After Reaching Deal with Fatah, Iran-backed Hamas Refuses to Talk Peace with Israel

The Israel Project 29 April 2011

Washington, – Within a day of forging an alliance, leaders of Fatah and Iran-backed Hamas disagreed publicly on whether they would negotiate peace with Israel, with Hamas steadfastly


Police gag infiltrator who oversaw alleged Islamist terror network

Munich - German police put a legal gag Thursday on a 22-year-old man who infiltrated and headed an alleged network of Islamists who posted al-Qaeda videos on the internet. The trial in Munich was


Video: Tommy Robinson to Return to Court - 11th May [Updated]

English Defence League 29 April 2011

Tommy Robinson has been re-arrested on further charges relating to his attempt to stop the Muslim poppy burners (shown in the above video), and must return to court. The poppy burners got away with a L50 fine, but Tommy continues to be dragged through the courts. Watch the footage, and decide for yourself whether you think whether Tommy committed a crime.


Likely Terror Attack Strikes Popular Tourist Cafe in Morocco

Spiegel Online 29 April 2011

An apparent terrorist attack struck a cafe in Marrakech, Morocco on Thursday, a city popular with Western tourists. More than a dozen people died, including several foreigners. Early signs indicate


Indonesian court hands 10-year jail sentence to Islamic terrorist

An Indonesian court has sentenced an Islamic extremist to 10 years in prison for helping militants organize military training and supplying money and firearms. Announcing his verdict at


Extremists threaten new attacks in Tajikistan

Central Asia Online 29 April 2011
By Dilafruz Nabiyeva

DUSHANBE — Extremists are threatening new attacks against the Tajik government, having singled out President Emomali Rakhmon, whom they blame for Tajikistan's problems.


Marrakesh 'terrorist' blast kills 14

Expatica 29 April 2011

A Marrakesh explosion branded a "terrorist" attack by Morocco and France killed 14 people Thursday, including French nationals, government officials said as police went on high alert. With King


UK: Former Foreign Office minister admits that political correctness led Britain to shelter jihadis

Jihad Watch 28 April 2011

And there is no indication that this isn't still going on. "Being too PC led us to shelter terrorists, says ex-minister," by Martin Bentham in the London Evening Standard, April 27 (thanks to


How Al-Qaida Planned to Bomb Heathrow

Spiegel Online 28 April 2011
By Britta Sandberg and Holger Stark

Minutes of the secret interrogations of Ramzi Binalshibh and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged masterminds of the Sept. 11 attacks, show the men continued to energetically forge new attack plans


Pentagon lists Qaeda recruiting mosques

Arab Times 28 April 2011

Al-Qaeda recruited and trained militants at mosques and Islamic centers in cities around the world from Montreal to Karachi, according to a Pentagon list leaked Tuesday.


An Outlook of Radical Islamism in Bosnia

Pakistan Christian Post 28 April 2011
By Ioannis Michaletos

Radical Islam is growing in Bosnia Information available to experts on international terrorism indicate that Bosnia Herzegovina is presently one of the epicenters of extremist Islamic circles in


University campuses are 'hotbeds of Islamic extremism' 28 April 2011
By Duncan Gardham

Islamic fundamentalism is being allowed to flourish at universities, endangering national security, MPs and peers said yesterday. Academics are turning a blind eye to radicals because they do not


Indonesian president warns Islamic radicalism rising

Channel News Asia 28 April 2011

JAKARTA: Indonesia's president on Thursday warned that the world's most populous Muslim-majority country was confronting a rising tide of Islamic radicalism, after a spate of hate crimes and


Clarifying Some Misconstruings

Citizen Warrior 28 April 2011

ON THE ARTICLE, The Ground Zero Mosque, someone asked some questions and I answered them like this: Question: You sure about this? If Islam is really about world domination and the article is


Video: Radical Muslim cleric plans demonstration outside Royal Wedding 28 April 2011

LONDON -- A radical Muslim cleric has vowed to lead a demonstration outside Westminster Abbey during the Royal Wedding. With Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding just two days away, preparations are in full swing in London.


Qabbani wants Islamist inmates freed until trial

Zawya 28 April 2011

BEIRUT: The grand mufti urged Wednesday the release of Islamist prisoners whose trials have been delayed as they await the construction of a courtroom large enough to


• Book essay: The Bloody Truth about Cyprus

EuropeNews 28 April 2011
Bloody truth, Nicosia, March 2009. ISBN 9789963962204
By Henrik R. Clausen

The apparently endless stalemate on Cyprus is getting a thorough treatment in the publication by the organization “Freedom and Justice for Cyprus”.

While the documentation of what went down through the 1960's and 1970's is shocking and brutal, the real coup of the book is that it goes back to the 1950's, once and for all settling the question of who originally created the conflict in Cyprus: It wasn't the 'Turkish' Cypriots. Nor was it Turkey. It was, documentably, Great Britain.


Sadly, I've been proved right. Britain IS a centre of terror. Tragically, our rulers can't see the truth

Daily Mail 27 April 2011
By Melanie Phillips

So now we are all finally able to see just why Britain’s capital came to be known contemptuously as ‘Londonistan’. Some five years ago, I wrote a book by that name which laid out the extent to


Revealed: How Al Qaeda high command watched 9/11 unfold on TV (while one was in hospital having his tonsils out)

Daily Mail 27 April 2011

Senior Al Qaeda commanders were gathered in Pakistani to watch the 9/11 terror attacks on television in a Karachi safehouse, leaked documents today disclose. Khalid Sheik Mohammed - the


Hundreds join Moscow anti-Muslim rally

The Canadian Press 27 April 2011

MOSCOW — Hundreds of Russian nationalists staged a racism-tinged rally in central Moscow on Saturday to demand an end to social payments for Muslim republics of the volatile

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