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Councillor asked to explain mosque tweet 9 March 2015

A Victorian councillor will face a conduct panel after she sent an "abhorrent and inexcusable" social media image to the supporter of a controversial mosque development. After


800 Villagers in Mueang Nan Protest Mosque Construction

ThaiVisa News 9 March 2015
By Larry Banks

Thailand is predominately Buddhist with a mere 5 percent of the population being Muslim. The construction of a new mosque in northern Thailand, in the Nan province, sparked


Saudi Arabia Facebook Arrest: Religious Police Detain Indian Citizen For 'Offensive' Hindu Mecca Photo

International Business Times 9 March 2015
By Lora Moftah

An Indian citizen has been arrested in Saudi Arabia for allegedly posting offensive religious images on Facebook, Gulf News reported on Tuesday. The man was detained by Saudi


What are we meant to say about grooming rings?

The Spectator 5 March 2015
By Rod Liddle

It is a tragedy that some of us are born in the wrong times. According to that increasingly gobby conduit of right-on morality, the NSPCC, girls these days feel compelled to


Avijit Roy – Here is an article by the blogger who was hacked to death

marthavanderpol 5 March 2015

Super-Scientific Religious Scriptures!

["Listen, O uninformed, a man has the ability to write a book, the book does not have any ability to create a man” –Nazrul] [1]

My response to a very innocuous e-mail impelled me to write this fastidious essay. Let me first elaborate on this. Just about four years ago, I set on my overseas sojourn from


Tools to Help You Educate Your Fellow Non-Muslims About Islam

Citizen Warrior 5 March 2015

The single most important task we need to accomplish is to educate our fellow citizens about Islam's prime directive. For many people who remain ignorant about Islam, the


Austria has set an example to us all

Sharia Watch UK 5 March 2015

The Austrian Parliament has just approved some very controversial reforms. The Government there has said that they should serve as a model for Europe – and it is absolutely


New conference to discuss ways of abolishing female genital mutilation in the UK 5 March 2015

University of Leicester to host event on Friday 6 March ahead of International Women's Day 2015 'We believe that education is the way forward to eradicate FGM. Therefore, in


Video Pat Condell "Free speech on campus "

youtube 5 March 2015
By Pat Condell

Time to stop indulging privileged militant "progressive” puritan student bigots. Free speech? Not at four in five UK universities


Austria Passes New Islam Law to Prevent 'Parallel Societies'

the Clarion Project 5 March 2015
By Soeren Kern

The Austrian parliament has approved controversial reforms to the country's century-old Islam Law (Islamgesetz), governing the status of Muslims in the country. The new law,


‘Islamophobia’: Austria Passes Reforms Setting Restrictions on Islam, but Not on Other Faiths

TheBlaze 5 March 2015
By Sharona Schwartz

Muslim groups are blasting new reforms passed in Austria on Wednesday banning foreign funding for Muslim organizations and requiring imams to be able speak German —


Belgium: Pegida anti-Islam march attracts 200 5 March 2015
By Sarah Joanne Taylor

Some 200 protesters took to the streets in a peaceful demonstration on Monday (March 2). Police told Reuters news agency they would not be making arrests, but would be carrying


Netanyahu’s Speech in Congress

American Center for Democracy 5 March 2015
By Rachel Ehrenfeld

The following are excerpts from the Israeli PM’s speech: "The remarkable alliance between Israel and the United States has always been above politics. It must always remain


The White House Must Respond to Netanyahu's Important New Proposal

Gatestone Institute 5 March 2015
By Alan M. Dershowitz

I was in the House gallery when Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a logical and compelling critique of the deal now on the table regarding Iran's ambitions


Qatari fatwa: Destroy Egypt’s pyramids, Sphinx!

Al Arabiya News 4 March 2015

A fatwa from a Qatari-owned online portal has been widely circulated by Egyptian press this week after it called for the destruction of pharanoic monuments on the grounds that


Saudi Arabia Gives Top Award to Prominent Hate Preacher

The Clarion Project 4 March 2015

Saudi Arabia has given one of the country’s highest honors to Dr. Zakir Naik, a well-known Islamist hate preacher from India. The award, given by Saudi’s new king himself, Salman, was for


Saudi Arabia: Education Minister says No to sports for girls 4 March 2015

No sporting activities for girls in public schools in Saudi Arabia. Azzam Al-Dakhil, Saudi Education Minister disappointed both country and world expectations, who were


Blasphemy Law in Indonesia sows radicalization: Experts

AsiaOne Asia News 4 March 2015
By Fedina S. Sundaryani

Experts have warned that implementation of the Blasphemy Law could lead to the radicalization of Muslims. Tobias Basuki, a political analyst from Jakarta-based Centre for Strategic and


Executions top long UN list of human rights concerns in Iran

The Daily Star 4 March 2015

Iran had a "deeply troubling" number of executions last year and did not keep a promise to protect ethnic and religious minorities, the United Nations said Tuesday in its annual report


Video: Muslim cleric: Those who don’t respect Muslims have "no right to live”

The Jihad Watch 3 March 2015
By Robert Spencer

Watch the video. He keeps saying that it is not he who is saying these things, but that they’re Islamic teachings. Will some Muslim spokesmen in the West who claims to

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