Robert Spencer wins CPAC award, as long as he doesn't criticize Grover Norquist

JihadWatch 7 March 2013

Here is a good summary report on this travesty. "Another Islam critic snubbed by CPAC: Told he could accept award if he didn't criticize Grover Norquist," from WND, March 6:

Islam analyst and author Robert Spencer was scheduled to be honored at the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference, better known as CPAC, for his widely read blog JihadWatch.org, but he won’t be in attendance, he says, because of a speech restriction sponsors of the award placed on him.


Rubbish reporting from BBC Arabic

BBC Watch 1 March 2013

On February 26th 2013 the BBC News website’s Middle East page featured a filmed report made by the BBC Arabic Service about a recycling plant in Rafah in the southern Gaza


OIC Ramps Up ‘Islamophobia’ Campaign

FrontPage Magazine 28 February 2013
By Deborah Weiss

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has long been on the forefront of the Islamist mission to establish the equivalent of Islamic blasphemy laws in the West

Now, during its 12th Islamic Summit held in Cairo February 7-8, 2013, the OIC set forth new and creative ways to silence, and ultimately criminalize criticism of Islam.


Michelle Obama's Image Altered by Iranian News Agency

Yahoo! News 27 February 2013
By Jilian Fama

A semi-official Iranian news agency called Fars altered an image of Michelle Obama at the Academy Awards to appeal to their more conservative readers. An image was


Terror charges against journalists ‘shocking,’ says European body

Hurriyet Daily News 25 February 2013

The terrorism charges against Turkish journalists currently on trial are "shocking to hear,” according to The European Federation of Journalists President Arne König, who


Islamic Assassination - Silencing Freedom Fighters

Algemeiner 22 February 2013
By Raymond Ibrahim

unisia, one of the most secular Arab countries in modern times—and the first country to experience the "Arab Spring”—was also recently the first Arab country to experience a


Bangladesh cracks down on anti-Islam blogs

FRANCE 24 22 February 2013

Bangladesh has launched a crackdown on Internet sites for "hurting religious feelings" in the majority Muslim nation amid protests by Islamic groups against bloggers seen as


Egyptian editor says he was forced out by Muslim Brotherhood

The Guardian 19 February 2013
By Patrick Kingsley

The editor of Egypt's largest English-language news website – the state-owned Ahram Online – has been forced out from his job, allegedly by allies of the Muslim Brotherhood,


Protests likely as controversial Dutch MP Geert Wilders changes venue

Herald Sun 18 February 2013
By John Masanauskas

POLICE will monitor the comments of controversial anti-Islamic Dutch MP Geert Wilders as he faces possible unruly protests in Melbourne tomorrow. Mr Wilders, who opposes the


Banned in Iran: Barbie, ‘Simpsons’... and Buddha

Irish Examiner 18 February 2013
By Nasser Karimi

Buddha statues have joined Barbie dolls and characters from The Simpsons as banned items in the conservative Muslim nation of Iran. Authorities are


sharia advocates are trying to stop the use of the word "Islamist.

National Review Online 12 February 2013
By Karen Lugo

In just the latest episode of censorship in the prophet’s name, Muslim activist groups now want reporters to stop using the word "Islamist.” "Islamist” is an important and


Study shows growth of Indonesian journalists' support for Islamic law

Radio Australia 12 February 2013

A survey of Indonesian journalists has found religious intolerance remains high, while support for Sharia law has increased since the previous survey in 2009.


YouTube Blocked: Egypt Court Orders to Obstruct Access to Popular Video-Sharing Web Site for 30 Days

Lawyer Herald 11 February 2013
By Jared Feldschreiber

Many political analysts were optimistic about the Arab Spring, which began in earnest over two years ago, and manifested with street protests throughout the Middle East,


Kashmir girl band quits after fatwa

DAWN.com 5 February 2013

An all-girl teenage rock band from Indian-administered Kashmir has decided to split after the region’s top Muslim cleric declared their music to be "un-Islamic”, their manager


Fatwa issued against Kashmiri all-girl band

Times of India 4 February 2013
By M Saleem Pandit

SRINAGAR: Kashmir's top clergyman, Mufti Azam Mufti Bashiruddin, on Sunday issued a "fatwa" against three Kashmiri girls for being part of a rock band which performed in


BBC cuts honour killing play to avoid ‘misrepresenting’ Muslim attitudes

Telegraph.co.uk 1 February 2013
By Alice Vincent

The BBC have cut a line from play about honour killing in the Muslim community to avoid "potentially misrepresenting majority British Muslim attitudes to honour killing.”


Catholic diocese capitulates to Islamic supremacists and Leftist media, cancels Robert Spencer conference appearance

Jihad Watch 1 February 2013

While Christians face escalating persecution from Muslims in Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and elsewhere, the Catholic Church temporizes, ignores the victims, and plays at "dialogue" with Islamic supremacist groups whose announced intent is to "build bridges" with non-Muslims.

Such bridges are really just proselytizing mechanisms to convert them to Islam, not an attempt to engage in genuine dialogue: "The chasm between Islam and Jahiliyyah [the society of unbelievers] is great, and a bridge is not to be built across it so that the people on the two sides may mix with each other, but only so that the people of Jahiliyyah may come over to Islam." -- Sayyid Qutb, Milestones, chapter 10.


Rushdie, Indian actor Haasan targeted by Muslim groups

FRANCE 24 1 February 2013

Acclaimed British author Salman Rushdie cancelled a film promotional event and veteran Indian actor Kamal Haasan threatened to go into exile Wednesday after Muslim groups


Liberia: Female Genital Mutilation, a Taboo for Journalists Too

AllAfrica.com 28 January 2013

Mae Azango set out to tackle the taboo subject of female genital in her home country of Liberia. The journalist's coverage forced her and her young daughter into hiding for


Court reprieve for liberal Saudi blogger

ArabianBusiness.com 23 January 2013
By Claire Valdini

A court in Saudi Arabia has referred the case of a liberal blogger, accused of insulting Islam, back to the lower court, meaning he may not be sentenced to death if found

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