior leadership in Gaza, and is continuing a witch-hunt against suspected "collaborators" in


Video: Jihad vs Crusades

Right Side News 25 August 2014
By Bill Warner

Whenever you’re dealing with an apologist for Islam, or even a Muslim, and you bring up jihad, almost immediately, they kickback to you: "But what about those terrible crusades? Why they’re the moral justification for jihad and we’re just as bad as they are. So let's not talk about jihad, okay? Let’s talk about the Crusades.”


Jihad 'Made in Kosovo'

Deutsche Welle 25 August 2014

The act that triggered the largest police action in Kosovo since the war in 1999 was terrible and barbaric. The Kosovar jihadist Lavdrim Muhaxeri posted before and after


Report claims more British Muslims fight for IS than for armed forces 25 August 2014
By Kim Hjelmgaard and John Bacon

It is likely that there are now more British Muslims fighting for the Islamic State than for Britain's military. Britain's Ministry of Defense confirmed to USA TODAY that there


Silence over UK’s Muslim Brotherhood inquiry raises questions

The National 25 August 2014
By Colin Randall

The British government is fighting claims that it has delayed publication of a long-awaited report on the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities, and possible links to terrorism,


More Muslim women in U.K. wearing veil

The Daily Star 25 August 2014
By Belinda Goldsmith

LONDON: When youth worker Sumreen Farooq was abused in a London street, the 18-year-old decided it was time to take a stand – and she started to wear a headscarf. Farooq is


Comment: Jihadi cancer thrives in London

Jerusalem Post 25 August 2014

We've been told that if given welfare, education and comfortable lives that the bog of hatred from Islamic terror will dry, however in London this does not appear to be


London has been primed for decades by Muslim Brotherhood extremists

Daily Express 25 August 2014
By Haras Rafiq

Khalid Mahmood the MP for Perry Bar has said that there are 1,500 British Jihadis in the region - but the frightening thing is that we don't actually know the exact


President Erdogan and the gender repercussions of political Islam

openDemocracy 25 August 2014
By Dila Gurses

Can a new victorious president, ready to transform Turkey, sustain a Muslim modernity while bypassing the individual rights and liberties of women and gay citizens?


Little Belgium is Europe's largest exporter of jihadis

Channel 4 25 August 2014

Despite Belgium's small size, per capita it is sending the most jihadis from Europe to Syria. Its experience may teach the UK about the recruitment and 'rescue' of jihadis.


Which country in Europe UAE residents most want to see

Emirates 24/7 22 August 2014

UAE tourists would like to visit Turkey as their next European holiday destination in new research which looked at past and future travel behaviour across the Middle East and


The Muslim Colonists: Forgotten Facts about the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Gatestone Institute 21 August 2014
By Ezequiel Doiny

The current Palestinian narrative is that all Muslims in Palestine are natives and all Jews are settlers. This narrative is false.


Video: The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights

Political Islam 21 August 2014

The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights was a document put together in 1990 after the United Nations had come out with its Universal Human Rights. The Muslims looked at it and said: "We don't like universal human rights. We will put together an Islamic document about human rights.”


France confronted by Islam

GalliaWatch 21 August 2014

Here are the first four (slightly condensed) of eight sections from a policy proposal entitled France confronted by the Islamic question: credible choices for a French future,

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