Saudi Arabia and Qatar’s spending shove Somalia into the abyss

Money Jihad 13 January 2014

As if things weren’t bad enough in Somalia, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have funded an increasingly active death squad that has embedded itself within Somalia’s security forces, according to a new investigative report from Waagacusub, a Somali news service.


Barack Hussein Obama orders CIA to continue arming and training al-Qaeda linked jihadists in Syria

Bare Naked Islam 13 January 2014

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is administering a secret program to further arm, train, and support the anti-government Free Syrian Army, most of whom are now al


Why Is Hamas Courting Iran and the Palestinian Authority?

Gatestone Institute 13 January 2014
By Khaled Abu Toameh

Hamas does not recognize Israel's right to exist and is vehemently opposed to the current U.S.-sponsored peace talks. Hamas wants unity with the Palestinian Authority ...


Libyan Christians Worried as Country Marches Toward Sharia

Answering Muslims 13 January 2014

The Obama Administration backed Libyan rebels against a largely secular (though admittedly evil) dictator. And now the Libyan government will be controlled by something far


Maryland: Ex-Army soldier turned Muslim facing terror charge to plead guilty

Creeping Sharia 13 January 2014

A former Army soldier accused of trying to provide support to a terrorist organization in Somalia after he left the military intends to plead guilty in connection with the


Another Eritrean embassy engages in extortion

Money Jihad 10 January 2014

It happens in Kenya, Canada, Britain, and, according to a new report, in Israel as well. Eritrean diplomats carry out the dirty work of the dictatorship back home by forcing


Perth man delivers 'radical' Islamic lectures

World news Australia on SBS 10 January 2014
By Ryan Emery

The brother of a man jailed in Saudi Arabia on terrorism charges has been lecturing at Islamic centres in Australia accused of radicalism. Junaid Thorne has allegedly told


UK Charity Commission Fails to Regulate Extremist Charities

Gatestone Institute 9 January 2014
By Samuel Westrop

Rather than address the extremist and politicized nature of the charity, the Commission simply allowed the charity to hide the incriminating evidence. Can the Commission


Saudi Bankrolling of al-Qaeda Well Known to U.S. Government

Executive Intelligence Review 9 January 2014
By Jeffrey Steinberg and Edward Spannaus

"If I could somehow snap my fingers and cut off the funding from one country, it would be Saudi Arabia." —Stuart Levey,


Egypt TV cleric in Qatar urges referendum boycott

St. Louis Post Dispatch 9 January 2014

A famous pro-Muslim Brotherhood TV cleric based in Qatar issued a religious edict Tuesday saying it is forbidden to vote in Egypt's constitutional referendum because it gives


Egypt summons Qatar envoy amid row over Brotherhood

The Daily Star 8 January 2014

CAIRO: Egypt's foreign ministry said it summoned Qatar's ambassador on Saturday to protest Doha's criticism of the military-installed government's crackdown on the Muslim


Understanding and Treating the Cancer of Islamic Extremism

The Huffington Post 7 January 2014
By Ribal Al-Assad

"I am a soldier of Allah and this is a war," explained Michael Adebolajo in his own defense at the trial for the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby. The judge disqualified


Columbian city a hub for Hezbollah money

Money Jihad 7 January 2014

Lebanese families in Maicao, Columbia, are at the crossroads of a lucrative network of businesses, money launderers, and drug traffickers who send money back to Lebanon to


Egypt Cracks Down on Muslim Brotherhood

Townhall Finance 6 January 2014

Egypt: An Egyptian court convicted 139 supporters of ousted President Mursi on charges ranging from rioting to sabotage and sentenced each to two-year prison


Qatar is suddenly investing heavily in the U.S., bankrolling D.C.’s City Center, other projects

The Washington Post 19 December 2013
Marc Fisher

Eight years after Washington’s biggest construction project in two decades was launched, City Center was just a sad expanse of parking lots on seven blocks of prime downtown


NIA: terrorists get fivefold pay raise

Money Jihad 19 December 2013

Money Jihad has previously covered the Islamic terrorist group Hizbul Mujahideen’s growing revenue sources in India, which include counterfeiting, donations from front


Turkey shipped arms to Syria rebels: Report

Ahram Online 18 December 2013

Turkey has shipped 47 tonnes of weapons to Syrian rebels since June despite repeated government denials, a local newspaper reported on Monday. The Hurriyet Daily News,


Mass murder in the Middle East is funded by our friends the Saudis

The Independent 17 December 2013
By Patrick Cockburn

Donors in Saudi Arabia have notoriously played a pivotal role in creating and maintaining Sunni jihadist groups over the past 30 years. But, for all the supposed


Popular Saudi cleric endorses Islamic Front, calls for cooperation with al Qaeda

The Long War Journal 17 December 2013
By Thomas Joscelyn

Dr. Abdallah Muhammad al Muhaysini, a popular Saudi cleric who has relocated to Syria, has used his highly trafficked social media presence to endorse the new Islamic Front


Dutch parliament urges Palestinian Authority to stop rewarding terrorists

Money Jihad 16 December 2013

About 40 percent of European Union aid to the Palestinian Authority is diverted as stipends to convicted Palestinian terrorists and their families. Countries including Norway and the Netherlands are getting a bit tired of this state of affairs.

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