Caucasus jihadists seek off-grid donations

Money Jihad 28 May 2015

Islamic State supporters from the North Caucasus are using Russian-language social media and a digital wallet service called QIWI to raise money to “fight against the disbelievers.” Use of


Anti-mosque group 'won't talk to Muslims'

Islamist Watch 26 May 2015
By Megan Mackander

Sunshine Coast anti-mosque protestors say they have no intentions of speaking face-to-face with Muslims about a planned "place of worship" because they already know what


Canadian Al Jazeera Journalist Says Al Jazeera Is Sponsor Of Muslim Brotherhood; We Are Not Surprised

MB Watch 26 May 2015

Mohamed Fahmy, the Canadian journalist on trial in Egypt on terror-related charges, has filed a lawsuit in Canadian court against his employer Al Jazeera for $100 million, accusing the


EU Funds Palestinian Radicalism

FrontPage Magazine 19 May 2015
By Joseph Puder

The Guardian newspaper reported (May 13, 2015) that, "A high profile group of former European leaders and diplomats has called for the urgent reassessment of EU policy on the


Turkey guts cash screening at customs

Money Jihad 19 May 2015

Turkey has revised its customs regulations to the point where one Turkish headline described it as "Unlimited cash entry into Turkey now legalized.” Turkey said the regulations


From Next Door to Harrods, Oldest U.K. Islamic Bank Plots Growth

Bloomberg 19 May 2015
By Daria Solovieva

Al Rayan Bank Plc will this year study the feasibility of expanding into France after the lender previously known as the Islamic Bank of Britain posted its first profit, said


Afghanistan supplies 90 percent of the world’s heroin, Afghans leading consumers of drugs

Rawa News 15 May 2015
By Adam Kredo

Afghanistan's poppy fields are thriving, with cultivation of the crop hitting record highs last year. Poppy produces opium, the main ingredient in heroin. Already, the country supplies 90


Hamas campus on Swedish dole

Money Jihad 13 May 2015

Nearly 60 million Swedish crowns flowed last year from Sweden’s taxpayers through the international charity Islamic Relief to programs in the Palestinian territories that blur


Report: Hezbollah Apparently Already Has Chlorine Gas

Arutz Sheva 13 May 2015
By Gil Ronen

According to the reporter, Amir Bar Shalom, it appears chlorine gas bombs have made their way from Syria to Hezbollah's hands, despite the IDF's efforts to interdict the transfer.


A Turkish-Saudi Military Offensive on Syria?

Gatestone Institute 11 May 2015
By Burak Bekdil

Syria's Scud-C ballistic missiles put several big Turkish cities "within range." Half of the Turkish squadrons that would fly over Syrian skies may not be able


Islamic schools in midst of leadership crisis with principals sacked, accusations of mismanagement of taxpayer funds 8 May 2015
By Alison Branley

Australia's leading Islamic schools are in the midst of a leadership crisis, with school principal sackings, accusations of mismanagement of taxpayer funds, slipping standards


30 sugar smugglers ID’d as al-Shabaab financiers

Money Jihad 8 May 2015

Money Jihad readers may recall that Kenya recently sanctioned 86 people and 13 money transfer companies for their financial ties to the Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab. It


ISIS Threatens to Declare War on Hamas

Arutz Sheva 8 May 2015
By Cynthia Blank

Tensions between terror organizations Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and Hamas in Gaza have intensified in recent days, Maariv reported on Wednesday. Clashes apparently


Iran pays $2m more to Gaza martyrs’ families

Money Jihad 6 May 2015

Al-Ansar Charity Association, a financial intermediary between Iran and the terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad, has announced through social media that it will


Iran pays $2m more to Gaza martyrs’ families

Money Jihad 5 May 2015

Al-Ansar Charity Association, a financial intermediary between Iran and the terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad, has announced through social media that it will distribute $2 million


U.K. Taxpayers Funding Terror Play Based On Hamas Words

Tundra Tabloids 4 May 2015

Arts Council England is handing over £15,000 to producers of a unashamedly one-sided drama based on accounts from the gunmen and bombers of Hamas (file picture shown) and the


Spain looks to close gaps on hawala

Money Jihad 4 May 2015

Almost alone among EU countries, the U.S. State Department singled out Spain as facing "significant gaps” in identifying unlicensed hawala dealers in its annual


Largest counterfeit currency manufacturing unit in WB unearthed within an ISO 9001 Company owned by Muslims.

Bengal Spotlight 4 May 2015

Finally the Special Task Force (STF) on Monday uncovered a racket in fake currency notes and seized counterfeit Indian currency notes with face value of more than Rs 10 crore, which


Minnesota men heading to ISIS via . . . Mexico?

Fausta's Blog 30 April 2015

Several Somali American men were charged by federal officials on Monday after a 10-month investigation into their alleged efforts to join Islamic State terrorists

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