Qatar bank invests £75m in Islamic Bank of Britain

Mortgage Introducer 6 February 2014

Masraf Al Rayan QSC is the second largest bank in Qatar and the fifth largest Islamic bank in the world. It invested the funds through its UK subsidiary, Al Rayan.


Wealthy Arab donors & Pakistan’s spy agency (ISI) main funders of Taliban

Creeping Sharia 6 February 2014

The U.S. gives billions of taxpayer dollars to Pakistan who in turn gives it to the Taliban. As do wealthy Arabs (Saudi’s?) People familiar with the Taliban’s finances say


Al Qaeda extorts businessmen in Iraq

Money Jihad 6 February 2014

Al Qaeda shakes down businessmen as a form of zakat, the traditional Islamic tax on wealth. Other jihadist groups, such as the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, have taken


Saudis to export wahhabism in Kyrgyzstan

voiceofrussia 6 February 2014

Riyadh is showing a growing interest in Kyrgyzstan. In January, the Deputy Head of Saudi diplomacy visited the country. And before that, the chairman of the Consultative


Spinwatch Receives Funding From UK Muslim Brotherhood 3 February 2014

A UK blog has reported that the Spinwatch website has received funding from tan organization headed by one of the leaders of the UK Muslim Brotherhood. According to a report


Drug money bust reveals Hezbollah’s control

Money Jihad 3 February 2014

The Australian Crime Commission has foiled an international narco-trafficking and money laundering scheme involving 18 organized groups and 40 separate money laundering


Obama brother tied to Hamas-funding accounts 31 January 2014
By Jerome R. Corsi

NEW YORK – While operating a nonprofit in the U.S. that was granted tax-exempt status by the official dismissed in the IRS scandal, President Obama’s half-brother, Malik Obama,


Top Islamic Leader Calls on U.S. to Wage ‘Jihad for Allah’

FrontPage Magazine 31 January 2014
By Raymond Ibrahim

A video of Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi calling on the U.S. government to wage jihad for Allah in Syria, is currently making the rounds on Arabic media and Facebook, to mockery and


Jihad: now powered by amphetamines

Money Jihad 31 January 2014

Unlike poppies in Afghanistan, which the Taliban simply taxes on the basis of traditional Islamic law, terrorist organizations in Syria and Lebanon are taking things a step


Al-Qaida and Palestinian jihadists: The Hamas connection

JPOST.COM 30 January 2014

The symbiotic relationship between Hamas and salafi/ jihadi factions in Gaza will continue and probably expand on the background of their common interests to act against


IRS Wants New York-based Charity’s Status Stripped for Hamas Support

Creeping Sharia 29 January 2014

An Internal Revenue Service audit recommends stripping a New York-based charity of its tax-exempt status after it served as a conduit for donations for a convoy that delivered


Qatar-based cleric campaigns for Mursi

Gulf News 29 January 2014

Doha: A controversial Qatar-based Muslim cleric called on Saudi Arabia to stop backing Egypt’s military-dominated authorities, accusing them of using Saudi money to kill


Al-Qaeda Terrorist Groups Have Reaped Over $100 Million From Kidnapping Ransoms

The Huffington Post 28 January 2014

The UN Security Council on Monday demanded that countries not pay terrorist ransoms which the British backers of the move said have reaped Al-Qaeda and its allies more than $100 million.


China blocks money flow to Pak-backed jihadists

Money Jihad 28 January 2014

Demonstrating its concern that Pakistani-funded terrorists are brewing a witch’s cauldron of jihad in its Western territory, the government of China has signaled that it will


The Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s "Islamophobia” Campaign against Freedom

Family Security Matters 27 January 2014

The "quite formidable" Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) "has really escaped the notice of a lot of foreign policy observers," religious freedom scholar Nina Shea noted at a January 17, 2014, Hudson Institute panel.  To correct this deficiency, Shea moderated an important presentation on the OIC's stealth jihad against freedom by her "old friend" Mark Durie, an Anglican theologian and human rights activist.


Profits for "the Prophet's" Followers: Where Does It Come From?

Citizen Warrior 27 January 2014

Since Muhammad, orthodox Muslims have found methods to simultaneously weaken non-Muslims while strengthening Islam. Muhammad raided the caravans of his enemies, for example, which materially supported his army while impoverishing Islam's enemies.


Turkey's Fethullah Gulen denies corruption probe links

BBC News 27 January 2014
By Tim Franks

Reclusive Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen, seen as a rival to Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has denied using his influence to start investigations into alleged high-level


Florida: Publisher of Islamic bias in textbook heavily promotes sharia finance

Creeping Sharia 27 January 2014

Research reveals startling information regarding Pearson plc, publisher of Islamist biased World History textbook and United States Department of Justice intervention in


Jamaat intertwined with sharia banks and Islamic charities

Money Jihad 23 January 2014

Analyst Chris Blackburn has written an undated piece documenting the abuses of Jamaat-e-Islami, the radical Islamic political party in Bangladesh, and its support networks.

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