Bin Laden Link to ‘Demolition Man’? 14 February 2012

HONG KONG — This is not the strangest thing about the horrific Bali bombings of 2002 —we’ll get to that in a minute — but investigators say the alleged bomb maker nearly blew himself up right before


CAIR’s Fight Against Pennsylvania Foreign Law Bill

FrontPage Magazine 14 February 2012
By David J. Rusin

Resistance to a new bill aimed at limiting foreign law in Pennsylvania courts serves as a case study of how Islamists and their allies operate: peddling falsehoods about Shari’a, painting Muslims as victims, and denying that anyone seeks to institutionalize aspects of Islamic law — even as they vigorously promote that very agenda. With similar legislation being debated across the U.S., understanding their tactics is critical.


Blast in Israeli Embassy car in Delhi, 4 injured 14 February 2012

In a coordinated terror attack, an Israeli embassy car exploded today when a magnetic bomb stuck to it went off in a high security area here critically injuring a woman diplomat hours after a car bomb was defused near its


Car bombed in Delhi, Israel blames Iran

Express India 14 February 2012

New Delhi In targeted attacks against Israeli mission personnel in India and Georgia, a bomber destroyed an embassy vehicle in the heart of New Delhi this afternoon, leaving at least four persons


Controversial Muslim Cleric from Egypt Visits Tunisia

Tunisia Live 14 February 2012
By Wafa Ben Hassine

Controversial Muslim figure Wajdi Ghoneim, a scholar from Egypt, has been invited to go on a tour in Tunisia, giving lectures in several cities. His tour began on February 11th, 2012 and is due to


Indonesians struggle to put religious tolerance into action

Radio Australia 14 February 2012

On Saturday, hundreds of ethnic Dayaks in the Central Kalimantan region of Indonesian Borneo stormed an airport to protest against the arrival of a delegation from the hardline Islamic Defenders


Bali bomb suspect 'listened and obeyed'

Sydney Morning Herald 14 February 2012
By Kate Lamb

JAKARTA: Umar Patek, the last alleged Bali bomber to face trial, was ushered into a West Jakarta court amid tight security yesterday. Disembarking from an armoured vehicle, a gaunt-looking Mr Patek


Iran warns Hamas against any "compromise" in fighting Israel

Jihad Watch 13 February 2012

A new angle for conspiracy paranoia is born: "Always be wary of infiltration by the compromisers in a resistance organization, which will gradually weaken it." If the agreement with Fatah crashes and


South Park Plea Exposes Network of Homegrown Radicals

Right Side News 13 February 2012

Many homegrown Islamist terrorists labeled as "lone wolves" may not have been so lone after all, court papers filed Thursday in Virginia show.  

Jesse Morton, a founder of the radical website Revolution Muslim, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and two counts related to communicating threats. The charges stem from threats posted on Revolution Muslim against producers of the animated comedy "South Park" after an April 2010 episode featured a character that was supposed to be the prophet Mohammed fully concealed in a bear suit.


Video: The Caliphate Comes to Austria

Gates of Vienna 13 February 2012

Regular readers will remember the Islamic fundamentalist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, which has appeared many times in this space. In recent years HuT has held "Caliphate Conferences” in various countries, including (if memory serves) Britain, Denmark, Australia, and the USA.



The signature of ACTA by European countries does not mean the deal is done, needs to be ratified by the European Parliament.

They will vote on june 2012 to either ratify or reject ACTA. Please read more how to act and call your MPs, tell them tovote against ratification. This would disarm ACTA in Europe.



Terrorism gang jailed for plotting to blow up London Stock Exchange 10 February 2012

Lynchpin Mohammed Chowdhury, 21, and righthand man Shah Rahman, 29, planned to plant a bomb in the Stock Exchange and were seen scouting other potential targets including Big Ben, Westminster Abbey


The Sticky Wickets of "Radical” Islam

Family Security Matters 10 February 2012
By Edward Cline

In a 1983 all-star pirate comedy, Yellowbeard, basically an expensively sewn grab bag of sight gags, one-liners, and pratfalls, there is one scene in which most of the principal characters, in search of Yellowbeard’s treasure, form a kind of conga line on a beach, crawling on their hands and knees, following cryptically written directions on a piece of paper that may lead them to the buried chest. As a yawner, it was a low point in a sequence of low points. We were not amused.


Creator of Revolution Muslim website, inspiration to US jihadis, pleads guilty 10 February 2012
By Warren Richey

A New York man pleaded guilty on Thursday to charges that he created and ran militant Muslim websites – including – to encourage others to engage in violent actions to defend


Muslim Persecution of Christians: January 2012

FrontPage Magazine 10 February 2012
By Raymond Ibrahim

The beginning of the New Year saw only an increase in the oppression of Christians under Islam, from Nigeria, where an all-out jihad has been declared in an effort to eradicate the Muslim north of


Qaradawi meets with Hamas, says "victory is near and at the door"

Jihad Watch 9 February 2012

Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi has been praised by Saudi-funded dhimmi pseudo-academic John Esposito as a champion of a "reformist interpretation of Islam and its relationship to democracy, pluralism and


Islamist radicals planned to use benefits to fund terror training

Yorkshire Post 9 February 2012

AN extremist inspired by al-Qaida called on British Muslims to claim benefits to raise funds for a terrorist training camp, a court has been told. Usman Khan, 20, was secretly recorded talking


Coalition fails in its duty to keep us safe 9 February 2012
By Leo McKinstry

THE first duty of the Government is to protect British citizens. But the coalition is now failing miserably in that task because of its craven submission to the European Court of Human


Prosecutor appeals clearing of three of plot to kill Swedish artist

Monsters and Critics 9 February 2012

Stockholm - A Swedish prosecutor Wednesday appealed a ruling that acquitted three men of plotting to kill artist Lars Vilks, whose depiction of the Muslim prophet Mohammed as a dog sparked outrage


Brussels: University debate disturbed by Muslim fundamentalists

Islam in Europe 9 February 2012

Yesterday ULB university organized a debate between French journalist Caroline Fourest and Hervé Hasquin on the extreme right. The debate was heckled by niqab-wearing

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