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ISIS Fighter In James Foley Beheading Video Identified, U.S. Authorities Say

Chinatopix 11 September 2014
By Kristina Fernandez

U.S. officials believe they already have the identity of the masked ISIS fighter in the James Foley beheading video released three weeks ago. The


Bosnia court detains five Islamists under terrorism charges

Reuters 11 September 2014

Bosnia's state court has ordered one-month detention for five Islamists charged with organising and recruiting people to fight for radical groups in Syria and Iraq, the court


Muslims refuse to talk to FBI in Minnesota jihadi recruiting investigation

Creeping Sharia 11 September 2014

A federal grand jury in St. Paul is investigating a group of Somali-Americans who were allegedly conspiring to join terrorists fighting in Syria, according to sources with


Mohammad Ali Baryalei: Australia's most senior member of Islamic State funnelled fighters onto the frontline of Syria, Iraq wars

Radio Australia 11 September 2014
By Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop

A 7.30 investigation has uncovered Australia's most senior member of the Islamic State militant group, who authorities say has funnelled scores of Australian fighters onto the


Islamic centre raided: Police search Logan centre linked to Syria conflict, two men arrested

ABC Sydney 11 September 2014
By Matt Wordsworth

Two men have been arrested for alleged terrorism offences after a federal police raid on a Queensland Islamic centre linked to the conflict in Syria. The men have been


German Al-Shabab Suspects Returning From Kenya Arrested At Frankfurt Airport

International Business Times 9 September 2014
By Alroy Menezes

Three German nationals, suspected of being members of Somalia's al-Shabab Islamist militant group, were arrested at Frankfurt airport, German officials announced Monday. The


French Muslim Who Murdered 4 at Brussels Jewish Museum and Tortured Journalists in Syria - Raped, Killed Young Mom before Behead

Atlas Shrugs 9 September 2014
By Pamela Geller

How many videos have we seen of unspeakable atrocities committed by these Islamic State jihadists? Think about it. The beheadings, executions, crucifixions, gang rapes, child murder, etc.


1,400 English Girls Raped by Multiculturalism

bernardgoldberg.com 9 September 2014
By Dennis Prager

Last week, it was revealed that between 1997 and 2013, at least 1,400 girls — in just one relatively small English city (Rotherham, population 275,000) had been raped by gangs


Terrorists Plot Two Failed Attacks In Sweden

Western Journalism 6 September 2014
By Christopher Agee

According to The Local, an English-language news source in Europe, Sweden’s intelligence community successfully thwarted two separate terrorist attacks. Anders Kassman, the


Bosnia police arrest more than a dozen for supporting terrorism in Iraq, Syria

Deutsche Welle 5 September 2014

Some 200 Bosnian police launched a sweep against suspected Islamist militants on Wednesday, targeting 17 locations across the country. At least 15 people were arrested


Top German security official warns of Islamic terror threat

The China Post 4 September 2014

BERLIN -- Germany's domestic intelligence agency expects that Islamic extremists who have traveled to Syria and Iraq will return and commit terror attacks. Unlike Britain,


Al Qaeda’s 9/11 anniversary attacks ready to go. New undetectable explosive may be used

debka.com 4 September 2014

Credible information has reached Saudi, British and Australian agencies that two al Qaeda branches – IS in Iraq and Syria and AQAP at its base in Yemen - have wrapped up plans


Al Qaeda’s 9/11 anniversary attacks ready to go. New undetectable explosive may be used

debka.com 4 September 2014

Credible information has reached Saudi, British and Australian agencies that two al Qaeda branches – IS in Iraq and Syria and AQAP at its base in Yemen - have wrapped up plans


The FBI's Islamic Terrorism Denial

Islamist Watch 4 September 2014
By Robert Spencer

The Washington Free Beacon revealed Friday that "the FBI's most recent national threat assessment for domestic terrorism makes no reference to Islamist terror threats, despite


Saudi arrests 88 in ‘anti-terrorism’ drive

Capital News 3 September 2014

RIYADH – Saudi Arabia has arrested 88 suspected extremists, more than half of them ex-Qaeda detainees who had previously been released, the interior ministry announced


Suspected 16-year-old wannabe jihadist arrested en route to Syria

The Independent 2 September 2014
By John Lichfield

A 16-year-old girl suspected would-be jihadist has been arrested at Nice airport in southern France as she apparently tried to reach Syria after a tip-off from Turkish


White British girl who's now a 'celebrity jihadi': Mother-of-two a 'top priority' for MI6 ...

Daily Mail 2 September 2014

She grew up in Lewisham, south London, and only converted to Islam as a teenager, but Khadijah Dare is now said to be seen as a 'top priority' for British intelligence


Florida: 2 Muslims arrested after bar fight, threatened to "kidnap an American and behead him”

Creeping Sharia 2 September 2014

ORMOND BEACH, Fla. – Two men are facing charges after Volusia County deputies said they started a fight at a bar Wednesday night. Staff at the Jus’ Beachy Bar on Ocean Shore


Rotherham child sex scandal resulted in 100 babies as abuse victim reveals she fell pregnant TWICE

The Mirror 1 September 2014
By Simon Wright

Teenage girls raped in the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal gave birth to more than 100 babies. Scores more children as young as 13 ­miscarried or were forced to have


Muslim Rape in Rotherham

Islamophobia 1 September 2014
By Bob Unruh

The failure of British authorities to act on the horrific, long-term sexual abuse of 1,400 children in one area over a 16-year period because the culprits mostly were Pakistani Muslims has reportedly outraged the world, including the United Kingdom’s Pakistani community.

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