Terrorist Wanted: How ISIS Recruits Western Women

Brown Political Review 10 December 2014
By Kanika Khanna

Recruitment within terrorist organizations was long considered a homegrown issue, where groups attracted new members within the countries that they operate, drawing from


Bahrain Blames Hezbollah for Bomb Attack Against Police

Clarion Project 10 December 2014

A bomb that killed a security officer in Bahrain Monday was the work of the Shiite terrorist organization Hezbollah, said Bahrain’s foreign minister. Sheikh Khaled ben Ahmed al Khalifa


Germany Reportedly Concerned About Radicalization Of Chechen Diaspora

Big News 9 December 2014

The German authorities are concerned about the radicalization of the country's Chechen diaspora population, according to . Around in Syria with the Islamic State (IS) group.


Charity raised zakat in France for jihad in Syria

Money Jihad 9 December 2014

Two leaders of an Islamic charity in Paris have been indicted for raising money for terrorists in Syria and Iraq including al-Nusra Front. (Hat tip to El Grillo and Sal.) The


Who is Generation Jihad? 9 December 2014
By Nicolai Sennels

Generation Jihad is here. 80 percent of young Turks in Holland see "nothing wrong” in waging Jihad against non-Muslims. 27 percent of all young French and 14 percent of all


RECOMMENDED READING: "Antisemitism Hits New High In Turkey”

The Israeli NGO MEMRI has issued a report titled "Antisemitism Hits New High In Turkey” that examines the startling rise in antisemitism that has accompanied the government of


Security Intelligence Service on terrorism: Finland abreast of developments

YLE News 9 December 2014

The Finnish Security Intelligence Service (Supo) concedes that per capita the number of radical Muslim recruits from Finland fighting in Syria is high, but denies that


Georgian Militant Fighting With IS Reported Killed In Kobani

Al-Qaeda has spoken out against the practice of beheading, as used by the Islamic State (IS) militant group. Nasr bin Ali al-Ansi, an official in Al-Qaeda's branch in Yemen,


FBI suspected British men of spying at US airports used by Thatcher and Major

The Guardian 9 December 2014
By Jon Swaine in New York

A group of British men were questioned by US and UK authorities after being discovered monitoring flights at a series of American airports used by Margaret Thatcher and John


Mother sues France over jihadist son’s trip to Syria

FRANCE 24 9 December 2014
By Sam BALL , Steven JAMBOT

In the first case of its kind, a mother is suing the French state after her teenage son travelled to Syria to join jihadists fighting there, claiming the authorities should


Sikh Headteacher at 'Trojan Horse' School Claims He was Forced Out for Teaching 'British Values'

Breitbart 9 December 2014
By Nick Hallett

A head teacher who ran a school that was investigated by the 'Trojan Horse' inquiry has said that he was forced out for "giving children British values". Balwant Bains, who


Hamas in Turkey on alert after Israeli complaint

Al-Monitor 9 December 2014
By Adnan Abu Amer

Hamas is taking Israel’s complaint to NATO against Turkey for hosting Hamas leaders seriously, concerned that it might be a prelude to a resumption of assassinations of its


UNRWA refuses to correct "2200 civilians killed" lie (UPDATE: Cover-up!)

the elder of ziyon - 9 December 2014

On Friday, I noted that a speech given by UNRWA Deputy Commissioner-General Margot Ellis contained a major falsehood in a speech she gave. Referring to the Gaza war, she


Terrorist leader killed in Pakistan had Broward background 9 December 2014
By Alfonso Chardy and Jay Weaver

A former Broward County college student who slipped out of South Florida just before the 9/11 terrorist attacks and later rose to the top ranks of al-Qaida was killed by


ISIS Making Profit Selling Organs Harvested From Its Dead Fighters

Assyrian International News Agency 9 December 2014
By Johnlee Varghese

Reports out of Iraq have found that the Islamic State (ISIS) militant group are making huge profits by selling harvested organs of its own dead fighters. ISIS, is currently


Fatah official: Two-state solution is dead

The Times of Israel 9 December 2014
By Elhanan Miller

The two-state solution is dead, a senior member of Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah organization said on Monday, calling on the Palestinian leadership to seek "new solutions.” Speaking


Israel: Muslim Brotherhood cell in Jordan 'smuggling weapons to West Bank Palestinians'

International Business Times UK 9 December 2014
By Jack Moore

A Muslim Brotherhood cell based in Jordan is smuggling weapons to Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and raising funds for terror activities, according to Israeli


IS beheads 4 children in Iraq for refusing to convert to Islam

Firstpost 9 December 2014

Baghdad: Sunni radical group Islamic State (IS) beheaded four Christian children in Iraq for refusing to convert to Islam, a media report said Monday. The beheadings took


Hamas Delegation in Iran to Normalize Relations

Arutz Sheva 9 December 2014

A delegation from the terrorist organization Hamas which controls Gaza arrived on Monday for talks with Iranian officials on repairing ties between the two, local media


Hizb ut-Tahrir plans to turn Bangladesh into Khilafat state

Bangladesh News 24 hours 9 December 2014
By Uttam Sengupta, Chittagong Bureau

The plan was found in the ‘Draft Constitution of Khilafat State’ seized from two members of the organisation arrested in Chittagong’s Chawkbazar on Oct 26. The 40-page

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