Report: Entire Class of Girls in Sweden Found to Have Undergone Genital Mutilation

National Review Online 27 June 2014
By Ian Tuttle

From Sweden, a gruesome report: Some 60 cases of genital mutilation have been discovered in Norrköping in eastern Sweden since March with all 30 girls in one school


Video: The hijab as a weapon of Islamization in Iran

Jihad Watch 27 June 2014
By Robert Spencer

Don’t miss this riveting film. From Iranwire Videos, June 13, 2014 (thanks to WTD): I worked in Iran for many years as a photojournalist and documentary photographer.


Third Briton in Isis video has links to Leicester

ITV News 27 June 2014

A third British jihadi who appeared in an Isis propaganda video was known as Raqib, is 20 years old has links to Leicester, ITV News has learned.Two other Brits in the video


"Islam for Youth” Conference Planned in Berlin 27 June 2014

According to IQNA’s branch in Europe, the Senate Department for Labour, Integration and Women’s Affairs of Berlin will cooperate in the organization of the


Mega-Mosque Seen as First Step to Sharia Enclave in East London

Clarion Project 27 June 2014
By Soeren Kern

A radical Islamic group is one step closer to building one of the world's largest mosques in London after a central Muslim opponent of the controversial mega-mosque was


Young, Successful Brits Joining ISIS Jihad in Syria

Clarion Project 27 June 2014

Reyaad Khan once dreamed of becoming the UK’s first Asian prime minister. Nasser Muthana was a star medical student who was accepted to four universities to study medicine.


Convert British music star Ashley Anthony advises Muslim youths to uphold Islamic values, shun sectarianism

Pakistan Observer 27 June 2014
By Amanullah Khan

Karachi—The dire consequences of the absence of Islam as the governing system of today’s society are manifesting themselves in all aspects of our lives, this was stated by the


British Jihadist Was Prayer Caller At Mosque

Sky News 27 June 2014
By James Matthews

A third jihadist featured in a recruitment video released by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has been identified as a prayer caller at a city mosque in


'Honour killings' speech prompts boycott of Festival of Dangerous Ideas

Sydney Morning Herald 27 June 2014
By Michael Koziol

A speaker at the upcoming Festival of Dangerous Ideas will seek to defend so-called honour killings - the murder of women deemed to have brought shame or dishonour on their


Persecution of Hindus in Pakistan

Cherson and Molschky 27 June 2014
By Paul Wilkinson

Post-British India could have been, or at least attempted to be, an equal and united country shared by followers of all religions, caste or creed. Unfortunately, following the


Video: Los Angeles Celebrates ‘Muslim American Heritage Month’ 27 June 2014
By Brenda Walker

The crazy-left members of the LA City Council recently added M uslims to the growing list of diverse tribes demanding more positive attention from the mainstream. One of the


Khartoum - A Sudanese Christian who gave birth in prison after being sentenced to hang for apostasy was freed...

Yahoo!7 27 June 2014

Official media confirmed that an appeal court annulled the earlier verdict against Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag, 26. Her case sparked an outcry from Western governments and


Famous Barcelona bullring may be converted into Europe’s biggest mosque

RT 25 June 2014

The Emir of Qatar has reportedly agreed to roll out €2.2 billion ($2.99 bn) to convert Barcelona's Monumental bullring into a 40,000-capacity mosque, the biggest in Europe, by


Politicians blast Islamic Councils anti-gay comments

The Copengahen Post 25 June 2014

Mohamed Al Maimouni, a spokesperson for the Danish Islamic Council – which is behind the construction of Denmark’s new grand mosque set to open tomorrow – is in hot water after


Islam’s Long History of Intolerance and Violence

Canada Free Press 25 June 2014
By Alan Caruba

I keep wondering why, here in the United States where three thousand died in a 2001 attack on the Twin Towers by terrorists affiliated with al Qaeda, we continue to be told that we must exercise sensitivity and tolerance for a "religion”, Islam, that worldwide is perpetrating not just violence, but a concerted attack on morality in general and Western civilization in particular.


Banned cleric preached at mosque where jihadi brothers worshipped 25 June 2014
By Keith Perry

A Saudi cleric banned from Switzerland for his extremist views, preached at a British mosque accused of radicalising three young Britons fighting in Syria. Mohammed


The Inconvenient truth about Islamic immigration

The Commentator 25 June 2014
By Vincent Cooper

With a rapidly growing Muslim population, how will governments in forty or fifty years defend our freedoms? As for "British Values", will Islamic values not then be British values too?


The new dark ages: The chilling medieval society Isis extremists seek to impose in Iraq

Daily Express 25 June 2014
By Adrian Lee

LIMBS cut off for minor offences, opponents made to dig their own graves, singing and music strictly forbidden - a chilling vision of the medieval society Isis extremists today


Britain will face costs of Islamic extremism for 'many years', says Cressida Dick 25 June 2014

Britain will feel the repercussions of Syria and the rise of Islamic extremism within its own borders for "many years" to come, a top counter-terrorism expert has


French Muslim leaders start drive to combat violent extremism

RFI 25 June 2014

An group of muslim religious leaders in south eastern France met in Avignon on Wednesday to discuss ways of stopping young people from turning towards violent extremism. The

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