Video: Ex-US Soldier Charged with Aiding Al Qaeda Group

ABC News 10 January 2012

A former U.S. Army soldier and recent convert to Islam was charged today with attempting to join an al Qaeda-linked terrorist group in Somalia. The indictment of Craig Baxam, 24, comes just days after the Kenyan and British governments announced they were seeking several British citizens who had allegedly joined the same terror group, al Shabaab, and plotted attacks in Kenya.

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Somalia’s Dire Lessons for Afghanistan

FrontPage Magazine 9 January 2012
By Daniel Greenfield

Anyone interested in seeing the future of Afghanistan need only take a short plane trip from Italy across Libya and Sudan to what is the most dysfunctional territory in Africa. Somalia can’t be


What al-Qaida group al-Shabab is doing on Twitter

Times of India 16 December 2011

NAIROBI: Think of it as the Battle of the Tweets. Somalia's powerful Islamist insurgents, al-Shabab, best known for chopping off hands and starving its own people, just opened a Twitter account,


FBI Investigating Facebook Death Threats on Somali Advocate Read more: FBI Investigating Facebook Death Threats on Somali Advoca 5 December 2011
By Tom Lyden

MINNEAPOLIS - The FBI and local police are investigating death threats against Omar Jamal, a well-known leader in the Minneapolis Somali community. Jamal says he began receiving the threats a few


Fears of vigilantism after rape of young girl

The Copenhagen Post 5 December 2011
By Peter Stanners

Somalian teen arrested for rape of 10-year-old girl after week of fear of reprisals against small town’s immigrant community The rape of a ten-year-old has shocked the residents of a small town in


Somalia's officials: 4 Somali soldiers killed in suicide bomb attack

Taiwan News Online 2 December 2011
By Gobby Wang

According to AP, it reported, officials said that a suicide bomber dressed in a military uniform triggered his explosives at Somalia's army headquarters on Wednesday killing four soldiers. Gen.


Shabaab ‘hothead’ abducted woman 1 December 2011

The leader of a gang that abducted French woman Marie Dedieu is a well-known firebrand member of the Al-Shabaab. Ras Kamboni villagers identified him as Deere (pronounced Diiri), a local Bajuni


Somali Islamists ban aid groups, renewing famine concerns 1 December 2011
By Mike Pflanz

A little over a week ago, aid workers in Somalia were cautiously celebrating news that half of the areas previously classified as most at risk had improved and were no longer "in famine.” But by


Bomb kills nurse at Somali hospital for famine victims 30 November 2011
By Jeremy Relph

MOGADISHU, SOMALIA—An explosion at Mogadishu’s Benadir Hospital, near a ward where children and victims of the famine are treated, killed one nurse and wounded five others Sunday night. The bomb,


• 50.000 x EuropeNews & ”No Tolerance for Intolerance”

EuropeNews 28 November 2011

EuropeNews has now reached 50.000 posts, marking more than four years of uninterrupted service in basically the same form as we started

The fundamental aim of EuropeNews remains the same as well, namely providing a compact overview of news that matter. Also unchanged is our slogan:

"No Tolerance for Intolerance – No Apology for Being Free”.

The Paradox of Tolerance

The first part of our slogan derives from the Paradox of Tolerance, that a person or a group taking pride in his supreme tolerance might in fact be profoundly intolerant, not least against those he judges to be "intolerant”, be it in the form of "bigoted”, "discriminating” or even "racist”. The classical notion that discriminating is wisdom and a virtue, not a sin, seems all but forgotten.


Somali who guarded Norwegian king killed fighting for Al-Qaida Al-Shabaab in Somalia

Tundra Tabloids 10 November 2011
By Lars Aker Haug , Tom Bakkeli , Dennis Ravndal and Morten Hopperstad

Norwegian-Somali was a model soldier with Norwegian friends.So he traveled to Somalia to fight for Allah. * 1984: Norwegian-Somali born in Burao in northern Somalia, today part of


American involved in Somali suicide attack, Islamists claim 31 October 2011
By Mike Pflanz

In a post on a Somali website popular with the al-Shabaab insurgency, Abdusalam al-Muhajir said that he left the US to fight with militants two years ago but now "wanted to die as a martyr". He


'Barbarians' demand ransom for Frenchwoman's body

AFP 28 October 2011

PARIS — France on Thursday denounced as "barbarians" Somali kidnappers who were demanding a ransom for the body of a disabled Frenchwoman who died while in their captivity. France said Wednesday


Somali protests jail ban on headscarf with refusal to leave cell 27 October 2011
By David Hanners

Less than a week after she was convicted in a scheme to send money to a group battling Somalia's fledgling government, Amina Farah Ali is refusing to come out of her jail cell to eat, her attorney


Al Qaeda audio seeks money in English

Money Jihad 24 October 2011

Remember this post from last year about Osama bin Laden’s desire to establish a global Islamic (front) charity and relief organization? At the time, Money Jihad urged the U.S. Treasury Department


Somalia: Islamic Extremists Behead 17-Year-Old Christian

Eurasia Review  20 October 2011
By Simba Tian

Militants from the Islamic extremist al Shabaab beheaded a 17-year-old Somali Christian near Mogadishu last month, a journalist in the Somali capital told Compass. The militants, who have vowed to


British teenagers arrested by anti-terrorist police after father alerts authorities 19 October 2011
By Andy Bloxham

Mohamed Abdulrahman Mohamed and Iqbal Shahzad, both 18 and from Cardiff, were said to have been trying to get into the war-torn African state to "fight a holy war”. However, the pair were stopped


Death Threats Fail to Stop Women’s Basketball 19 October 2011
By Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar

When Al-Shabaab militants called the Somali national women’s basketball team captain, Suweys Ali Jama, and told her she had two options: to be killed or to stop playing basketball, she decided that


UK teenagers arrested near Somali border 19 October 2011

Two British teenagers arrested by anti-terror police near Kenya's border with Somalia were being questioned by officers on Tuesday. The pair, understood to be 17 or 18, went missing from their


Somali Islamists threaten to attack Kenya after military assault

The Guardian 18 October 2011
By Xan Rice

Somali Islamist rebels warned they will bring the "flames of war" to Nairobi after Kenyan forces mounted a cross-border land and air assault over the weekend. "We say to Kenya: did you consider

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