The Muslim World Is Turning on Hezbollah

The National Interest 14 April 2015
By Rola el-Husseini

Hezbollah is currently the strongest group in Lebanon, both politically and militarily. In the past decade it has made a series of tactical decisions that yielded momentary victories. However,


Hezbollah expects payday from Iran deal

Money Jihad 14 April 2015

Excerpts follow from an IPT report regarding the effect of a nuclear deal with Iran that would lift sanctions against them. Iranian catspaw terror groups stand to benefit from the money


Taliban fighters kill 18 Afghan soldiers, beheading eight

BBC News 14 April 2015

At least 18 Afghan soldiers have been killed - eight of them beheaded - by Taliban fighters in a major attack in north-east Afghanistan, officials say. About 12 soldiers are missing after


All-Female Jihadi Brigade Releases Training Video

The Clarion Project 14 April 2015

A video has emerged from Syria of an all-female jihadi brigade training with AK-47 rifles. In the video the women, dressed in black niqabs (face veils) train for war. The women march, shout


Muslim from Jamaica detained in Suriname, was trying to join Islamic State

Jihad Watch 14 April 2015
By Robert Spencer

Muslims from all over the world are trying to join the Islamic State. Many are succeeding. Yet our non-Muslim leaders unanimously assure us that it has nothing to do with Islam.


Nearly Half of ISIS Europeans Are From France 13 April 2015
By Jason Ditz

While ISIS has had unprecedented recruiting success across the world and particularly across the western world, some countries have been easier than others. The latest


Nuclear Iran's "Spillover Effects"

Gatestone Institute 13 April 2015
By Vijeta Uniyal

As President Obama tries to sell the world his mysterious nuclear "framework agreement," India's defense establishment is just not buying it. The U.S. and Western commentators might


Young Girl Pregnant After Being Raped By ISIS Terrorists

Women Against Shariah 13 April 2015

Hundreds of Yazidi women and children who were taken hostage by the brutal regime were released this week after more than eight months in captivity. But volunteers in huge


Video: Bill Warner "Intolerance is a Virtue"

Center for the Study of Political Islam 11 April 2015
By Bill Warner

Tolerance is a virtue and intolerance is hate, or so we are told. This ideology has led to the toleration of evil. After all, who wants to be a hater? Those who condemn the


'Islamic State' Spain arrests 11 in 'Islamic State'-linked raid

Deutsche Welle 11 April 2015

Spanish police have detained several people under suspicion of belonging to an Islamist cell, which had intended to launch attacks in Catalonia. The cell is "openly linked" to


Boston Marathon Jihad Murderer Tsarnaev Guilty

FrontPage Mag 11 April 2015
By Robert Spencer

The guilty verdict came as no surprise to anyone, least of all Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s defense attorney, Judy Clarke, who told the court last month, "It was him.” Tsarnaev could


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Witness Says Bosnic Supports ISIS

OCCRP 11 April 2015

Husein "Bilal" Bosnic is the leader of the Salafi movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and supports the Islamic State (IS), a witness testified Wednesday at his trial for


Danish politicians consider filing lawsuit against Turkey at European court 11 April 2015

Dismayed by what they say is reticence on the part of Turkey to offer a satisfactory explanation for the release of a suspect believed to be involved in an attack on a Danish


Four in ten British Muslims believe MI5 and the police are partly responsible for radicalisation of teenagers who join ISIS

Daily Mail 11 April 2015
By Darren Boyle

Four out of ten British Muslims partly blame MI5 and the police for radicalising British teenagers who then flee the country to join ISIS. A survey of 1,001 British Muslims


Muslim population to grow fastest says new study

Deutsche Welle 11 April 2015

A report by the Pew Research Center predicts that the number of Muslims will equal the number of Christians by 2050. Global leaders would have to take these changes into


Turkey's Erdogan: Egypt should free Mursi before it can restore ties 11 April 2015

ISTANBUL – Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said Egypt should free ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi from jail and lift death sentences against his supporters before


Police seize passport from 'foreign fighter'

The Local / Denmark 11 April 2015

Danish police have used a new law to seize a passport and issue a travel ban on a man suspected of planning to travel to an armed conflict to fight.


U.K. May Fire 100 Islamist Educators in "Trojan Horse" Scandal

Family Security Matters 10 April 2015
By John Rossomando

At least 100 Islamist teachers and teaching assistants implicated in last year's "Trojan Horse" teaching scandal in Birmingham, England may face lifetime teaching bans.

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