Family executions

Hamas MP Entangled In Palestinian Honor Killing

Al-Monitor 1 October
Naela Khalil

RAMALLAH, West Bank — Chronicle of a Death Foretold, a novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, may be an apt description for the most recent honor killing in the West Bank. The entire village


Freedom of Expression is a Human Right

Stresemann Foundation 27 September 2013

The OSCE considers freedom of expression a fundamental human right

This freedom may only be limited in order to safeguard other basic rights, such as human dignity, for a very good reason: freedom of expression is the foundation for other human rights, especially freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly as well as academic freedom. Without the freedom to voice opinions publicly and freely receive information, all other freedoms would not exist.


Islam in a Nutshell Brochure

Citizen Warrior 26 June 2013

Islam in a Nutshell (PDF document)

The Counter Jihad Coalition in California put together a brochure entitled "Islam in a Nutshell." Here's what the creators of the brochure said about it:

What we have found is that many people still do not know Islam. And they do not want to take much time to learn it. This simple short brochure gives a good summary about the doctrine in 10 minutes of reading.


Video: Pat Condell "Muslims must reject jihad "

youtube. 29 May 2013
By Pat Condell

It's time to take sides. We Want A Clear Categorical Rejection of the Islamic Doctrine of Armed Jihad


The violent Quran

Dispatch International 22 April 2013
By Peter Nilsson

The Quran does not have a single verse encouraging love towards those outside of Islam. But there are 493 passages that either endorse violence or talk about the hatred of Allah for the infidels, meaning all non-Muslims.

The Quran is a book mainly concerned with how Muslims are to think and act towards those outside of Islam; that is, either kill them or force them to live as second-class citizens and pay taxes (Jizya).

More than half the contents of the Quran are texts despising or inciting against non-Muslims. This is what turns Islam into a religion of hate and violence, for which history carries much evidence.

Those criticizing Islam are branded with epithets such as "Islamophobe”, "racist” or "right-wing extremist”. A phobia is an unjustified fear of something.


Video: The Imperfect Quran - A beginners guide to the Quran

youtube. 16 April 2013

A beginners guide to the Quran for muslims and non-muslims alike,its important to know how to correctly read the Quran or Allah will call you perverse if you go outside of its


Mother accused of burning daughter in 'honor violence' incident

Waterbury Republican American 25 March 2013
By Ihosvani Rodriguez

A mother burned her teenage daughter with a hot knife to punish her for talking to a boy she met online, an act that defied her parents' wishes for her to marry a cousin,


14 March 2013: International Day to Defend Apostates and Blasphemers

Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain 13 March 2013
Press Release

Countless individuals accused of apostasy and blasphemy face threats, imprisonment, and execution

Blasphemy laws in over 30 countries and apostasy laws in over 20 aim primarily to restrict thought, expression and the rights of Muslims, ex-Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

On 14 March 2013, we, the undersigned, call for an international day of action to defend apostates and blasphemers worldwide by highlighting ten cases though there are countless more.


"Honor killing" in Gaza

the elder of ziyon - 12 March 2013

According to investigations conducted by PCHR, at approximately 02:00 on Friday, 08 March 2013, the body of the young woman was brought to al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir


Psychological Consequences of Islam's Views on Women

Jihad Watch 7 March 2013

Nicolai Sennels is a Danish licensed psychologist known for his writings about the psychology of Islam and Muslim culture. Sennels is author of the book, "Among Muslim Criminals: a Psychologist's Experiences from the Copenhagen Municipality," based on his work in Danish capital's youth prison Sønderbro

He has also published a high number of articles on the subject, which are spread widely on the internet. Together with renowned writers on Islam such as Ibn Warraq, Hans Jansen and Bat Ye'or and others, Sennels contributed a chapter to the Dutch book Islam: Critical Essays on a Political Religion.


There is no excuse for domestic violence except in Islamic Shari’a Law 7 March 2013
By Louis Palme

Sharia Law reveals an impassible gulf between Islamic and Western law. Western societies believe that every individual is endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable


Hatred of Christians Unleashed in Libya

FrontPage Magazine 6 March 2013
By Raymond Ibrahim

Last Thursday, a Coptic Christian church located in Benghazi, Libya, was attacked by armed Muslim militants. Initial reports indicate that at least one priest, Fr. Paul Isaac,


Gang rape victim fights back for girls' education

After Mukhtar Mai was gang raped on the orders of a tribal court in Pakistan in 2002, local tradition dictated she was expected to commit suicide. She defied her attackers and


Woman confesses to killing daughter, son-in-law in Mersin

Today's Zaman 15 February 2013

A woman has admitted to shooting to death her daughter, who had previously run away from home to elope, and her daughter's husband on Monday in the southern province of


Video: Slavery, Racism, Rape, Violence, Plundering and Discrimination in Islam

islam-watch 14 February 2013
By The Islamist Delusion - History (part 4)


Woman Stabbed 29 Times in Front of Daughter

Tundra Tabloids 7 February 2013

Yes there are crimes of passion the world over, but a brutal murder such as this has deeper underpinnings. According to Swiss ”justice”, he’s expected to receive no more than


Women, Islam and the Stockholm Syndrome, Part 2 ‘The Jihad against Women’

Political Islam 6 February 2013
By Kenneth Roberts

Jihad-and-hegira (attack-and-retreat) is the third ‘essential doctrine’ (usul ud-deen) in Islam. This push-pull dynamic, applied against women, produces Islam’s Stockholm syndrome, forcing women to submit to men

Compliant women in turn create compliant families in a compliant, monocultural Muslim society.

Muslims instinctively recognize jihad-and-hegira, a dualistic pattern that allows Muslims in stages to be both militant, then conciliatory. Jihad and hegira are opposite ends of one swing or, if you will, two phases of one cycle. Militant jihad prepares the way for conciliatory ‘peaceful Islam’. ‘Peaceful Islam’ then sets up jihad/holy warfare. In this manner, Islam ratchets itself forward, just as a reaper advances into a field, cutting wheat with the forward-and-back, swinging motion of a scythe.


Afghan farmer beheaded with a PENKNIFE after refusing to let drug lords take his daughter and sell her as a sex slave

Daily Mail 30 January 2013
By Sam Webb

Opium gangs are taking the sons and daughters of Afghan farmers as collateral for unpaid debts. A documentary exposes the fate of those who borrow from drug lords to set up


Freedom House ranks Israel as region’s only ‘free’ state

Tundra Tabloids 21 January 2013

US-based watchdog’s report says that while in recent years controversies have surrounded proposed laws that threatened freedom of expression, in most cases they gave been

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