Islamic State cartoon shows Obama beheaded by Jihadi John

Jihad Watch 14 April 2015
By Robert Spencer

They don’t know who their friends are. Obama talks tough rhetoric against the Islamic State, but he forecloses on honest discussion of its ideology, motives and goals — which only


The halal racket makes our taxpayer funded abc educators work overtime

Winds of Jihad 14 April 2015

Imagine Western politicians in the 1930s and 40s saying we should ease up on criticising the Nazis, and not make things hard on our economy by not doing business with them.


Taliban fighters kill 18 Afghan soldiers, beheading eight

BBC News 14 April 2015

At least 18 Afghan soldiers have been killed - eight of them beheaded - by Taliban fighters in a major attack in north-east Afghanistan, officials say. About 12 soldiers are missing after


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute postpones ‘American Sniper’ showing after Muslim outcry

The Washington Times 14 April 2015
By Jessica Chasmar

A private research university just north of Albany, New York, has postponed its scheduled showing of “American Sniper” to provide for further discussion following protests from the


All-Female Jihadi Brigade Releases Training Video

The Clarion Project 14 April 2015

A video has emerged from Syria of an all-female jihadi brigade training with AK-47 rifles. In the video the women, dressed in black niqabs (face veils) train for war. The women march, shout


Boy Set on Fire for Being Christian in Pakistan

Raymond Ibrahim 14 April 2015
By Raymond Ibrahim

On April 10, two young Muslims in Lahore assaulted and set fire to a 14-year-old boy after they discovered he was Christian. They were on their way to mosque for Friday


Muslim from Jamaica detained in Suriname, was trying to join Islamic State

Jihad Watch 14 April 2015
By Robert Spencer

Muslims from all over the world are trying to join the Islamic State. Many are succeeding. Yet our non-Muslim leaders unanimously assure us that it has nothing to do with Islam.


Ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali Proposes 5 Changes to Islam That Could Help Lead Its Religious Reformation

The Christian Post 13 April 2015
By Samuel Smith

In speaking at the National Press Club on Tuesday, best-selling author, former Muslim and outspoken critic of Islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, offered five amendments to the religion of Islam that Muslims should take seriously if they really want to bring about a peaceful reformation to their religion.


Nuclear Iran's "Spillover Effects"

Gatestone Institute 13 April 2015
By Vijeta Uniyal

As President Obama tries to sell the world his mysterious nuclear "framework agreement," India's defense establishment is just not buying it. The U.S. and Western commentators might


Thai authorities detain man, tighten security, after Samui blast

Daily Mail 13 April 2015

Thailand's military has detained a man for questioning after the car bomb attack which wounded seven people on the resort island of Samui as security was tightened there, police said


Seven hurt as car bomb hits Thai tourist island of Samui

Yahoo 7 13 April 2015

A car bomb on the Thai resort island of Samui has wounded seven people, including an Italian girl, police said Saturday, in a further blow to the country's tarnished reputation as a top


Young Girl Pregnant After Being Raped By ISIS Terrorists

Women Against Shariah 13 April 2015

Hundreds of Yazidi women and children who were taken hostage by the brutal regime were released this week after more than eight months in captivity. But volunteers in huge


Hillary once said to lift sanctions only after Iran stops sponsoring terror

Elder of Ziyon 13 April 2015

It wasn't only Obama who has flip-flopped on his red lines on lifting sanctions on Iran. Here's Hillary Clinton writing in 2007:
As a result, we have lost precious time. Iran must conform to


Man Lights Firecrackers And Yells ‘Allah Akbar’ Outside Passaic Shul On Last Day Of Yom Tov

Yeshiva World News 13 April 2015

A 21-year-old Clifton man is accused of throwing lit firecrackers outside a synagogue and yelling “Allah Akbar” before fleeing in a car Saturday night. Rizek Musheisen is charged with bias


Sultans of bling: Gem-encrusted wedding for Brunei prince 13 April 2015
By Colin Freeman

Brunei's Prince Abdul Malik, 31, exchanged vows with Dayangku Raabi’atul 'Adawiyyah Pengiran Haji Bolkiah, 22, in a lavish celebration in which both bride and groom wear gold


British Islamists Respond to Theresa May: Go to Hell; We'll Be Happy If They Deport Us to Syria

youtube 11 April 2015

British Islamists Anjem Choudary, Abu Izzadeen, and Abu Baraa held a press conference on March 23, 2015, following British Home Secretary Theresa May's speech, in which she


Video: Bill Warner "Intolerance is a Virtue"

Center for the Study of Political Islam 11 April 2015
By Bill Warner

Tolerance is a virtue and intolerance is hate, or so we are told. This ideology has led to the toleration of evil. After all, who wants to be a hater? Those who condemn the


'Islamic State' Spain arrests 11 in 'Islamic State'-linked raid

Deutsche Welle 11 April 2015

Spanish police have detained several people under suspicion of belonging to an Islamist cell, which had intended to launch attacks in Catalonia. The cell is "openly linked" to

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