BBC Agreed to Censor Mention of Mohammed’s Murder of Poet

Frontpage Mag 20 February 2015
By Daniel Greenfield

This is remarkably creepy because it isn’t simply a refusal to show material that offends Muslims, but a post-fact deletion of it from a dialogue. That’s downright


Why are jihadis so obsessed with porn?

NY Post 20 February 2015
By Phyllis CheslerFebruary

Recently, London Mayor Boris Johnson described Jihadists as "porn driven losers” who have "low self-esteem and are unsuccessful with women.” He’s on to something important and


Muslim Immigration Poses Serious Natonal Security Threat

Investor's Business Daily 20 February 2015
By Paul Sperry

France, Belgium and now even liberal Denmark regret letting in so many immigrants from Muslim countries. Their swelling Islamic communities have become breeding grounds for


Obama's Crusade to Undermine the History of the Crusades

Breitbart 20 February 2015
By James Zumwalt

If he ever took leadership classes in college, President Obama’s performance in office clearly suggests he slept through them. But his recent statements concerning the Crusades


ISIS Jihadist gets to stay in Sweden (You won't believe your ears!)

youtube 20 February 2015
By Herr Piggelin

Terrorist fighting for ISIS goes back to Sweden and a normal life. He is planning on going back Syria and continue the holy war and the killings. The coward nation, Sweden, does nothing


Phillips Warns of 'Civilizational Battle' Between Islam and the West

Breitbart 20 February 2015
By Adelle Nazarian

In a visit to California this week, British journalist and author Melanie Phillips stated the very thing that leaders of the western world have refused to say, and have gone to


Political correctness blinds us from religious realities

Diamond Back Online 20 February 2015
By Caroline Carlson

In Wednesday’s edition of The Diamondback, a column by Charlie Bulman noted that "a conservative culture of offense-taking” can crowd out the realities of the past. For


Islamic Jihad and Western Faith

The Objective Standard 20 February 2015
By Craig Biddle

Islamic states and jihadists who attack and murder Westerners and other disbelievers are motivated to do so by their religion, Islam. Everyone paying attention knows this


Just Who Has to Adjust in the Name of Tolerance?

Algemeiner 20 February 2015

Brookings Institution Center for Middle East Policy Fellow Shadi Hamid recently criticized the West as "illiberal” for refusing to accept the fact that Muslims, both in the


Video: ‘We do not want veiled women in France,’ Sarkozy

Morocco World News 20 February 2015

In a lengthy interview on Europe 1 radio, during which he received questions from the public, Sarkozy, the head of centre-right opposition party UMP, was very aggressive on the


Brusthom Ziamani: Teenager guilty of plot to behead soldier

BBC News 20 February 2015

A teenager who was on his way to behead a British soldier with a 12in knife when he was arrested, has been found guilty of preparing a terrorist act. Brusthom Ziamani, 19,


A Europe without blasphemy is back in the middle ages

The Guardian 20 February 2015
By Flemming Rose

Just over a week ago, I was standing in front of my friend George Wolinski’s grave in the Montparnasse cemetery in south Paris, thinking about the time we spent together in


Fake Facebook Account Is Window on Belgian Jihadi Flight

Bloomberg 20 February 2015
By Gaspard Sebag and Caroline Alexander

Within weeks of setting up a Facebook Inc. account and posing as a would-be Belgian jihadi, Pieter Van Ostaeyen amassed more than 1,000 "friends.” The 38-year-old Arabic


Radical recruiters are finding Muslim youth in unlikely places

PRI 20 February 2015
By Joyce Hackel

A life of violent jihad doesn't appeal to many people. But that hasn't stopped recruiters for Islamic extremist groups from reaching out to lure Muslims from all sorts of


Video: School girls' opinion about sexual harassment in Egyptian streets

youtube 20 February 2015
By Dignity Without Borders

DWB visited a public girls' school in Cairo. Listen to the school girls speak their mindsets about sexual harassment in Egypt. Cairo, April 2014


Indian Muslim cleric calls Hindu deity Shiva the first prophet of Allah

A Muslim cleric in India has stirred up a controversy by referring to Hindu deity Shiva as the first of the many prophets of Allah. Mufti Mohammad Ilyas Qasmi, leader of


NYT: ISIS getting Arab Recruits who are Sexually Repressed

American Thinker 20 February 2015
By Pedro Gonzales

Life imitates art! Yesterday I wrote a piece describing how feminists were sexually attracted to Islamic radicals. A few hours later, the New York Times published a piece


Vandals set fire to Florida church, spray-paint ‘Allahu Akbar’

The Washington Times 20 February 2015
By Jessica Chasmar

A small fire was set to a Central Florida church and the Arabic phrase "Allahu Akbar” was spray-painted on one of its walls early Monday morning in what church members are


Abbas's Fatah Praises Japanese Terrorists

Israel National News 20 February 2015
By Ari Yashar

Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction has conducted terror attacks against Israel and praised terrorists for a very long time, but in a new twist


Female circumcision on the rise in Malaysia

The Express Tribune 20 February 2015

Female circumcision involves the surgical removal of all or part of a woman’s clitoris. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has classed this procedure as Female Genital

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