Iran arrests author of article on Shiite Islam

France 24 14 November 2013

Iran on Monday arrested Ali Asghar Gharavi, the author of a controversial article seen by critics as questioning the beliefs of Shiite Islam, a prosecutor general said. "In


Woman, 2 men charged with committing adultery

Gulf News 11 November 2013
By Nada AlTaher, Staff Reporter

Abu Dhabi: A woman and two men have been charged with committing adultery within the premises of a farm in Abu Dhabi although DNA tests have not conclusive, the Criminal Court


Inspiration or danger? Private schools in Pakistan ban Malala Yousafzai's book

The Independent 11 November 2013
By Andrew Buncombe

Tens of millions of Pakistani children will struggle to lay their hands on the book written by Malala Yousafzai after the organisation representing the country's private


Islamic police in Nigeria arrest 150 accused of indecent dress, prostitution, cross-dressing

The Washington Post 24 October 2013

Religious police in Nigeria’s northern city of Kano on Tuesday publicly paraded scores of people arrested for flouting Islamic law, including transvestites and people wearing clothing deemed


Qatar upholds 15-year sentence against maverick poet

A top Qatari court on Monday upheld a 15-year jail term handed to a poet convicted of incitement against the regime, his lawyer said. "The Court of Cassation sentenced Mohammed al-Ajami


British Woman Lied About Husband to Avoid Stoning...

Mail Online 21 October 2013
By Emma Thomas

'I was told to keep quiet or they'd stone me to death': British woman wrongly jailed in Dubai for having sex outside marriage lied about husband to avoid adultery charge


The Islamist Trojan Horse

Gatestone Institute 18 October 2013
By Ali Salim

First, the "closest enemy" must be destroyed, the leaders of Arab countries aligned with the West; after that, the "distant enemy, " the Christian West. The masses of the Middle East thirst for the quality of life in the West as they see it through the media; the Islamist leaders desire the total alienation of their citizens from the West.


Muslims Demand “Legitimate Fatwa” Against Head Butt Statue

Front Page Magazine 17 October 2013

This isn’t a statue. It’s the world’s tallest hate crime.
But it is telling that Qatar’s idea of great art is a giant statue of a Muslim soccer player headbutting a non-Muslim soccer player.


Malaysia Rules Catholic Paper Can't Use 'Allah'

The Wall Street Journal 15 October 2013
By Abhrajit Gangopadhyay and Celine Fernandez

Worries over the religious freedoms of minorities in Muslim-majority Malaysia are growing after Malaysia's appeal court ruled Monday that a Roman Catholic publication can't use the term "Allah" to


Female teachers must cover face says Grand Mufti

Libya Herald 14 October 2013
By Aimen Eljali

The Grand Mufti, Sheikh Sadik Al-Ghariani, has issued a fatwa saying that female teachers in schools and colleges must cover their faces if they are teaching males who have reached puberty.


Video: Fox News On Christians Being Persecuted By Muslims And Lack Of MSM Coverage

kafircrusaders 1 October 2013

Lee Habeeb of Salem Radio Network on Fox News complaining about the lack of mainstream media coverage regarding Christians being persecuted by Islamists.


Freedom of Expression is a Human Right

Stresemann Foundation 27 September 2013

The OSCE considers freedom of expression a fundamental human right

This freedom may only be limited in order to safeguard other basic rights, such as human dignity, for a very good reason: freedom of expression is the foundation for other human rights, especially freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly as well as academic freedom. Without the freedom to voice opinions publicly and freely receive information, all other freedoms would not exist.


Sweden: No one willing to testify against Muslims who tried to throw negro off bridge

Islam versus Europe 25 September 2013
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

Not long ago, I wrote about a case in Malmo in which a bunch of Muslims attacked a negro out walking with his child and tried to throw him off a bridge. By concealing the


Newspapers refuse to accept Sweden Democrats adverts that call for national assistance centres for Muslims leaving Islam

Islam versus Europe 17 September 2013

Church elections are being held in Sweden. We have already written about the vote manipulation that is taking place with Sweden Democrats' ballots mysteriously going missing


Stalking the Mythical Islamophobe, Part 4

Gates of Vienna 17 September 2013
By Baron Bodissey

This post is the fourth in a series about the Turkish definition of the word "Islamophobia” presented at the OSCE meeting in Vienna on July 12, 2013. Previously: Part 1, Part


Pro-Islamist Fake News?

FrontPage Magazine 17 September 2013
By Raymond Ibrahim

According to a new report, "Anderson Cooper and CNN have been caught staging fake news about Syria to justify military intervention. The primary ‘witness’ that the mainstream


Beware Al-Jazeera Coming to America

Gatestone Institute 26 August 2013
By Shoshana Bryen

Al-Jazeera is "breaking in with something we think is unique, and are confident, with our guts and some research, that the American people are looking for," according to its


Arab media across the board falsely saying a Jew tried to burn Al Aqsa in 1969

Elder of Ziyon 22 August 2013

Denis Michael Rohan (born 1 July 1941 - died 1995) was an Australian citizen who gained worldwide infamy on 21 August 1969, when he attempted to set fire to the Al-Aqsa


Turkey Convicts World-Renowned Pianist for ‘Defaming’ Islam

By Andrew Harrod

A Turkish court on April 15, 2013, convicted world-renowned pianist Fazil Say under Article 216(3) of the Turkish Penal Code. This article punishes "[a]nyone who openly


The Islam Bomb

By Bosch Fawstin

The Islam Bomb exploded in Boston this week, as it’s exploded in countless cities across the world. The Islam bomb is always there, waiting for a Muslim to set it off, a Muslim with the will to kill, a Muslim who takes Islam seriously. As Daniel Greenfield puts it in The Point on Front Page Magazine, Islam is the Ultimate Sleeper Cell.

Calling Islam “Islam”

Here are a number of my tweets this past week about the Boston Jihad attack:

"We don’t know what the motive is(lam)” – scumedia

Wise a$$ writes me that some expert said OBL himself used ‘a version of Islam’ as trap for recruits.” I reply: "Yes, Mohammad’s "version”

Human Being: "News reports terrorist act.”

Leftist: "Yeah, but who did it?”

HB: "White guy”

L: "YES!”

HB: "Named Mohammad”

L: "NO!”


FoxNews. u read same social media profile of killer I did, yet u only mention he was "wrestler”, not that he lists his worldview as Islam

FOX News: the terrorists r MUSLIM. Their religion, ISLAM. They’re waging JIHAD against us. We KNOW their motive, STOP pretending otherwise.

"IIIIIIII’mmmm dreeeaming of a whiiiiiiiite terrorist.” – Salon writer. Somehow, I don’t think this scum has a problem with scum Bill Ayers

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