Guardian Newspaper Afraid Of The Truth

ICLA 20 August 2010

An extremely biased article entitled The EDL demonstration can’t be stopped? Rubbish was recently published by the Guardian Newspaper in the United Kingdom. It appears that this newspaper is more of a propaganda organ of the ruling elite and its approved version of event than it is of genuine journalism, and informing the public of current events in a balanced way.


Mega Mosque Plans Target America's Heartland

The proposed mega-mosque at Ground Zero has sparked outrage among many Americans. But far from the bright lights of Manhattan, there is another mosque firestorm brewing.


A Comparison Table of Shari’ah Law and English Law

Christian Concern For Our Nation 19 August 2010

A Comparison Table of Shari’ah Law and English Lawprepared by Sam Solomon and Kathryn Wakeling of CCFON for the Debate on 4th June 2009 Regarding the Oral Question Posed by The Rt. Hon. the Lord M. Pearson of Rannoch.

Complete report in PDF format here.


A Palestinian people, yes, a Jewish people, no?

Haaretz 13 August 2010
By Shlomo Avineri

Just as Jews are not the ones who will determine whether the Palestinians are a people or not, Salman Masalha cannot determine whether the Jews are a people or not. It is a question of self-determination.


Hamas' ideological and strategic alternative to the PA

Hamas leader Khaled Mash’al has recently presented Hamas' ideological and strategic alternative to the PA’s approach towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He slammed the PLO leadership, denied


Shariah is incompatible with liberty

The Washington Times 12 August 2010
By Frank J. Gaffney Jr

Suddenly, it seems, everyone is talking about Shariah. In particular, growing controversies over proposed mosques at ground zero and other sites are becoming powerful "teaching moments" - raising


Foreign bloggers get crash course on all things Israel

Jerusalem Post 12 August 2010

After blogging their way through a meeting with Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, a wine festival, the intricate web of the Old City’s holy sites, Masada, the nightlife of Tel Aviv and more, a hand-picked


Fjordman: On the Illusion of a Moderate Islam

Gates of Vienna 11 August 2010
By Baron Bodissey

Fjordman’s latest essay has been published at Jihad Watch. Some excerpts are below:

All things considered, empirical evidence from different continents strongly suggests a common pattern wherein Muslims create repression where they constitute the majority and violent unrest where they constitute the minority. This happens regardless of the ethnic and racial composition of the local population. The only common factor is Islam and the violent supremacist teachings contained in the central texts of this religion. As long as these texts remain unchanged and in force, so will Muslim violence against non-Muslims everywhere.


British Muslims urged to boycott Israeli dates during Ramadan

The Guardian 4 August 2010
By Haroon Siddique

British Muslims are being urged to boycott Israeli dates when breaking their fast during Ramadan in protest at the continued occupation of the Palestinian territories. Campaign organisers Friends


Australian Jews warn of radical anti-Israel group

Jewish groups are expressing concern about a radical Islamic group banned in America that has held two recent conferences in Australia. Hizb ut-Tahrir, a global movement that promotes a single


Circumcised Girls Have Less Marriage Chance in Kurdistan

Rudaw 3 August 2010

Muhammed Hassan, 22, is a single man who says one of the qualifications that his girlfriend has to have is that she has to have escaped circumcision, or female genital mutilation (FGM), a phenomenon


Video: Newt Gingrich speaks on Islam and the dangers we face

Vlad Tepes Blog 30 July 2010

Newt Gingrich, for the first time, speaks extensively about the dangers we face from Islam, Sharia law, terrorism, the political correctness that disguises our challenges as 'diversity', and the right to state the truth, as in "2 + 2 = 4". Please do watch this superb video of Newt G. Really, it is worth your time.


• Open letter to PM David Cameron regarding Turkey

EuropeNews 28 July 2010
By Nicolai Sennels

Dear Prime Minister David Cameron,

You say you want Turkey to be member of EU. I personally think that you just want the rest of Europe to have the same problems with Muslims as you do. But that is my personal guess - here are the hard facts:

Video clip of Cameron endorsing Turkish EU membership. Visiting YouTube to see readers' comments is encouraged.


Muslim cleric: "Hitler was right to...do what he did to the Jews"

Jihad Watch 29 July 2010

Mind you, Hussam Fawzi Jabar is an Islamic cleric. He has devoted his life to studying the Qur'an and Sunnah

And he doesn't seem to have come across anything in that extensive study to make him reconsider his vile and genocidal anti-Semitism. Yet the myth persists that Islamic anti-Semitism is an import from Christianity or Nazism or both, and that Islam in its pure form is tolerant and friendly to Jews. Journalist Lawrence Wright writes in this vein


Feeling of Approaching Disaster Growing Among Jews

In an op-ed Chairman of the Liberal Jewish Community, Ron van der Wieken and his wife Rosa, a former member of the Amsterdam municipal council, state that the feeling of insecurity and approaching


Palestinians boycotting Israel boycot Palestinians

WalidShoebat.com 28 July 2010
By Walid Shoebat

Admitting error is rare when Anti-Israel media writes in English, but perusing the Arabic yields treasures beyond your wildest imagination, even confessions on how screwed up this anti-Israel campaign is that is being perpetrated against Israel to boycott anything made by that state.


Denmark: More on Muslim antisemitism

Islam in Europe 28 July 2010

This past weekend Jyllands-Posten published an article about Jew-hatred in the Muslim community in Denmark. In response (BT), Pia Kjærsgaard, head of the Danish People's Party, demands that this


British PM Cameron: Gaza must not remain a prison camp

Haaretz 27 July 2010
By Danna Harman

British prime minister David Cameron, who has often described himself as a "friend of Israel," harshly criticized Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, telling a group of Turkish


Video: Sam Solomon & Michael Horton - Christianity Confronts Islam

Kitman TV 26 July 2010

A more than fantastic job here from Solomon & Horton. The most important islamic doctrines analysed by two experts - in 8 videos:


Whining Pro-Sharia Muslim Threatens to Sue Me

Logans Warning 25 July 2010

Apparently the leader of the UK based Muslim Defence League is bit sensitive. It is OK when him and his crew post on their Facebook page about how much they hate Israel, and how the UK will fall to Sharia. But when a non-Muslim brings this to light like I did on this site, “MDL” gets his panties all twisted.

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