Ground Zero mega-mosqueteer loses in court, owes Con Ed 1.7 million in rent

Atlasshrugs 4 July 2012

ou gotta love these Islamic surpremacists. They think they can get away with .... murder. I think I am going to send Con Ed an extra few bucks next Christmas. Finally, Gamal


Video: Sharia Financing Flies Under American Radar to Fund Terror 28 June 2012

Rep. Allen West (R-FL) has written a powerful and instructive article about the dangers of Sharia-compliance banking. "As a vehicle for legitimizing and promoting Sharia throughout the world, Shariah-compliant finance is a phenomenon that is taking the financial world by storm right under the noses of American investors,” West writes.


Treasury Targets Drug-Money Laundering Network, Hezbollah Fundraiser

WSJ 28 June 2012
By Samuel Rubenfeld

The U.S. Treasury Department said Wednesday it designated four individuals and three entities under the Kingpin Act for their role in laundering drug money for alleged international drug


Shariah Finance And Its Radical Ties Demand Close Scrutiny

Family Security Matters 25 June 2012

As a vehicle for legitimizing and promoting Shariah throughout the world, Shariah-compliant finance is a phenomenon that is taking the financial world by storm right under the noses of American investors.

Given the stated mission of Shariah is to bring about the rule of Islam worldwide, anything that promotes the Shariah mission warrants careful scrutiny. American investors deserve to know where their money is being invested, and the fact that their hard-earned dollars could be helping fund the very radical terrorist groups that are seeking to destroy this nation is shocking.


An Iron Curtain Descends on Islamistan

American Thinker 25 June 2012
By James Lewis

"An Iron Curtain has descended over half of Europe" said Winston Churchill's in his historic Iron Curtain speech of 1946. It was ominous news for the West, but millions of people at that time were adult enough to listen. Unfortunately, we do not live in a time for adults today. We have certifiable ignoramuses demonstrating against "capitalism" in the streets, with an equally perverse and ignorant media telling us how wonderful those educated half-wits are.


Hamas-Linked Fundraiser in Florida

FrontPage Magazine 12 June 2012
By Ryan Mauro

On Sunday, June 16, a widely-exalted charity embraced by the U.S. government called Islamic Relief USA is hosting a "Palestine Benefit Dinner” in Orlando. A second fundraiser will be held


New York City: Muslim accountant pleads guilty to misunderstanding Islam, aiding al-Qaeda

Jihad Watch 6 June 2012

Safari Watch. "NYC accountant pleads guilty to terror charges," by Tom Hays for the Associated Press, June 4 (thanks to all who sent this in): NEW YORK (AP) — A well-traveled


How Two Al-Qaeda Fundraisers Were Set Free

FrontPage Magazine 6 June 2012
By Daniel Greenfield

What do you get for being a terrorist fundraiser? If you’re Emadeddin Z. Muntasser, then you grin after walking away with six months of home confinement. And if you’re, Samir Al-Monla,


Ohio man gets six years for plot to smuggle money to Hezbollah

Chicago Tribune 22 May 2012
By Kim Palmer

CLEVELAND - An Ohio man was sentenced on Monday to more than six years in federal prison after pleading guilty to plans to ship $200,000 to the Muslim militant group Hezbollah in


Mexican Jihad

Gatestone Institute 14 May 2012
By Raymond Ibrahim

As the United States considers the Islamic jihadi threats confronting it from all sides, it might do well to focus on its southern neighbor, Mexico, which has been targeted by Islamists and


7/7 bomber widow Samantha Lewthwaite 'financed Kenya tourist terror plot' 12 May 2012
By Mike Pflanz

Lewthwaite was a key figure in a cell of radicalised Muslims, believed to include at least three Britons, that was planning attacks in Kenya last Christmas, Jacob Ondari, the assistant


Sh30,000 dowry claim in Briton’s terrorism case

The Star 12 May 2012

The British terror suspect Jermain John Grant reportedly paid Sh30,000 dowry and married a Kenyan woman he had met barely two weeks earlier. Bombululu resident Hassan Mohammed said he


White widow 'was behind terror plot': 7/7 wife financed UK bomber in Africa says prosecutor

Daily Mail 12 May 2012
By Rebecca Evans

The Home Counties ‘white widow’ of a 7/7 bomber was accused yesterday of being the main financier of a terror plot to kill hundreds of British tourists in Kenya. Soldier’s daughter


Muslim Brotherhood Wants to Re-Elect Barack Hussein Obama

American Thinker 8 May 2012
By Eileen F. Toplansky

In this YouTube video from Walid Shoebat's site, Tom Trento, of United West, describes the recent collusion of the president of the United States with the terrorist group known as the


Al-Qaeda sought to convert the Irish

Irish Times 4 May 2012

Osama bin Laden was urged by a fellow leading al-Qaeda member to send a message to the Irish people persuading them to support Islam. According to new declassified documents seized from


Terrorists use CzechRep as transit state, to gather money- police

Czech Happenings 3 May 2012

Prague - Terrorists do not make attacks in the Czech Republic, but use it as a transit country and for money gathering, according to the Czech police´s security report for 2011 which the


German terrorism convict granted early release

BERLIN — A lawyer for the wife of a convicted German terrorist says she has been released from prison after a court commuted her own jail sentence for supporting terror groups to


Paris seeks to become Islamic finance hub in Europe

Zawya 24 April 2012

A report prepared by KFH-Research stated that new global markets are seeking to join the main players in the Islamic financing industry and services, such as France. France is working


Taliban leaders set up fundraising hotlines, plead for donations

The Hill 19 April 2012
By Carlo Munoz

Taliban leaders are appealing to Muslims worldwide to support their war effort and have set up fundraising hotlines for donations. In a rare move for the cloistered leadership of the


Halal food profits funneled to Hamas

Money Jihad 12 April 2012

The Muslim Association of Canada, which admits that its roots can be found in the global Muslim Brotherhood, is a primary halal food certifying entity in Canada. It has also been a major

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