Understanding Erdogan’s toxic recrimination in Turkey

openDemocracy 17 February 2014
By Umit Cizre

It is fair to say that Turkey's government has no particular ideas and vision, no systematic critique of anything, no attachment to any particular text. That is why it has


Hating Valentine’s

FRONTPAGE MAG 17 February 2014
By Jamie Glazov

Today, Friday, February 14, is Valentine’s Day, the sacred day that intimate companions mark to celebrate their love and affection for one another. If you’re thinking about making a study


Egypt No. 159 in press freedom ranking

Egypt Independent 14 February 2014

Egypt was ranked 159 out of 180 countries in terms of press freedom in 2013 by the Reporters without Borders organization on Wednesday, the same rank it had the year before


Rob Anders in crosshairs of Muslim group over shooting target

Calgary Herald 11 February 2014
By Reid Southwick

A Calgary Muslim leader says a photograph showing MP Rob Anders and federal candidate Melissa Mathieson at a firing range in front of a target depicting a lifelike image of a terrorist


Turkey Deports Journalist for Tweets that Blasted Prime Minister, Amid Broader Anti-Speech Crackdown

The Tower 11 February 2014

Turkey under Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has developed something of a reputation – emphasized in what has become an annual tradition of watchdog criticism


Erdogan's Heavy Hand in Turkish Media

AINA (press release) 10 February 2014
By Kadri Gursel

Freedom House, a respected Washington-based nongovernmental organization, on Feb. 3 released the special report "Democracy in Crisis: Corruption, Media and Power in Turkey"


Turkey ranks second in Internet censors: Report

Hurriyet Daily News 10 February 2014

Turkey ranks second after China in demands to ban Internet content, according to a new report by the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV), amid a controversial


Tunisia: Free Blogger Jailed for Mocking Islam

Human Rights Watch 10 February 2014

Tunisian authorities should mark the celebration of the country’s new constitution on February 7, 2014, by immediately quashing the sentences of anyone convicted under laws


Saudi religious police war on Twitter ‘vice accounts’

Emirates 24/7 6 February 2014

Saudi Arabia’s feared religious police authority has decided to launch a war against what it described as vice and sorcery accounts on Twitter inside the conservative Gulf


Moderate’ Iranian President Executes Poet, Activist Hashem Shaabani

Pamela Geller: Atlas Shrugs 6 February 2014
By Pamela Geller

Atlas Shrugs Skip to content News About Articles Categories Quotables Donate Books Press Store Subscribe ‘Moderate’


Turkey under Erdogan: Clamping Down on the Internet based on “The Great Leader”

Modern Tokio Times 6 February 2014
By Nuray Lydia Oglu and Michiyo Tanabe

“The Great Leader Erdogan” now resembles the late Chairman Mao Zedong because he dictates from high. At least Mao had the excuse of ruling a one-party-state


Artists’ Campaign Supports Jabeur Mejri, Jailed for Insulting Islam

Tunisia Live 6 February 2014
By Alexandra Hartmann

Artists from more than twelve countries have come together for “100 Drawings for Jabeur Mejri,” a new project in support of a Tunisian citizen imprisoned for insulting Islam.


Turkey: Gezi Park,6-year jail term sought for Taksim members

Ansa Med 6 February 2014

ANKARA, FEBRUARY - Prosecutors in Istanbul will indict members of the Taksim platform who took part in sweeping demonstrations in Istanbul's Gezi Parkin May and June


‘Frantic Crackdown’ on Media in Turkey

The Wall Street Journal 6 February 2014
By Ayla Albayrak

ISTANBUL—Reports charting declining media freedoms in Turkey are now being published with increasing regularity. The latest, from U.S.-based Freedom House on Monday


Liberty GB’s Paul Weston exposes what the Left Wing Media will never tell you about Anders Breivik

Bare Naked Islam 29 January 2014
by Paul Weston

A world controlled by the wicked and immoral Left is a very unpleasant place in which to live. At the furthest extremity of Left-wingery we have genocide, totalitarianism


Breivik’s Confession and the Media’s Silence

FrontPage Magazine 28 January 2014
By Fjordman

From his prison cell, the confessed mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik in January 2014 circulated a letter in which he repudiated all association with the Counterjihad and anti-Islamists. He gloated over how easy it was to fool the Western mainstream media (MSM) into supporting his intended witch-hunt on peaceful anti-Islamists:


Pearson’s College Textbook Claims Al Qaeda is a Liberation Movement

America, this is what we are up against: the enemy within, a fifth column. The Sunday New York Times this past weekend tried desperately to advance a moderate al Qaeda


Sharia Victims Betrayed – The Legacy Media and the Breivik Atrocity

Right Side News 28 January 2014

Recently the despicable mass murderer Anders Bering Breivik wrote a letter. In it he explained his motivations behind his heinous crime and what he hoped it would achieve.


Burma Bias: Myanmar Muslim Media Mash as jihad rages across the Asian and African continents

Atlas Shrugs 27 January 2014

We continue to see wildly unbalanced coverage of jihadi wars and insurrections across the world. Despite the unspeakable blood and carnage shed in the cause of Islam, the media


Syria: Music banned as Islamic law takes hold in northern province

arts freedom 27 January 2014

In a statement, the organisation The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant "banned music and songs in cars, at parties, in shops and in public, as well as photographs of people

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