Police action

Police seek trio who sexually assaulted Eastbourne woman

Eastbourne Herald 21 October 2013

Eastbourne detectives are hunting three men who dragged a woman from a town centre nightclub and sexually assaulted her in a nearby flat. The trio are alleged to have left


British Woman Lied About Husband to Avoid Stoning...

Mail Online 21 October 2013
By Emma Thomas

'I was told to keep quiet or they'd stone me to death': British woman wrongly jailed in Dubai for having sex outside marriage lied about husband to avoid adultery charge


Prominent UK Muslims under police protection after al-Shabaab threats

The Guardian 18 October 2013
By Shiv Malik, Duncan Gardham and Vikram Dodd

A prominent British Muslim commentator is being protected by police following concerns over his safety following the release of a video by Somali-based terror group,


Video: Toronto Cops Shut Down Anti-Islam Protest

Winds of Jihad 18 October 2013

The police cars kept coming. The cops were totally confused, because they didn’t know how to proceed and the protesters kept insisting that they had a right to free speech and they didn’t attack or offend anybody. In the end the police found the simplest solution – they told everybody to get out of there. Nobody got arrested.


Scotland Yard nabs Muslim terrorists plotting London attacks

Examiner.com 18 October 2013
By Jim Kouri

Scotland Yard's Counter Terrorism Officers (CTOs) continued on Tuesday to search suspected addresses of terrorists following a pre-planned intelligence operation that began on


Immigration: 'One In Five Marriages A Sham'

Sky News 18 October 2013
By Mark White

Up to one in five marriages conducted in civil ceremonies in parts of the country may be bogus, one of Britain's most senior registrars has warned. In an interview with Sky


Rotherham machete attack: Police launch murder investigation after shopkeeper is hacked to death

The Independent 18 October 2013
By Ian Johnston

A murder investigation is underway after a shopkeeper was hacked to death with a machete and another man was seriously injured in Rotherham. Witnesses spoke of a


Teacher admits blackmailing girls

expressandstar.com 18 October 2013

Zahid Akram, 37, entered guilty pleas to four charges of blackmail and one of causing or inciting a 13-year-old girl to take part in pornography. Exeter Crown Court heard


Muslims in Moscow Celebrate Eid as Tensions Simmer Following Riots

novinite.com 17 October 2013

Police in Russian capital have revealed the identity of the suspected perpetrator of a murder that sparked massive unrest in a southern district on Sunday.


Video: Westgate-Style Terror Attack Averted in London

The Clarion Project 16 October 2013

A series of dramatic arrests in London may have averted a large-scale Islamic terror attack similar to Westgate Mall massacre in Nairobi. Armed police – part of a
counter-terrorism unit – arrested four men in what was reported as "pre-planned, intelligence-led” raids.


Mosque probed over exorcism death claim

The Local 16 October 2013
By Richard Orange

Oslo police are investigating whether a 21-year-old women who died while visiting a mosque this May was subjected to an illegal exorcism, Huda Kemal died of a heart attack


Emmy-winning film on London 'honour killing' is used to teach police

Evening Standard 15 October 2013
By Lindsay Watling

An award-winning film about a south London honour killing is being used to train police.

Banaz: A Love Story, a low-budget film by former pop star Deeyah Khan, picked up the Emmy for best international documentary earlier this month.

It is the account of the murder of Banaz Mahmod, who was killed in 2006 by her Iraqi-Kurd family. They accused her of dishonouring them by leaving her abusive husband and later falling for another man.


1200 arrested after Russians riot in response to Muslim attack

Islam versus Europe 15 October 2013
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

Moscow authorities have closed a vegetable warehouse and detained 1,200 people after a violent Sunday protest in Moscow’s residential area of Biryulyovo, where a young Russian


UK police foil Kenyan massacre copycat plot

Sydney Morning Herald 15 October 2013

London: British law enforcement agencies say they have averted a plot to orchestrate a large-scale terror attack similar to the assault on Kenya's Westgate mall. Police are


Spain's Escalating Mosque Wars

Gatestone Institute 14 October 2013
By Soeren Kern

Police in Spain have forcibly removed Muslim activists from an illegal mosque in a small town in Catalonia, an autonomous region in northeastern Spain that is home to the


Video: BELGIUM: Violence and riots break out when police enter a Muslim ‘NO GO’ zone in Flanders to make an arrest

Bare Naked Islam 14 October 2013

On Friday afternoon, when police went to arrest a Muslim man, they were met by fierce resistance from the family and friends of the suspect, which spilled out into the street, and as a result the suspect was able to escape. That night, police returned with 80 officers, and were pelted with rocks. Five Muslims were arrested along with the suspect.


Teenager Sexually Assaulted In Worcester Street By Muslim Car Driver

kafircrusaders 14 October 2013

Police in Worcester hunt yet another Islamic sexual predator responsible for a random sex attack in the street against a lone female. The Muslim sex pests who are carrying out


Video: Could the Kenya attack happen here? It did

New York Post 14 October 2013
By Paul Sperry

After Islamic gunmen attacked the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, the collective reaction from the US media was to speculate whether such terror could happen here, as if a jihadist assault on a mall inside America had never before been tried.


Chilling moment a Slovakian woman taken to UK as a sex slave was handed to Pakistani immigrant for 'Dickensian' sham marriage...

Daily Mail 11 October 2013
By Mark Duell

A woman was smuggled from Slovakia into Britain and sold as a sex slave as part of a ‘Dickensian’ sham marriage racket to keep immigrants in the UK, it was revealed


Video: Criminal bikie gangs boost numbers with young Muslim and Eastern European recruits

thetelegraph.com.au 11 October 2013
By Greg Stolz, Josh Robertson

SUBURBAN Sydney has become the breeding ground for a new generation of bikies, as Gold Coast gangs target young Muslim and eastern European men.

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