How Saudi Wahhabism Is the Fountainhead of Islamist Terrorism

The Huffington Post 23 January 2015
By Yousaf Butt

LONDON -- The horrific terrorist attacks on the Charlie Hebdo weekly in Paris have led to speculation as to whether the killers -- the brothers Chérif and Saïd Kouachi -- were


Busted! Turkey caught smuggling weapons to al-Qaida

WND 22 January 2015
By F. Michael Maloof

Turkish intelligence, under the apparent direction of then Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, allegedly has been authorizing the smuggling of arms to al-Qaida cells


How Saudi Wahhabism Is the Fountainhead of Islamist Terrorism

Huffington Post 21 January 2015
By Yousaf Butt

The horrific terrorist attacks on the Charlie Hebdo weekly in Paris have led to speculation as to whether the killers -- the brothers Chérif and Saïd Kouachi -- were lone wolves or tied to


African States Get $189m Financing From Islamic Lender

Ventures Africa 21 January 2015
By Niyi Aderibigbe

The Board of Executive Directors of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) has approved a new round of financing worth $189.4 million for development projects covering important


The 13 sitting senators who used to support disclosure of Saudi funding of 9/11 hijackers

Money Jihad 19 January 2015

Saudi Arabia provided some financial and logistical support to the 9/11 hijackers through interlocutors in San Diego and Sarasota prior to the attacks of 2001. Congress


Boko Haram targets India for drug dealing income

Money Jihad 16 January 2015

The jihadist group Boko Haram killed up to 2,000 people in northeastern Nigeria last week. The operation would have cost Boko Haram a great deal of money in terms of arming and


Disputed Claims Over Qaeda Role in Paris Attacks 15 January 2015
By Eric Schmitt, Mark Mazzetti and Rukmini Callimachi

The younger of the two brothers who killed 12 people in Paris last week most likely used his older brother’s passport in 2011 to travel to Yemen, where he received training


UK Cuts Funding to Muslim Charities Accused of Extremist Ties

Non Profit Quarterly 14 January 2015
By Shafaq Hasan

After the slaughter of 2,000 Nigerians in Boko Haram and the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack last week, both perpetrated by Islamic extremists, nations are on high alert. To


AQAP to reap windfall from Paris attacks

Money Jihad 10 January 2015

After Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) claimed responsibility for planning the attack against Charlie Hebdo, former CIA deputy director Mike Morell told CBS Radio News


Danish mosque doubles down on Isis support

The Local Denmark 8 January 2015

In a newly-aired documentary, leaders of the Grimhøj Mosque said that they want to see Isis win, that a Danish suicide bomber is a hero and that they do not believe in


Muslim Brotherhood Founded 50% of the Mosques in the West

Clarion Project 6 January 2015
By Ryan Mauro

A prominent Muslim leader in the United Kingdom with links to the Muslim Brotherhood estimates that half of the mosques in the West were founded by Brotherhood members. The


Islamic State touts $250M year-end budget surplus; opens bank

Washington Times 6 January 2015
By Cheryl K. Chumley

Terrorists with the Islamic State say that when 2015 wraps, they’ll have an estimated $250 million left over from their $2 billion budget — and that the extra money will go to


The story behind Saudi Arabia's oil games

CNNMoney 6 January 2015
By Fahad Nazer

As the world's biggest producer of crude oil, Saudi Arabia has a lot of influence on prices. One theory is that the Saudis are intentionally crashing oil markets to undermine Iran. The


The story behind Saudi Arabia's oil games

CNN 5 January 2015
By Fahad Nazer

The near $50 drop in oil prices since June has led to rampant speculation about Saudi Arabia's master plan. As the world's biggest producer of crude oil, Saudi Arabia has a


Source of shoe bomber’s cash unclear

Money Jihad 24 December 2014

Today is the thirteenth anniversary of failed shoe bomber Richard Reid’s attempt to blow up a trans-Atlantic flight. Reid purchased his plane ticket with $1,800 in cash. He is


Muslim Charities Forum Loses UK Government Grants; Government Cites Links With Extremism

UK media is reporting that two Islamic charities have lost their grants after the government claimed they had links with Islamist extremism. According to the BBC report, one of


EU Backs Palestinian Dictatorship

The Gatestone Institute 23 December 2014
By Khaled Abu Toameh

These European parliaments are also turning a blind eye to the fact that, under the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, there is no respect for the rule of law, free speech, transparency or accountability. These Western parliamentarians are in fact acting against the interests of the Palestinians


Arafat gave us arms for Second Intifada attacks, Hamas official says

The Times of Israel 19 December 2014
By Elhanan Miller

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat allowed Hamas to carry out terror attacks against Israel following the failure of the Camp David peace talks in July 2000, and transferred


Islamic State selling church artefacts worth millions to western collectors

Christian Today 19 December 2014
By Carey Lodge

Western collectors are thought to be in direct contact with Islamic State looters, who have taken millions of pounds worth of artefacts from ancient churches across Iraq and Syria


UK: Hamas-linked Interpal Enjoys Mainstream Support

Gatestone Institute 16 December 2014
By Samuel Westrop

Peter Oborne's claim, that "it is almost impossible not to deal with Hamas... if you're a charity working [in the Gaza Strip]," is demonstrably untrue. First, scores of

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