Women's rights

Rich Arab Muslims flock to refugee camps to buy little Syrian girls for sex and/or temporary marriage

Bare Naked Islam 11 May 2015

Arab men buy Syrian teen girls for marriage and sex, and according to Arab media most of the Syrian refugee girls are being sold to Saudi Arabia. The only thing we currently hear


Texas Muslima to sister: “I cannot wait until my dad puts a bullet between your eyes”

Jihad Watch 11 May 2015
By Robert Spencer

Muslims commit 91 percent of honor killings worldwide. A manual of Islamic law certified as a reliable guide to Sunni orthodoxy by Al-Azhar University, the most respected authority


Rape and Torture: Iran's Political Weapon

Gatestone Institute 11 May 2015
By Uzay Bulut

The rape and torture of Kurdish and dissidents in Iran -- both women and men -- is now widespread and systematic. Most recently, on May 4, Farinaz Khosrawani, 25, a Kurdish woman


Malaysia: Muslim leader forbids Mother’s Day, says it honors Virgin Mary

Jihad Watch 11 May 2015
By Robert Spencer

Now recirculating on social media is a video recorded in 2012 of Terengganu-based Ustaz Azhar Idrus calling on Muslims to disregard Mother’s Day and denouncing it as a Christian


Ayaan Hirsi Ali addresses Anti-Semitism on campus at the Boston premiere of Crossing the Line 2

youtube 8 May 2015
By Jerusalem U


Child Rape Victims Deemed Willing Prostitutes By South Yorkshire Police

Breitbart 8 May 2015
By Sarkis Zeronian

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Dr Alan Billings, admitted nothing was done about the "very entrenched” child sex


Are Islamic Honor Killings a Growing Threat in America?

Creeping Sharia 7 May 2015

With a Muslim family in Texas charged last week with the murders of a Christian Iranian activist and young man who they blame for converting their daughter to Christianity, some


3 women badly beaten up by religion of peace thug near luton

Kafir Crusaders 7 May 2015

Three women have been seriously assaulted in Dunstable. The incidents happened in West Street, near the junction with Kirby Road, Dunstable. PC Ashley Walker said: “The vicious


Another woman dies in Kashmir after setting herself ablaze to escape domestic abuse

IAMIN 7 May 2015
By Anees Zargar

Succumbing to almost 100 percent burn injuries, another domestic abuse victim was declared dead at Srinagar's Shri Maharaja Hari Singh (SMHS) hospital on Wednesday morning.


Finally: Nigeria Criminalizes Female Genital Mutilation

NAIJ.COM 7 May 2015

The Senate passed a law yesterday which is against prohibit female circumcision or genital mutilation, forceful ejection from home and harmful widowhood practices. The bill also prohibits


CCTV Images Of Rape Jihadist Who Assaulted Girl With Learning Difficulties

kafircrusaders 6 May 2015

Police in West Bromwich have issued a CCTV image of a man they would like to speak to after a sexual assault on a young woman with learning difficulties. cctv Police would


Labour stays silent over gender segregation at party rally

The Spectator 5 May 2015

With polling day less than a week away, it was a case of no rest for the wicked this weekend as politicians took part in some last minute campaigning. While Ed Miliband dreamt


Turkey: Young Kurdish singer imprisoned

Artsfreedom 5 May 2015

Al Jazeera has published a video by a Turkish-Kurdish filmmaker about the Kurdish singer Nûdem Durak. The singer’s future is uncertain, because the Turkish government allegedly


CCTV released after West Brom sexual assault

Kafir Crusaders 5 May 2015

Police in West Bromwich have issued a CCTV image of a man they would like to speak to after a sexual assault on a young woman with learning difficulties. The 19-year-old was


Australian Media: Islamic School Bans Girls from Running

An Islamic school in Victoria, Australia, is being investigated over concerns that its principal banned girls from taking part in the school's cross-country run. He reportedly believes running


Eleven Reasons to Reject Sharia Law in Any Form

Citizen Warrior 4 May 2015

The following list was posted at the Infidel Blogger's Alliance and has been attributed to Larry Houle. It is a countdown of the top eleven reasons to reject Shari'a. Shari'a


Heartstopping video shows the terrifying moment jealous boyfriend leapt over minicab office counter and stabbed love rival to de

Daily Mail 4 May 2015
By Gemma Mullin

This is the terrifying moment a jealous boyfriend jumped over the counter at a minicab office and stabbed his love rival to death while chanting verses from the Koran. Gulam


Yezidi women bought and sold by ISIS

Rudaw 4 May 2015
By Judit Neurink

Many of the Kurdish Yezidi women captured by the Islamic State, or ISIS, during its August attack on the Shingal Region have in the past nine months gone from spoils of war to

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