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Muslims Protest Downing Street, Warning Britain Not to Insult Mohammed

Breitbart 9 February 2015
By Andre Walker

Ten thousand Muslims are protesting outside Downing Street and the Ministry of Defence against the publication of cartoons depicting Mohammed. The cartoons – which led to the


Anti-Islam PEGIDA rally in Austria dwarfed by counter-demo

i24 news 9 February 2015

Police say no raised-arm Hitler salutes or 'Sieg Heil' chants during protest The first protest in the Austrian city of Linz by Germany's "anti-Islamization" movement PEGIDA


Does the barbarism of Islamic fanatics have a logic?

The Mercury Columns 9 February 2015
By Charles Krauthammer

Why did they do it? What did the Islamic State think it could possibly gain by burning alive a captured Jordanian pilot? I wouldn’t underestimate the absence of logic, the


Muslim persecution of Christians: A 1,400 year tradition

The Commentator 9 February 2015
By Raymond Ibrahim

The one glaring fact concerning the persecution of approximately 100 million Christians around the world today is that the overwhelming majority of it is being committed by Muslims of all races, nationalities, languages, and socio-political circumstances. Muslims from among America’s allies (Saudi Arabia)


Swedish Media Lie to protect Somali Muslim gang-rapists

Bare Naked Islam 9 February 2015

Ostentatious headlines in Aftonbladet, Expressen and other media declared that ”six Swedes,” later ”eight Swedes” had been arrested for a rough gang rape on a Finland ferry. Nya Tider is now the first newspaper to reveal that not even the white lie that the arrested Somalis are ”Swedish citizens” is right


Running Out of Ways to Defend Islam

Citizen Warrior 9 February 2015

Damon Whitsell sent me the following article the other day. It is written by Allen Clifton, co-founder of Forward Progressives, and author of the popular Right Off A Cliff column. He is also the founder of the Right Off A Cliff facebook page, on which he routinely voices his opinions and stirs the pot for the


Inside the World of Muslim Rape Gangs — on The Glazov Gang

Frontpage Mag 9 February 2015

A Sky News investigation has recently confirmed that hundreds of more Muslim rape gang cases have been discovered in the UK, while British authorities continue to do nothing in


Prince Charles tells UK Muslims to abide by our value

The Daily Mail 9 February 2015
By Simon Walters and Glen Owen

Prince Charles risked provoking a new political and religious storm yesterday when he said Muslims living in the UK should follow British values. In a staunch defence of


School alerts police after terrorist posts on Facebook

Swiss News 9 February 2015

A vocational school in Aalst has alerted the police to the Facebook pages of two of its pupils after the pupils poured praise on the terrorist outfit Islamic State. The school says that


A wake-up call on Islamist terrorism

Israel Hayom 9 February 2015
By Zalman Shoval

British intelligence agency heads generally refrain from making public statements to outside sources, contrast to their Israeli counterparts, and even more so they do not spit


Rotherham: Where Some Cultures Are More Equal Than Others

Breitbart 9 February 2015
By James Delingpole

Did you hear about the gangs of white taxi drivers in the market towns of Southern England who over a period of decades have been grooming, drugging and serially raping


First anti-Islam Pegida rally set for Sweden

The Local 9 February 2015

As anti-Islam movement Pegida that has made headways in Germany prepares to hold its first public meeting in Sweden, a Malmö vicar has told The Local why he believes it is


Islamist Fan-Boys

American Thinker 9 February 2015
By Jonathan Keiler

ISIS’s immolation of a captured Jordanian fighter pilot renewed international disgust with the group’s tactics. Lost in much of the hyperbole over the shocking killing,


Mosque in French Town Torn over Support for ISIS

The Daily Mail 9 February 2015
By Jay Akbar

At least 17 men from a small town in southern France have reportedly joined Al-Qaeda or Islamic State to fight in Syria. Three of the men from Lunel, which has a population of


Obama's Fanaticism

American Thinker 9 February 2015
By Eileen F. Toplansky

When Obama burst upon the scene, prescient souls saw through the mask and asserted that, like all alleged utopian dreams, his would only result in inequalities and injustices.


Poll: Half of Danes Want to Limit Denmark's Muslim Population

Breitbart 9 February 2015
By Awr Hawkins

A poll conducted by YouGov shows that 50 percent of Danes want to limit the number of Muslims who are allowed to live in Denmark. According to, the poll showed


More On "No-Go Zones": Displacing What Is Disagreeable

The Gatestone Institute 9 February 2015
By Douglas Murray

Amid all the giggling and the Twitter hashtags, something dark is going on in France and Britain. None of these areas is a place where non-Muslims are "forbidden" to go. But


Austria Threatens to Close Saudi-Backed Interfaith Dialogue Center

The Gatestone Institute 9 February 2015
By Soeren Kern

Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann has expressed public outrage over the refusal of the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural


British Muslims protest Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cartoons

Swiss News 9 February 2015

Thousands of British Muslims protested against cartoons of Mohammed in French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, in a demonstration near the office of Prime Minister David

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