Egyptian Muslim Scholar Says Christian Copts Will Pay Jizya

AINA (press release) 7 March 2013

During a recent interview, Dr. Mahmoud Shu'ban, a professor at Al Azhar University, made clear that the Copts, Egypt's Christian minority, will pay the jizya--what is often


Hezbollah on Chavez: We’ve Lost Dear, Loyal, Supporter Friend

Al-Manar TV 7 March 2013

Local Editor, Hezbollah flagHezbollah expressed "deep sorrow and sadness before the news of the departure of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela” on Wednesday. "The free


New terrorism tips from Al-Qaeda’s Inspire magazine

Washington Times 7 March 2013
By Bob Taylor

Ever since Al-Qaeda died they have been busy in the publishing industry putting out their glossy tenth edition of Inspire magazine. How many times have we seen pictures and


Soviet soldier missing since 1980 'found in Afghanistan' 7 March 2013

MOSCOW: A Soviet soldier from Uzbekistan who went missing in 1980 while serving in the Red Army during the war in Afghanistan has turned up living in the west of the country


Judge Clears Path for Trial Against French Bank’s Hamas Accounts

Algemeiner 6 March 2013
By Paul Alster

A leading European bank faces trial in New York later this year after a federal judge found there is sufficient evidence it knew the funds were being used to support a


More details emerge on Paraguay’s Hezbollah drug lord

Money Jihad 6 March 2013

In January we learned about Wassim el Abd Fadel, a Lebanese financier of Hezbollah. A surprising amount of detail has been disseminated through the press about this case. Now


Video: Norway Parliament shocked at Palestinian jew hate propaganda – wants to stop all funding support

themuslimissue 5 March 2013

Welcome to the real world. Better late than never. Just wait when Europe and the U.S. wakes up to the fact that the entire Palestine-Israel conflict is built on nothing else


Norwegian Politicians Challenge Funding of PA After Report on Anti-Israel Incitement

Algemeiner 5 March 2013

sraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Jordan’s King Abdullah II last week in Amman to discuss the peace process, according to a report in Agence France-Presse


UBS can’t be sued for currency transfer to Iran

Money Jihad 5 March 2013

Hamas and Hezbollah’s victims face a setback in a new appellate ruling on Rothstein v. UBS AG. From the New York Law Journal on Feb. 20: Victims of Terror Cannot Sue


Miami imam convicted of Taliban-related ter

McClatchy Washington Bureau 5 March 2013
By Jay Weaver

A Miami imam was found guilty Monday on four terror-related charges. For two months, federal prosecutors portrayed Miami imam Hafiz Khan in the worst possible light:


Saudi Arabia funds Lashkar-e-Jhangvi

Money Jihad 4 March 2013

The Sunni radical Pakistani terrorist group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), which is responsible for attacks against Shia Muslims, is funded by Saudi Arabia. LeJ’s parent


PKK terror financier taken into custody

Money Jihad 1 March 2013

A Kurdish-Swede has been arrested by Spaniards along with 21 other PKK terrorists in Spain and France. The operatives reportedly imposed a common Marxist guerrilla fundraising


British Report Supports Heritage Analysis of Al-Qaeda Threat 1 March 2013
By Ted R. Bromund, Ph.D.

On Monday, the Britain-based think tank the Henry Jackson Society—named for Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson of Washington—published a major report by co-authors Robin Simcox and


John Kerry Pledges $60 Million More To Syrian Opposition Dominated By Muslim Brotherhood

U.S. media is reporting that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has pledged an additional $60 million in aid to Syrian opposition forces that include heavy representation by


Muslim congressman was Farrakhan spokesman 1 March 2013
By Aaron Klein

Fresh from an interview dustup with the Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity, the first Muslim elected to Congress still is unable to explain evidence that his association with the


Death Sentence for Islamist Sparks Deadly Clashes in Bangladesh

At least 34 people died in disturbances that broke out after the leader of the main Islamist party was sentenced to death for atrocities committed during Bangladesh’s 1971 war


Neubauer Video: Austrian Hostage In Yemen Appeals For Ransom Money With AK-47 Pointed At His Head

TheHuffingtonPost 27 February 2013

An Austrian man taken hostage in Yemen in December has appeared in a video posted on YouTube, saying he would be killed if ransom money was not paid to a Yemeni tribe within a


Islamic Relief Awarded £398,000 By Scottish Government Despite Recent Bank Account Closure

U.K. media is reporting that Islamic Relief Worldwide was given £398,000 last year by the Scottish government despite the recent closure of a bank account held by the


Hamas Official Calls for Third Intifada

israelnationalnews 27 February 2013
By Elad Benari

"Our Palestinian people will not abandon the intifada and the resistance," claims Hamas official Izzat al-Rishq

A day after a Hamas official called on terrorists to kidnap IDF soldiers in order to force Israel to release their fellow terrorists from Israeli prisons, another Hamas


• Following the money trail behind the WTC bomb

Money Jihad 27 February 2013

The financial evidence points back to Osama Bin Laden in the World Trade Center bombing that killed six people 20 years ago today

In Modern Jihad, Loretta Napoleoni wrote that the WTC bombing mastermind, Ramzi Yousef, said the World Trade Center bombing cost $15,000. This was not verified during Yousef’s trial because it wasn’t necessary to establish his guilt.

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