VIDEO: Pamela Geller Speaks at Free Speech Conference Before Jihad Shooting 5 May 2015

Here’s what the enemies of freedom sought to crush last night. Truth and freedom. But they went up against the wrong kuffar, and they were crushed instead. Much thanks to


VIDEO: Robert Spencer Speaks at Free Speech Conference in Garland Texas 5 May 2015

Here’s what jihadists sought to snuff out last night. Truth and freedom. This video is about Jihad in Texas. Much thanks to Mark Campbell


Jihad gunmen at AFDI/JW Texas free speech event had more ammo in car

Jihad Watch 5 May 2015
By Robert Spencer

"At a news conference, investigators were uncertain of the identities and motives of the gunmen.” Yes, their motives are a total mystery! "Gunmen at Muhammad cartoon event


Both Muslims killed in Texas attack were known to FBI, attended Phoenix mosque

creepingsharia 5 May 2015

Authorities in Texas have identified Nadir Soofi as the second gunman who opened fire on a "Draw Muhammad” art contest in a Dallas suburb on Sunday night. Soofi, authorities


NY Times Slanders Victims of Texas Attack

FrontPage Mag 5 May 2015
By Ari Lieberman

Last night, two heavily armed gunmen, equipped with AK-47s and drum-type, high capacity magazines were shot and killed by alert police after they opened fire on an unarmed


At Texas mosque, anger at both shooters and Mohammad exhibit

Reuters 5 May 2015
By Jon Herskovitz

At a small mosque in Texas near the site where two gunmen were shot dead after trying to storm an exhibit of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad, there was little sympathy for


CAIR Condemns Texas Attack But Lashes Out At Intended Victims

Daily Caller 5 May 2015
By Chuck Ross

Under the auspices of condemning an attack carried out Sunday in Garland, Texas by two men suspected of having ties to radical Islam, the Muslim civil rights group the Council


Garland Shooting: 'Draw Muhammad' Contest Host Pamela Geller Wants More, Similar Events

NBC News 5 May 2015
By William J. Gorta

The host of the Texas "Draw Muhammad' contest that ended with police killing two armed gunman outside called for more, similar events as a defense of free speech. Pamela


Armed Islamic State warriors attack Mohammed cartoon contest in Texas

10News 5 May 2015
By Nikolai Sennels

“Two gunmen have been shot and killed in a parking lot outside a venue in Garland, Texas that had been hosting a controversial Mohammed art event dedicated to free speech.


Many Palestinians admit they would rather live under Israeli rule than Hamas rule

Bare Naked Islam 5 May 2015

“Hamas wanted us butchered so it could win the media propaganda war against Israel.” Now that the smoke has cleared from the recent Israel/Gaza conflict the truth of what


Shots fired and building on lock down at Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s Draw Mohamed event in Texas-bottom is newest

Vlad Tepes 4 May 2015

Details are being withheld with they are confirmed but watch the stream!!! UPDATE People are being moved into secure parts of the building for concern over possible


Heartstopping video shows the terrifying moment jealous boyfriend leapt over minicab office counter and stabbed love rival to de

Daily Mail 4 May 2015
By Gemma Mullin

This is the terrifying moment a jealous boyfriend jumped over the counter at a minicab office and stabbed his love rival to death while chanting verses from the Koran. Gulam


Possible shooter at AFDI/JW event: "May Allah accept us as mujahideen”

Jihad Watch 4 May 2015
By Robert Spencer

Note that he doesn’t just say, "May Allah accept us as mujahedeen,” but adds the hashtag, #texasattack, strongly suggesting that he expected to become a mujahid at our


Turkey's Armenian Genocide: A 20th-century Islamic Holocaust

islam-watch 4 May 2015

April 24, 2015 will be the 100th anniversary of one of the worst human massacres in history: The genocide of the Armenian Christians by the Islamic Ottoman Empire. Much will


Cowardly Daily Mail blacks out Muhammad cartoons in story on shooting 4 May 2015

The cowardice of the enemedia has reached monstrous proportions. They will stop at nothing to appease bloodthirsty jihad terrorists. They are not journalists. They are


UN guilt and Hamas war crimes

Blazingcatfur 4 May 2015

Even the UN has now admitted that its buildings and schools were used by Hamas to fire rockets at Israeli civilians during last year’s Gaza operation. But the mainstream media


Largest counterfeit currency manufacturing unit in WB unearthed within an ISO 9001 Company owned by Muslims.

Bengal Spotlight 4 May 2015

Finally the Special Task Force (STF) on Monday uncovered a racket in fake currency notes and seized counterfeit Indian currency notes with face value of more than Rs 10 crore, which


Newest intrafada watch: Salafists vs. Hamas

Elder of Ziyon 4 May 2015

A Salafist group based in the Gaza Strip has accused Hamas of torturing its supporters in prison and closely watching other supporters in cities and refugee camps across the coastal


Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent leader says attacks on ‘blasphemers’ ordered by Zawahiri

The Long War Journal 4 May 2015
By Thomas Joscelyn

The leader of al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS), Asim Umar, has claimed responsibility for the murders of six people who were supposedly “blasphemers,” including Avijit Roy, a

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