NIA: terrorists get fivefold pay raise

Money Jihad 19 December 2013

Money Jihad has previously covered the Islamic terrorist group Hizbul Mujahideen’s growing revenue sources in India, which include counterfeiting, donations from front


Turkey shipped arms to Syria rebels: Report

Ahram Online 18 December 2013

Turkey has shipped 47 tonnes of weapons to Syrian rebels since June despite repeated government denials, a local newspaper reported on Monday. The Hurriyet Daily News,


Mass murder in the Middle East is funded by our friends the Saudis

The Independent 17 December 2013
By Patrick Cockburn

Donors in Saudi Arabia have notoriously played a pivotal role in creating and maintaining Sunni jihadist groups over the past 30 years. But, for all the supposed


Popular Saudi cleric endorses Islamic Front, calls for cooperation with al Qaeda

The Long War Journal 17 December 2013
By Thomas Joscelyn

Dr. Abdallah Muhammad al Muhaysini, a popular Saudi cleric who has relocated to Syria, has used his highly trafficked social media presence to endorse the new Islamic Front


Dutch parliament urges Palestinian Authority to stop rewarding terrorists

Money Jihad 16 December 2013

About 40 percent of European Union aid to the Palestinian Authority is diverted as stipends to convicted Palestinian terrorists and their families. Countries including Norway and the Netherlands are getting a bit tired of this state of affairs.


Is Turkey helping international jihadis head to Syria?

Alaska Dispatch 13 December 2013
By Alexander Christie-Miller

Western governments are expressing growing alarm at the rise of hard-line jihad groups in Syria and their recruitment of volunteers from Europe and the US, who could present a


IPT Exclusive: Jihad-Supporting Imam Raised Millions on U.S. Fundraising Tour

The Investigative Project on Terrorism 13 December 2013
By John Rossomando and Ravi Kumar

A Syrian Sunni sheik who raised at least $3.6 million during a U.S. fundraising tour last April has blessed a new coalition of Syrian jihadist groups aiming to replace the


Charities paid off al-Shabaab to work in Somalia

Money Jihad 13 December 2013

Relief agencies operating in Somalia in 2011 made payments the terrorist organization al-Shabaab as a precondition for distributing aid to the famine-struck country. This


U.S. suspends aid to north Syria after jihadists seize weapons warehouses

Creeping Sharia 13 December 2013

The United States and Britain suspended non-lethal aid to northern Syria after Islamist fighters seized Western-backed rebel weapons warehouses, highlighting fears that


The continued rise of Islamic finance in the UK

Islamist Watch 13 December 2013
By Nigel Knowles

At the ninth annual World Islamic Economic Forum in London on 29 October, David Cameron announced that he wants to see London standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Dubai and Kuala


State Dept challenges jihadists on Twitter…while aiding jihadists in Syria

11 December 2013

WASHINGTON — Concerned by the attempts of Al Qaeda and its global affiliates to attract more Americans and other Westerners, the State Department is stepping up its online


Video: Financial analyst weighs in on 9/11 money

Money Jihad 11 December 2013

Our readers know that Saudi Arabia funded 9/11. But more Americans would be aware of this fact if Congress had fully disclosed the results of their investigation into the matter. Former U.S. Senator Bob Graham (D-FL) was recently interviewed on the subject of Saudi Arabia, with comments (starting around minute 13 of this video) about the redaction from a 2002 congressional report of 28 pages about the financial links between Saudi royals and the 9/11 hijackers.


Pentagon spends $1 billion on Russian helicopters for Afghan army

Creeping Sharia 10 December 2013

To outfit Afghanistan’s security forces with new helicopters, the Pentagon bypassed U.S. companies and turned instead to Moscow for dozens of Russian Mi-17 rotorcraft at a cost


The House of Islam and the House War

The Tribune Papers 9 December 2013
By Mike Scruggs

Islam and the Survival of the West-Doctrines for Oppression and Deception, Part 3 of a Series


Back from hell with the Taliban

Times LIVE 9 December 2013
By Mel Preen

A South African security contractor caught in possession of what he claims he thought was protein powder but was almost 6kg of heroin has told of his gruelling imprisonment in


Taliban magazine urges jihad - and profiles the Honda 125

The Telegraph 9 December 2013
By Rob Crilly

The Taliban has issued a fresh appeal to Muslims in the West to launch attacks at home or fight in foreign battlefields, urging recruits to leave behind children or elderly


BBC Whitewashes Islamist Charities Supporting Jihadis

The Clarion Project 7 December 2013
By Samuel Westrop

BBC's leading current affairs program, Newsnight recently broadcast an eight-minute film in which a BBC reporter accompanied a British "aid convoy" headed to the most dangerous


Maryland Surgeon Pleads Guilty in Kashmir Lobbying Case

The Investigative Project on Terrorism 6 December 2013
By Abha Shankar

An orthopedic surgeon of Pakistani origin pleaded guilty Monday to conspiring to help hide $3.5 million the Pakistani government sent to the United States to covertly lobby


BBC Plugs Jihadi Charities

Gatestone Institute 6 December 2013
By Samuel Westrop

"Al Fatiha Global has a strict vetting policy ... We have certain people who actually go out and check people's social networking profiles, like Facebook and Twitter. If


Bin Laden’s old bank signs 100m London deal

Money Jihad 4 December 2013

Osama Bin Laden used to send money to his operatives through Tadamon Islamic Bank, a sharia-compliant financial institution based in Yemen. Hassan al-Turabi, the man largely

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