Over 1,500 Moroccan Jihadists Fight in Syria: Report

Morocco World News 5 September 2014
By Aziz Allilou

Based on the official data provided by 25 countries, CNN suggested that over 11,000 people, including many Moroccans, have traveled from abroad to join radical militant groups


Exclusive: Islamic Relief Deutschland partners with Hamas-funding charity in Syria

Money Jihad 5 September 2014

Islamic Relief Deutschland, the German chapter of Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), listed the Islamic front charity IHH as an "implementation partner” for a €150,000 aid project


Head of Dutch intelligence service says there are thousands of jihadi sympathizers in the Netherlands

Tundra Tabloids 5 September 2014

Rob Bertholee, the head of the Dutch General Intelligence Service, AIVD, said in an interview that there are hundreds of adherents of violent jihad in the Netherlands, and


From the Thousand Year Reich to the Global Caliphate

The American Spectator 5 September 2014
By Jeffrey Lord

First it was the Thousand Year Reich. Now it’s the Global Caliphate. The pattern is as simple as it is stark. It always begins with the unruly rabble-rousers.


CDA wants muslim group banned

NL Times 5 September 2014
By Maxime Zech

The Dutch radical Islam group Hizb ut Tahrir should be banned from operating in The Netherlands. This was said by CDA-leader Sybrand Buma in the television program Pauw on


Video: British hostage: PM says UK will not be 'cowed' by threats

BBC News 5 September 2014

The UK "will not waver" in its aim to defeat terrorism, David Cameron has said as he condemned the "barbaric" beheading of a second US hostage. Islamic State extremists


ISIS Targets Young Europeans in Social Media, Promises Heaven

RIA Novosti 5 September 2014

MOSCOW — Terrorist organization ISIS is using social media campaigns to urge young Europeans to travel to Syria and Iraq and become radical Muslims,


Brutal Efficiency: The Secret to Islamic State's Success

Wall Street Journal 5 September 2014
By Siobhan Gorman, Nour Malas, Matt Bradley

Islamic State's stunning success this summer as it swept across northern Iraq and Syria flows from a highly organized structure controlled by a tightknit cadre led by an


Terrorists and the Mantle of Human Rights

Commentary Magazine 5 September 2014
By Michael Rubin

Many analysts and scholars have pointed out the strange bedfellows that some self-described progressive organizations make with radical terrorist groups or autocratic regimes.


Bosnia police arrest more than a dozen for supporting terrorism in Iraq, Syria

Deutsche Welle 5 September 2014

Some 200 Bosnian police launched a sweep against suspected Islamist militants on Wednesday, targeting 17 locations across the country. At least 15 people were arrested


Jihadi spy: the remarkable true story of Morten Storm 5 September 2014

Born in 1976 and raised in a dreary windswept Danish coastal town, Morten Storm’s delinquent stumble into adulthood was a tale of violence, drug taking, gang membership,


Hamas's War Crimes and Crimes against Islam

Gatestone Institute 5 September 2014
By Bassam Tawil

Hamas violates Islam by fighting and indiscriminately killing Jewish women, children and the aged, while its missiles launched at Jerusalem could easily harm Arabs and


N.C. man tried to join Islamic State after months of ‘asking Allah to guide me’

Washington Times 5 September 2014
By Douglas Ernst

Don Morgan of Salisbury, North Carolina, has traveled to the Middle East in an attempt to join the Islamic State group. He’s also willing to talk about it. "It was months


With Islamic State grabbing headlines, Netanyahu tries to retrain focus on Iran

Jerusalem Post 5 September 2014

With negotiations between Iran and the world powers set to restart September 18, and following Thursday’s bilateral Iran-US talks, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is


Journalist beheaded by Islamic State had Israeli citizenship, wrote for 'Jerusalem Report'

Jerusalem Post 5 September 2014

The Foreign Ministry cleared for publication on Wednesday that Steven Sotloff, the Jewish-American journalist who was beheaded by Islamic State terrorists, had Israeli


Big Media Ignores Hamas's "Ugliest Crimes"

Gatestone Institute 5 September 2014
By Khaled Abu Toameh

During the recent war in the Gaza Strip, armed Hamas militias committed the ugliest crimes and violations. This charge did was not made by the Israeli Government Press


India on alert as Al-Qaeda opens South Asia front

Yahoo! News 5 September 2014
By Claire Cozens

India placed several states on high alert on Thursday after Al-Qaeda launched a new branch to "wage jihad" in South Asia, seeking to invigorate its waning Islamist extremist


Al Qaeda's India wing to 'save' Muslims: Its real target is the Islamic State

Firstpost 5 September 2014

Al Qaeda chief Zayman al Zawahiri's new tape about the formation of an Indian wing may seem like a declaration of intent against the Indian state given its timing, coming soon


"Libya: Tougher UN Sanctions A Welcome Move, Yet More To Be Done To Curb Muslim Brotherhood ”

Sasha Toperich, a Senior Fellow at the John Hopkins Center for Transatlantic Relations has published a look at what he calls "the intent of the [Libyan] Muslim Brotherhood and


U.N. says 43 Golan peacekeepers seized by militants, 81 trapped

Chicago Tribune 5 September 2014

Militants fighting the Syrian army have detained 43 U.N. peacekeepers in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and trapped another 81 in the region, and the world body is working

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