The Problem Of Passive Supporters Of Jihadi Terrorists And The Putin Solution

Terror Finance 2 March 2014
By Ganesh Sahathevan

While I have previously taken a top-down approach to describing the networks that support jihadists, the profileartion of Al-Qaeda franchises and off-shoots, such as


Saudi Threat To Close Qatar Border Has US Dollar Implications

Value Walk 28 February 2014
By Mark Melin

The sometimes fragile alliance keeping the petrodollar trade together seems to be cracking. Qatar’s aggressive courting of the Muslim Brotherhood threatens to break up the Gulf


Are Mosques Recruiting Foreign Fighters for Syria?

ACDemocracy 27 February 2014
By Rachel Ehrenfeld

At least 11,000 Sunni, and 10,500 Shiite foreign fighters from 74 countries (not including Iranian “advisors”) are reported to have joined the struggle over Syria. However, we know little


CAIR Picks Hamas-Linked Official to Lead NJ Chapter

Clarion Project 27 February 2014
By Ryan Mauro

CAIR will continue to offer itself as the voice of the Muslim community. The media and public shouldn't forget their Islamist ideology. The New Jersey chapter of the Council on


CAIR Picks Hamas-Linked Official to Lead NJ Chapter

Islamist Watch 27 February 2014
By Ryan Mauro

CAIR will continue to offer itself as the voice of the Muslim community. The media and public shouldn't forget their Islamist ideology. The New Jersey chapter of the Council on American


Virginia: Terror-linked CAIR forces agency to pull accreditation for anti-jihad training

Creeping Sharia 26 February 2014

Just yesterday we gave you the bad news that Sheriff Jenkins was allowing himself to be fooled by Hamas-linked, pro-jihad, pro-sharia Muslims at CAIR – even allowing the legal jihadists


Egypt joins Arab anti-money laundering, terrorism funding agreement

State Information Service 26 February 2014

President Adli Mansour issued a decree approving Egypt's joining of an Arab anti-money laundering and terrorism financing agreement, which was signed in Cairo in December 2010


Spotlight: terror finance in the Netherlands

Money Jihad 25 February 2014

A reader recently asked Money Jihad for information on terrorist financing based in the Netherlands. An examination of Dutch charities, the banking sector, and crime rings is


Foundation for Defense of Democracies: New Report Details Turkey’s Growing Role in Funding Jihadist Terrorism

Shariah Finance Watch 25 February 2014

The Islamization of Turkey has been accompanied by that nation’s increasing closeness to groups and individuals associated with Jihadist terrorism. That trend has been reported


European Hezbollah combat recruits depart for Syria

The Jerusalem Post 25 February 2014
By Benjamin Weinthal

The Lebanese militia organization Hezbollah recruited combatants in Europe to bolster Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime in its war against rebel fighters


NYPD Vindicated - Surveillance Targeted Potential Terrorists

The Clarion Project 25 February 2014
By Ryan Mauro

District Judge William Martini of New Jersey has dismissed a lawsuit against the New York Police Department for its intelligence-gathering in the state. The development is another


Saudis Threaten Qatar Over Muslim Brotherhood Support

Clarion Project 24 February 2014

Months of tension between Qatar and Saudi Arabia over Qatar's continued support for the Muslim Brotherhood came to a head last week. It has been reported that a Saudi


British Update Financial Sanctions List, Focus on Pakistani Jihadists

Shariah Finance Watch 21 February 2014

India’s most wanted man Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar and Pakistan-linked terrorists and terror groups figure prominently in an updated list of financial sanctions imposed by the


Terrorism and Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICNs): A Growing Menace

The Terror Finance Blog 21 February 2014
By Animesh Roul

The fake currency trade has been haunting Indian security establishments as well as economic intelligence agencies for quite a long time. Most recently in February 2014, the


India takes key step toward full-fledged Islamic banks 20 February 2014

India is planning to set up a body to fine-tune and promote Islamic finance before issuing license to start full-fledged banking operations, according to one of the country’s


Turkey Implicated in Paris Assassinations of Kurdish PKKs

The Clarion Project 19 February 2014

A crisis in European-Turkish relations may be about to erupt because of evidence that the Turkish government sponsored the assassination of three female Kurdish activists in Paris


Weapons routed from Balkans to Syrian rebels

Money Jihad 19 February 2014

A new report indicates that a Croatian arms smuggling kingpin is being paid by the spy agencies of Middle Eastern monarchies to supply Syria’s extremist rebels


Gulf ties could aid Islamic finance in Italy

The Peninsula 19 February 2014

Bankers and academics in Italy are stepping up efforts to develop Islamic finance in the country, a campaign which could benefit from growing economic links between Gulf countries


British girls flock to Syria to wed soldiers fighting against Bashar al-Assad regime

Daily Star 19 February 2014
By Richard Spillett

The so-called “Jihadist groupies” have been marrying extremists they have met online. And the girls follow the hundreds of British men now fighting in rag-tag rebel groups


Hong Kong's Islamic finance goal boosted by Basel III rules

South China Morning Post 19 February 2014
By Enoch Yiu

Tougher international banking requirements should help the Hong Kong government achieve its goal of turning the city into an Islamic finance centre to capture a large slice of

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