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Saudi religious police issue rare apology after beating British resident

Middle East Eye 5 September 2014

Saudi Arabia's religious police issued a rare apology on Wednesday after roughing up a British resident of Riyadh over paying at a women-only cash desk. The Commission of


Twitter users on trial while Turkey hosts key UN Internet summit

Amnesty International 4 September 2014

The Turkish government’s prosecution of Twitter critics is a deeply hypocritical stance for the host of the Internet Governance Forum, Amnesty International said today. The


Video: Former BBC commentator under fire for her honest Facebook rant about "dirty, filthy Paki Rotherham (Muslim paedophile...)

Bare Naked Islam 4 September 2014

A former BBC presenter sacked following a call to a taxi firm has been criticized for a series of Facebook comments slamming Rotherham "Pakis.” Ex-model Sam Mason, 45, was


Writers Opposing Hamas: Targets of Death

FrontPage Magazine 3 September 2014
By Magdi Khalil

On August 19th, 2014, I was invited to participate in the famous talk show "The Opposite Direction” which airs on Al-Jazeera channel, in an episode entitled "Who is the winner


Multiculturalism and Islam

American Thinker 2 September 2014
By Robert Klein Engler

Recently, the Hindustan Times ran an article noting that the Nalanda University has reopened after being destroyed 800 years ago. "… the new university took off with only two schools -- the school of ecology & environmental studies and the school of historical studies, seven faculty members and 15 students.”


UK: Prosecuting Islamic Rape Gangs is "Racist”

Winds of Jihad 2 September 2014

But of course! Only racist-bigot-Islamophobes would stand in the way of the soldiers of allah to prevent them from turning young British girls into sex slaves. By the law of


Political correctness and the Rotherham report 2 September 2014

Jonathan Freedland (The ‘PC gone mad’ defence is itself a form of racism, 30 August) labels as being guilty of "the laziest form of prejudice” any who assumed that the British


Modi govt extends visa of controversial writer Taslima Nasreen for one year 2 September 2014
By Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: After making several requests to the Home Ministry that she be allowed to stay in India for a longer period, controversial writer Taslima Nasreen's visa has been


British Imam Makes 9/11 Terrorism Joke During CNN Sound Check

Breitbart 1 September 2014

Sunday on CNN’s "Reliable Sources," host Brian Stelter confronted radical Muslim cleric Anjam Choudary for making a joke about infamous terror attack dates including 9/11


Sikh outrage over despicable ‘politically correct’ habit the British media have of calling Muslims "Asians” instead of what they

Bare Naked Islam 1 September 2014

Sikh Federation in Britain accuse mainstream UK media of ignoring efforts to get them to stop using the generic (and virtually always erroneous) term ‘Asian’ when, in fact


Turkish ex-mufti on Muhammad: "So many people can’t live properly because of him”

The Jihad Watch 1 September 2014
By Robert Spencer

Turan Dursun was "a former mufti and imam and an open critic of Islam who fought for a freer ?and more humane world despite pressures from the state, the public, and even his own ?father, whose dream was to see him become a devoted cleric.” He lived in Turkey. He was, as was tragically predictable, assassinated by defenders of the faith.


What an 'Islamophobe' Looks Like

Frontpage Mag 1 September 2014
By Daniel Greenfield

Islamophobes look like everyone else. They can be your friend or next door neighbor. They can be family members or just the crying frightened people you see on the evening news.


Toughen up UK's defences against terror, warns Cabinet minister

London Evening Standard 1 September 2014

The UK's defences against jihadis from Britain and across western Europe need to be stiffened up, a senior Cabinet minister has insisted as David Cameron prepared to set out


Video: British ex-boxer defends Foley beheading

Allen B. West 1 September 2014
By Allen West

If you want to know why British Prime Minister David Cameron gave such a powerful statement this past week regarding ISIS and recognized there is a big problem brewing in the


'Anti-Semitism is poisonous': hundreds gather for rally against anti-Jewish attacks

Express 1 September 2014
By Max Evans

The newly-formed Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAAS) says Jewish people in Britain are facing "levels of anti-Semitism not seen in this country for almost a century".


Scottsdale, AZ: Not-so-moderate imam urges crowd against self-proclaimed moderate Muslim

Creeping Sharia 28 August 2014

Even in America, leading Muslim organizations and clerics bully with threats of ostracism those Muslims who dare to dissent. Old-guard ideologues, too, used to monopoly


Au revoir, France

American Thinker 27 August 2014
By Carol Brown

If you ever doubted the direction France is headed, you need doubt no more. The headline reads: "One in six French people say they support ISIS”. Holy halal cow! That’s a lot of people (and I use that term loosely). So much for the narrative of the "moderate Muslim.”


Obama Administration Creating Database to Track ‘Hate Speech’ on Twitter

Pamela Geller 27 August 2014

Considering that the Obama administration supports the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Gaza, the jihadists in Syria and Libya, the violent uber-left in the USA, the question is


Are there more British Muslims fighting for the Islamic State than for British military?

Catholic Online 26 August 2014

Official government estimates put the number of British Islamic State fighters operating in Syria and Iraq at up to 800, although the Foreign Office cautioned that it is

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