Islamic militants take 7 Americans hostage in Algeria

Bucyrus Telegraph Forum 17 January 2013
By Charles McPhedran and Louise Osborne

Islamic terrorists linked to al-Qaeda attacked an Algerian natural gas facility Wednesday, killing one British and one French worker and taking numerous hostages, possibly


Interview with Cliff Kincaid: Stopping Al-Jazeera America

Canada Free Press 17 January 2013

Editor’s Note: The following is an interview that AIM’s Cliff Kincaid gave to National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro. The introduction and interview are included


Money laundering expert accuses Venezuela of massive uranium exports to Iran

Money Jihad 17 January 2013

One of Money Jihad‘s favorites, the Financial Crimes Blog by Kenneth Rijock, is making a disturbing allegation: that Venezuela is illegally exporting massive amounts of


Hamas says no unity with Fatah without armed wing

The Times of Israel 17 January 2013
By Elhanan Miller

Hamas will not agree to dismantle the Al-Qassam Brigades as part of a reconciliation deal with rival movement Fatah, a Hamas official said Wednesday. Moussa Abu-Marzouq,


Erdogan held separate phone conversations with Palestinian President and Hamas leader

Bahrain News Agency 17 January 2013

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan held separate phone conversations with the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas leader Khaled Mashal and received


Saudis Will Give $100m to Palestinians

THISDAY 17 January 2013

Saudi Arabia will give the Palestinian government in the Israeli-occupied West Bank $100 million to help alleviate a worsening budget crisis, the Palestinian president's


Salafists Vow to Fight Until There Is 'Islamic State in Syria'

Al-Monitor 17 January 2013
By Tulin Daloglu

"Rami Youssef" is his revolutionary alias. This young man — aged 18 with dark features and a full, circular beard and shaved mustache in the tradition of the Prophet — has been


Qatar Lifts Egypt Assistance by $2.5 Billion, Hegazi Says

Bloomberg 17 January 2013
By Tarek El-Tablawy, Abdel Latif Wahba & Victoria Stilwell

Qatar will increase its assistance to Egypt by buying $2.5 billion of government bonds to help shore up its economy after the 2011 revolution, Egyptian Finance Minister


Syria: Worst is yet to come

Ynetnews 16 January 2013
By Riccardo Dugulin

Reports linked to the online portal of the "revolution coordination page of Midan area" indicate that the Russian journalist Anhar Kochneva is in the hands of jihadist elements


UC Irvine’s ‘Islam Awareness Week’: A CAIR Convention

FrontPage Magazine 16 January 2013
By Arnold Ahlert

The Muslim Student Union (MSU) at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) is holding its 2013 "Islam Awareness Week 2013” from January 22-25. Although the program is billed


Israel fears Syrian chemical weapons will reach Hezbollah

Ynetnews 16 January 2013

Israel's UN Ambassador Ron Prosor expressed concern over the possibility that Syrian chemical weapons could find their way to Hezbollah hands in Lebenon. In a special Security


Hate Crime Stats Deflate 'Islamophobia' Myth

Right Side News 15 January 2013
By David J. Rusin

Islamists inflate the number of anti-Muslim crimes in order to silence critics.hate crime A detailed analysis of FBI statistics covering ten full calendar years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks reveals that, on a per capita basis, American Muslims, contrary to spin, have been subjected to hate crimes less often than other prominent minorities.

From 2002 to 2011, Muslims are estimated to have suffered hate crimes at a frequency of 6.0 incidents per 100,000 per year — 10 percent lower than blacks (6.7), 48 percent lower than homosexuals and bisexuals (11.5), and 59 percent lower than Jews (14.8). Americans should keep these numbers in mind whenever Islamists attempt to silence critics by invoking Muslim victimhood.


Islamists vow to strike 'heart' of France 15 January 2013

"France has attacked Islam. We will strike at the heart of France," said Abou Dardar, a leader of Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO), an offshoot of al Qaeda


Dane claims he worked inside al-Qaida

StarPhoenix 15 January 2013
By Jan M. Olsen

After converting to Islam, a former member of a Danish motorcycle gang travels to Yemen to study the Qur'an and soon comes in contact with radical preachers waging holy war


Beheading: Allah's Justice in the 21st Century

islam-watch 15 January 2013

U.N. human rights expert has accused Saudi Arabia of violating international law by beheading an underage Sri Lankan domestic worker Rizana Nafeek on charges of killing a baby in her care in 2005.

She was sentenced to death in 2007, and ignoring appeals from the Sri Lanka government for a reprieve of her life, she was beheaded in the town of Dawadmy, near the capital Riyadh, on Wednesday morning.


Mali Islamists hit back at French, promise long war

Jerusalem Post 15 January 2013

Al Qaeda-linked Islamist rebels launched a counter-offensive Monday in central Mali after four days of air strikes by French warplanes on their strongholds in the desert north,


Hook-handed terrorist suspect struggling in jail: Lawyers

Straits Times 15 January 2013

Prison officials are hampering the one-eyed, handless British Islamist preacher extradited to the United States on terrorism charges from participating in his defence ahead of


Chicago Group that Helps Muslims Get Elected Tied to U.S. Muslim Brotherhood

Creeping Sharia 15 January 2013

Islamic media has reported on a newly-emerging organization whose leaders are tied to the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and which is designed to help elect Muslims to local


Report: Hamas test fires improved long-range missiles

Israel Hayom 15 January 2013
By Daniel Siryoti and Lilach Shoval

Palestinian media sources say Hamas' military wing recently conducted test launch of two rockets with range of dozens of kilometers • Rockets made in Gaza with Iranian know-how


Pakistan: supporters of Muslim cleric clash with police 15 January 2013

Television footage showed police shooting into the air and using tear gas to push back protesters, who had converged on parliament in Islamabad. The clashes started when

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