Europe to host conference on halal tourism 6 July 2014
By Devina Divecha

Europe is hosting the first-ever international conference on halal tourism, The Halal Tourism Conference, which will bring together the global travel industry to discuss ways


Rome will be conquered next, says leader of ‘Islamic State’

Atlas Shrugs 6 July 2014
By Pamela Geller

But it’s the Islamophobes — they’re the problem. Baghdadi, who holds a PhD in Islamic studies, vowed to take Rome. He has a PhD? I am sure Harvard has a tenured position for


The Caliphate Restored

FrontPage Magazine 6 July 2014
By Robert Spencer

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has declared itself a caliphate, renamed The Islamic State, and named its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the caliph, and demanded


‘Jihad cool’: an Islamist version of Occupy

spiked 6 July 2014
By Frank Furedi

Throughout the West, we are hearing stories about young Muslims who turn from party animals focused on having a good time into zealous holy warriors off on a mission to turn


Europe Takes One More Step Toward Eliminating the Burqa

Breitbart 6 July 2014
By Dr. Phyllis Chesler

On July 1, 2014, the European Court of Human Rights upheld the 2010 French burqa ban, a religion-neutral piece of legislation which eliminates face masks. By a "majority” vote


British teen fighting in Syria claims 'Jihad is obligatory' as Isis call on all Muslims

Daily Express 6 July 2014
By Sarah Ann Harris

Aseel Muthana left his home in Cardiff to travel to Syria and is now believed to be fighting with the extremist Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isis). The 17-year-old


IBB launches Sharia-compliant auto enrolment scheme

Financial Reporter 6 July 2014

Islamic Bank of Britain today announced that it has accredited a new fully Sharia compliant auto-enrolment Pension Scheme: the Islamic Pension Trust. The Islamic Pension


Iraq and the Freedom Deficit in Islam

AINA (press release) 6 July 2014
By Joseph Loconte

The startling success of Islamist extremists in seizing major cities in Iraq and threatening the government in Baghdad has many causes, but none more important than this: the


Man arrested in Norway imam attack case

World Bulletin 6 July 2014

A man has been arrested in connection with the attempted murder of Imam Nehmat Ali Shah outside a mosque in Oslo last month, which led to a investigation after the incidentt


Erdog(an stands for Presidency, invokes Allah

EurActiv 6 July 2014

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared his candidacy today for a more powerful presidency which rivals fear may entrench authoritarian rule and supporters,


Syrian Jihadists Pledge to Retake Spain

AINA (press release) 5 July 2014
By Gianluca Mezzofiore

Syria-based Jihadists have vowed to retake Spain - "the land of our ancestors" - in a video shot in Castilian Spanish that emerged on YouTube from a Syrian pro-government


Human rights court upholds French law banning full-face Islamic veil

TrustLaw 5 July 2014

The European Court of Human Rights upholds France's ban on wearing full-face Islamic veils in public. Tuesday's ruling dismisses a case brought by a French woman against the


American nurse who was arrested for trying to join ISIS set her Facebook profile to 'slave of Allah'...

Daily Mail 5 July 2014
By Snejana Farberov and Daniel Bates

A 19-year-old Denver woman has been arrested on terrorism charges for allegedly plotting to travel to Syria and join an Islamist extremist she had met online and was planning


Force or Choice? American Muslim Marriages

Huffington Post 5 July 2014
By Engy Abdelkader

Last week Amina Ajmal took the witness stand against her father, Mohamed Ajmal Choudhary, in a New York courtroom. Choudhary is charged with arranging the killings of a young


Negri Sembilan Islamic department crashes wedding for transgender hunt

The Malai Mail Online 5 July 2014
By Zurairi AR

KUALA LUMPUR, The Negri Sembilan religious authorities raided a Malay wedding in Bahau, Jempol, on Sunday and detained 17 transgender women for violating a Shariah


As ISIS Threatens Europe, Dutch Cut Intelligence Funding

The Investigative Project on Terrorism 4 July 2014
By Abigail R. Esman

First, they warn the threat of terrorism has never been so dire. Then they cut the funds to fight it. This is what has happened in the Netherlands, where experts say


The Terrorists Are Among Us

Gatestone Institute 4 July 2014
By Geert Wilders

In several Western countries, the authorities are concerned about the security risk posed by young Muslim immigrants who went to Syria and Iraq to wage jihad and are now


Norway: Children as young as 6 enforce sharia

Atlas Shrugs 4 July 2014
By Pamela Geller

The Islamization of Western countries advances at dizzying speed. Stay on top of what’s really happening. Follow me on Twitter here. Like me on Facebook here. Norway


Video: Reading Is Islamophobic

Answering Muslims 4 July 2014
By David Wood

Some people complain about Islam because of the endless terrorist attacks they read about every day. Others complain about Islam because they read the Qur'an and Hadith and


Full Ahead, HMS Dhimmi!

American Thinker 4 July 2014
By Paul Weston

When there is so much Muslim-inspired carnage going on all around the world, we in the West have two rather different ways we deal with this disturbing information. The first

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