Hardline Australia, confused Scandinavia and tense Russia: the global immigration picture

The Guardian 1 December 2014
By Homa Khaleeli, Ashifa Kassam and David Smith

Special report: immigration increasingly dominates national debate in the UK. But what about elsewhere? From the far right making political capital in Scandinavia to border


The Least Peaceful Countries in the World are Muslim

Muslim Statistics 1 December 2014
By Daniel Greenfield

So much for the Religion of Peace trademark. With so much of strife and violence dominating our world, and the aftermath of the Arab Spring, its violent protests and


Video: ‘Time of Violence’ – The true story how Christians lived under Islam

The Muslimim Issue 1 December 2014

Year is 1668. The Turkish siege of the Venetian fortress of Candia (now Iraklion in Crete) has been lasting for a second decade now. The Rhodope Mountain is seen as a strategically


How to stop the Islamic State in Europe

Global Post 1 December 2014
By Paul Ames

Blowback is the buzzword spreading a chill through the security forces of Europe right now. It refers to fear of a new wave of terrorism emerging out of the carnage in the


Destination Germany for Syrian refugees in Europe

DW 1 December 2014

Ali Najaf and his family fled from civil war in Syria to Bulgaria and eventually to Germany in search of a better life. Krasimir Yankov reports on a Syrian refugee making his


Turkey criticizes Denmark for complaint to EU on suspect release

Today's Zaman 1 December 2014

Turkish European Union Affairs Minister Volkan Bozkir has lashed out at Denmark for reporting Turkey's release of a Danish suspect to the EU, claiming that the country keeps


Mosque in Bulgaria’s Pazardzhik, focus of anti-terrorism raid, not under jurisdiction of Chief Mufti

Turkish Weekly 1 December 2014

The Ebu Bekir mosque in the Bulgarian town of Pazardzhik that was a focus of a security operation against alleged radical Islamic terrorism is not under the jurisdiction of the


Danes: Immigrants are the "greatest threat” to Denmark 1 December 2014
By Nicolai Sennels

When Danes fear immigrants, it is not because of the average American or Chinese – it is because of the Muslims. Muslim immigration has proven to be a weapon of mass


FGM: Burton female genital mutilation awareness event a success

burtonmail 1 December 2014

A female genital mutilation (FGM) awareness event held in Burton last week has been hailed as a success. Staffordshire's deputy police and crime commissioner Sue Arnold


Muslims Discovered Earth is Round, says Religion That Believes It’s Flat

Frontpage Mag 1 December 2014
By Daniel Greenfield

Turkey, these days better known as Erdoganistan, is all over this science thing. First its thuggish Muslim dictator Erdogan claimed that Muslims discovered America. Now his


The War Preachers of Islam

American Thinker 1 December 2014
By James Lewis

"I hate your government, your lies, your corruption, your religion, your double standard and your hypocrisy,” wrote the son of Ayatollah Rouhani, just before he killed


ISIS: Portrait of a Jihadi Terrorist Organization

Right Side News 1 December 2014
By Rachel Ehrenfeld

1. This study examines the nature of the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS), an Islamic Salafist-jihadi terrorist organization founded a decade ago as a branch of


A Fantasy-driven Muslim World can Never Become Modern

American Thinker 1 December 2014
By James Lewis

Obama’s "best friend,” Recip Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, who wants to revive the universally-hated Ottoman Empire, says that Muslims discovered America. Oddly enough, the same


Traditional African Communities Say Female Genital Mutilation Is An Essential Cultural Passage

KRWG 1 December 2014
By Andrew Thompson

Earlier this year the Obama Administration called for the eradication of female genital mutilation and announced a major study measuring its prevalence in the US. The traditional


A horror called Female Genital Mutilation

i24news 1 December 2014

At best, every second woman in Egypt undergoes the procedure, at worst - almost every one. A few years ago, when the Arab revolutions were raging in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen, women were in the avant garde of change, demanding reforms and better lives. But it seems the Arab spring played a cruel joke on them. During the dramatic 2013 events at (continue reading...)


Child marriages do more harm than good, says Fatwa Council

The Rakyat Post 1 December 2014

Child marriages are not wajib (obligatory) or sunnah (encouraged), according to religious scholars with the National Fatwa Committee, which has published an e-Fatwa on


Blood Money: How Isis makes up to €4.5m a day

Irish Examiner 1 December 2014

The Islamic State’s staggering successes come at a cost. After all, it’s not cheap to wage war and manage territorial conquests whose population is now roughly the size


Embedding a Fact Within Another Story

Citizen Warrior 25 November 2014

I was talking with a friend the other day. I've talked to him before about Islam, but he's one of those people who tries to find some way of thinking about it so he doesn't


10 tips for businesses to avoid financing terror

Money Jihad 25 November 2014

If you run or work for a medium or small business that can’t afford to have an entire compliance department, or even a compliance officer, here are a few tips that will help


Giving Thanks For The Counter-Jihad Network

Townhall 25 November 2014
By Diana West

I am giving special thanks this year for the hard work of patriots who toil without recompense to expose the many vectors of Islamic subversion currently eroding the already

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