Women's rights

'Honour killing': Brothers kill mother, stepsisters in Lahore

Tribune 14 November 2014
By Hassan Naqvi

Two brothers in Lahore murdered their 50-year-old mother, Sughra, and two stepsisters Amna and Muqqadas, aged 16 and 18 respectively ‘in the name of honour’ early Tuesday


A study in barbarity: Tearful and terrified, young girls are lined up to undergo a tribal circumcision ceremony in Kenya

Daily Mail 14 November 2014
By Khaleda Rahman

These pictures show frightened girls lined up before villagers in Kenya to be circumcised - even though the brutal practice is now illegal in the country. But in many


'Honour killing': Brothers kill mother, stepsisters in Lahore

The Express Tribune 14 November 2014
By Hassan Naqvi

LAHORE: Two brothers in Lahore murdered their 50-year-old mother, Sughra, and two stepsisters Amna and Muqqadas, aged 16 and 18 respectively ‘in the name of honour’


FGM must be classed as child abuse - not seen as a race issue, says top police officer

Manchester Evening News 13 November 2014
By Amy Glendinning

Genital mutilation of girls in Greater Manchester must be treated as child abuse - not a cultural issue, a top police officer has warned. Det Chf Supt Vanessa Jardine, GMP’s


No need for Muslim primary teachers to wear full-face veil – Islamic scholar

Telegraph.co.uk 13 November 2014
By John Bingham

Muslim primary school teachers should not be encouraged to wear the full-face veil in class, one of Britain's leading Islamic scholars has insisted. Dr Sheikh Hojjat Ramzy


Love Jihad, Rape and Teen Sex: A Complicated Trio

The Huffington Post 13 November 2014
By Shahnaz Taplin-Chinoy

Read a heart rending story about vicious sex trafficking by Pakistani taxi drivers in Britain and many readers blame "primitive" religion -- in this case Islam. Watching Hindu


Pakistan’s Blasphemy Impasse

Wall Street Journal 13 November 2014
By Sadanand Dhume

Pakistan can’t solve its blasphemy law problem without finding a way to talk about blasphemy itself. Even for a nation inured to brutality


Burkas in Afghanistan make me glad to live in America

The Denver Post 13 November 2014
By Marijo Tinlin

The Afghan woman looked like a large sack of potatoes in her full blue burka, barely perceptible as a human. As the night-time Kabul traffic


Video: BBC actually does an expose of sorts of the Rotherham muslim gang rape

Vlad Tepes 12 November 2014

Of course they didn’t ask any of the important questions. The first one that comes to mind is whether or not the police they expose in this segment were muslim (‘Asian’) or not


No women or dogs allowed in library: Aligarh Muslim Univ ban on female students is shameful

Firstpost 12 November 2014
By Piyasree Dasgupta

The prestigious Aligarh Muslim University, it seems, has added another item to the list of things which most anxious academic institutions suspect can 'distract'


Malaysia: Sharia Courts Keep Non-Muslim Mothers away from Their Children

Answering Muslims 12 November 2014

When Americans say we need to be on guard against sharia (Islamic law), we're called "racists," "bigots," and "Islamophobes." Meanwhile, there isn't a sharia court


Kuwait opens shelter for 'runaway maids'

Yahoo! Maktoob News 12 November 2014

"Day and night I had to be ready," said 24-year-old Charisse, a Filipina maid who worked in a Kuwaiti household for a year and a half. "At night, I could only sleep for an hour


Watching Volleyball in Iran means Jail if you are female, so no Volleyball in Iran now – #FreeGhoncheh

Skeptical Science 12 November 2014
By Dave Gamble

I wrote a couple of days ago about the utterly absurd case in Iran of a British citizen Ghoncheh Ghavami, 25, being found guilty of spreading anti-regime propaganda


British Cleric Warns Women from Marrying Mujahideen: It's a Scam. You Will Be Raped and Kidnapped

youtube 11 November 2014

In an address posted on the Internet on January 3, British Muslim Scholar Haitham Haddad warned young British women not to be tempted by online offers to marry mujahideen in


Horrific 'breast ironing' cruelty infliicted on girls in UK

Daily Express 11 November 2014
By Caroline Wheeler

SCHOOLS have been put on alert over a sickening form of abuse known as breast ironing in which girls as young as 10 have their chests pounded with hot objects to disguise the


Conference to address female genital mutilation

HealthCanal.com 11 November 2014

MMU helps build alliance to expose practice VIOLENT crime expert Dr Kate Cook says female genital mutilation will not be eradicated by legal means alone, ahead of a


Pakistan schools' association observe 'I am not Malala' Day

Hindustan Times 11 November 2014

A network of private schools in Pakistan on Monday observed 'I am not Malala' day to condemn Nobel laureate and teenage girls rights activist for her alleged support for


Child marriage and FGM in Tanzania

Mail & Guardian Online 11 November 2014

HRW calls on Tanzania to set the minimum age for marriage at 18, following an investigation into high levels of child marriage and FGM in the country.


The Muslim Feminist vs. Islam, Part Two: Theresa Corbin Rewrites the History of the Battle of Badr

Answearing Muslims 10 November 2014

Self-proclaimed "Muslim feminist" Theresa Corbin has given us her list of the "Most Misinterpreted Verses" of the Qur'an. Today we'll take a look at Corbin's attempt to rewrite


The West's Dangerous Enchantment with Islam

The Gatestone Institute 10 November 2014
By Uzay Bulut

There are no women's rights in Islam; there are no women's rights in most Muslim countries. And there is no freedom of expression in these countries; people have become

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