Terrorist in Denmark Attacks Al-Qaeda's 'Most Wanted' & Jews

The Clarion Project 16 February 2015

Two separate terrorist attacks by a lone gunman in Denmark have killed two and left five policemen injured. Police have reported that they have now shot and killed the man


CDU angers Muslims with opposition to Koran

The Local 16 February 2015

"In a time when the threat from Islamist criminals is greater than ever, we have to combat the Salafists with all democratic means.”, president of the local CDU chapter Franz


The Palestinians' EU-Funded Campaign Against Israel

The Gatestone Institute 16 February 2015
By Khaled Abu Toameh

While Abbas was talking in Stockholm about his intentions to revive the peace talks with Israel, leaders of his Fatah faction in the West Bank were sending a completely


Where the D.C. sniper got his money

Money Jihad 16 February 2015

Thirteen years ago today, John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo began a series of shootings that would culminate with the Washington, D.C.-area sniper killings of October


Sex-abuse allegations against Chicago Muslim religious leader roil community

Arab News 16 February 2015
By Kevin Sullivan

Allegations of sexual abuse by the longtime president of a leading Chicago-area Islamic school have roiled the region’s Muslims and raised questions about the reporting of


ISIS creating 'provinces' outside of Syria and Iraq

Haaretz 16 February 2015

The Islamic State is establishing branches across North Africa and in Afghanistan and Pakistan, according to American intelligence officials cited in a report by The New York


ISIS's 'Mossad Arab' is Just a Jihadist, Says his Father

Israel National News 16 February 2015
By Ari Yashar

Islamic State (ISIS) on Thursday claimed in its magazine Dabiq that a 19-year-old Israeli Arab from eastern Jerusalem named Mohammed Said Ismail Musallam infiltrated them for


Islamic Republic of Iran or Islamic State: What's the Difference?

Newsweek 16 February 2015
By Cameron Glenn and Garrett Nada

The Islamic world is rife with political diversity, from ultra-conservative monarchies to new democracies. But two places reflect the escalating rivalry over an ideal Islamic


Video Purports to Show Islamic State Beheading Egyptian Hostages

The Wall Street Journal 16 February 2015
By Tamer El-Ghobashy

Militant group Islamic State released a video late Sunday purportedly depicting the beheadings of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians on a beach in Libya. The video of the


Egypt bombs ISIS targets after Christians beheaded at Libya beach

ZEE News 16 February 2015
By Supriya Jha

Flaunting its latest atrocious act, the Islamic State has released a new video showing the beheading of tens of Egyptian Christians in Libya, who were abducted by the


Why defeating Islamic State will be long, tough battle

Hindustan Times 16 February 2015
By Sushil Aaron

The beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians on a beach in Libya by affiliates of the Islamic State (IS)--the highest number of gruesome executions by the terror group in a single


The True History of Christendom and Islam

Frontpage Mag 13 February 2015
By Raymond Ibrahim

U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama’s recent condemnation of medieval Christian history as a way to exonerate Islam is a reminder of how woefully ignorant (or intentionally deceptive) a good many people in the West are concerning the true history of Christian Europe and Islam. The problem is that those who


'Religion of the Sword': ISIS Magazine Heavy on Crusades Propaganda

Breitbart 13 February 2015
By John Hayward

The new issue of Dabiq, the Islamic State English-language magazine, is officially out. Its headlining story boasts the capture of a Mossad informant, but the magazine serves less to bring news than to reframe the war between the Islamic State and civilization as a revisiting of the Crusades. This is a hot topic in the West as well


Why freedom of speech matters

The TandD 13 February 2015
By Britt Christensen

The recent tragedy at the Paris-based satire publication Charlie Hebdo thrust the issue of freedom of expression to the forefront of international debate. There was an outpouring of people adamantly defending free speech as a foundational principle to a healthy and free society. Much of the debate


Hadith, Ancient Islamic Source Of The Evils Of Modern Jihad

World Crunch 13 February 2015
By Ali Malek

The Islamic Prophet is the most unpopular among the founders of religions. Mention Confucius, Buddha or Jesus in a conversation, and people listen. But evoke Muhammad with a


First victim of "blasphemy laws” would be Islam itself

The Commentator 13 February 2015
By Raymond Ibrahim

Soon after Muslim gunmen killed 12 people at Charlie Hebdo offices, which published satirical caricatures of Muslim prophet Muhammad, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)


Calls for Killing Jews Legal, Calling Mohammed a Pedophile, Illegal

Frontpage Mag 13 February 2015
By Daniel Greenfield

It’s not anti-Semitism. It’s anti-Zionism. You can tell because it involves Hitler and killing Jews. Facebook postings from a Turkish man showing Adolf Hitler, with a


Why are They Converting to Islam?

Israel National News 13 February 2015
By Mordechai Kedar

One of the things that worries the West is the fact that hundreds and maybe even thousands of young Europeans are converting to Islam, and some of them are joining terror


'Unprecedented' Doubling in UK Muslim Population

Israel National News 13 February 2015
By Ari Yashar

A new research study, the first of its kind, which was presented to the British Parliament shows an "unprecedented" shift with Muslim children in the UK nearly doubling in a

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