Syrian gangs profit from human pipeline

Money Jihad 7 November 2013

The Mirror is reporting that Syrian refugees are paying high dollar to crime syndicates to gain entry to Europe. The British daily says that this phenomenon raises the specter


Qatar Accepts to Pay $20 Billion for Reconstruction of Syria, Turkish Spy Agency Supports Al Qaeda Affiliated Rebels

Global Research 5 November 2013

TEHRAN (FNA)- Most of the advocates of military aggression against Syria have accepted the necessity for the political settlement of the Syrian crisis, a Turkish legislator


Money, blood and sand

Money Jihad 5 November 2013

Like tossing raw meat to the sharks on the beach at Amity Island, the Saudis and Qataris keep supplying weapons and money to the rebels in Syria, keeping them in a state of


Federal Agency Funds Student Outreach by Brotherhood Entity

The Clarion Project 5 November 2013
By Ryan Mauro

The National Endowment for the Humanities says it "strengthens our republic by promoting excellence in the humanities.” Apparently, the federal agency believes that funding


$400 Million From Piracy Finances Slavery, Arms Deals, Drug Trafficking

Wall Street Journal 4 November 2013
By Ian Talley

Somali pirates and their marauding peers off the Horn of Africa plundered roughly $400 million in the last seven years, financing slavery, arms deals, drugs trafficking, and


The Revolutionary Guards’ International Drug Trade*

The American Center for Democracy (ACD) 4 November 2013
By Sami Kronenfeld and Yoel Gurzansky

The Revolutionary Guards are significantly involved in the international drug trade, both directly and through proxies.

This involvement provides the organization with access to sources of financing that bypass international sanctions, as well as to sophisticated operational platforms that


Borno Sacks Sharia Judge For Alleged Graft 4 November 2013
By Kareem Haruna

A judge of the Sharia High Court in Maiduguri Borno State has been dismissed by the Judicial Service Commission for alleged corrupt practices. The judge, Mohammed Suguli of


Parlementarian: Netherlands Finances Palestinian Terrorists

Dutch parliamentarian Joel Voordewind (Christian Union) says that the Netherlands continues to finance Palestinian terrorists. Both the Palestinian Authority and the former


An insider's insight into who carried out most of those Palestinian Arab terror attacks over the past decade

This Ongoing War 24 October 2013

Building bridges of mutual trust between neighbouring peoples who have deep issues between them is always going to be tough, as anyone with a passing familiarity with the generations-long conflict between the Arabs and the Israelis knows.


Birmingham's crime gangs fund terrorists

Birmingham Mail 24 October 2013
By Jeanette Oldham

A top-level police report has revealed crime gangs in Birmingham are funding terrorism. And the criminal groups now run 59 legitimate businesses in the city, often using


Militant’s wife behind Volgograd suicide blast

RT 23 October 2013

The 30-year-old female suicide bomber responsible for the deadly blast in Volgograd, central Russia, was a Dagestani national and allegedly the wife of a militant. She


Saudi Bankrolling of al-Qaeda (and Chechen jihad) Well Known to U.S. & Russia

Creeping Sharia 23 October 2013

In fact, the Saudi’s recently admitted to/threatened Vladimir Putin they control the Chechen jihad and Putin confirmed Russia’s known that for ten years. via As-Safir


Terrorists lose out on heroin money

Money Jihad 22 October 2013

Time to salute the crew of the Toronto, which has once again carried out a major drug bust on the high seas. Most likely, profits from the heroin sales would have inured to


Qatar Charity gains beachhead in Somalia

Money Jihad 21 October 2013

Qatar Charity, which Osama Bin Laden once considered to be one of Al Qaeda’s three most important front charities, and which has more recently been observed to be working in concert


Anti-Alawite massacre sponsored by Gulf donors

Money Jihad 18 October 2013

Human Rights Watch has issued a blistering report on war crimes committed by rebel forces against Alawite civilians in Syria’s coastal region. First, a quick summary from


A Glimpse at Nigeria's Ongoing Islamic Terrorist Challenges

UNC Chapell Hill 17 October 2013
By Brenda Brown Schoonover

Nigeria's current population is more than 170 million. Not only does that make it the most populous nation in Africa, but it has the potential of being the largest domestic market in sub-Saharan


Why Do Islamic Charities Send Zakat to Terrorists? Because Shariah Says They Must

Shariah Finance Watch 16 October 2013

One of the most popular and most important subjects on SFW is the issue of Zakat.

Zakat is a form of tithing in Islam and is considered one of the Five Pillars of the faith. Essentially, every Muslim who is able to do so is required to give 1/40 of his wealth each year to the "needy” through the system of zakat. Today, most of the zakat payments, at least in the West, go through Islamic charities and mosques.


Terror charity poised to net $5m this Eid

Money Jihad 16 October 2013

A hundred thousand hides sold at fifty dollars a head should yield $5 million for Jamaat ud-Dawa, a front charity for the Pakistani jihadist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba.


London now a key Islamic finance centre

Free Malaysia Today 14 October 2013
By Kazi Mahmood

London has emerged as the key Western centre for Islamic finance, acting as the leading financial centre with specific provisions made to spearhead the sector with the British


Freed Belgian tells how he was "sold” by the Free Syrian Army to a jihadist group

Money Jihad 14 October 2013

In April, Pierre Piccinin da Prata, a teacher from Belgium, was visiting Syria under the promise of protection by the Free Syrian Army. Suddenly, he and his colleague, an

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