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‘I AM NOT CHARLIE’: Leaked Newsroom Emails Reveal Al Jazeera Fury over Global Support for Charlie Hebdo

National Review 10 January 2015
By Brendan Bordelon

As journalists worldwide reacted with universal revulsion at the massacre of some of their own by Islamic jihadists in Paris, Al Jazeera English editor and executive producer Salah-Aldeen Khadr sent


57 percent of Germans feel Islam is a threat: poll

The Local Germany 10 January 2015

A survey on Thursday shows that Muslims in Germany feel they are integrating - but a growing majority of Germans feel threatened by Islam in the country.


Video: Egyptian President Al-Sisi at Al-Azhar "We Must Revolutionize Our Religion"

youtube. 10 January 2015

In a speech delivered at Al-Azhar on December 28, 2014, Egyptian President Abd Al-Fattah Al-Sisi called to combat extremist ideology and said: "We need to revolutionize our


Europe: Raising Questions Within Islam After France Shooting

The New York Times 10 January 2015

CAIRO — Islamist extremists behead Western journalists in Syria, massacre thousands of Iraqis, murder 132 Pakistani schoolchildren, kill a Canadian soldier and take hostage


Paris attacks: The toll of fearless free speech

The Age 10 January 2015
By Dominic Knight

The team that produced Charlie Hebdo were exceptionally irreverent, frequently hilarious, and relentless in their attacks on France's most powerful institutions. But most of


Charlie Hebdo and the Right to Commit Blasphemy

New York Mag 10 January 2015
By Jonathan Chait

Just over three years ago, the office of Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical magazine whose staff was horrifically murdered, was firebombed. Time’s Paris bureau chief, Bruce


Blasphemy Is at the Front Lines of Free Speech Today

TIME 10 January 2015
By Walter Olson

There is no middle ground, no soft compromise available to keep everyone happy If you defend freedom of speech today, realize that "blasphemy” is its front line, in Paris


A Brutal Awakening in France

POLITICO 10 January 2015

PARIS—The news, when it came Wednesday morning, was hardly surprising. Yet the shock was instantaneous and deeply unsettling. That paradox perhaps explains everything about


Lesson From Paris: Political Correctness On Islam Kills

People's Pundit Daily 10 January 2015

If America can learn one thing from Wednesday’s terror attack on the Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper offices in Paris, it should be this: Islam is not a religion of


France’s Cassandra: why Michel Houellebecq predicts an Islamist France in 2022

London Evening Standard 10 January 2015

As staff were massacred at the French satirical magazine they were completing an issue featuring controversial writer Michel Houellebecq. David Sexton reports on another


Artists defiant after Paris killings but fear censorship on Islam

SBS 10 January 2015

Cartoonists and writers defended freedom of expression after Wednesday's attack on a satirical magazine in Paris but the reality for some artists accused of insulting Islam has


Profile in courage: The French editor who defied Islamic terror threats 10 January 2015
By Howard Kurtz

The offices of the satirical French newspaper Charlie Hebdo had already been firebombed when the editor talked about defying threats from extremists. "It might sound a bit


Freedom of speech has limits, says Islam scholar

Independent 10 January 2015
By Caroline Crawford

A SENIOR Islamic cleric in Ireland has stood by his claims he would take legal action against any media organisation which carried a cartoon depicting Mohammed - claiming that


Mihir S Sharma: For an India of blasphemers

Business Standard 10 January 2015
By Mihir S Sharma

Instead of repealing Section 295A of the IPC, which criminalises speech that offends the religious, India intends to further criminalise offence against religion


Muslim Cleric’s Visit to Jerusalem Exposes Rift Between Qatar, Moderate Arab States

The Tower 10 January 2015

On Monday, the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Iyad Madani, paid a rare visit to Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque, announcing what he termed an


Video: Cartoons of Muhammad in charlie hebdo

youtube 8 January 2015


Charlie Hebdo: Martyrs for the Truth

Modern Tokyo Times 8 January 2015
By Abigail R. Esman

With the massacre of Charlie Hebdo magazine’s editors and cartoonists in Paris by Islamic gunmen early Wednesday afternoon, the forces of radical Islam lay the gauntlet down:


Radical Islamic Cleric Defends Paris Shootings

dailycaller. 8 January 2015
By Chuck Ross

A radical cleric known for his support of Shariah law and for championing the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria issued a series of tweets Wednesday defending a terrorist attack


We must stop blaming ourselves for the atrocities of Islamic terrorists

Independent 8 January 2015
By Padraig Reidy

We'd forgotten about 'Charlie Hebdo'. In 2011, the satirical magazine, firmly rooted in the anti-clericalism of the French left, was firebombed after it published an edition


Police hunt brothers after Paris attack, third man hands himself in

aol. 8 January 2015

The youngest of three French nationals being sought by police for a suspected Islamist militant attack that killed 12 people at a satirical magazine on Wednesday turned

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