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Denmark’s Compromised "Values”

American Center for Democracy 19 February 2015
By Rachel Ehrenfeld

Soon after the jihadist attacks in Copenhagen, Danish Prime Minister, Thorning-Schmidt declared, "this is not a conflict between Islam and the West…this is a conflict between


Now We Have a Bad Islam

youtube 19 February 2015
By Political Islam

For years our leaders have told us that Islam is wonderful in all ways. But we are seeing some changed minds.


Feel-Good Story of the Week: Danish Muslim Murderer Not Motivated by Islam!

PJMedia 19 February 2015
By Michael Walsh

Courtesy of the New York Times, of course, which in obligatory fashion now proceeds to humanize and partly defend the murderer in Copenhagen: ... As the authorities across


Turkey: Justice vs. Islamist Justice

Gatestone Institute 19 February 2015
By Burak Bekdil

Listening to Ahmet Davutoglu, one might think he is Prime Minister of a country that ranks in the top 10 in press freedoms. Unfortunately, his country ranks 149th.


Radical Islam Exists: Islamism is the New Totalitarianism

The Algemeiner 19 February 2015
By Qanta Ahmed

In contrast to others, I confirm that Radical Islam exists. Political scientists, including Muslim political scientists, know it as Islamism. Only part of Islamism expresses


Kosovo:7 years independence, more shadows than light

ANSAmed 19 February 2015

PRISTINA, FEBRUARY 16 - Kosovo is celebrating on Tuesday the seventh anniversary of the proclamation of its independence from Serbia in a situation that is still critical from


Geert Wilders Calls Again for the De-Islamization of the Netherlands

Breitbart 19 February 2015
By Bob Price

In the face of the growing Islamic threat in the nation of the Netherlands, Member of Parliament Geert Wilders continues to stand and fight for the de-Islamization of his home


Memorial in Copenhagen Draws 40,000 for Show of Unity

The Epoch Times 19 February 2015
By Brian Arly Jacobsen, University of Copenhagen

A memorial service has been held in Copenhagen for the victims of the shootings that killed two and injured five in the city on February 14. A crowd of up to 40,000 people


Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM - Brilliant, but Who Noticed?

AllAfrica 19 February 2015
By Anne Kiruku

The low-key celebrations to mark the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) across the world, and indeed in East Africa, shows just how little


Iran: Banned director wins Berlin film festival’s Golden Bear

artsfreedom 19 February 2015

A film by dissident Iranian director Jafar Panahi has won the Golden Bear, the Berlin Film Festival’s top prize. Jafar Panahi won the award for his Tehran road movie ‘Taxi’


What happens to migrant women when there's no happily ever after

WAtoday 19 February 2015

Forced underage marriage, trafficking, female genital mutilation and domestic violence – this doesn't sound like the "lucky" country. However, the harsh reality is that there


Denmark: Attack on public meeting about art, blasphemy and freedom of expression

artsfreedom 19 February 2015

A 55-year-old film director was killed and three police officers injured after an armed man opened fire inside the lobby of a café in Copenhagen where a public debate meeting


Obama defends Islam at all cost

American Thinker 19 February 2015
By Carol Brown

How President Obama responds to events around him appears to be dictated by a highly specific set of rules, all of which fall under the broad umbrella of disdain for America.


The cartoonists are right to fight blasphemy

The Times (subscription) 19 February 2015
By Daniel Finkelstein

Charlie Hebdo and friends may not be to your taste but they have a duty to challenge pernicious, self-perpetuating laws Oy! You! Yes, you, big nose, the one reading this


The English Defence League and the new far-right

openDemocracy 19 February 2015
By Hsiao-Hung Pai

A street demo against "Islamisation" shows the potential for the English far-right to regain lost momentum. Britain's political far-right is in its weakest position for


Four held for insulting Erdogan

The News International 19 February 2015

ISTANBUL: Turkey has stepped up arrests of activists accused of personally insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, detaining at least four people in the last four days on


Obama and the Muslim Gang Sign

American Thinker 19 February 2015
By F. W. Burleigh

Is President Obama a Muslim? A lot has been written about this, but if photographs speak louder than words, then a photo taken at last August’s U.S.-African Leaders’ Summit in


Most Muslim organisations condemn weekend terror attacks

The Copenhagen Post 19 February 2015

Only Hizb ut-Tahrir says that Muslims ?should not? distance themselves from the violence. Martin Henriksen maintains that Hizb ut-Tahrir should be shut down


Cabinet a bunch of "amateurs”: Wilders

NL Times 19 February 2015
By Janene Van Jaarsveldt

PVV leader Geert Wilders is pleased with Minister Bert Koenders’ (Foreign Affairs) decision to withdraw the visas of three controversial Muslim preachers, who were scheduled to


Jewish Schools and Synagogues in UK Warned to Increase Security Measures

abcnews 19 February 2015

Jewish schools and synagogues in the United Kingdom have been warned to increase security measures after the shootings in Denmark, despite a recent increase of patrols in

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