Police action

UK police foil Kenyan massacre copycat plot

Sydney Morning Herald 15 October 2013

London: British law enforcement agencies say they have averted a plot to orchestrate a large-scale terror attack similar to the assault on Kenya's Westgate mall. Police are


Spain's Escalating Mosque Wars

Gatestone Institute 14 October 2013
By Soeren Kern

Police in Spain have forcibly removed Muslim activists from an illegal mosque in a small town in Catalonia, an autonomous region in northeastern Spain that is home to the


Video: BELGIUM: Violence and riots break out when police enter a Muslim ‘NO GO’ zone in Flanders to make an arrest

Bare Naked Islam 14 October 2013

On Friday afternoon, when police went to arrest a Muslim man, they were met by fierce resistance from the family and friends of the suspect, which spilled out into the street, and as a result the suspect was able to escape. That night, police returned with 80 officers, and were pelted with rocks. Five Muslims were arrested along with the suspect.


Teenager Sexually Assaulted In Worcester Street By Muslim Car Driver

kafircrusaders 14 October 2013

Police in Worcester hunt yet another Islamic sexual predator responsible for a random sex attack in the street against a lone female. The Muslim sex pests who are carrying out


Video: Could the Kenya attack happen here? It did

New York Post 14 October 2013
By Paul Sperry

After Islamic gunmen attacked the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, the collective reaction from the US media was to speculate whether such terror could happen here, as if a jihadist assault on a mall inside America had never before been tried.


Chilling moment a Slovakian woman taken to UK as a sex slave was handed to Pakistani immigrant for 'Dickensian' sham marriage...

Daily Mail 11 October 2013
By Mark Duell

A woman was smuggled from Slovakia into Britain and sold as a sex slave as part of a ‘Dickensian’ sham marriage racket to keep immigrants in the UK, it was revealed


Video: Criminal bikie gangs boost numbers with young Muslim and Eastern European recruits

thetelegraph.com.au 11 October 2013
By Greg Stolz, Josh Robertson

SUBURBAN Sydney has become the breeding ground for a new generation of bikies, as Gold Coast gangs target young Muslim and eastern European men.


China punishes nearly 400 for jihad-related offences

Indian Express 10 October 2013

Nearly 400 people in China's volatile Xinjiang region, home to Uygur Muslims, have been punished for allegedly spreading jihad and rumours online, officials said on Wednesday


Australian-born radical Muslim arrested over near-fatal shooting at Aarows sex club

Islamist Watch 9 October 2013
By Yoni Bashan

An Australian-born man known to intelligence authorities for his extreme religious views has been charged over an alleged near-fatal shooting outside a sex club in Sydney's


Appeal after man tried to abduct 10-year-old boy in Glasgow

BBC News 8 October 2013

Police are hunting a man who tried to abduct a 10-year-old boy in the Pollokshields area of Glasgow. The boy was walking along Kenmure Street at about 15:10 on Wednesday


Qatar wades into the Sudanese revolt

newstatesman.com 7 October 2013
By Martin Plaut

The government of Qatar is well known for its forays into foreign policy, and is accused by the United Nations Monitoring Group on Somalia of buying the votes in last year's


British Muslima, convert to Islam, plotted Kenya mall jihad massacre from "secret lair just 100 yards away"

Jihad Watch 1 October 2013
By Robert Spencer

No one in Britain or anywhere else, however, is concerned about this ongoing problem of converts to Islam misunderstanding their new, peaceful religion as calling upon them to


Police Hunting Pervert Who Grabbed And Kissed Girl Aged 11 In Bournemouth

kafircrusaders 1 October 2013

No prizes for guessing what the pervert is described as, who committed this random daytime attack on an 11 year old schoolgirl in Bournemouth POLICE are hunting a man who


Woman Arrested in Burka Bank Robbery Attempt: FBI

NBC 7 San Diego 1 October
By R. Stickney

FBI agents in San Diego say they’ve arrested the woman who recently tried to rob a bank wearing a burka. Elysia Maria Roiz, 30, is in custody, accused of trying to rob a Wells Fargo Bank


KENYA: Al-Shabaab’s ‘White Widow’ escaped Mall Massacre by smearing blood on her face like a victim

Bare Naked Islam 30 September 2013

Samantha Lewthwaite, Irish-born terror chief dubbed the ‘White Widow’ slipped out of the Kenyan shopping mall after smearing blood over her face, say Kenyan security sources.


Sex attacker changes victim's profile picture to one of HIMSELF - and is then caught

Mirror.co.uk 27 September 2013

A bungling teen sex attacker who tried to rape a woman as she walked home was caught after he changed one of her profile photos on a social networking mobile phone app to a


British 'White Widow' became obsessed with Islam during RE lessons at school, claims former classmate

Daily Mail 26 September 2013
By Kieran Corcoran, Rebecca Evans and Louise Eccles

Witness saw an AK-47-wielding 'pale-skinned woman' with long dark hair. Kenyan authorities say a white British woman was involved in the attacks. Descriptions


Hamas: Egypt shuts down 130 smuggling tunnels

jewishledger.com 26 September 2013
By StaceyDresner

The Hamas government in the Gaza Strip is claiming that Egyptian authorities have recently shut down some 130 smuggling tunnels connecting the Palestinian enclave with Egypt’s


CANADA: Muslim terrorist in court to female police officer: "You are not my wife.” "I want a man to touch me, not a woman. She i

Bare Naked Islam 25 September 2013

The outburst from Chiheb Esseghaier, one of the men accused of plotting to attack a Toronto-bound passenger train erupted in court Monday, telling a female police officer


CAIR Impeded FBI Probe of Somali Terrorist Group in Kenya Attack

Right Side News 25 September 2013

The Al Qaeda affiliate that terrorized a Kenyan shopping center and murdered scores of innocent people has a powerful and influential advocate in the United

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