Turkish Genocide of Assyrians Destroyed the Future of Assyrian Society

AINA (press release) 4 September 2014

According to Feyyaz Kerimo, writer and teacher living in Sweden, the 1915 genocide had irrevocable effects on Assyrian identity which is made weaker and fell apart today.


How the US and Qatar Created ISIS, Monster of 100,000 Assassins

Cherson and Molschky 4 September 2014
By Y.K. Cherson.

Who is the biggest aggressor on our planet today? China? Russia? The USA? Israel? India? Pakistan? None of the above. It’s Qatar. The military budget of this tiny


Iraq and Syria: the Situation in Six Maps

AINA (press release) 4 September 2014
By Maher Mughrabi

In recent weeks the long-running Syrian civil war - which began after a brutal crackdown on protests against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad - has grown into a larger conflict


Obama silent on crisis threatening 200,000 3 September 2014
By Bob Unruh

A looming humanitarian crisis threatening the lives of 200,000 or more is being ignored by the United States, according to activists trying to save the thousands of Christians


The bus driver who has raped 12 little boys (and doesn't think he's done anything wrong): ...

Daily Mail 3 September 2014
By Ruth Styles

Ijaz, a bus conductor in his early twenties, spends his days travelling through the bustling streets of Peshawar in northern Pakistan, working hard to scrape a living. The


Video: Bulldozing the Border Between Iraq and Syria: The Islamic State (Part 5)

youtube 3 September 2014
By VICE News

On August 8, nearly three years after the United States pulled out of Iraq, President Barack Obama ordered airstrikes to commence on Islamic State positions in northern Iraq, as the group’s fighters advanced towards the Kurdish capital of Erbil.


Is Jihad Un-Islamic?

FrontPage Magazine 2 September 2014
By Fjordman

So-called "Islamophobes” such as Bat Ye’or and others have been warning for years against the possible rise of a new Islamic Caliphate. They have been largely ignored and partly ridiculed for doing so.


A Caliphate in 90 Seconds

Liberty GB 2 September 2014
By Michael Copeland

The BBC has produced a short video, "What is a caliphate? In 90 seconds". Not being Islamic scholars themselves, they presumably sought Muslim advice to make it. It certainly


Qatar Fingered as Top Mideast Terror Financier

Israel Today 2 September 2014
By Ryan Jones

Qatar figured as a major player in this summer’s Gaza war, and just might be involved in other regional conflicts involving brutal jihadist terror groups, and not in a good


Israel and the Obama-Qatari Axis

FrontPage Magazine 2 September 2014
By Joseph Puder

When considering the geo-political map of the current Middle East, not everything is negative or alarming, at least from an Israeli point of view. Although the Middle East is


Multiculturalism and Islam

American Thinker 2 September 2014
By Robert Klein Engler

Recently, the Hindustan Times ran an article noting that the Nalanda University has reopened after being destroyed 800 years ago. "… the new university took off with only two schools -- the school of ecology & environmental studies and the school of historical studies, seven faculty members and 15 students.”


Video: Poll: 95 Percent of BBC Viewers Think Multiculturalism Has Failed

Breitbart 2 September 2014
By Donna Rachel Edmunds

A whopping 95 percent of respondents to a BBC straw poll have said that they think multiculturalism in Britain is a failure. The poll was taken yesterday morning during the


Video: The Notion of ‘Sin’ in Islam and Christianity — on The Glazov Gang

FrontPage Magazine 2 September 2014

This week’s Glazov Gang was guest-hosted by Nonie Darwish and joined by Dr. Jim Tolle, the Senior Pastor at El Camino Metro Church in Los Angeles. Pastor Tolle joined the


Jihad Comes To Europe

Right Side News 2 September 2014
By Guy Milliere

Belgian security services have estimated that the number of European jihadists in Syria may be over 4000.


‘Pan-Islamist Davutoglu’ thesis ruffling feathers in Turkey

Hurriyet Daily News 2 September 2014

Is Turkey’s new Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu a pan-Islamist ideologue, with imperialist ambitions to reshape the Middle East into a post-national order based on Turkish and


Islamic State and the appeal of 72 Virgins-in-waiting: Video games, boredom and the lack of future prospects

RT 2 September 2014
By Dr. Can Erimtan

Muslim extremism has been NATO's enemy-of-choice since the mid-1990's, and now this amorphous opponent has once again assumed the shape of a recognizable organization headed by


'Mohammed' the most common name in Oslo

i24news 2 September 2014

The Islamic name not merely the most frequently given to male newborns, but the most common among all men "Mohammed" has become the most common name in the capital of


Turkey struggles to benefit from study abroad

Al-Monitor 2 September 2014
By Pinar Tremblay

Research shows that studying and working abroad makes you "smarter." The impact of higher education on the economy, the diversity of college campuses and the potential


Video: Christians in the Caliphate: The Islamic State (Part 4)

youtube 2 September 2014
By VICE News

The lightning advances of the Islamic State across Syria and Iraq in June shocked the world. But it’s not just the group's military victories that have garnered attention — it’s also the pace with which its members have begun to carve out a viable state.


The Muslim Colonists: Forgotten Facts about the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Jewish Press 1 September 2014
By Ezequiel Doiny

The Yazidi in Iraq and the Christian Copts in Egypt are not "occupiers” or "settlers;” neither are the Jews in Israel. They are both victims of a common enemy that seems to

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