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Spain Considers Banning Burqa

Breitbart 6 September 2014
By Donna Rachel Edmunds

Spain is considering a ban on burqas as part of a new security package. Speaking in a press conference, interior minister Jorje Fernández Diaz said that now would be a good


Rotherham, Celebrity Photos and Hillary Clinton’s Rape Victim

Frontpage Mag 6 September 2014
By Daniel Greenfield

In the United States the leak of celebrity photos has gotten far more coverage than the rape of 1,400 British girls by Muslims. There’s no doubt that what happened is wrong,


Terrorism recruits a threat back at home

The Spectator 6 September 2014

Religious extremists killing and recruiting. What is it about religion that brings out the zealots who declare that their version of religion is the proper one and they are


Does the US trust Turkey?

Al Monitor 6 September 2014
By Cengiz Candar

The German newspaper Der Spiegel has discovered that Turkey, a NATO ally, was the target of US, UK and German espionage. In its August 2014 report headlined, "A Two-Faced


Italian senator meets mufti, denounces terrorism

The Daily Star 6 September 2014

BEIRUT: Italian Defense Commission head Nicola Latorre said Thursday that terrorism was the enemy of all religions. Accompanied by Italian Ambassador to Lebanon Giuseppe


Obama Denies Existence of Fundamentalist Islam

Breitbart 6 September 2014
By Abraham H. Miller

The brutal murder of war correspondent James Foley drew a strange response from President Barack Obama. In his address to the American public, Obama told us that Foley’s


Islamic State: The Best-Funded Jihadist Group in History

Shariah Finance Watch 6 September 2014

"[Islamic State’s] criminal activities—robbery, extortion, and trafficking—have helped the organization become the best-funded terrorist group in history,” the senators wrote.


Video: With South Asia Push, Al Qaeda Tries to Show It Is Still Strong

Wall Street Journal 5 September 2014
By Maria Abi-Habib

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri this week delivered his first response to rival militant group Islamic State since it blitzed through Iraq and Syria this summer, erecting a


Saudi Arabia’s expedient reconciliation with Qatar

Panorama.am 5 September 2014

Below is Iranian Diplomacy’s interview with Hossein Nooshabadi, Iran’s former ambassador to Oman. - Qatar’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood caused Saudi Arabia to set


Exclusive: Islamic Relief Deutschland partners with Hamas-funding charity in Syria

Money Jihad 5 September 2014

Islamic Relief Deutschland, the German chapter of Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), listed the Islamic front charity IHH as an "implementation partner” for a €150,000 aid project


Geert Wilders: Enemy of the (Islamic) State

Winds of Jihad 5 September 2014

Which makes him an enemy of the ruling establishment in Holland, where prostration before muselmanic head choppers has been in fashion for quite some time.


Turkey: religious leader blames Vatican over attacks on Islam

ANSAmed 5 September 2014

ISTANBUL - Mehmet Gormez, head of the Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate, has said that the prevalence of attacks targeting mosques and Muslim communities has


Head of Dutch intelligence service says there are thousands of jihadi sympathizers in the Netherlands

Tundra Tabloids 5 September 2014

Rob Bertholee, the head of the Dutch General Intelligence Service, AIVD, said in an interview that there are hundreds of adherents of violent jihad in the Netherlands, and


From the Thousand Year Reich to the Global Caliphate

The American Spectator 5 September 2014
By Jeffrey Lord

First it was the Thousand Year Reich. Now it’s the Global Caliphate. The pattern is as simple as it is stark. It always begins with the unruly rabble-rousers.


‘Terrorizing the enemy is part of Islam’ – Anjem Choudary to RT

RT 5 September 2014

Controversial London-based thinker and activist, Anjem Choudary, told RT the geopolitical maneuvers of IS in Iraq and Syria are a direct repercussion of a "detrimental” US


German program triggers international deradicalization network

Deutsche Welle 5 September 2014

The young Muslim had joined the "holy war." He had left Germany, joining one jihadist training camp after the other in Egypt. He would write the occasional email to his family


CDA wants muslim group banned

NL Times 5 September 2014
By Maxime Zech

The Dutch radical Islam group Hizb ut Tahrir should be banned from operating in The Netherlands. This was said by CDA-leader Sybrand Buma in the television program Pauw on


UK PM Claims ISIS "Make no Distinction between Muslims, Christians or Any Other Faith.”

FrontPage Magazine 5 September 2014
By Daniel Greenfield

Claiming that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam is fashionable, but there are limits to the level of howlers you can get away with. UK Prime Minister David


Video: British hostage: PM says UK will not be 'cowed' by threats

BBC News 5 September 2014

The UK "will not waver" in its aim to defeat terrorism, David Cameron has said as he condemned the "barbaric" beheading of a second US hostage. Islamic State extremists


Video: Nigel Farage says Britain needs to stand up for its 'Judeo-Christian values' to combat homegrown militants

The Independent 5 September 2014
By Kiran Moodley

It was a neo-conservative's version of television talk-show heaven: Ukip leader Nigel Farage sitting down with Russell Brand's nemesis Sean Hannity. Farage was

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