Video: Hypocrisy over Gaza

youtube 21 August 2014
By Pat Condell

Israel doesn't owe a biased world any explanation for defending itself against murderers.


How to Write About Israel

Family Security Matters 19 August 2014
By Daniel Greenfield

Writing about Israel is a booming field. No news agency, be it ever so humble, can avoid embedding a few correspondents and a dog's tail of stringers into Tel Aviv and


CAIR Leader Edits Tweet On Sami Al-Arian For His Western Readers

Nihad Awad, the leader of the US-based Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), has posted back-to-back Tweets, one in Arabic language blaming the "Israeli Lobby” for the


Leading Turkish Islamist thinker: We can't go on like this

Al Monitor 16 June 2014
By Levent Gultekin

The situation calls for sound criticism. And we cannot have a closed-door debate. We have to speak out openly — before everyone and on all platforms — for the problems the


Turkey’s Taksim Square protest leaders go on trial

France 24 12 June 2014

More than two dozen Turkish activists who helped launch mass anti-government protests last year go on trial Thursday in what critics have called yet another attempt by the


Turkey’s intra-Islamic witch hunt

Al Monitor 10 June 2014
By Mustafa Akyol

"If this is called a witch hunt, then yes, we perform a witch hunt,” said Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a May 10 "consultation and assessment meeting” of his


Print no evil

GalliaWatch 8 June 2014

Read this English-language article on the ground rules for reporting racial issues imposed on British Journalists by the NUJ (National Union of Journalists). It was posted


Islamists Deface John Latham Sculpture in Frankfurt

artnet news 5 June 2014

Three allegedly-Islamist men stole a portion of John Latham’s God is Great (#4) (2005) out of legendary art Frankfurt space Portikus’ current exhibition, according to Germany’s


EU And UK: Stabbing And Beheading While Praising Allah Is Not "Religiously Inspired Terrorism" Jewish Brothers Severely Beaten

The Daily Mail 5 June 2014
By Julian Robinson and Corey Charlton

Al Arabiya News reports that the Islamist lawmaker has not given a definition for the term ‘nudity’ but, according to the Kuwait Times, issued a statement ‘strongly criticising


Erdogan And The Bitter Lessons Of Modern Muslim Leadership

World Crunch 29 May 2014

There’s a cold civil war in Turkey. An event like the mining catastrophe and its 301 victims could have united the deeply split country, emotionally. But not even the grief of so many


One year on, Turkey's environmentalists embattled

DW 29 May 2014

In the frantic summer of protests that swept Turkey one year ago, the life of 30-year-old computer programmer Ali Yildirim took an abrupt and unexpected turn. Braving tear gas and riot


Bulgaria's Prosecution Probes Hacking of the Patriarchate Website

Novinite 29 May 2014

Bulgaria's Prosecutor's Office probes the hacking of Bulgarian Orthodox Church and the resulting “death sentences” from nationalist organizations, reports Dnevnik.bg.


Turkish government tries to disintegrate Alevis: HDP

Hurriyet Daily News 29 May 2014

The police are running amok under the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), People’s Democracy Party (HDP) co-head Sebahat Tuncel has claimed, adding that the


France: Niqab banned at Cannes Film Festival

World Bulletin 27 May 2014

The administration of the Cannes Film Festival in France is officially banning the niqab on the red carpet as well as inside the Festival Palace. "In accordance with the


Why Turkey wants journalists with ‘one eye closed’

The Star 27 May 2014
By Tanya Talaga

Turkey is facing a press freedom crisis. The scope was first revealed a year ago during violent protests in Taksim Square. Thirty journalists were hurt — and dozens were fired


Iran: Censored writer publish novel on Facebook

artsfreedom.org 24 May 2014

After trying and failing for years to obtain a publishing license for his novel, Iranian writer and journalist Mohammad Motlagh finally had enough. Instead of taking the


The New Palestinian "Journalists"

Gatestone Institute 20 May 2014
By Khaled Abu Toameh

An Israeli journalist, Avi Issacharoff, who has been covering Palestinian affairs for over a decade, reported that he and his cameraman were nearly lynched by a Palestinian mob


German president 'horrified' by developments in Turkey

Today's Zaman 2 May 2014

German president has said in Ankara he is "horrified" over negative developments in Turkey, criticizing the government for censoring Internet, controlling judiciary and granting wide powers


Wall to segregate male and female students in Libya

France24 2 May 2014

Under Libya’s monarchy and Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, schools and universities in Libya had always been co-ed. However, in Derna, located in eastern Libya, male and female students


MEP Daniel Hannan believes opposing candidate's arrest was wrong

Daily Echo 2 May 2014
By Patrick Knox

A EUROPEAN MP is claiming the arrest of a candidate standing against him in the up and coming elections was the sort of “political arrest” usually seen in oppressive regimes.

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