America's Most Prominent Muslim Group Silent on Latest Muslim Terror Plot

Forbes 21 February 2012
By Abigail R. Esman

It is now nearly twenty-four hours since the FBI arrested an illegal immigrant from Morocco on charges that he was planning — indeed, on the way — to bomb the U.S. Capitol, as well as to shoot at any


Islamist Lobbies' Washington War on Arab and Muslim Liberals

Right Side News 21 February 2012
By Essam Abdallah

Please take the time to read this very important story written by a courageous Egyptian liberal intellectual about the Islamist and Muslim Brotherhood lobbies in Washington and the Obama


Thousands shout 'death to America' in Islamabad

AlterNet 21 February 2012

It was the latest show of support for Defence of Pakistan, a coalition of around 40 parties chaired by a cleric dubbed the father of the Taliban that include organisations blacklisted at home and


Obama to law enforcement: Stop linking Muslims to Terrorism

Canada Free Press 21 February 2012
By Jim Kouri

In yet another curtsy to the politically correct orthodoxy, President Barack Obama’s White House plans to tinker with federal police curriculums for counterterrorism training classes. The first bit of "revamping” is the removal of all material that groups, such as the Council on American Islamic Relations, or CAIR, find offensive or containing a "negative” image of Muslims.


Shabaab suicide bombers to launch series of attacks in time with David Cameron conference 20 February 2012
By Mike Pflanz

The warning, from senior al-Shabaab leaders and repeated on the militants' Twitter page, came after seven Somali officers were injured when a car-bomb exploded at a police station in Mogadishu, the


The People of Blood and Jihad

FrontPage Magazine 20 February 2012
By Bruce Thornton

Thirty years ago, after Jimmy Carter’s disastrous attempt to rescue the embassy hostages in Iran, the Ayatollah Khomeini warned, "Carter still has not comprehended what kind of people he is facing and what school of thought he is playing with. Our people is the people of blood and our school is the school of Jihad.” Despite the graphic proof of Khomeini’s words in the carnage of 9/11, many in the media, politics, and foreign policy establishment still refuse to comprehend the enemy we are facing.


Muslim prisoners issue rallying call from behind bars 20 February 2012
By Duncan Gardham was set up by Abdul Muhid, a convicted terrorist and former member of the banned group al-Muhajiroun. He claims that he wants to give support to those who may feel "forgotten”


British Muslims 'recruited to fight for Al Qaeda in Somalia'

TODAYonline 20 February 2012

LONDON - Dozens of radicalised British Muslims are being trained by militant Islamists to fight in a "holy war" for Al Shabaab, the Al Qaeda-inspired Somali terrorist group, it has


'Website helped UK terrorists communicate' 20 February 2012

London: An Islamist website has spent months publishing letters written by Muslim extremists jailed for serious terror offenses, a British newspaper reported today. The Sunday Times says the


How Islamists hijacked the Arab Spring

ABC Sydney 20 February 2012
By John Bradley

British author and former foreign correspondent John Bradley warns that the Arab Spring has been hijacked by dangerous extremists. Eleanor Hall: The World Today


NYPD monitored Muslim students all over Northeast 20 February 2012

NEW YORK — The New York Police Department monitored Muslim college students far more broadly than previously known, at schools far beyond the city limits, including the elite Ivy League colleges


Parents won't quit fight over CAIR indoctrination

WND 17 February 2012
By Jack Minor

Parents in a Florida school district say their fight is not ending over district officials’ decision to openly promote a representative from the local Council on American-Islamic Relations group,


Underwear jihadist gets life of prison dawah

Jihad Watch 17 February 2012
By Robert Spencer

An "unrepentant would-be mass murderer who views his crimes as divinely inspired and blessed."

"Nigerian underwear bomber gets life in prison for trying to blow up jetliner on Christmas 2009," by Ed White for the Associated Press, February 16 (thanks to all who sent this in):

DETROIT - A Nigerian man on a suicide mission for al-Qaida was sentenced Thursday to life in prison for attempting to blow up an international flight with a bomb in his underwear as the plane approached Detroit on Christmas 2009.


Russian forces kill Islamist rebel leader

DefenceWeb 17 February 2012

Russian security forces have killed a leader of an Islamist rebel group in the North Caucasus who was accused of plotting a botched suicide attack in Moscow and calling for more


The Muslim Brothers Get Paid to Threaten America

FrontPage Magazine 17 February 2012
By Bruce Thornton

Remember last year’s giddy bipartisan enthusiasm over the "Arab Spring”? President Obama claimed that Egyptians merely wanted "a government that is fair and just and responsive,” Senator John McCain


How political correctness is ruining Britain's police

Daily Mail 16 February 2012
By Kevin Hurley

As corrupt cop Ali Dizaei is finally jailed, an ex-colleague says the Met has been paralysed by fears of being branded racist The Metropolitan Police continues to stumble from one self-inflicted


Radical Muslim cleric Abu Qatada is living in Brent

Kilburn Times 16 February 2012
By Tara Brady

Radical Muslim cleric Abu Qatada, who is accused of being a dangerous extremist preacher, is living in Brent. The 51-year-old has been holed up in the L500,000 terrace family home since his


Kurdish Islamic cleric charged with making threats in Norway

Times LIVE 16 February 2012

The trial centres on remarks Mullah Krekar, who uses the name of Najmuddin Faraj Ahmand, made during a news conference in June 2010 where he said that Erna Solberg, leader of the Conservative Party,


Abu Qatada's 28k-a-year home costs more than Government's proposed benefit cap 16 February 2012

Hate preacher Abu ­Qatada’s new home costs the public L28,800 a year in rent – thousands more than the Government’s proposed benefit cap. The L400,000 five-bed house has three ­bathrooms, a


People protest against Islamic group CAIR addressing students 16 February 2012
By Kristal Roberts

TAMPA, Fla. - The Council on American Islamic Relations attended a Hillsborough County School Board meeting Thursday night filled with a conservative group determined to keep the religious group out

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