President Gül warns of rising racism, discrimination in Europe

Today's Zaman 26 January 2011

Turkish President Abdullah Gül has warned about the growing pessimism in Europe that he said was reshaping the continent's political life on the back of increasing


Armenian Genocide out of the question, Turkish leader says

In his Jan 25 speech at the CE Parliamentary Assembly Jan, Turkish President Abdullah Gul denied the Armenian Genocide once again. Responding to a delegate`s question about the


Turkey urges Canada not to adopt new 'genocide' resolution

Hurriyet Daily News  26 January 2011

Parliament Speaker Mehmet Ali ªahin has urged Canada to change its policies recognizing Armenian genocide claims, requesting that the country’s Parliament not adopt more resolutions


Video: Hamas imam "Please, Allah, kill all the Jews"

Jihad Watch 26 January 2011

But a Palestinian State will clear this right up, pronto. "Hamas imam: 'Please, Allah, kill all the Jews,'" from Elder of Ziyon, January 25 (thanks to Sr. Soph): Richard Millett watched a new


Term 'Genocide' cost Dink his life

PanARMENIAN.Net 26 January 2011

A memorial service commemorating the fourth anniversary of Hrank Dink's assassination will be held on Sunday, January 23, 2011 at St Mary Armenian Apostolic Church in Toronto, reported


Video: New Stakelbeck on Terror Show: The Arab Muslim/Nazi Alliance in the Holocaust

Christian Broadcasting Network 26 January 2011
By Erick Stakelbeck

On this week's special edition of Stakelbeck on Terror, I sit down with bestselling author and investigative journalist Edwin Black to discuss his groundbreaking new book, The Farhud.


German distributor postpones release of "anti-Israeli" movie

Monsters and Critics.com 26 January 2011

Berlin - A German cinema distributor cancelled this week's premiere of a new Turkish film, Valley of the Wolves - Palestine, saying Tuesday it needed time to review a movie rating ruling. The


Uproar in Germany over Anti-Israeli, Anti-Semitic Turkish Film Due for Release on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

MEMRI 25 January 2011

An uproar has erupted in Germany over the upcoming launching of the Turkish film "Valley of the Wolves: Palestine," about Turkish commando team which goes to Israel to track down the


Watchdog Slams UN, EU's Human Rights 'Cowardice'

Common Dreams 25 January 2011

BRUSSELS - The UN and EU were accused of "cowardice" for claiming to tackle human rights abuses in places like China or Uzbekistan through quiet dialogue and cooperation,


A 'Containment' Policy for Islamist Expansionism

Family Security Matters 21 January 2011
By Eric R. Staal

President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address stands as one of the most definitive speeches in 20th century US foreign policy. In unequivocal terms directed at inspiring international resistance


1915 and the unsolved Hrant Dink murder

Armenia Diaspora 21 January 2011
By Orhan Kemal Cengiz

When big crimes are committed in a country a new order is also established. Either you confront this crime or it will affect everything you do. After 1915, a new order was established in Turkey.


Erdogan should apologize for calling monument to Armenia-Turkey friendship "monstrous”, Turkish intellectuals say

A group of intellectuals and art critics held a protest action in Izmir, criticizing Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for calling the monument to Armenian-Turkish friendship "monstrous”. (...)


Ken Livingstone refuses to stop working for Iranian dictatorship

Telegraph.co.uk 21 January 2011
By Andrew Gilligan

A hilarious defence today of Ken Livingstone’s decision to take thousands of pounds from the Iranian dictatorship to present a show on its official propaganda channel, Press TV, which has been


Supreme Court declines to hear Armenian Genocide censorship case

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly 21 January 2011
By Christina Pazzanese

The U.S. Supreme Court has denied certiorari in the First Amendment case of Griswold, et al. v. Driscoll. The plaintiffs were appealing a decision by the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last


Mothers barred from women and children's group because of Britishness

telegraph.co.uk 20 January 2011
By Andy Bloxham

Emma Knightley, 25, and Kimberley Wildman, 27, went to the group because it was free, while the other groups in the area charged L2. However, when the organisers learned they were British they


London university to host imam who called Jews 'enemy'

By Robyn Rosen

Queen Mary University’s Islamic Society is to host controversial speaker Abu Usamah, who has called Jewish people the "enemy”. Abu Usamah, who is an Imam at Green Lane Masjid in


Jews Must Flee Holland in 2011

Arutz Sheva  18 January 2011
By Giulio Meotti

Jews will flee the multicultural Netherlands before it is too late, says Meotti.. As author Manfred Gerstenfeld, said: "Antisemitism is a perfect prism to understand the failure of Dutch


Non-recognition of Armenian genocide to bring another one, says Armenian president

Focus News 18 January 2011

Yerevan. Recognition and condemnation of the Armenian genocide is important, so as to avoid another genocide in the future, said Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan, RIA Novosti


Gothenburg man arrested for Oslo Islamist attack

The Local 17 January 2011

Swedish police have arrested a Gothenburg man as a suspect in the attempted murder of the founder of a radical Iraqi Kurdish Islamist group in Oslo, authorities announced on Friday."A man in his 20s


Hamas leader: Holocaust a 'lie'

Jewish Tribune 13 January 2011

A top Hamas leader called the Holocaust a "lie.” "The lie according to which they were a victim of a holocaust and the (Jewish) people are a victim – this lie has crumbled with the holocaust of

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