Video: Dr. Ahmed: Islamists Try To Silence Critics Of Human Rights Abuses 10 October 2014
By Paula Kweskin

Dr. Qanta Ahmed, featured expert in Honor Diaries, recently spoke to Megyn Kelly of Fox News about an event she attended at Rutgers University.


Danish Foreign Ministry Issues Travel Warnings For 28 Muslim Countries

Breitbart 9 October 2014
By Donna Rachel Edmunds

The Danish Foreign Ministry has altered its publicised travel information for 28 Muslim countries thanks to their military involvement against ISIS in Iraq and the general


Moronic: Greens MP compares volunteers in Finnish army during WWII to Swedish jihadis fighting in Islamic state

Tundra Tabloids 9 October 2014

Twisting history to fit an idealogical point of view. That is the crux of moral relativism, the twisting of facts and reason. The most notable twist here is the comparing of


Koranic Sanction for Beheading Infidels, i.e., Koran 8:12/47:4, Explained by Renowned Theologian S.A. Usmani (d. 1949) 9 October 2014
By Andrew Boston

The gruesome spate of IS/IL beheadings continues apace, "complemented” by Oklahoma Muslim convert Jah’Keem Yisrael’s (previously, Alton Alexander Nolen) brutal decapitation of his female co-worker,


Sueddeutsche Zeitung: Kosovo, BiH top Jihad recruitment sources

InSerbia News 9 October 2014

BELGRADE – German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported on Monday that Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) top Jihad recruitment sources in the Balkans, adding that Serbia is


Belgium: Jihad Mega-Trial Begins

Right Side News 9 October 2014
By Soeren Kern

Belgium's largest-ever terrorism trial has begun under tight security in the port city of Antwerp, where 46 members of the Islamist group Sharia4Belgium are being accused of


The Isis propaganda war: a hi-tech media jihad 9 October 2014
By Steve Rose

In 1941, Hollywood director Frank Capra was commissioned to make a series of propaganda films for the US war effort. He knew he had his work cut out: he had seen Leni


50 Police Officers Called to Muslim-Yazidi Brawl in Germany

Breitbart 9 October 2014
By Oliver Lane

Fifty police officers had to be deployed to break up an enormous brawl between Kurds and Muslims in North-West Germany last night, as angry migrants took to the streets to vent


Serbian chairman strong network radical Islamists in Kosovo

ANSAmed 9 October 2014

BELGRADE - Kosovo has a "strong network of radical Islamists and terrorists" with several fighting in Syria and Iraq, Milovan Drecun, in Serbian parliament's Kosovo


Video: Is Islam a destructive force in the world?

Fox News 9 October 2014
By Bill O'Reilly

Right now the ISIS terrorists are attacking a town in Syria very close to the Turkish border. Civilians are fleeing in panic because these ISIS savages are known to slaughter


Belgian police launch probe into ‘jihadist training camp’

France 24 9 October 2014

Belgian law enforcement officials opened an investigation Friday into an alleged jihadist training camp in the Ardennes region of northeastern Belgium, according to local media


Who Does Turkey Support?

Gatestone Institute 9 October 2014
By Burak Bekdil

Last week, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden had to zigzag between the truth that accidentally spilled out of him and Washington's pragmatism. In a speech at Harvard's Kennedy


'An attempt to destroy the community'

Deutsche Welle 9 October 2014
By Von der Osten-Sacken

Von der Osten-Sacken: For the women and girls who have been systematically kidnapped and abducted, it means they will be sold, or else sexually or otherwise abused by members


Islamic State jihadi Hisham Folkard was a teenager in Highfields, Leicester, before becoming an ISIS fighter

Leicester Mercury 9 October 2014

A captured Islamic State jihadi who was part of a prisoner exchange has been reported to have lived in Leicester as a teenager. Hisham Folkard was apparently one of 180


Analysis: Why are Western women joining Islamic State?

BBC News 9 October 2014
By Dr Katherine Brown

Recent news stories, such as those of the missing school girl Yusra Hussien, university student Aqsa Mahmood and twins Salma and Zahra Halane, have triggered concerns about the


London 'jihadi' girl's dad begs for her to return home from Syria

Evening Standard 9 October 2014
By Ben Morgan, John Dunne, Justin Davenport

The father of a teenage girl who is feared to have travelled to Syria to join Islamic State fighters today pleaded for her to return home, saying: "I’m begging you to come


Turkey says Kobane ‘about to fall’ to IS jihadists

France 24 9 October 2014

Turkey’s President said Tuesday that the key Syria-Turkey border town of Kobane is ‘about to fall’ to the Islamic State (IS) group and that a ‘ground operation’ is needed to


'A Terrible Slaughter Is Coming'

The Atlantic 9 October 2014
By Jeffrey Goldberg

The theme of the week in the Syria conflict—that airstrikes are of only limited use in the struggle to degrade and destroy the Islamic State terror group—is about to be


Kobane Falling to IS While Turkey Watches

NewsClick 9 October 2014

Kobane, the town where Kurdish fighters have held out for nearly 4 weeks, is now on the verge of falling to the IS. The IS fighters have heavy artillery, tanks and armoured


Memo to Liberals: Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are ISIS

FrontPage Magazine 9 October 2014
By Daniel Greenfield

Another day, another smug liberal dismissal that there’s any connection between one violent Islamic terrorist group and another. This time in the Forward, a radical

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