Plan for 'Sharia-compliant' student loans to get more Muslims into university

The Telegraph 5 April 2014
By Graeme Paton

A new system of “Sharia-compliant” student loans is to be launched to allow more Muslim students to go to university, it has been announced. David Willetts, the Universities


Struggling Sudan gets $1 bn from Qatar

The National 3 April 2014

Qatar’s emir held talks in Sudan on Wednesday at a time of strained ties between his country and other Gulf countries over Doha’s perceived support for the Muslim Brotherhood


The Saudi Connection

Rutland Herald 3 April 2014

While Washington’s eyes are trained on the political, military and humane complexities surrounding Ukraine and Syria, President Obama faces another foreign affairs challenge, the growing


Video: So, this is how Barack Hussein Obama is getting weapons from Benghazi to the jihadists/terrorists in Syria

Bare Naked Islam 3 April 2014

I always knew they were going through Turkey but wasn’t exactly sure how. In case you forgot, this was the reason Ambassador Christopher Stevens was at a U.S. mission/warehouse, NOT a consulate, in Libya.


U.S. taxpayers to spend $400,000 for a camel sculpture in Pakistan

Jihad Watch 3 April 2014
By Robert Spencer

It isn’t enough that U.S. taxpayers have for years now been subsidizing the Pakistanis’ support for jihad terrorists. The New York Times reported on that at length back in 2008. No, that


Rome mayor secures Saudi art restoration funds

ANSA 2 April 2014

Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino has secured a long-term deal with the Saudi monarchy to fund restoration projects in the cash-strapped Italian capital, the mayor's office said Monday


The Muslim Brotherhood's new nerve centre: Cricklewood?

The Guardian 2 April 2014
By Robert Booth

The British establishment reportedly fears that the Islamist group is planning extremist activities from an HQ in north-west London. In net-curtained rooms above a disuse


Germany: Three Arrested in Syria-Linked Terrorism Bust

Israel National News 2 April 2014
By Tova Dvorin

German authorities arrested three people with alleged ties to an Al Qaeda-linked rebel group on Monday in police raids across the country, the federal prosecutor's office said


France leads new counterterrorism tack, stung by lure of Syria war for young French jihadists

Atlas Shrugs 1 April 2014
By Pamela Geller

“Radicalization no longer takes place inside the town, which you can control, inside mosques, which you can control.” It is unlikely that there has really been a big change, and he must have


Catalan rangers catch falcon smugglers

Money Jihad 1 April 2014

British and Spanish authorities have unraveled an international falcon smuggling ring in Catalonia. The news report doesn’t mention it, but the demand for falcons is almost


SocGen facing bribery lawsuit over Libyan deals - FT

The West Australian 31 March 2014
By Aashika Jain

The Libyan Investment Authority has accused France's second-biggest bank Societe Generale of funnelling bribes worth tens of millions of dollars to associates of Saif al-Islam, the son


Interpol targets al-Shabaab’s charcoal smuggling

Money Jihad 31 March 2014

Finally. Action against al-Shabaab’s exploitation of the lucrative Somali charcoal trade is long overdue. Al-Shabaab exacts a 2½ percent tax at several stages of production from the


Bulgaria's Court Finds 13 Imams Guilty 25 March 2014

Bulgaria's Pazadrzhik regional court found all 13 imams guilty of propagating anti-democratic ideology. The court imposed one effective sentenced, two suspended sentences.


Iran fumes as Canada seizes Iranian assets for terror victims

Elder of Ziyon 25 March 2014

From Iran's PressTV: Iran has rejected a politically-motivated ruling by a Canadian court to seize more than USD 7 million of the Islamic Republic’s assets and


UN lifts sanctions on al-Shabaab entrepreneur

Money Jihad 25 March 2014

UN sanctions against al-Shabaab financier Ali Ahmed Nur Jim’ale have been lifted. The UN did not offer any explanation for the removal from their sanctions list. Last year


Video: Syria Jihadis' British Fighters Launch Recruitment Drive on Video

IBTimes 22 March 2014
By Jack Moore

Footage has emerged on the British Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham (ISIS) Twitter account of British men joining Islamist fighters in Syria with an invitation for more to join as the "doors of jihad are still open".


UK: Muslim charity that Cameron called “front” for Sharia group gets £70,000 a year in state funding

Jihad Watch 22 March 2014
By Robert Spencer

“David Cameron criticised the foundation during Prime Minister’s Questions in 2009 as a ‘front organisation’ for a radical Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir.” Hizb ut-Tahrir is an


Political Islam on the Defensive

Canada Freepress 21 March 2014

Notwithstanding the initial successes scored by political Islam with the uprising in the Middle East, the politically-oriented Sunni movements in the Arab world, be they the veteran Muslim


Video: PA Praises Arch-Terrorist - 'Allah Give Us Martyrdom'

Israel National News 21 March 2014
By Ari Yashar

The Palestinian Authority (PA) and Fatah, the faction of PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas, didn't let the peace talks with Israel deter their annual praising of the most lethal terror attack on Israel. Both groups reveled in the March 11 anniversary of arch-terrorist Dalal Mughrabi's horrific massacre.

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