Fatah falsely depicts murdered teens as "soldiers"

PMW Bulletins 4 July 2014
By Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

Following its Facebook celebrations of the kidnapping of three Israeli teens, the Fatah movement, headed by Mahmoud Abbas, referred to the murdered kids as "soldiers" in its


Minister: Monitoring Jihadists Top Priority of Dutch Government

Minister Frans Timmermans of Foreign Affairs (Labour Party) has said that monitoring Dutch jihadists is a top priority for the Dutch government. Earlier he had said that many


The Islamist Plague

American Center for Democracy 4 July 2014
By Rachel Ehrenfeld

Many Western commentators have adopted the narrative that al Qaeda and its ilk are the exception to the "religion of peace” — Islam.


The U.S., the U.K. and Canada in Jihad Denial

FrontPage Magazine 1 July 2014
By Robert Spencer

The denial of the reality of jihad is thicker than ever, even as jihadis advance around the world. And it endangers us all.


British Jihadists and the UK Surveillance State

Gatestone Institute 1 July 2014
By Soeren Kern

A recent spike in the number of British jihadists fighting with Sunni militant groups in Syria and Iraq is fuelling a heated debate over how much government surveillance is


Radical Islamist threat on the rise in Finland

IceNews 1 July 2014

There is a rising risk of Islam-related terrorism in Finland, revealed a recent report, with the ongoing Syrian conflict a key factor in the threat. Intelligence police unit


France’s Homegrown Jihadists 1 July 2014
By Sylvie Kauffmann

PARIS — When Dominique Bons speaks with her soft Toulouse accent, there is something tragic and dignified about this thin blond woman, recently retired from the military. Last


Video: From hip-hop dancer to jihadist: How dad tracked down son in Syria

CNN 1 July 2014
By Bharati Naik and Atika Shubert

As a teenager, Jejoen Bontinck danced in music videos and was a regular kid hanging out with friends in Antwerp, Belgium. But within a year, he went from a hip-hop-loving


Special CIA Unit Sent to UK to Investigate British Islamists

Arutz Sheva 1 July 2014
By Tova Dvorin

As more and more world leaders are becoming frustrated over the unchecked growth of radical Islam in the UK, the Obama administration has taken the unusual action of sending


Why not prevent proven British jihadists from returning home? 1 July 2014

SIR – Every day I read articles suggesting that British jihadists in Syria or Iraq could come home and commit atrocities here. Where people are clearly identifiable in


‘White Widow’ of London bomber remarried into family tied to notorious Al-Qaeda commander

National Post 1 July 2014
By Mike Pflanz

Samantha Lewthwaite, the "White Widow” of one of the London July 7 bombers, later married into a Kenyan family connected to one of Al-Qaeda’s most notorious commanders in East


Omar Bakri Muhammad Seeks Asylum From Torture In UK - But He Won't Get It

Huffington Post 1 July 2014

Extremist preacher Omar Bakri Mohammad will not be allowed back into Britain, the Government has insisted amid reports he intends to claim asylum in the UK. The radical


Video: Anti-alcohol Islamist group with Brick Lane links banned for ‘glorifying terrorism’

East London Advertiser 1 July 2014
By Adam Barnett

An Islamist group that marched in Brick Lane against the sale of alcohol has been banned by the government, making membership a criminal offence. The Shariah Project was


Erdogan: 'No one should expect me to provoke ISIS'

Al-Monitor 1 July 2014
By Semih Idiz

Turkey is maintaining an overly cautious position on developments in Iraq, and steering clear from unilateral or multilateral military actions that may aggravate the situation


Video: Like Obama, his best friend in Turkey PM Recep Erdogan, is also arming the ISIS jihadists in Syria

Bare Naked Islam 1 July 2014

I wonder if he is arming them with all the American weapons and equipment left in Libya that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was shipping to Syria via Turkey?


UK Muslims 'complacent' over threat of home-grown jihadists, warns top counter-terrorism officer Cressida Dick

Daily Mail 1 July 2014
By Jack Doyle and Chris Greenwood

Muslim communities in Britain are guilty of ‘complacency and passivity’ over the threat from home-grown jihadists, the UK’s top counter-terrorism officer warned last


Wilders: Dutch Government Sleeps on Jihadist Threat

Geert Wilders leader of the Freedom Party says that the Dutch government sleeps concerning the jihadist threat. He proposed that the general intelligence service AIVD should


Hamas Prepares for War as Abbas Talks Peace

Gatestone Institute 30 June 2014
By Khaled Abu Toameh

The Fatah-Hamas reconciliation accord has had no moderating effect on the Islamist movement. On the contrary, Hamas seems headed toward more extremism, and its recent


India freezes funds of jihadi ‘financial brain’

Money Jihad 30 June 2014

The equivalent of $100,000 in terrorist funds which was originally seized from Kashmiri jihadist Nasir Safi Mir is being frozen under court order in India. Law enforcement and


Clipping the Wings of Lashkar-e Taiba and its Charity Front Jamaat-ud Dawa of Pakistan

The Terror Finance Blog 30 June 2014
By Animesh Roul

In an attempt to clip Pakistan’s terror charity Jamaat ud Dawa’s (JuD) financial wings further, the U.S. Department of the Treasury on 25 June (2014) has once again targeted

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