Pakistani Christians celebrate Easter quietly: "If we celebrate it with a fanfare, we fear somebody might get annoyed and attack

Jihad Watch 26 April 2011

Dhimmis -- primarily Jews and Christians under the "protection" of the Islamic state -- are "forbidden to...recite the Torah or Evangel aloud, or make public display of their funerals and feastdays"


Documents in Armenia’s Archives Prove Genocide

YEREVAN —Reliable documents indicating the Armenian Genocide took place during the Ottoman Empire in 1915 are preserved in the Armenian National Archive, the director of the archives,


Villaraigosa Issues Statement on Armenian Genocide Anniversay

LOS ANGELES—Mayor Antonio Villaragiosa on Wednesday issued the following statement in response to the 96th anniversary of the beginning of the Armenian Genocide. "Today, Angelenos stand in


Prophet of Doom Chapter 9: Demented Deity

ProphetofDoom.net 20 April 2011
By Craig Winn
Also available as PDF and MP3 Audio.

Having survived the deluge of hate unleashed in the last chapter, let's dive back into the Qur'an. After all, Islam has seduced a billion souls; there must be something godly somewhere. Qur'an 68:1 "I call to witness the Pen and what it writes. [The Islamic god just asked an inanimate object to bolster his credibility by witnessing on his behalf.] You are not a demented madman or possessed." With all the evidence to the contrary, Muhammad found a spirit who didn't think he was crazy.


Arab Theologians on Jews and Israel

Gates of Vienna 20 April 2011

David Littman’s work has been featured here in the past, particularly his heroic efforts to divert the anti-Israel juggernaut at the United Nations and expose the world’s real human-rights abusers.


Making sense of Norwegian anti-Semitism

Jerusalem Post  20 April 2011

BERLIN – In an eye-opening interview, Bruce Bawer, an American literary critic, writer and poet and a sharp critic of European anti-Semitism and radical Islam, who lives in Norway, talks to The


Documents about Armenian Genocide to appear on Internet by 2015

YEREVAN. – Reliable documents indicating the Armenian Genocide took place in the Ottoman Empire in 1915 are preserved in the Armenian National Archive, archive’s director Amatuni Virabyan told the


The Assyrian Genocide: a Product of Ottoman Jihad

AINA (press release) 19 April 2011
By Sabri Atman

Ed. Note: The following poignant lecture-article has been edited with correction of basic English syntax and spelling, but not to polish or remove its heartfelt cry and only partially to remove its


Sufi Abdul Hamid, the Black Hitler of Harlem

Canada Free Press 15 April 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

The Black Hitler was a Chicago community organizer who moved to New York. Somewhere along the way he picked up a gold lined cape, a purple turban and a stepladder which he used to give speeches


Sweden Lags on Turkey Genocide Recognition

AINA (press release) 13 April 2011
By Rebecca Martin

Despite a request from the Riksdag last year, the Swedish government still hasn't recognized the genocide of Armenians and other ethnic groups in WWI. "It is the way the


Ex-KKK leader featured on Muslim group's website

National Post 11 April 2011
By Stewart Bell

A Canadian Muslim group is making no apologies for its Internet site, which features a video address by former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. In the 12-minute video on the Canadian


Video: EDL Media Watch Project Challenges The Mainstream Media Misinformation Campaign

Liberties Alliance 11 April 2011

When the EDL is mentioned by mainstream politicians and the establishment media it invariably finds itself the victim of a campaign of demonization and misinformation. Labels such


EDL Anti Nazi Message – ‘No Sharia, No Nazis, No Islamonazis’

Liberties Alliance 11 April 2011

The following is from the website of the English Defence League (EDL): The English Defence League (EDL) is a human rights organisation concerned about how non-Muslims are


The Nazi-Inspired Jew-Hate of the Muslim Brotherhood

FrontPage Magazine 8 April 2011
By Seth Mandel

The revolutions in the Arab world that began earlier this year were noticeably low on anti-Jewish propaganda, leading many scholars to express the hope that the West had less to lose from the


The Real Meaning of the Murders in Israel

Hudson New York  7 April 2011
By Guy Milliere

While so many tragedies and disruptions have fallen on Japan and the Middle East in recent weeks, a singular event went almost unnoticed: the extermination of a Jewish family in Itamar,


Video: Tommy Robinson Speaks Candidly About Events At The Blackburn Demo And Reiterates The EDL’s Anti Nazi Stance

Liberties Alliance 6 April 2011

Tommy speaks candidly and with great humility about the disruption that took place at the Blackburn demonstration on 2 April 2011. He goes on the reiterate and underline the EDL’s anti-Nazi stance.


Every Day Experiences in Germany

pi-news 5 April 2011

While the German press attempts to swing non-acting passers into focus in a Berlin subway attack, as if to lay the blame more on them than on the perpetrators, and the perps themselves played the


Holocaust Center hosts Armenian genocide exhibit

The Holocaust Memorial Center in Oakland County will host an art exhibit focusing on the Armenian genocide. "Barsamian: 20 years-Searching for the Answer" opens today at the memorial center's


German police take two people displaying Israeli flag into custody

vladtepesblog 1 April 2011

From Elder of Ziyon blog: A German blog reports (translation paraphrased): Once again it has happened. At a demonstration in front of the Berlin Hauptbahnhof on 27 March 2011,


Three Genocides, One Strategy

Gates of Vienna 30 March 2011

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about an commemoration of the Greek Genocide which will be held next month in New York. My post prompted an email from a representative of

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