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Nigel Farage Blames Muslims For Anti-Semitism

Inquisitr 15 December 2014

Ukip leader Nigel Farage says that Muslims are to blame for the "sharp rise in anti-Semitism” in Britain and Europe, according to The Jewish Chronicle Online. In a recent


EU says Turkish raids on media outlets go against European values

The Daily Star 15 December 2014

Turkish police raids on media outlets are incompatible with media freedom and run counter to European values, the European Union said in an unusually strongly worded statement


Swedish Democrat head says Jews are not true Swedes

Elder of Ziyon 15 December 2014

The party secretary of the Sweden Democrats has suggested that migrants should be given a cash incentive to leave Sweden and suggested that minority groups needed to


Ethnic Cleansing of Jews in Turkey

The Gatestone Institute 15 December 2014
By Uzay Bulut

The real question is: Now that the ethnic-cleansing campaign of the Turkish regime has been "successfully" completed, and there are only two Jews left in Edirne, why is the


Turkey arrests: Raids target Gulen-linked critics of Erdogan

BBC News 15 December 2014

Turkish police have made at least 23 arrests during raids on a newspaper and TV station with close ties to US-based Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen. Those detained are


State Department to Turkey: Protect Freedom of Speech

Israel National News 15 December 2014

The US State Department has called upon Turkey to protect freedom of the press and other democratic values in their response to the media aids and arrests that have been made


Turkey to open imam-hatip schools abroad

Daily Sabah 15 December 2014
By Safure Cantürk

The imam-hatip - literally imam and preacher - schools of Turkey, which focus on a curriculum with theological lessons, will be opened abroad for Turkish expatriates in other


Video: Fears rise in Germany as marchers demand tougher immigration law

Digital Journal 15 December 2014

A rising tide of xenophobia has taken hold in Germany as protesters have taken to the streets by the thousands, demanding a tougher immigration law. The rise in anti-Muslim and


Turkey's top cleric under fire for luxury Mercedes

i24 news 15 December 2014

Mehmet Gormez will soon be cruising in $435,000 vehicle, possibly funded by taxpayer money Turkey's top cleric came under fire on Saturday over reports that a luxury


Hamas in Gaza and Turkey seeking to create terrorism in West Bank

The Jerusalem Post 15 December 2014

Hamas branches in Gaza and in Istanbul, Turkey, are seeking to orchestrate terrorist attacks in the West Bank, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said Sunday during a tour of the IDF’s Central


How the Islamic State (ISIL) threatens Canada and the West

Enter Stage Right 15 December 2014
By Jonathan D. Halevi

Thank you for this opportunity to speak about "Canada's response to the violence, religious persecution and dislocation caused by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant." The


Hamas shows off its weapons in military parade marking anniversary

The Jerusalem Post 15 December 2014

Hamas held a military rally iin Gaza on Sunday in which convoys paraded signs of the organization's military prowess through the streets of the coastal territory. The military parade, which featured


Thousands of ticking Jihadi time bombs

y net news 15 December 2014
By Ronen Bergman

On September 21, US President Barack Obama appeared at the UN Security Council to head a special meeting of world leaders that focused on the fight against terror and, more


ISIS beheads four men for blasphemy in Syria

Al Arabiya 15 December 2014

A self-declared police force loyal to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria decapitated four men in western Syria after accusing them of blasphemy, a rights group monitoring the


Turkey "Improves" Education

Gatestone Institute 12 December 2014
By Burak Bekdil

Systematic Islamist indoctrination in Turkey is becoming less stealthy. Education is the new battlefield. Turkey's government is pushing to advance its declared policy goal of "raising devout (Muslim) generations."


Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Joe Biden Tried to Lecture Me on Islam

The Gateway Pundit 12 December 2014
By Jim Hoft

Human Rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali fled the Netherlands after years of threats from Muslim extremists. Hirsi Ali dared to speak out against radical Islam and the horrific


Video: VICE News Exclusive: The Architect of the CIA’s Enhanced Interrogation Program

The Counter Jihad Report 12 December 2014

The Senate Intelligence Committee has released a blistering, 500-page report on the CIA’s controversial detention and interrogation program, a document that committee


Germany: Thousands join anti-Islam protest against European spread of Isis and al-Qaeda

International Business Times 12 December 2014
By Ludovica Iaccino

Several protests have been occurring throughout the country, starting with a rally held in Cologne in October. Counter-protests opposing the call to stop Islamisation in


German Eurosceptics embrace anti-Islam protests

Telegraph.co.uk 12 December 2014
By Justin Huggler

The wave of anti-Islam protests gripping the German city of Dresden have ignited a political row, after the leader of the country's rapidly growing Eurosceptic party publicly


Justice Minister Maas bashes anti-Islamization rallies

DW.DE 11 December 2014

Germany’s justice minister has condemned Monday's 10,000-strong protest against "Islamization" in Dresden. The demonstration against alleged growing Islamic influence over

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