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Promoter of Sharia Law in London banned from preaching extremism

DigitalJournal.com 18 February 2014
By Joe Z Hudson

London - Jordan Horner, a Muslim convert, has been given an ASBO in a British legal first in order to stop him and his fellow preachers from spreading 'religious


Judge BANS Muslim Patrol vigilantes from promoting SHARIA LAW in Britain

Daily Express 18 February 2014
By Ted Jeory

THREE Islamic converts who were jailed for threatening non-believers in self-styled Muslim Patrol vigilante attacks were today banned from promoting Sharia Law in


China says 11 'terrorists' killed in new Xinjiang unrest

Reuters 18 February 2014
By Ben Blanchard

Eleven "terrorists" were killed during an attack in China's far western region of Xinjiang on Friday, state news agency Xinhua said, in the latest violence to hit a part of the country


Mauritanian activists issue charter to assist former slaves

Al Monitor 18 February 2014

Mauritania is a country of multiple identities and great demographic diversity. This strongly raises issues such as national unity, discrimination and persecution


Anti-Islamic mob of ‘football fans’ smashes windows of Plovdiv mosque

The Sofia Globe 17 February 2014

Hurling paving stones, rocks and fireworks, a large mob of protesters – many of them from football fan clubs – smashed windows of Plovdiv’s historic Dzhumaya Mosque in the


CAIR thugs demand Virginia Sheriff’s office uninvite a highly respected counter-(Islamic)terrorism trainer

Bare Naked Islam 17 February 2014

Former FBI agent, John Guandolo sends Muslims and their leftist dhimmi supporters into hissy fits every time he is scheduled to conduct a counter-terrorism training course for


VIDEO: Idaho Muslim Police Officer Kicks, Shoots and Kills a Disabled Man’s Service Dog

Pamela Geller: Atlas Shrugs 17 February 2014

Hostility to dogs is deeply ingrained in Muslim culture. Muhammad said that a dog passing in front of a man who was praying would invalidate his prayer (so would a woman which is why women pray behind men at mosques).


Pakistan - Police Torture Innocent Christian to Death

Asian News 14 February 2014
By Jibran Khan

For police, Sabir Masih committed suicide by hanging himself. Medical reports show instead that he died from "severe internal injuries" caused by "torture and abuse."


Girl Stoned to Death for Belonging to Facebook

FARS 14 February 2014

The ISIL militants took the Syrian girl, Fatoum Al-Jassem, to Al-Reqqa religious court and the judge ruled that membership in Facebook is tantamount to adultery


Muslim cleric charged over 'marriage' of 13yo girl

ABC News 11 February 2014

A Muslim cleric has been charged in Sydney over the alleged illegal marriage of a 13-year-old girl earlier this year. The 35-year-old was arrested outside Parramatta Police Station


Palestinian Authority Human Rights Violations Ignored by Media

Gatestone Institute 11 February 2014
By Khaled Abu Toameh

Evidently, most Western governments, journalists and human rights organizations have chosen to endorse the Palestinian Authority's stance that the only evil-doers


Bosnia: Sarajevo presidential palace evacuated

ANSA Med 11 February 2014

SARAJEVO - Protesters took to the streets in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Monday after fury at soaring unemployment, corruption and poverty spread rapidly


Barricades, arrests following as Turkey protests turn violent

gulfnews 10 February 2014

Brussels: Demonstrations against a restrictive new Internet law grew violent Saturday night, as hundreds of protesters clashed with police near Istanbul’s main Taksim


'Woman bullied by gang'

OMROEP WEST 7 February 2014

THE HAGUE - A 31-year-old woman had fled the Hague district ‘Schilderswijk’. She was bullied by a Moroccan youth gang, writes ‘Metro’. This gang is known as the ‘gang of


Member Hague Muslim criminal gang : " We have to keep quiet for a while '

OMROEP WEST 7 February 2014

THE HAGUE - Members of the criminal youth gang in district Southwest (Zuidwest) The Hague hold themselves, for the time being, quite . So says one of the gang members. on


German charged over Islamic extremist postings

Boston.com 7 February 2014

BERLIN — Prosecutors say they have charged a German man with trying to recruit members and supporters for an Islamic extremist group by posting videos and messages on the


Police Warning To Parents After Muslim Man Approaches Boy At Bradford School

kafircrusaders 7 February 2014

Bradford parents are on high alert after a police safety warning. A young boy was approached by a Muslim predator at the school gates of Cavendish Primary in Eccleshill. This


Drug money bust reveals Hezbollah’s control

Money Jihad 3 February 2014

The Australian Crime Commission has foiled an international narco-trafficking and money laundering scheme involving 18 organized groups and 40 separate money laundering


IRS Wants New York-based Charity’s Status Stripped for Hamas Support

Creeping Sharia 29 January 2014

An Internal Revenue Service audit recommends stripping a New York-based charity of its tax-exempt status after it served as a conduit for donations for a convoy that delivered


Inveterate Shiite Iranian Jew-Hatred

Andrew Bostom 27 January 2014
By Andrew Bostom

Recently I gave a brief video presentation in the U.S. Senate Office Building which riveted on the most salient doctrinal features of Shiite Islamic Jew-hatred in Iran. This ugly phenomenon spans a pre-modern

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