Video: So, this is how Barack Hussein Obama is getting weapons from Benghazi to the jihadists/terrorists in Syria

Bare Naked Islam 3 April 2014

I always knew they were going through Turkey but wasn’t exactly sure how. In case you forgot, this was the reason Ambassador Christopher Stevens was at a U.S. mission/warehouse, NOT a consulate, in Libya.


Video: Miss Camel Beauty Contest

youtube 2 April 2014

Check out more from Chartlet here! The desert may be one of the last places on Earth you'd expect to find a beauty pageant.


Video: Voices for the Voiceless

Gates Of Vienna 2 April 2014
By Baron Bodissey

Everyone who labors in the “Islamophobia” business has to contend with the same issue: a lack of effectiveness in the wider world. As has often been pointed out, this website


Video: “Prominent Sydney Sheik” Waging Jihad in Syria

Sheikyer Mami 1 April 2014
By Andrew Bolt

Again, how did our immigration authorities allow such a person or his family to come here in the first place? And will they keep him out in future?


Video: Megyn Kelly Exposes CAIR for Defending Violence Against Women

Answering Muslims 1 April 2014
By David Wood

It's refreshing to see someone in the media who doesn't automatically back down from the Hamas front-group CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations). CAIR has been trying to shut down open discussion of honor-violence, most recently by condemning the film The Honor Diaries.


Video: How to be a racist

youtube 1 April 2014
By Pat Condell

As if you didn't know.


Controversial cleric urges Muslims to be active in society - video 1 April 2014

Speaking to the Finnish media on Saturday, controversial Muslim cleric Bilal Philips denied extremist ties or preaching violence against homosexuals. Philips, who started a


Video: David Yerushalmi and Robert Muise on Sharia and the Freedom of Speech

Atlas Shrugs 1 April 2014
By Pamela Geller

Here is a superb video of a conference on sharia that my ace lawyers, David Yerushalmi and Robert Muise of the American Freedom Law Center, did in Cincinnati last week. Our landmark American Freedom Defense Initiative freedom of speech cases were highlighted before a standing-room-only crowd. This is a must-see video.


Video: 'Brave German Woman' Heidi Mund: Why I Rebuked Islam

Charisma News 1 April 2014
By Dale Hurd

Heidi Mund, an atheist-turned-Christian, has gained global notoriety for standing up to Islam's creeping influence in her homeland, Germany.


Video: Imam says 6-7 year-old girls can look sexy, even to their own fathers, so cover them up

Atlas Shrugs 31 March 2014
By Pamela Geller

This is sickening, but it is not out of the ordinary. So many Muslim countries under the sharia allow child marriage, in accordance with Muhammad’s preferences for child brides.


Video: Afghanistan: Educating Girls in Madrassas

Answering Muslims 31 March 2014
By David Wood

In Afghanistan, girls are being brainwashed into thinking that it's God's will for them to be thoroughly oppressed by men. In the West, students are being brainwashed into thinking that only a racist would object to what goes on in an Afghani Madrassa.


Video: The Qur'an and the Problem of Abrogation

Answering Muslims 25 March 2014

According to the Qur'an, no one can change Allah's words (6:115; 18:27). Yet Allah himself frequently changes his words by revealing a verse that abrogates (or cancels) an earlier verse (see 2:106; 16:101).


History of Mohammedan Slave Raids on White Europeans

Sheikyer Mami 22 March 2014

Everything that came from the orient that time was called ‘Turks’. The Ottomans wanted slaves, and the Crimean Tatars provided them from the steppes of Ukraine and southern Russia—with the help of raiding Nogai Tatars and, until the 15th century, with the collaboration of Genoese merchants who shipped them off from the Crimean port town of Feodosia.


Rappin’ on Geert

Gates Of Vienna 22 March 2014
By Baron Bodissey

On March 18, 2014, the “Dutch” rapper Hozny released a new song called “Geertje”, along with a video. The video clip shows a man in a blond wig representing the Dutch politician Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom. The fake Geert is abducted by armed men and brought to Hozny, who makes him kneel in front of an Islamic flag. The clip ends with a shot of Wilders being executed.


Video: Syria Jihadis' British Fighters Launch Recruitment Drive on Video

IBTimes 22 March 2014
By Jack Moore

Footage has emerged on the British Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham (ISIS) Twitter account of British men joining Islamist fighters in Syria with an invitation for more to join as the "doors of jihad are still open".


Video: Special Feature: Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2014

Cine-Vue 22 March 2014

Now in its 18th year, the Human Rights Watch Film Festival runs from 18-28 March 2014 with a programme of twenty award-winning documentary and feature films screening at the Curzon Mayfair, Curzon Soho, Ritzy Brixton and the Barbican.


Homosexuality Is Like Murder, Birmingham Mosque Chairman Says After BBC3 Gay Muslim Debate Row

The Huffington Post 21 March 2014

The chairman of one of Europe's largest mosques has launched a tirade against those who criticised him for banning a BBC3 discussion about gay Muslims at his mosque, comparing homosexuality to being "a compulsive murderer, gambler, or paedophile".


Video: Doing the RIGHT Thing - Another One of Muhammad's Handy Teachings

Answering Muslims 21 March 2014
By Anthony Rogers

Muhammad's teachings are often thought to be silly. The truth is that many of the things he taught come in quite handy. Watch and learn...

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