How to Halt the Terrorist Money Train

New York Times 3 January 2013

LAST month, HSBC admitted in court pleadings that it had allowed big Mexican and Colombian drug cartels to launder at least $881 million. The bank also admitted to using


Ten biggest terror finance news stories of 2012

Money Jihad 2 January 2013

1 Taliban funding remains intact despite international sanctions

Reports in 2012 revealed that the Taliban’s funding remains intact, that none of the Taliban’s assets have been blocked by U.S. sanctions, that the Taliban retains its taxing authority over Afghans, and that the UN sanctions only 18 percent of the Taliban’s provincial shadow governors in Afghanistan.


British student arrested in North Africa for ‘trying to join terror group threatening to take control of entire Sahara’

Daily Mail 2 January 2013

A British student is under arrest in North Africa accused of trying to join an Islamic terrorist group threatening to take control over the entire Sahara. Ahmed Shaheen, 26,


Mexican Narcoterrorist Region May Abandon Catholicism for Islam

FrontpageMagazin 2 January 2013
By Daniel Greenfield

It would seem as if Bishop Ruiz’s brand of Liberation Theology has had the same effect on Chiapas as on Europe. Chiapas is poor, but it’s now also appearing to trend Islamic as


Full Video: The Innocent Prophet

youtube 16 December 2012

The Innocent Prophet is the film that will help Muslims know the true face of Muhammad, as the creator of the false religion of Islam to achieve his own goals. It’s time to clear all doubts


Man in $3.8M food stamp fraud case sentenced

Dayton Daily News 16 December 2012
By Cornelius Frolik

A federal judge on Thursday sentenced Al-Idu Al-Gaheem to one year and one day in prison for his role in a scheme that bilked $3.8 million from the federal food stamp program. Al-Gaheem,


Sister of two brothers who plotted to blow up the London Stock Exchange jailed for having Al-Qaeda terror manual on her mobile p

Daily Mail 7 December 2012

A young graduate whose brothers are serving prison sentences for planning a terrorist attack on the London Stock Exchanged, has been jailed for downloading Al-Qaeda terrorist


Hamas to create first Palestinian Defense Ministry

The Jerusalem Post 7 December 2012

Announcement comes in response to lessons drawn from Operation Pillar of Defense, Hamas interior minister says. Hamas is about to establish its own "Defense Ministry”


Sunni-Shi'ite jihad comes to Australia: Shootings, extortions, and threats in Sydney

JIhad Watch 7 December 2012

"But we have to stand up to these guys or else they will take over completely." Indeed so. "Sydney's violent wild, wild west," by Mark Morri for The Daily Telegraph,


Hamdan: Ties with Iran, Hezbollah intact

International Liberties Alliance 7 December 2012
By Jana El Hassan

Differences over Syria have not affected ties with Hezbollah and Iran, a senior Hamas official told The Daily Star, but he admitted some Iranian aid had been cut after Hamas


Islamic Jihadists Occupy Mali With Impunity

Canada Free Press 7 December 2012
By Joseph A. Klein

Foreign Islamist jihadists from Sudan, Algeria, Libya and elsewhere, who are part of a network of terrorist groups that affiliate themselves with Al Qaeda in the Islamic


Islamist sect in Nigeria grows more deadly

AngolaPress 7 December 2012

The radical Islamist fighters gather around piles of weapons and ammunition they've stolen and shout praises to God as they shoot into the expanse of the African desert.


7 of Top 10 ‘World’s Most Influential Muslims’ Are Islamists

The Counter Jihad Report 5 December 2012
By Ryan Mauro

The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre has released this year’s list of the 500 "world’s most influential Muslims” and of the top 10, seven are Islamists. The unfortunate reality is that Islamism is indeed mainstream thought in the Muslim world and non-Muslims have a lot of ground to make up in the struggle over the direction of the Muslim world.


Al Qaeda speeding ahead in young Africa 5 December 2012

Islamist militants have seized power in the ancient city of Timbuktu in northern Mali. Indeed, Mali, for many years a poor but democratic and relatively stable country, is


Video: Qatar's French Connection: Cash flow fuels extremism fears

youtube 4 December 2012
By RussiaToday

Cash from Qatar has been flowing into France for some time - the latest being a huge tie-up to pump vital funds into struggling small businesses, but the Gulf state's


Why Hamas and Islamic Jihad Supported Abbas's Statehood Bid

Gatestone Institute 4 December 2012
By Khaled Abu Toameh

Hamas and Islamic Jihad celebrated because they think that the UN has paved the way for the establishment of an Islamist state within the pre-1967 lines. The Islamists are


A Sharia Financier in the TN Governor’s Office

FrontPage Magazine 4 December 2012
By Arnold Ahlert

In Tennessee last May, Republican Gov. Bill Haslam appointed Samar Ali as international director of the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development (ECD).


Yes, Hamas and Iran are still the best of friends - Ignoring their collusion is dangerous

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS 4 December 2012
By James Kirchick

"To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle,” George Orwell wrote in 1946. He was describing a midcentury inclination to avoid "facing unpleasant facts,”


Hamas tells Fatah: Let’s fight Israel together

The Jerusalem Post 4 December 2012

Mahmoud Zahar calls on Fatah to "stop wasting time and effort" on peace process; Palestinian reconciliation efforts stepped up. Fatah activists arrive in Gaza


Concerns rise over alleged links between Boko Haram and British Islamic charity

Ahram Online 3 December 2012
By Amer Sultan from London

The UK authorities are looking into an alleged possible link between a British charity organization and the Nigerian Boko Haram extremist Islamist group. The UK Charity

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