UK’s Guardian campaigns against female genital mutilation while whitewashing Islamic justifications for it

Jihad Watch 10 February 2014
By Robert Spencer

How can the Guardian realistically expect to end this practice if it is afraid to expose the Islamic justifications for it? No, Muslims did not invent female genital mutilation, and are not the only people who practice it.


Opposition to Muslims and the Muslim headscarf in Western Europe 10 February 2014
By Alexandra Raphel

It has been almost 10 years since France’s National Assembly and Senate approved a controversial law prohibiting students from wearing "conspicuous” religious symbols in public


Video: SUN News Michael Coren on Muslims comparing ‘Islamophobia’ to the holocaust

The Muslim Issue 10 February 2014

Michael Coren with Canada’s SUN News is trying to get his head around the Muslim claim to be "victims like the Jews during the holocaust”.


Video: PEW RESEARCH STUDY says Christians are the most oppressed religious group in the world

Bare Naked Islam 10 February 2014

No surprise, Muslim countries top all the lists for the worst records of persecution against Christians.


The Muslim Conquest of India

American Thinker 10 February 2014
By Janet Levy

India's centuries-long resistance to Muslim aggression began in 636 C.E. This started a series of incursions in which Muslim warriors desecrated Hindu places of worship and universities, slaughtered monks and priests, and unleashed a reign of terror to impose Islam and subjugate the majority Hindu population.


Banality of ‘the truth about Turkey’

Hurriyet Daily News 10 February 2014

Of the books that are based on the fashionable orthodoxies of social studies, some are more unfortunate than others. The "shelf life” of the social and political studies that


What is Fethullah Gülen’s real mission?

openDemocracy 10 February 2014

To what extent, wittingly or otherwise, is the leader of Hizmet – a worldwide religious, social, and political movement – part of a mechanism aimed at destabilizing and perhaps


Al-Qaeda And Affliates Train And Indoctrinate Children Captured on Twitter

Right Side News 10 February 2014
By Steven Stalinsky and R. Sosnow

Al-Qaeda And Its Offshoots Train And Indoctrinate Newborns, Toddlers, And Preschoolers Captured On Twitter PART I: A Brief History Of Al-Qaeda's Efforts To Recruit


Turkey under Erdogan: Clamping Down on the Internet based on "The Great Leader”

Modern Tokyo Times 7 February 2014
By Nuray Lydia Oglu and Michiyo Tanabe

"The Great Leader Erdogan” now resembles the late Chairman Mao Zedong because he dictates from high. At least Mao had the excuse of ruling a one-party-state because of the


Germany Aiming to Become More Muslim Friendly

Gatestone Institute 7 February 2014
By Soeren Kern

Muslims attending the gathering were offended by the insinuation that Islam could be radical or violent, and demanded instead that the German government take steps to make "Islam equal to Christianity" in Germany.


Italy migrant influx incessant and massive, says minister

India Everyday 7 February 2014

More than 2,000 migrants landed on Italian shores in January, the government says, compared to just 217 in the same month last year. Deputy Interior Minister Filippo Bubbico


Video: The Battle for Women's Rights in Muslim Majority Societies

youtube 7 February 2014
By Clarion Project

The Clarion Project hosted a webinar together with "Muslims Facing Tomorrow" entitled "The Struggle for Women's Rights in Muslim-Majority Countries." The webinar was presented by Raheel Raza, founder and president of the Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow.


Geert Wilders outlines case for a Dutch ‘Nexit’ from the EU

Financial Times 6 February 2014
By James Fontanella-Khan

Geert Wilders, leader of the far-right Freedom Party (PVV) that is leading in Dutch polls for May’s European parliament elections, presented a study on Thursday


37% of Gaza rockets fell short last month

elderofziyon. 6 February 2014

During the two week period from January 9-22, Gaza terrorists fired 30 rockets and 6 mortars towards Israel. Of the 30 rockets, according to the Gaza NGO Safety Office, 11


In Bangladesh, 87 per cent of women victims of domestic violence

AsiaNews 6 February 2014
By Sumon Corraya

About 87 per cent of Bangladeshi married women are abused by their husband, this according to a nation-wide study conducted by the government that involved a sample of 12,600


Islamic extremism on the rise in Sweden: study

The Local 3 February 2014

Violent Islamic extremists in Sweden pose an increased threat to the public, a government investigation found on Friday, with the prime risks coming from those who have


Muslim ‘Enrichment’ in Britain: One Week Snapshot

Cherson and Molschky 3 February 2014
By Paul Wilkinson

The celebrants of multiculturalism constantly remind us of never-ending invigorating cultural enrichment, so just for fun, I thought I would make a note of some stories involving Islam or Muslims in Britain over a one week period.


Madness on the Bosphorus

The Economist 3 February 2014

"MUCH talk cannot be free of lies, much wealth cannot be free of illicit gain.” This old Turkish adage was tweeted by a former culture minister, Ertugrul Gunay, just as the


How British the justice system lost out to Islamic extremism 3 February 2014
By Douglas Murray

That isn't to say we won't be obliged to turn up. For the time being at least that will probably remain necessary. But we will not need to actually show our face. For a great

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