Reflections on My Ex-Muslim Friends

By David Solway

Some of my best friends are Muslims. Or rather, some of my best friends were Muslims—not that they are no longer Muslims but that they are no longer my friends

The problem I had over years of friendship had to do with certain personal attributes which I value highly, namely, consistency and the ability to recognize facts. My friends were good men who believed in Western democratic values, in selective immigration policies based on the possession of needed skills that would contribute to both society and the economy, in the necessity for Muslim (and all) immigrants to assimilate into the heritage culture, and in customary methods of education and a traditional curriculum; they rejected the utter folly of multiculturalism as it is practiced in Canada.


My Name is Bosch and I’m a Recovered Muslim

By Bosch Fawstin

Author’s note: This was originally published in Dec. 2011 in Front Page Magazine and it was the most popular piece I’ve written until this piece of mine. I’m a cartoonist, so the only essays I write are ones that I cannot express in any other way but words, and here- in light of the latest Jihad attack in London, and the latest "Islam vs "Islamism”” debate going on- is what I think is my most comprehensive piece on Islam, Muslims & Jihad.

My name is Bosch and I’m a recovered Muslim.

That is, if Muslims don’t kill me for leaving Islam, which it requires them to do. That’s just one of the reasons I’ve been writing and drawing against Islam and its Jihad for a number of years now. But fortunately for us, Islam hasn’t been able to make every Muslim its slave, just as Nazism wasn’t able to turn every German into a Nazi. So there is Islam and there are Muslims. Muslims who take Islam seriously are at war with us and Muslims who don’t aren’t.


Imran Firasat: I am going to be killed soon

Jihad Watch 27 May 2013

I just received this message from the free speech fighter Imran Firasat: Imran Firasat: I am going to be killed soon (The Spanish government approves Imran


Russia says 50 groups in U.S. raise funds for North Caucasus extremists

Money Jihad 27 May 2013

According to the Jamahiriya News Agency, Russian intelligence reveals that 50 organizations, many of which are Islamic charities, are actively soliciting and distributing funds


Blasphemy Laws Coming to Bangladesh?

Gatestone 15 May 2013
By Mohshin Habib

There are currently about 125 terrorist groups operating throughout Bangladesh, most under the control of Bangladesh's largest Islamic party, the Jamaat-e-Islami

On May 5, hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshi Islamists marched on the capital city of Dhaka, to protest the government's failure to fulfill their demands. Under the banner of


Morocco: Apostasy is not a crime

Morocco’s High Council of Ulemas (the highest government religious institution headed by the King) has issued a fatwa decreeing the death penalty for Moroccans who leave Islam.


The violent Quran

Dispatch International 22 April 2013
By Peter Nilsson

The Quran does not have a single verse encouraging love towards those outside of Islam. But there are 493 passages that either endorse violence or talk about the hatred of Allah for the infidels, meaning all non-Muslims.

The Quran is a book mainly concerned with how Muslims are to think and act towards those outside of Islam; that is, either kill them or force them to live as second-class citizens and pay taxes (Jizya).

More than half the contents of the Quran are texts despising or inciting against non-Muslims. This is what turns Islam into a religion of hate and violence, for which history carries much evidence.

Those criticizing Islam are branded with epithets such as "Islamophobe”, "racist” or "right-wing extremist”. A phobia is an unjustified fear of something.


Video: The Imperfect Quran - A beginners guide to the Quran

youtube. 16 April 2013

A beginners guide to the Quran for muslims and non-muslims alike,its important to know how to correctly read the Quran or Allah will call you perverse if you go outside of its


The Spiritual Journey of Magdi Allam

By Robert Spencer

The highest-profile convert to Roman Catholicism in recent memory, Magdi Cristiano Allam, has left the Catholic Church. Allam, who was baptized in the Vatican by Pope


Council of Ex-Muslims of Morocco: the first public atheist organisation in country with state religion of Islam

Morocco’s state religion is Islam. Whilst Article 3 of the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, atheists and unbelievers are not recognised. Though apostasy is not a


Magdi Allam Leaves Catholic Church Over Its Dhimmitude

Faithfreedom.org 26 March 2013
By Andrew Bostom

In a profoundly symbolic gesture (hat tip Tundra Tabloids), which epitomizes the Catholic Church’s abject dhimmitude, high-profile Muslim convert to Christianity Magdi Cristiano Allam, has renounced his Catholicism because of what he terms the Church’s weakness toward, and legitimation of, Islam.

