The Men With Many Wives review – who would be a polygamist?

The Guardian 25 September 2014
By Tim Dowling

My official position on the manner in which consenting adults choose to arrange their personal lives is: I don’t care. In reality, I faintly disapprove of almost everything


Among U.S. partners striking Syria, Turkey is missing

The Washington Post 25 September 2014
By Adam Taylor

When President Obama spoke Tuesday of the strikes on the Islamic State and al Qaeda in Syria, he prominently mentioned five partner nations from the Middle East: Saudi Arabia,


Jihad’s Secret Weapon Against America

Frontpage Mag 25 September 2014
By Leo Hohmann

Much has been reported about Latin Americans sneaking across the U.S. southern border, but there may be a greater danger looming in America’s heartland in the form of nearly 2


55.5% of Aussies against women wearing burqas in public: poll

The Islamist Watch 25 September 2014
By Lin Taylor

An increasing number of Australians are against women wearing burqas in public, according to a new Roy Morgan poll. Of the 1,328 Australians surveyed, 55.5 per cent didn't


When Progressives Consider Child-Rape Defensible

FrontPage Magazine 24 September 2014
By Enza Ferreri

The umpteenth case of child sex abuse in Britain perpetrated by Muslims, the Rotherham abuse case, has understandably left the self-proclaimed "progressives” and multiculturalists in disarray. The Leftist media outlets are on the defensive but still trying to maintain their ground.


The Jihadists' Promise: Power over Death

Gatestone Institute 24 September 2014
By Louis René Beres

Even after witnessing several beheadings and mass executions, American and Western strategists dealing with Jihadist terror still miss the key point. Whatever the particular


The Failure of Islam to Reform

The Globalist 24 September 2014
By Jean-Pierre Lehmann

The existence of ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) can be ascribed to the fact that, in contrast to Western European Christianity, there was never a reformation


Islamic State beheads, mutilates as the Koran instructs

The Commentator 24 September 2014
By Raymond Ibrahim

To understand why the Islamic State not only decapitates its "infidel” captives, but also mutilates and mocks their corpses—and all to sadistic laughter—one need only turn to


The Men with Many Wives: the British Muslims who practise polygamy 24 September 2014
By Rachel Stewart

It is estimated that as many as 20,000 polygamous Muslim marriages exist in the UK. In a Channel 4 documentary this week, director Masood Khan will delve into the community of


Birmingham faces changes with more Muslim children than Christian

Birmingham Post 24 September 2014
By Jemma Buckley

High birth rates and the rise of atheism are behind new statistics showing children in Birmingham are now more likely to be Muslim than Christian, an expert has claimed. The


How Qatar is Funding the Rise of Radical Islam

Breitbart 22 September 2014

Few outsiders have noticed, but radical Islamists now control Libya's capital. These militias stormed Tripoli last month, forcing the official government to flee and hastening the country's


Video: Danger of radicalization of Islamic youth in Kosovo and BiH

InSerbia News 22 September 2014

In Albania there is no radicalization o Islamic youth, but the situation is different in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the influence from the Islamic areas brings


Video: The Qur'an, the Bible, and the Islamic Dilemma

Answering Muslims 22 September 2014

The Qur'an affirms the inspiration, preservation, and authority of the Christian scriptures (including the Torah and the Gospel). Yet the Qur'an contradicts the Christian


UK: More Taxpayer Funds Go to Extremist Charities

Answering Muslims 22 September 2014
By Samuel Westrop

The British government is, incredibly, still continuing to fund charitable UK-based organizations with links to the Muslim Brotherhood, terrorist groups and domestic extremism.


Britain’s Female Jihadists

Breaking Israeli News 22 September 2014
By Soeren Kern

Great Britain is now the leading European source of female jihadists in Syria and Iraq.As many as 60 Muslim women between the ages of 18 and 24 are believed to have left Britain to


Beheadings: Brought To You By "The Religion Of Peace”

Townhall Conservative 22 September 2014

Thanks to Islam, "beheading" has been re-introduced into our daily discussions. Indeed, Islam has made vogue several murderous and torturous terms that, heretofore, have


Jihadists – Using Children

American Center for Democracy 22 September 2014
By Rachel Ehrenfeld

Sunni and Shiite jihadists have never shied away from using children as fighters (martyrs) Recall Iran’s use of tens of thousands of children to clear the Iraqi mines during


The Indian Jihadist Movement: Evolution and Dynamics

Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS) 22 September 2014
By Stephen Tankel

Do Indian mujahideen represent a destabilizing threat to US and Western interests in India and to an already wobbly security situation in South Asia? Maybe, says Stephen


The danger of saying ISIS is not Islam

Times of Israel 19 September 2014
By Liz Lightstone

So I’ve been thinking about this a lot and posted this morning on twitter about David Cameron’s comment ("they are monsters, not Muslims”). I’m very concerned by growing reprise that "Islamic State” (IS) is not Islam, that they are not Muslims. I can understand where it’s coming from but its a very dangerous form of


U.S., Europe Ponder Silent Threat From 'Tourist Jihadis'

Bloomberg 19 September 2014
By Mehul Srivastava and Helene Fouquet

As U.S. fighter jets bomb Islamic State strongholds in Iraq, and Australian police officers arrest men intent on capturing and beheading innocents, intelligence agencies are

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