The New York Times Defends Al-Qaeda

The Gatestone Institute 11 June 2014
By Raymond Ibrahim

The New York Times is never the first to report on atrocities committed by jihadis against Christians and other minorities, but it is always the first to whitewash and


Of course: White House tells Congress Chuck Hagel made the final call on the Bergdahl/Taliban leaders swap

Michelle Malkin 11 June 2014
By Doug Powers

Hey look at this — Team Obama is selflessly sharing credit for yet another popular decision. The humility of this White House never ceases to amaze. From ABC News: Secretary


Pragmatism, Obama and the Bergdahl swap

Caroline Glick 11 June 2014

For nearly six years, Obama and his supporters have managed to fend off allegations that his foreign policy is even more ideological – and far more radical – than Bush’s by


One Week of Rouhani's "Moderate" Islamic Republic of Iran

The Gatestone Institute 11 June 2014
By Shadi Paveh

According to Article 110 of the Islamic Republic's Constitution, the Supreme Leader must oversee all matters. Even the release of one single prisoner is not possible without


Hamas No. 2 leader says hopes to move base to Gaza

Pan Armenian 11 June 2014

The No. 2 leader of Hamas said Tuesday, June 10, that he hopes to move from his base in Egypt to his native Gaza Strip following last week's formation of a Palestinian unity


Texas: Middle Eastern Men Are Getting Driver’s Licenses With Hispanic Names

Creeping Sharia 11 June 2014

PoliceOne warns officers that people of middle eastern ethnicity are changing their names or presenting themselves as hispanics in order to disguise their ethnicity and better


Islamist Threat on the Rise

Family Security Matters 11 June 2014
By Peter Brookes

Since the national conversation of late has been riveted on terrorism spurred on by the controversy swirling around the Taliban prisoner swap, it's a good time to take stock of


After Mosul, Al Qaeda seizes 38,000 sq. km of Iraqi territory, division-size armored vehicle fleet

DEBKA file 11 June 2014

After occupying the oil town of Mosul in northern Iraq, Al Qaeda’s ISIS (Islamist State of Iraq and the Levant) went on to seize more slices of Nineveh province. By Wednesday,


Islamicity Index: Malaysia leads other Islamic nations at 33

astro AWANI 11 June 2014

Malaysia beat other Islamic countries in an Islamicity Index study conducted by two academics from George Washington University, United States. According to the Islamicity


Exploring Al Qaeda’s Murky Connection To Russian Intelligence

Business Insider 11 June 2014
By John Schindler

"There are two histories: The official history, mendacious, which is given to us; and the secret history, where you find the real causes of events, a shameful history.” –


Radical Muslims misinterpret Koran to justify actions, accused terrorist says

Ottawa Citizen 11 June 2014
By Chris Cobb

Accused terrorist conspirator Misbahuddin Ahmed told his trial Tuesday that his intemperate references to Canada’s spy agency, secretly recorded while he was being spied on,


Qaddafi’s Long Shadow

Project Syndicate 11 June 2014
By Barak Barfi

The recent coup attempt in Libya, led by General Khalifa Hiftar, has finally pierced the illusion that the country’s dysfunctional central government, whose power is limited to


Diego Maradona slams FIFA 'bribes' over Qatar World Cup Bid

NDTV Sports 11 June 2014

Argentina legend Diego Maradona lashed out at "bribes" within FIFA, demanding action against those involved in corruption claims linked to Qatar's World Cup bid, in remarks


Indonesia Destroying Churches as Islamist Influence Grows

The Clarion Project 11 June 2014
By Ryan Mauro

Churches are being shut down in Indonesia at a rate of 40 per year, according to an Indonesian think-tank promoting religious tolerance. Despite its reputation for moderation,


Al Qaeda Conquers Mosul, Iraq

Answering Muslims 11 June 2014

A major outbreak of violence and unrest in northern Iraq – where Al Qaeda-aligned insurgents effectively toppled the country's second-largest city – is fueling concerns in


At least 630 killed in jihadist offensive in Syria

The Indian Express 11 June 2014

An offensive by a breakaway al-Qaida group in eastern Syria against Islamic rebel factions has killed more than 630 people and uprooted at least 130,000 since the end of April,


Whistle-blowing top banker battles Boko Haram

The Star Phoenix 11 June 2014
By Damien Mcelroy

Nigeria's former central bank governor, who lost his job for speaking out against endemic corruption, is taking on an even tougher challenge - that of turning the tide against


Mass Sexual Assault on 19-Year Old in Tahrir Square

The Clarion Project 11 June 2014

A mass sexual assault in Egypt’s Tahrir Square left a 19-year old student in critical condition. The assault -- along with others -- occurred during the celebrations marking


5 Indications that Bowe Bergdahl Is a Traitor

PJ Media 10 June 2014
By Robert Spencer

It is well established now that Bowe Bergdahl, the Army sergeant for whom Barack Obama traded five top Taliban jihad commanders to get him out of captivity in Afghanistan, is a


Two jailed for terrorism material urging Muslims to ‘die for Allah’

East London Advertiser 10 June 2014
By Mike Brooke

Two men from east London have been jailed for uploading terrorist material on the worldwide web and distributing material encouraging Muslims to "die for Allah”. Shah Jalal

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