Allam, who will remain a Christian, reiterated his belief that Islam is inherently violent, to both its own votaries, and non-Muslims, and criticized The Church for lacking "the vision and courage to denounce the incompatibility of Islam with our [Western] civilization and fundamental rights of the person.”


14 March 2013: International Day to Defend Apostates and Blasphemers

Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain 13 March 2013
Press Release

Countless individuals accused of apostasy and blasphemy face threats, imprisonment, and execution

Blasphemy laws in over 30 countries and apostasy laws in over 20 aim primarily to restrict thought, expression and the rights of Muslims, ex-Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

On 14 March 2013, we, the undersigned, call for an international day of action to defend apostates and blasphemers worldwide by highlighting ten cases though there are countless more.


Young Moroccan "Apostate” on The Arab Spring and Islam

AndrewBostom.org 12 March 2013
By Andrew Bostom

al-Ghasali: "Any moderate Muslim who would like to reform Islam should admit to himself that terror and violence are in the Koran. The unmitigated horror. But no Muslim could


Sharia in action in Iran: Ahmadinejad under fire for hugging woman at Chavez funeral

jihadwatch 11 March 2013

The mullahs are fine with his genocidal threats against Israel, but hug a woman? That's going too far! "Bitter-‘sweet embrace’: Ahmadinejad slated for hugging Chavez’s


Psychological Consequences of Islam's Views on Women

Jihad Watch 7 March 2013

Nicolai Sennels is a Danish licensed psychologist known for his writings about the psychology of Islam and Muslim culture. Sennels is author of the book, "Among Muslim Criminals: a Psychologist's Experiences from the Copenhagen Municipality," based on his work in Danish capital's youth prison Sønderbro

He has also published a high number of articles on the subject, which are spread widely on the internet. Together with renowned writers on Islam such as Ibn Warraq, Hans Jansen and Bat Ye'or and others, Sennels contributed a chapter to the Dutch book Islam: Critical Essays on a Political Religion.


There is no excuse for domestic violence except in Islamic Shari’a Law

faithfreedom.org 7 March 2013
By Louis Palme

Sharia Law reveals an impassible gulf between Islamic and Western law. Western societies believe that every individual is endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable


Islamophobia: 'A Crime against Humanity'

American Thinker 4 March 2013
By JanSuzanne Krasner

The UN and its arms across the world have become a platform for some of its member to spew propaganda and racial hatred against the U.S. and Israel while cloaking their own crimes against humanity

At a recent UN Conference in Vienna, Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan used the podium to address the 2,000 participants, including the UN Secretary-General, the Emir of Qatar, the presidents of Austria and Romania, foreign ministers from Iran and Spain, about crimes against humanity.


Organization of Islamic Cooperation Ramps Up 'Islamophobia' Campaign

AINA (press release) 1 March 2013
By Deborah Weiss

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has long been on the forefront of the Islamist mission to establish the equivalent of Islamic blasphemy laws in the West. Now, during its 12th Islamic Summit held in Cairo February 7-8, 2013, the OIC set forth new and creative ways to silence, and ultimately criminalize criticism of Islam

The OIC is a 57-member state organization that claims to represent 1.5 billion Muslims around the globe. As the second largest international organization in the world, behind only the UN, and as the largest Islamic organization in the world, it is obviously quite powerful. Though it is arguably the largest voting block in the UN, most people have never heard of it.


Atheists Persecuted In Many Muslim Countries: Report

International Business Times 27 February 2013
By Maya Shwayder

A new report presented by the International Humanist and Ethical Union to the U.N. Human Rights Council for consideration on Monday, detailed stories of abuse and


Pak court reopens 84-yr-old blasphemy case

Hindu Business Line 25 February 2013

A Pakistani court has begun hearing a petition seeking the reopening of an 84-year-old case in which a court under the British administration had given the death sentence to

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