Police action

French police question 8yo in Nice for praising terrorists

RT 31 January 2015

An eight-year-old boy in the southern French city of Nice has been questioned by police following comments in which he expressed "solidarity” with the Charlie Hebdo


Sharia UK: Police seeking man over derogatory Islam slurs on bus

The Jihad Watch 31 January 2015
By Robert Spencer

Apparently it is now illegal in Britain to criticize Islam on a bus. Can one criticize Islam on a plane? Can one criticize Islam on a train? Or are they all right out now in


Rotherham Victim Says Abusers 'Untouchable'

Sky News 31 January 2015
By Jason Farrell

A survivor of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham claims she still sees her abusers "driving young girls in their car", as a Sky News investigation reveals hundreds of new


Islam convert arrested in anti-terror operation

ANSA 30 January 2015

A 43-year-old convert to Islam was arrested in the province of Palermo overnight as part of an anti-terror operation, ANSA sources said Wednesday. War munitions and warfare


France detains 5 in anti-terror raid

The Japan News 30 January 2015

French security forces detained five people Tuesday and broke up a jihadi recruiting network in a small southern town that has sent several French youths to fight in Syria and


Germany: Muslim stabs pregnant, German girlfriend in belly, then burns her alive. Police suspects "honor” killing

10news.dk 30 January 2015
By Nicolei Sennels

"Police are investigating the possible honor killing of a heavily pregnant 19-year-old woman in Berlin, Germany. After the killing and burning of a 19-year-old pregnant woman


Ireland to introduce new anti-terrorism laws

Irish Central 30 January 2015
By Kayla Hertz

In the coming weeks, new anti-terror laws will be introduced in Ireland to help combat the threat posed by radicalized Europeans returning home from fighting in Iraq and Syria.


Muslim woman says police made her remove Islamic scarf

Detroit Free Press 29 January 2015
By Niraj Warikoo

A Muslim woman filed a lawsuit Thursday accusing Dearborn Heights police of violating her constitutional rights by making her remove her Islamic head scarf after they arrested her for


Swedish police further neutered

The Sweden Report 28 January 2015

The police officers of the future are facing steep challenges, as the criminal gangs continue to gain ground in Swedish society and keep getting better armed by the day. But new recruits


Five footballers from east London who quit UK to transfer to ISIS in Syria linked to Jihadi John

Blazing Catfur 26 January 2015

Five radicalised footballers from east London who left the UK to join ISIS may hold the key to helping western authorities locate British executioner Jihadi John. The group


UK Search for Jihadi John Spotlights Recruitment Role of Soccer

The Huffington Post 26 January 2015
By James Dorsey

The United Kingdom's search for Jihadi John, the masked, British-accented fighter who appears in videos and beheading of foreigners condemned to death by the Islamic State, the


Police warn against behaviour aimed at Muslims as religious leaders call for Australia Day peace

Gold Coast Bulletin 26 January 2015
By Laura Nelson

Religious leaders have called for calm on Australia Day and police have warned they will clamp down hard on Gold Coasters who get caught up in any anti-social behaviour


‘Islamophobic’ murder of asylum seeker Khaled Bahray in Germany was committed by Muslim #IchBinKhaled

The Muslim Issue 24 January 2015

Amazing how toned down international media is now, when the killed turns out to be just another Muslim asylum seeker. Prior to that they blamed "far right” and pelted on Pegida


Police: Native Finns in IS ranks

yle.fi 24 January 2015

Helsinki Police Chief Inspector Jari Taponen told Yle on Thursday morning that nearly 20 native Finns have gone to areas in which Islamic State is engaged in armed conflict in


Muslims plotted jihad terror attack at conference on anti-Semitism

The Jihad Watch 24 January 2015
By Robert Spencer

"The police officer said the brothers ‘had the ambition of dying as martyrs’ and ‘planned to carry out imminently an act of violence.'” One wonders if the anti-Semitism


German police arrest two suspected IS members

Expatica 23 January 2015

German police Thursday arrested two suspected members of the extremist Islamic State group who had returned from Syria and searched their homes, authorities said. The two


UK: Islamic child-sex grooming up by 32% in a year and spread to every town and city

muslim statistics 22 January 2015

The number of child sex grooming cases uncovered by police has soared by a third in just a year, ministers have admitted amid warnings abuse is happening in every town in the


Jihad in Belgium: Gunfire, Deaths In Anti-Terror Raid

pamelageller.com 22 January 2015

Remember, the weapons used in the Paris jihad attacks were acquired in Belgium. The jihadists were French- born Muslims, their imam was American, they got their paramilitary


Muslim Screaming "Allahu Akbar, All You Christians Will Die!" Arrested in Spain

AINA 22 January 2015

Catalonia, Spain -- To screams of "Allahu Akbar!" and "You will all die!"--an unruly and violent young Moroccan man resisted arrest and tried to steal a police officer's

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