Video: Fatah official accuses Hamas of stealing $700m from Gazans Read more: Fatah official accuses Hamas of stealing $700m

The Times of Israel 6 October 2014
By Stuart Winer

Despite a recent rapprochement between the rival Palestinian factions, a Fatah spokesman recently accused the Hamas terror of stealing $700 million in charity donations that were supposed


Video: Ben Affleck in heated TV debate over Islam

The Independent 6 October 2014

The actor-director Ben Affleck makes a passionate defence of Islam on Bill Maher television show


Islamic State - Do We Believe Obama or Mohammed?

youtube 29 September 2014
By Bill Warner

Obama and the media tell us that Islamic State, ISIS, ISIL, has nothing to do with Islam. Well, Mohammed says that Islamic State is pure Islam.


Video History: Islamic Conquest of Persia

islam-watch 29 September 2014

By 639, Islam's growing new caliphate included the Arabian Peninsula, Syria, Palestine, and most of Mesopotamia. The Muslims had delivered a devastating blow to the Christian


American Cleric Yasir Qadhi Calls upon Westerners to Refrain from Jihad in Syria

youtube 29 September 2014

In a lecture delivered in Oslo, Norway, Yasir Qadhi, an influential American cleric and scholar, said that while Jihad against Bashar Al-Assad was "the greatest Jihad,"


Video:Switzerland: Muslims Laugh, Celebrate While Christian Church Burns To The Ground

Atlas Shrugs 27 September 2014
By Pamela Geller

Imagine if a video emerged of Christians and Jews laughing and celebrating as a mosque burned to the ground. Bam! "Switzerland: Muslims Laugh, Celebrate While Christian


Video: Fracking lets us ditch Saudi oil to use our own

Money Jihad 27 September 2014

As part of the run-up to Money Jihad’s five-year anniversary, we’re looking back at five important videos from over the past several years about the financing of terrorism.


Video: Battle against Islamic State: September 24 as it happened

The Telegraph 25 September 2014
By Georgia Graham

Updates from our reporting teams as Barack Obama addresses the UN and an Islamic State affiliated group in Algeria beheads a French hostage. 18.40 Wrap up. We're going to leave it there for


Video: Here are the heads

Bare Naked Islam 25 September 2014

Islamic school affiliated with a Toronto mosque has been teaching very young children that beheading is a justified punishment for disobeying the laws of Islam. In a school play


Video: Pro-ISIS Jordanian Lawyer: Obama Is a Slave, a Mule; We Will Rule the World

youtube 25 September 2014

In a recent TV interview, Jordanian Islamist lawyer Majed Al-Leftawi, a supporter of ISIS, called the U.S. air strikes in Syria "media firecrackers" and said that Obama was a "White House slave


Laughing at the new Inquisition

youtube 25 September 2014
By Pat Condell

The stench of hypocrisy from the "progressive” high moral ground. "Anything but the truth” could be a "progressive” motto.


Video: Watch: This Politician’s Anti-Radical Islam Rant Was So Intense That It Got Him Arrested 24 September 2014
By Justin Koski

Prime Minister David Cameron continues to apologize for and defend Islam, even in the wake of the brutal beheadings done in its name. There is one British politician,


Tony Blair: Obama Needs To Take On Islamic Schools That Teach Quran

The Daily Caller 24 September 2014

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Tuesday that one of the best way to combat terrorism in the future is to attack directly the education systems in countries and


Video: Alan Henning 'pleads for his life' in new IS recording

C4 News 24 September 2014

Wednesday 24 September 2014 Iraq , UK Alan Henning 'pleads for his life' in new IS recording The wife of British hostage Alan Henning urges Islamic State to release him


Video: Dutch Jabhat Al-Nusra Fighter from Site of U.S. Air Strike in Syria: We Will Keep Fighting

youtube 24 September 2014

In this English-language video, posted on the Internet on September 23, a Dutch Islamist fighting with Jabhat Al-Nusra in Syria displays the destruction caused by the U.S. air


Video: Turkish parents say 'no' to religious schools

The Observers 24 September 2014
By Ali Kenanoglu

Is your child struggling academically in school? If you lived in Turkey, the state would likely place your child in an Islamic religious school for their secondary

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