Somalia: Islamic Extremists Behead 17-Year-Old Christian

Eurasia Review  20 October 2011
By Simba Tian

Militants from the Islamic extremist al Shabaab beheaded a 17-year-old Somali Christian near Mogadishu last month, a journalist in the Somali capital told Compass. The militants, who have vowed to


British teenagers arrested by anti-terrorist police after father alerts authorities 19 October 2011
By Andy Bloxham

Mohamed Abdulrahman Mohamed and Iqbal Shahzad, both 18 and from Cardiff, were said to have been trying to get into the war-torn African state to "fight a holy war”. However, the pair were stopped


Death Threats Fail to Stop Women’s Basketball 19 October 2011
By Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar

When Al-Shabaab militants called the Somali national women’s basketball team captain, Suweys Ali Jama, and told her she had two options: to be killed or to stop playing basketball, she decided that


UK teenagers arrested near Somali border 19 October 2011

Two British teenagers arrested by anti-terror police near Kenya's border with Somalia were being questioned by officers on Tuesday. The pair, understood to be 17 or 18, went missing from their


Somali Islamists threaten to attack Kenya after military assault

The Guardian 18 October 2011
By Xan Rice

Somali Islamist rebels warned they will bring the "flames of war" to Nairobi after Kenyan forces mounted a cross-border land and air assault over the weekend. "We say to Kenya: did you consider


Trial of 2 Minnesota women accused of funneling money to Somali terror group heads to jury

The Washington Post 18 October 2011

MINNEAPOLIS — Federal prosecutors said two Minnesota women knew it was illegal to provide money to the terror group al-Shabab in Somalia, yet conspired to do so anyway — going door-to-door to collect


Minnesota Terrorism Financiers Talked of Jihad on Recorded Phone Calls: "Jihad is Your Duty Brother”

Shariah Finance Watch 14 October 2011

Two Minnesota women, Amina Farah Ali and Hawo Mohamed Hassan, accused of funneling money to a terror group in Somalia, talked about collecting money for al-Shabab, supporting fighters instead of other


Suicide bomb kills at least 70 as Islamic terrorists target Somalia

Independent 5 October 2011
By Daniel Howden

Mogadishu was shaken by the worst suicide bombing in its history yesterday, signalling a new phase in the war for control of the Somali capital. At least 70 people died when a massive blast ripped


U.S. Woman Facing Somalia Terror Case Arrested

Fox News 4 October 2011

A U.S. woman accused of funneling money to a terrorist group in Somalia was handcuffed and removed from a courtroom Monday when she refused to stand for the judge hearing the case. Amina Farah


British-Muslim Singer Cancels US Shows Following Alleged Embassy Discrimination

The Open Press 23 September 2011

Minneapolis - Somali born singer Aar Maanta and his band were forced to cancel a concert performance, as well as two community workshops that were set to be the centerpiece of this year's


Sweden: Asylum agreement to reunite thousands

The 19 September 2011

Thousands of fragmented Somali families may be reunited in Sweden as early as July 2012 following the first step forward in the development of a common migration policy between the government and the


Somalia’s Starving Christians Struggle After Beheading

BosNewsLife 19 September 2011
By Stefan J. Bos and Joseph DeCaro

Hungry minority Christians in Somalia faced another struggle Sunday, September 18, after suspected Islamic militants beheaded a Christian convert and foreign aid workers were banned from reaching a


Al-Shabaab: A Jihadist Threat to America

Right Side News 15 September 2011

The Somali jihadist organization al-Shabaab did not exist a decade ago. Today, its success in recruiting and radicalizing Muslims inside the United States has made al-Shabaab "a direct threat to the U.S. homeland," according to an investigative report by the House Homeland Security Committee.

Al-Shabaab, which is affiliated with al-Qaida, is fighting to oust the Transitional Federal Government (TFG), an "interim" regime that has served as the nominal government of Somalia since 2004. The TFG is supported by the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) military force, comprised of approximately 8,000 troops from Uganda and Burundi.


Brit hostage ‘being held by Islamic militants’ in Somalia  14 September 2011
By Ryan Parry and Stewart Maclean

KIDNAPPED holidaymaker Judith Tebbutt is being held captive by Islamic militants – who intend to prove it by parading their hostage before the world’s Press, it was claimed last night. Sources in


13 Hamas terrorist cells uncovered in Judea and Samaria 14 September 2011

Terrorist cells were in various stages of preparation to carry out attacks against Israel Over the past half a year, the Israel Security Agency, in cooperation with the IDF and Israel Police, has


Swedish terror suspects are immigrants from Somalia, Iraq

The Washington Post 13 September 2011

STOCKHOLM — Four men arrested on terror suspicions over the weekend in Sweden’s second-largest city were identified in court documents Monday as local residents in their 20s and originally from


Al-Qaeda Affiliate, not Famine, is Responsible for Somalian Genocide

Town Hall 6 September 2011
By Rachel Alexander

Somalia is in the midst of a famine, suffering from the worst drought in 60 years. 29,000 Somali children have died within the past three months, and 100,000 Somalis are expected to die in the next


Somalians only sent back under strict conditions

Rejected asylum seekers from Somalia will only be sent back from the Netherlands to southern or central Somalia under strict conditions. Immigration minister Gerd Leers has told parliament in a


Somali militants behead boys in Mogadishu attacks

Reuters Africa  30 August 2011

Somalia's Islamist al Shabaab militants beheaded at least two young boys in Mogadishu, an activist said on Friday, in the latest of a string of attacks showing they still had the power to strike


OIC pledges $350 million to Somalia at Turkey summit

SomalilandPress 18 August 2011

Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries have pledged $350 million in aid to fight famine in Somalia at an emergency summit in Istanbul, OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu said

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