Egypt’s President al-Sisi Pays Official Visit To Hungary

Hungary Today 9 June 2015

A new chapter has opened in Hungarian-Egyptian relations, the Hungarian Premier said after talks with Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi in Budapest. Viktor Orbán said an


Egypt kidnapped and paraded Jews as "POWs" during Six Day War

Elder of Zion 9 June 2015

During the first three days of the Six Day War, the Egyptian media claimed victory, and Egyptians did not know their army was crushed. Everyone was certain troops were at the doors


EGYPT: Naked man brutally beaten and dragged through the streets of Qena

Bare Naked Islam 3 June 2015

Bahy Hassan posted a video of a man stripped naked, dragged through the streets of Qena while being kicked and beaten with sticks by local men wearing traditional Egyptian


JENNIFER LOPEZ’s ‘sexy’ show in Morocco has Muslim heads exploding

Bare Naked Islam 2 June 2015

The sexually-charged show performed over the weekend by pop diva Jennifer Lopez at the Mawazine music festival in Rabat, the capital city of Morocco, has disgusted Islamofasist


French far-right leader meeting with Egyptian religious leader blasted

Middle East Eye 1 June 2015

During her visit to Cairo, Front National leader Marine Le Pen pledged her support to Egypt's President Sisi and his fight against 'fundamentalism'


Muslim journalist says Al Jazeera "were sponsors of the Muslim Brotherhood"

creepingsharia 1 June 2015

CAIRO-Mohamed Fahmy, the Canadian journalist on trial in Egypt on terror-related charges, has filed a lawsuit in Canadian court against his employer Al Jazeera for $100


Egyptian historian: "Drop Palestinians, normalize with Israel"

Elder of Zion 1 June 2015

n a recent TV interview, Egyptian historian Maged Farag called for normalized relations with Israel, saying that Egypt would benefit from cultural and economic exchange, from tourism, and


Egypt: TV presenter gets 5 years prison for blasphemy

Jihad Watch 1 June 2015
By Robert Spencer

The Old Cairo Misdemeanour Court handed Saturday a five year prison sentence to TV presenter Islam El-Behiry for blasphemy. A lawyer filed a lawsuit against El-Behiry, saying he


20 teen school boys try to rape teacher

Emirates 24/7 27 May 2015

Twenty teenage school boys tried to rape their female teacher in Egypt after she prevented them from cheating in the examination, newspapers reported on Sunday. The unnamed


US Muslim body terms Morsi verdict 'trial of democracy'

Islamist Watch 26 May 2015
By M. Bilal Kenasari

One of the largest Muslim associations in the U.S. has strongly condemned an Egyptian court's recent decision to impose the death penalty on Egypt's first elected President Mohamed


Female Genital Mutilation is About Controlling Female Sexuality

youtube 20 May 2015
By Clarion Project -

The International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) aims to raise awareness about the brutal practice of FGM. Clarion Project's film Honor Diaries


CSID Calls Morsi Death Sentence “A Travesty Of Justice”

Global MB Watch 19 May 2015

In a statement titled “Travesty of Justice in Egypt” the US-based Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy (CSID) condemned the death sentences issued by an Egyptian court


Erdogan slams Western stance on Egypt after Morsi death sentence

Today's Zaman 18 May 2015

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an slammed the West for not taking action against Egyptian rulers after a court sentenced the country's deposed leader Mohammed Morsi to death over his


Al-Aqsa Mosque Address: We Should Fight Polytheists who Refuse to Convert to Islam or Pay Jizya

youtube 12 May 2015

In an Al-Aqsa Mosque address, posted on the Internet on May 1, Sheik 'Issam Amira said that polytheist enemies should be given three options: "They must convert to Islam, or


Egypt Arrests Five Christian Children For Blasphemy

Breitbart News 12 May 2015
By Mary Chastain

Egyptian authorities arrested five Coptic Christian children after a Muslim mob accused them of blasphemy. The mob was upset they appeared in a video that allegedly “mocked” Islam


Mohamed Fahmy files $100M lawsuit against Al Jazeera

Waterloo Record 12 May 2015
By Diana Mehta

A Canadian journalist on trial for widely denounced terror charges in Egypt is suing his employer, Al Jazeera Media Network, alleging the Qatar-based broadcaster's actions


92% of Married Women in Egypt Have Undergone Female Genital Mutilation

Egyptian Streets 11 May 2015

Egypt's Minister of Health Adel Adawy announced on Sunday that 92 percent of married Egyptian women have experienced female genital mutilation. The latest results were


Clinton Aide Gets Life in Prison

Frontpage Mag 30 April 2015
By Matthew Vadum

An Islamic terrorist leader who jumped straight from his job at the Clinton Foundation to a post with Egypt’s jihadist Muslim Brotherhood has received a life sentence back home for

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